Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Cleaning....okay it's not fun.

 photo Duffy001_zps57b2490a.jpg
Time to do chores. Gotta earn my keep.
The last few days I have spent in bed. Like me and my eyelids have become close friends. Le yawn indeed. Good thing that I am insane and think my stuffed bear is alive to do all the housework for me. XD Just in good fun yes? XO Duffy is from Japan so it applies to this blog okay?! Leave me be and let me have my fun! Oh sorry...thought I was justifying my enjoyment to my mother. Carry on Duffy. XD
 photo Duffy002_zps181a138d.jpg
Dad has been busy with work and mom has been busy drinking nasty medicine so I will help clean the house. I am a good bear. So helpful!
 photo Duffy003_zpsc97602af.jpg
So much dust! Pass the tissues, I got to sneeze now!
 photo Duffy004_zpsd625f781.jpg
Um....how am I supposed to use this?
 photo Duffy005_zpsa4eb255d.jpg
This is more my size. Time to vacuum.
 photo Duffy006_zps9505bb46.jpg
ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM and then Kira ran away from the noise.
 photo Duffy007_zpsd04089af.jpg
Time to do the dishes. Mom is like the little girl from Signs, she has tons of cups all over the house. She is ready for aliens!
 photo Duffy008_zps3c87d50f.jpg
Next up is the laundry...this might take a while.
 photo Duffy009_zps2fd59328.jpg
I am trying to take out the trash, not become it!
 photo Duffy010_zpse0884c18.jpg
That was a lot of hard work. Time for a snack! I have earned it!

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