Thursday, April 18, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: April Zoo Trip part two

Hello there my lovely readers. XO I just found an anime episode to download. One. That means I am all caught up and just waiting around for this to become available. I guess that means if I don't pass out at work due to lack of AC I will have something to blog tomorrow. Watch, everything will be released on Sunday.
 photo Zootripapril2013111_zps7986c68e.jpg
These kangaroos are being lazy. Lets go get something to eat instead.
For now let's see the rest of Duffy's adventures at the zoo. XO So many pictures of cute animals. Oh and stuffed animals wearing clothes.
 photo Zootripapril2013116_zps2a271261.jpg
Got to use my new Cars dish stuff for lunchy time. I could have asked for a kids meal but I am a big bear duh.
 photo Zootripapril2013117_zpsa3cb5e8f.jpg
Here is a pic not brought to you by Pepsi. Look at mom's meal, familiar yes?
 photo Zootripapril2013118_zpsbcc773e0.jpg
I think that everyone likes penguins. If they don't....they should.
 photo Zootripapril2013126_zps9b15d50a.jpg
Now this is the petting zoo. I hear these things eat anything so...keep me away from them. I mean they are eating TREES!
 photo Zootripapril2013130_zps482b7905.jpg
I see no manatees! This zoo is a lie!
 photo Zootripapril2013132_zps142fb182.jpg
Flamingos are very Florida like. Sometimes they get mean and bash each other with their heads/necks.
 photo Zootripapril2013140_zps6b240fc3.jpg
There were lots of areas with snacks and frogs and lizard things. They all look alike to me.
 photo Zootripapril2013141_zps7ec9373a.jpg
Got take a quick break. It is like I am in the Indian Jones ride at California.
 photo Zootripapril2013166_zps4e5da877.jpg
Time to feed the giraffes. Just don't feed them me.
 photo Zootripapril2013181_zps355c6b8c.jpg
A wild herd of armadillo have appeared. Battle, Catch, Flee?!
 photo Zootripapril2013188_zpsaa5885b9.jpg
These elephants were not very impressed to see us. Well fine to you elephant.
 photo Zootripapril2013194_zps957792f5.jpg
Looking at a zebra makes me all dizzy.
 photo Zootripapril2013209_zpsc0fc3dc4.jpg
We already visited this part mom. Maybe we can come back with Muffy one day?
 photo Zootripapril2013217_zps356d80c3.jpg
Can we donate money too so we can have our names at the zoo? Lets donate pandas.
 photo Zootripapril2013225_zpsb1c566f4.jpg
Getting nowhere fast.
 photo Zootripapril2013226_zpsfd629f71.jpg
This way to more fun.
 photo Zootripapril2013236_zps2b6b9796.jpg
Mom will pretend I am in Japan so we can get Shellie May.
 photo Zootripapril2013250_zps6da3b3c0.jpg
That giraffe is like get off my head.
 photo Zootripapril2013260_zps21e8ab44.jpg
It looks like dad has made a new friend. Squirrel alert.
 photo Zootripapril2013261_zps3618f673.jpg
You are welcome for eating ALL of my snack. Anything for mom and her picture taking.
 photo Zootripapril2013262_zpsa0f532a2.jpg
Put me down mom, the train has arrived!
 photo Zootripapril2013263_zps20aa4cfe.jpg
Time to ride the train all the way back to the front of the zoo. We saw everything today weee. Had a great time seeing all the animals and not getting eaten by a dinosaur.

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