Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: April Zoo Trip Part 1

It's that time again! Time for another day trip with Tenchi and Duffy. Ever since getting Duffy I seem to go on more adventures/have more of a social life. XD Funny how a little bear can do that. But he is billed as the traveling bear, one you should take out and have adventures with. Why if I didn't take him out what kind of example would that set for other 20 something year olds?! I must do it for the people!!!
 photo Zootripapril2013001_zps0759325b.jpg
What to wear on our adventure today?
Onward to the zoo on a weekday. For some reason I thought we have the zoo to ourselves but hello school groups, forgot about them. It wasn't that packed though, as we are used to way more at theme parks. Enjoy Duffy's adventures in meeting new animals!
 photo Zootripapril2013268_zpscb0478cf.jpg
Mom has decided to take me to the zoo today. My friend Scruffy was supposed to come but he was forgotten at home. Such sadness.
 photo Zootripapril2013267_zps55b79f37.jpg
But I am going to have a good day at the zoo. I have never been but mom says there is a dino exhibit. So I put on some of my dino clothes I got from Build a Dino. They go well yes?
 photo Zootripapril2013266_zps7662cdb2.jpg
We got to the zoo right when it opened. XO Mom was on time for two trips? Dad says the sky must be falling.
 photo Zootripapril2013265_zpsf894feaf.jpg
Why didn't the lady give me a map? Doesn't she know I am leading the way? I will just use Dad's map, he won't mind.
 photo Zootripapril2013011_zpsae178c89.jpg
Off to see the animals. A zoo is a place where people and Duffys can learn about animals and raise money to help animals across the world. Here are lots of different birds.
 photo Zootripapril2013029_zps638c3a68.jpg
After looking at the birds we went over to see the sting rays. I personally would not put my paw in a water with something called STING but mom, dad, and Scruffy's forgetful owner all did it. I will take pictures from a safe distance.
 photo Zootripapril2013038_zps717771d1.jpg
Time to see the Asian area of the zoo. It is a little small but the nice lady around here said they are making a tiger area. That will be cool. For now I will look at the koi fish.
 photo Zootripapril2013045_zpsd5037ff3.jpg
These are the only pandas in the zoo. :( No love for the bears?
 photo Zootripapril2013051_zpsdc97db88.jpg
Time to go see one of the temporary exhibits. This one has butterflies!
 photo Zootripapril2013053_zpsad16a5ff.jpg
This creepy sign says stay on the path because sometimes butterflies can be on the ground...which is the path. I SEE THERE!
 photo Zootripapril2013063_zps42099c62.jpg
If that was a real butterfly I would run away.
 photo Zootripapril2013064_zpsa34b572b.jpg
What a pretty butterfly. Can I take it home please?
 photo Zootripapril2013067_zps0d9b4a28.jpg
Mom says we have to leave the butterflies for everyone to enjoy. I guess that makes sense. I will stop and smell the flowers instead.
 photo Zootripapril2013079_zps75e8f409.jpg
I don't think this guy wanted to take a picture with me. Look how he turns his head away. That hurts my feelings. XO
 photo Zootripapril2013082_zpsd0d7119b.jpg
It is time to see dinosaurs. Mom says they lived a long time ago and then got poofed. Good thing they aren't around today or they might step on me.
 photo Zootripapril2013085_zps04039f3e.jpg
Hello there little fellow. I am not allowed to feed the animals so don't eat me.
 photo Zootripapril2013086_zps1aa4bd3c.jpg
That one looks scary mom! Let's leave!
 photo Zootripapril2013088_zpsdc8aa9e4.jpg
He doesn't look that friendly. I think it is time to leave.
 photo Zootripapril2013091_zps140860b3.jpg
This guy looks friendly. We can be friends with him yes?
 photo Zootripapril2013095_zps670e89e6.jpg
I don't think this is a petting zoo mom.
 photo Zootripapril2013097_zpsa6be1adc.jpg
Okay I am sorry for begging for Cars stuff all the time! I promise to be good.
 photo Zootripapril2013102_zpsaeaaa79a.jpg
I can dig for dinosaurs too?! I will set to work to make tons of money! Clothes for me!
 photo Zootripapril2013104_zps6a1eb850.jpg
Time to leave the dino area. No one else was around when we went so it was lots of fun. Dinosaurs are great when they are not trying to eat you. Everyone had gotten up early to go to the zoo and they were getting a bit tired. Time to take a break for part two of our trip. Food and more animals, this time alive ones!

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