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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 11

Hello there my lovely readers! Obviously I meant to get done blogging Maoyuu Maou Yuusha before...well yesterday so I could start off this anime season on the right foot, all caught up and all. Well clearly that did not happen. XD But soon Winter 2013 will be behind me and it is on to Spring! Just wish that Spring would hurry up and come in real life. Doesn't the weather know I live in Florida? Gosh what is wrong with you coldness?!
 photo maouepisode118_zps4fa6f888.jpg thinks that face is the face of a liar?
But in any event here is Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 11 time! Almost done woohoo! Spoilers for....well all the characters off doing their own thing to make the world a better place. Or to make a ton of money. Same thing for some I suppose.
 photo maouepisode119_zps4800c992.jpg
And then everyone is poor. X___X
Episode Summary: The merchants have all gathered together talking about what to buy and such. Friend Merchant comes in and announces that the church is officially backing the new currency. There is a LOT of talk about the exchange rate and how the Kingdom could make a lot of money in the process. After this meeting Young Merchant along with Dragon Princess meet with King Demon's student who is now a merchant, Mustache Merchant. They basically pat each other on the back due to all the amazing things they have done recently. Young Merchant eventually gets down to business, talking about 4 points that will really help him in the long run but maybe benefit Mustache Merchant too. Mustache Merchant is a bit shocked about the demon clause of the agreement though. Elsewhere the Central Army and their allies have started to gather. They smirk at the local farmer's effort to be in their good graces by giving over food to the horses and such. Little does the army know is that the food has been tainted by Knight to keep the horses slow. More elsewhere Child Maid and Youth Maid have gone to Iron Kingdom to hand out more teachings from Crimson Scholar. They become friends with Young Warrior. Thanks to these books people are leaving White Night Country to go live in Iron Kingdom. White Night King and Mr. One Eye are not pleased with this new development. They plan on stealing the serfs back. Later on Youth Warrior is seen really protecting the fronts from the first attack and keeping causalities down.
 photo maouepisode1111_zps84030c4a.jpg
What the hell is on your head?!
The main attack center of Knight, Hero, and White King gather to talk about how totally outnumbered they are going to be. News of another army, of Blue Demons, heading their way on the opposite flank is awful news. Hero offers to take care of the situation himself but doesn't want to actually fight. He heads to the path the Blue Demons are traveling and gets discouraged with himself. Hero looks on at all the demons and how he can get out of this situation without any death. He lists all the people he wants to help and how he doesn't want to let Demon King down. Suddenly Mage appears and thanks Hero for mentioning her in the saving speech. She agrees to help him and tells Hero to get ready to do his magic too. Mage and her multiple personalities uses most of her reserved magics to transport all the demons...well elsewhere. Hero then uses his magic to destroy the portal to the demon realm. Mage instructs his virgin self to go through it and he finds out that the demon realm has actually been under ground and not somewhere else the entire time. Hero continues flying towards the castle as Head Maid struggles to get away from possessed Demon King. Demon King has emerged from her contract renewal but has been taken over by the past Kings and has chopped of Head Maid's arm. Head Maid tried to trap her in the room but it won't hold for long. Hero busts through the ceiling and falls through the huge door. Demon King greets him warmly but Head Maid and her missing arm warn that she is not herself, that she has been possessed by all the evil Demon Kings of past. Demon King smiles and takes out her sword but Hero is able to match her blow. THE END!
 photo maouepisode1112_zpsa75f3167.jpg
You are still involved in this craziness? I forgot about you.
X____X That....that was a whole lot. Like this post is going to be a whole lot of all over the placeness because that is episode is all about. This part of the world exploding into craziness apparently. Bare with my post. XD Bear? Bare. I think anyway.
 photo maouepisode1110_zps84402d51.jpg
This sounds like very serious business.
There was so much going on with the prices of wheat and new currencies and blah. Good thing I am not in the financial business. My head might explode, especially if think about these things on a global level. You got to think about this and that and try to figure out how someone will respond to you so you can be ready to respond to them but they might be thinking three steps ahead too. Dear lord. Maybe reality TV has melted my brain because that was too much for me to handle. Also...might I add....that I watched these two episodes back to back and some of the information got a bit messed up in terms of what happened in episode 11 and what happened in episode 12. X___X There was so much going on I guess my brain tried to put things together that made the most sense and I only realized my wrongness after I took the screenies. Sorry face. Everything did happen though I promise!
 photo maouepisode114_zps97079ecc.jpg
I am trying! But it's almost like watching school!
Of course on some level I do understand what is going on. It seems when things get tough it is time to make new money and try to separate yourself from the situation. These obviously works when you are different countries but when it first happens things can collapse fast. Like when the United States decided that they needed to go to war within its borders and Confederate money hit the stage. Now clearly that didn't work out and many people were out tons of money after the fact. That is what I thought was happening with the money situation. But maybe after all is said and done everything will become its own country and this money situation will become normal.
 photo maouepisode1114_zpsc77085f3.jpg
Like a wonderful game that involves the entire continent's money!
What was important though was the characters seemed to know what was going on. Mustache Merchant was like HMMM you are doing this to cause this. Young Merchant didn't seem too concerned that he was going to lose some money in this confusion. But I guess he was 3 steps of the game anyway. And maybe he always planned on taking all his wheat (his currency) to the south where things are stable. He does seem to be heading that direction, by all the questions and terms he was coming at Mustache Merchant with. Funny how Mustache Merchant didn't really counter or really do much of anything. Maybe Young Merchant had things framed in such a way it was a good deal and had to be acted on.
 photo maouepisode1115_zps6c793790.jpg
Oh and you're a demon. Potatoes and demons!
Important thing to note was Young Merchant brought Dragon Princess and her concerns in on this matter. Now one could say that was just more money. Get the demons the salt and they will be open to trade. It is all about the benjamins. But I think there is more to the story than that. Sometimes when you want something you have to work over time for it, leave it for last. Ask for other things at first, that are easier to swallow. But instead of doing that Young Merchant put his most outrageous demand on the table. Could this be love? Maybe Young Merchant has changed the most.
 photo maouepisode115_zps6e5eebff.jpg
So casually they look. XD
There was war all over the place. Slightly disappointed that we didn't see more from the Winter King. I thought they were going to do the snow dance gosh!!!! Really not much happened on the main battle front. I guess they are saving that for episode 12. The main battler where it is stopped by Demon King and Hero declaring their love or....make some magical fireball that makes everyone love each other. XD
 photo maouepisode117_zps6b174a1f.jpg
I would be checking that food if I were you guys!
But just because there was no battle on the main front doesn't mean that things weren't happening. And it was mostly Knight's idea. Who knew she was so crafty? Maybe she has picked up some things from Demon King. Give the villagers some tainted food (TAINTED MEAT) and have them use that as “offerings' to the Central Armies so their fields wouldn't be trampled. I usually don't accept gifts from your enemies. But the army probably saw these farmers as poor idiots who were desperate to protect what they had. Like sure we will take your sad little all the horsies got sick. Don't die little horsies.
 photo maouepisode1113_zpsf94e988e.jpg
See this would make me worry even more X___X
If things weren't looking grim for the Southern kingdom and their alliances...well a battle on their opposite flank would probably not be a good thing. You know? XD Like really, I have to go up against a bigger kingdom with a larger army and now I got some Blue Demons on this side? I thought it was a bit special that Hero said he was going to take care of them alone. And everyone was okay with that. I would have been like no...maybe you need some backup. Maybe everyone knows not to question anyone at this point. Just like...okay go do your best.
 photo maouepisode1116_zps50668635.jpg
At least you are trying dude!
I am not sure what Hero was going to do with the Blue Demons though. He gets to where they are and there are tons of them. Perhaps he could have blew up the path they were on? I don't know. I don't think he knew either. He did get a little down on himself for not knowing either. That all he can do is destroy things. Well everyone is life has their role to play. Some people are good at many things and others are only good at one. His tasks have been important so being all doom and gloom was a bit much.
 photo maouepisode11_zpsb7e1f0bf.jpg
I know I was surprised too!
So........Mage just came out of nowhere didn't she? Just bam hello I am here to help you with your plan you don't have. It was a bit much for me. We know that Hero went off long ago to find Mage but ended up in Gateway City and got caught up in the drama that was happening in that place. Mage seemed to be important to Hero but we haven't seen her at all, unless you count those three seconds in the last episode. It is kind of late in the game for me to care about her. Maybe she sleeps all the time to build up magic? I don't know, it is a lot to try and digest when she isn't sticking around long enough to care about. All that matters is that she matters to Hero?
 photo maouepisode116_zpsd7cad01b.jpg
Who care where you are?! Go and lose your virginity!
After Mage transports all the Blue Demons elsewhere (yay for everyone living) Hero is transported to the demon realm. Which...has been underground the entire time? Which you know doesn't seem like much of a big deal to me but meant a lot for Hero. Maybe they thought if the demons were from somewhere else it would make them way too different to understand? To relate to? Either way Hero was shocked. Shock and awe!
 photo maouepisode112_zps234c6b79.jpg
My what a nice shadow you have there....
The episode ends with Hero making it to the demon palace at the speed of fast. Which would be the palace/castle we saw in episode 1 was a false one, just a front. Either way Hero made it there at the speed of fast. Which is good because Head Maid only has one arm left. Mortal Kombat indeed. Will Hero be able to reach Demon King so they can save both worlds? They need to or else no one will see the other side of the hill. THE HORRORS!

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