Thursday, April 4, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Where are my clothes?!

Duffy the Disney Bear has a bit of backstory. That Minnie created Duffy so Mickey wouldn't be lonely on his long journeys. Thus Duffy is meant to go on adventures with whoever adopts/takes ownership of him. Where will you take your Duffy?
 photo Duffy001_zps2e11148c.jpg
Time for a change of clothes. Let's open up the drawer and see what I am in the mood for.
Just like anyone who goes on adventures one cannot wear the same thing all the time. Many Duffys have tons of clothes, probably more or as many as their owners/parents. XD Where to keep these clothes.....
 photo Duffy002_zpsc57b7851.jpg
What is this?!?!?!
 photo Duffy003_zpsc59aab28.jpg
These aren't my clothes. These are mom's winter things!
 photo Duffy004_zps3dbac709.jpg
This has to be a mistake! Is mom going to give me away?! Where are my things?!
 photo Duffy005_zps59082eb6.jpg
Wait...this is where mom's clothes were before....and now this is all for me?!
 photo Duffy006_zps55b67c5b.jpg
She even got a box to put all my accessories in.
 photo Duffy007_zps1f14cae5.jpg
Maybe I shouldn't have gotten so mad. XO
 photo Duffy008_zpsa7e03c23.jpg
Now it is easier to see what clothes I have and what I feel like wearing. What a great idea!
 photo Duffy009_zpsf5a38e9b.jpg
Here are some clothes for Shellie May. Even though mom won't have one for over a year.
 photo Duffy010_zpsfa1547fc.jpg
Wait what is this in the costume section?
 photo Duffy011_zpse9d5f8f3.jpg
The Queen of Hearts outfit?! When did you get this mom?!
 photo Duffy012_zpsf0e0d0a0.jpg
Did you get anything for me?!
 photo Duffy013_zps13805740.jpg
RARW! Shellie May gets everything!
 photo Duffy014_zps0e9b5b88.jpg
Naughty Duffys get timeouts...

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