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Little Busters! episode 24

Hello there my lovely readers! Today is April 1st, which is otherwise known as April Fools. There were no pranks played on me nor did I play any pranks. I did once a long time ago but it didn't go over well even though I thought I did my best to make sure it didn't seem serious. Since pranks. It is sorta like pinching people on St. Patrick's Day if they are not wearing green. Just not into that.
 photo littlebustersepisode2412_zpsc246b88d.jpg
XO This is pretty cute, I must admit.
XO But I have for you an anime post today. Since I watched Tamako Market is Little Busters! episode 24. DUH! Spoilers for Rin making a broken stuffed animal look worse.
 photo littlebustersepisode242_zps31d94c0a.jpg
My attempt to try to capture Komari being a ninja.
Episode Summary: It is meal time at the school with no teachers. Masato has decided he doesn't have enough food and eats most of Kengo's meal. Komari tries to keep the peace and keeps giving Kengo her meal. This makes Rin and Kengo mad despite Komari saying it is okay and there is a beating. Riki smiles though because Rin is friendly with Komari and less shy. Komari hangs out with Riki later texting Komari and playing with the cats. The special white cat that is probably supposed to represent Kyousuke walks up with another note. It simply says do the puppet show. Rin wants to find out the secret of the world so obviously she will do it...whatever it means. Riki and Rin look over and see some boys taunting a few girls at the water's edge. They destroyed a stuffed panda and clearly the puppet show is ruined. Rin is worried when one of the girls starts crying and promises to put on a puppet show. But of course Rin nearly has a nervous break down because she has never been a little kid and written a story or seen puppets. Komari comes by and promises to help despite having no puppet experience. She does like to write stories and randomly pulls 4 out of her bag. She talks about a penguin piece but Riki seems more interested in a piece that has little dwarves in it. Komari explains that a boy and girl solve all the dwarves problems and one by one the dwarves disappear. Riki comments on how sad that seems. He also muses that the notes always seem to come right before the trouble happens, like the person just knows. Haruka magical comes by and is like what are we doing FUN?! She isn't very impressed with the puppet show idea but Kyousuke is. He starts musing that they should do one at the civic center for the old people. Masato is touched by Kyousuke's words and soon the entire gang has rolled in like a clown car.
 photo littlebustersepisode244_zpsc3b8c570.jpg
Not that! Anything but that!
The situation is explained to everyone so Kyousuke is like we will help write the play. Of course Kyousuke has forgotten everyone is made of crazy. There are stories that are not....appropriate for kids. Masato wrote a dumb one about weights. Mio has a maybe....decent story but her way of telling it is creepy and might end up some cross dressing/yaoi action. Before things can get too fun Kanata shows up and says HEY go to bed it is past curfew. Rin looks worried which makes Riki worry in his room as there was no concrete plans made for the puppet show. Komari texts Riki and tells him not to worry, that she will go and help Rin. Komari shows up with a box full of stuff just as Rin becomes frustrated with the messed up panda. They decide on the penguin who can't do anything right story and they set to work on making the puppets. Rin falls asleep pretty fast so Komari stays up and does most of the work. Rin wakes up at the last minute and finishes the one puppet while Komari sleeps. Rin gets ready to leave but looks back, as to thank Komari. Rin carries all the supplies to the designated puppet area where Riki is waiting. Rin says she gots this and puts on a puppet show for all the kids. It seems to go well and they happily thank Rin. Rin is happy as she is one step closer to finding out the secret of the world and goes to tell Komari thank you. Only Rin gets to her room and there is no Komari. The book with the dwarves has...well no dwarves on it. Rin runs around the school and can't find Komari. She absolutely panics and nearly loses her mind. Thankfully Rin locates Komari on the roof. Komari was waiting to wish on the first star. She points to her star clips, saying she has two wishes but will give one to Rin. Rin can't of what to wish for and asks Komari to think of one for her. So the girls stand there....yay friendship. THE END!
 photo littlebustersepisode245_zpsf7635b98.jpg
XO Bear abuse!!!! Don't look Duffy!
Brb people. I need to go brush my teeth. Because that was so sugary sweet. I think I got three cavities watching this show!
 photo littlebustersepisode246_zps521a6d5d.jpg
At least you weren't in a cave okay!
Which is better than watching Noumi dangle naked tied in cave, waiting for Riki to rescue her with some sort of magic. But really...I guess when I think about it...there has always been a magical presence in this show. Just not over the top, in your face, out the realm of possibility like sending a cog across the planet. Or maybe it is all in your face and I can just accept it sometimes and can't in others. Main;y because Noumi was okay with going to the torture that didn't seem to have a point. FOR NOW I am told.
 photo littlebustersepisode247_zpsbfbe0d3f.jpg
Why is Komari walking around with a bag full of stories?
But yes there is a magical element. And Riki has started to acknowledge it. I wonder if it had something to do with how weird Riki woke up at the beginning of the episode. But if it didn't he still is thinking about these notes. The notes that appear out of nowhere and bring the entire group together to have fun adventures and help someone/someones out in need. Oh yes the notes brought by the cat, the cat that might look like Kyousuke. I see indeed.
 photo littlebustersepisode249_zps9df57da2.jpg
This all seems very familiar to Riki?
Another thing Riki is catching on to is the fact that they might have already relived all these events. When Noumi was being strung up like an animal Riki had these headaches/flashes of crazy and some of them were of coloring books. Of dwarves. I thought that maybe in a previous timeline the book they made for Komari's brother was the elf book but tada Komari turns up with the elf book now. So was it a vision of the future or could I still be right? But the wheels are turning in Riki's head, that things are not quite what they seem.
 photo littlebustersepisode2410_zps9c64df7f.jpg
I think it is safe to say that Haruka....knows nothing.
While Noumi and Kyousuke know what is going on it is less clear if anyone else does. Komari really did go out of her way to help Rin, like she knew how important it was to Rin. But I might be over thinking that, that Komari is just a super happy person and wants to be the most helpful person ever. So maybe Komari doesn't know that she knows? Because clearly there is some ring of truth with this elf story. That Rin and Riki are helping people out and POOF people will disappear. That means Riki should know the most but is the most confused. I see.
 photo littlebustersepisode2411_zpsf6f7d493.jpg
Mio's words are special. Clearly.
Everyone getting together to help with the puppet play was special. It is like Rin is unable to do anything on her own. Like I will do this...but I can't do anything and I suck. Woe is me. I did like the brainstorming more than the opening scene, over the food. Like look Masato is being dumb and Komari is being a push over. With the writing it was still slightly special but not as dumb. Mio can be a creeper!!! Haruka can just fall off a cliff for all I care. If you don't want to participate go away. Clearly everyone but Kanata is having fun so you know...
 photo littlebustersepisode2413_zps616120d8.jpg
Komari is the best person ever weeee!
In the end the group had a lot of fun but...not much was produced. Which is pretty realistic. You can either do a lot in a group or nothing at all. But with a large group it is better if they have their individual task instead of trying to all work together on every little thing. Like you sweep, I will fold laundry, and you do the dishes and the house will get clean. Not we will do everything together. So since nothing got done in a huge group Komari went to help Rin out in private and tada it got done. It is hard to see why Komari was so lonely, she is a good friend. A little flighty at times but a good friend. It was just a little comical and special that they ended up going with the very first idea. Which was super cute.
 photo littlebustersepisode2414_zpsab9a2e76.jpg
Who cares about you kids?!
I thought the actual puppet show itself was useless though. I really think that Riki should have helped more. It is him and Rin that are going to try to find out the secret of the world yes? So while it was nice that Rin got to spend more time with Komari I think it was a bit sad that Riki got left out in the cold. And the task was to put on a puppet show for the kids but we barely saw them. It was like look at the Little Busters doing something together...but the outcome really doesn't matter. Which it doesn't but you know. XD Would have been nice if Rin looked at those kids and they are just like us.
 photo littlebustersepisode2415_zps99420d1a.jpg
A room without Komari?!
So in the end there was a bit of drama. Rin goes to thank Komari but she can't find the girl. I would like to point out that the school was devoid of any humans but I guess Rin didn't see that. I thought it was a bit over the top though as nothing was wrong with Komari but the dwarves were gone on the paper. Why did that happen? It seems as if the magical things are trying to bring people together. I can appreciate foreshadowing but I didn't know that it had arms and could work an eraser.
 photo littlebustersepisode24_zpseec06e63.jpg
You probably should save those wishes for when the bad things happen. OH WAIT THEY ALREADY DID!
Komari and Rin decide that they believe in wishes and stars and that hair clips can grant you wishes. Rin can't think of anything to wish of and asks Komari to make one for her. I thought Komari already had her wish come true but who knows. I would wish for a boatload of money but then again I don't find it amazing to do puppet shows for kids. Because I am a hater. A cute little episode that gives you cavities yes?

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