Sunday, April 7, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Onward to St. Augustine

Hello there my lovely readers! And sleepy. I got up at the crack of dawn today. Or at least what seemed like the crack of dawn to me. I like to....really sleep in since I don't have kids. XD Hey no judging, you know you would to! It is just so lovely, sleeping and laying in bed, with nowhere to be.
 photo Duffy001_zps3a6148bd.jpg
I want to go shopping!
Well today I had somewhere to be and it was a fun place. My friend and I had planned a trip to St. Augustine which meant getting up a...little earlier than usual. XD And of course what trip would be complete without Duffy? Now before anyone is like RARW anime I HAVE watched and blogged most of Karneval. And I was going to finish it when I got home but apparently I got a bit too much sun and as a result got super, super sleepy when I got home. Had a great day but was tired. So for those who enjoy is how we spent the day. And for those who are here for the anime I will try to finish Karneval tonight but I might wait til tomorrow for that. And any other shows that came out yesterday/today. For now it is explorer Duffy!
 photo Duffy005_zpsdcc0e564.jpg
Not many options to pick from today. Since we are exploring and aren't in California...maybe the outfit choice was obvious. But I still wanted Cars toys. :(
 photo Duffy010_zps8f090061.jpg
Time to show off my new outfit. Besides Giant Duffy and the little Duffys that live with me I know another Duffy. His nickname is Muffy and his mom is my mom's best friend. I think that means we will go on lots of adventures together, starting with the park at St. Augustine. Move along little kids!
 photo Duffy011_zps882f9161.jpg
There was a lot going on in St. Augustine but after the Disney Discount Store mom and Muffy's mom wanted to take us to the park. Okay but don't let little kids hurt us. XO
 photo Duffy013_zps791c9afd.jpg
Push me mom!
 photo Duffy017_zpsbc62fd7b.jpg
This tire swing was a lot of fun. Muffy (who was dressed up as Captain Hook) wanted to go back to the boats though.
 photo Duffy018_zps9728c7c1.jpg
Mom was not on her A-game today. She kept letting me fall on the ground. I just got these new clothes and she kept dropping me. :( Do you hate me mom?
 photo Duffy020_zpsb82635e9.jpg
This is a really old anchor from a ship that is probably not around anymore. I think it would look great in our living room.
 photo Duffy024_zpsa9ce2190.jpg
Since mom actually ate breakfast at breakfast time she got hungry at lunch time. She gets such a variety of foods doesn't she? Muffy's mom got a chicken Caesar salad.
 photo Duffy029_zpsbe5577a9.jpg
Muffy's mom loves shells so she went out and found a huge one. Something was living inside of it scary!
 photo Duffy031_zps03d175b2.jpg
Can someone fix my hat? I can't see all the cannons. How can I see where I am firing?
 photo Duffy032_zps9f34cc9d.jpg
More proof that mom was not being nice to me today.
 photo Duffy033_zps54bf4c18.jpg
It is a long way down to find shells. Muffy's mom must be brave.
 photo Duffy035_zps066d1689.jpg
We will protect the fort at all costs. Well...for 5 seconds. Because I don't want to get hurt!
 photo Duffy036_zps43b75fe4.jpg
Is this a pizza oven? Do you know how to use it mom?
 photo Duffy038_zps35d8eadf.jpg
What do you mean I have been found guilty? And why are there so many holes in the wall......
 photo Duffy041_zpsc3566d6d.jpg
Hello there fort. Mom and Muffy's mom decided to go to the pirate museum instead of you today. Maybe next time.
 photo Duffy043_zpsb169e224.jpg
Mom, put me down. I got this. Just got to read all words on this map.
 photo Duffy045_zps1d62b965.jpg
Are we ready for adventures?! Mom says that this museum was better than the Fountain of Youth. A bit small but really detailed.
 photo Duffy047_zps052055ff.jpg
We have to find these skulls to learn secret pirate words.
 photo Duffy048_zps8bc57b05.jpg
I don't think mom would have been a good pirate. She would have gotten lost and seasick!
 photo Duffy054_zpsb09b54d1.jpg
We found all the treasure on the interactive pirate book. Pirates....they don't live very long. XD
 photo Duffy058_zps944d2c07.jpg
Out of the way, stuffed animal coming through!
 photo Duffy061_zps938c04af.jpg
Run Peter Pan! Captain Hook is looking for you!
 photo Duffy064_zpsfda47ab7.jpg
Wait are we under water? Are we somewhere dangerous mom?!
 photo Duffy066_zps1ce13985.jpg
 photo Duffy071_zps71dd2af5.jpg
We found the treasure! Hurry lets go to Japan and buy all the Spring Voyage stuff mom! Oh and that Shellie May person....
 photo Duffy072_zps3f8d6027.jpg
We never learned where this secret door lead to.....
 photo Duffy076_zpsf4eebd53.jpg
Hi Mr. Pirate. Can we have some more treasure please?
 photo Duffy080_zpsd88d0caf.jpg
St. Augustine has lots of tour trains that allow guests to see the city and worry other tourists that they are going to get run over. This train seems rather small though.
 photo Duffy084_zpsee2d7850.jpg
Here is a tram that is more mom's size. We got no tram today though. We did get to see the pirate museum though.
 photo Duffy085_zps5dc7e142.jpg
The lady at the Discount Disney Store must have felt bad that mom didn't get me any Cars toys so she gave me lots of stickers. So many stickers. XD But I did have lots of fun today with my new friend Muffy. A bit tired though since I fell so many times...

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