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Suiseu no Gargantia episode 3: The Fried Chicken of Friendship

Post number 2 weeee! I got slightly distracted earlier in the day. Facebook can do that, especially when it won't upload my pics properly. Oh no, what do you mean I should put the pics in the order you select them? Nope I will put this one here and this one there. Technology. Bleh who needs it. And I am sure if I asked my husband for help it would work for him, making me look like a crazy person. Sorta like when you take your broken car to the mechanic and magically it works again.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode38_zps8f46e09c.jpg
All hail the delicious flag!
I guess if I didn't have technology I couldn't be blogging. So I guess I know who needs technology. Up now is Suiseu no Gargantia episode 3. Spoilers for pirates ARRGGGG!
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode39_zps3dfb4510.jpg
This is not killing people obviously. OBVIOUSLY!
Episode Summary: Ledo returns from blowing up the pirates as everyone is informed that...well there are no more pirates. Everyone puts on their shocked faces and Amy screams at him when he shows his face. Ledo sits out with Chamber wondering why everyone is so angry. While Ledo thinks this is the locals being weird everyone who seems to have a position on the ship is talking about how they are screwed now, that the pirates will come back for blood. There is talk about giving Ledo to the pirates or sinking him in the ocean. They do decide he can't stay there. Amy starts feeling bad about the situation as does Bellows. So they hop on Amy's little hover thing and bring Ledo a dead chicken. Ledo is like is this real life as Bellows explains here on Earth they don't kill. Now eat your chicken and don't mind the pirates trying to kill us. Ledo tries to make some good points but eventually eats the chicken and acknowledges that pirates will come back to cause problems. Some of the nondead pirates make it back to their leader Rackage. She and her love slaves are all like oh there will be blood!!!! She seems to think she has something up her sleeve for this battle. Amy's ship spots pirates 7 hours away and plans are made to defend their home. Bellows decides to ask Ledo for help, as she believes in him. Ledo is told he is merely going to be a distraction and what not while everyone else fights. Ledo agrees to this but when the battle comes he is upset that he has to sit around and watch everyone shoot at one another. There is a sneak attack with a submarine and Amy's ship starts to take even more damage. Ledo tries to destroy the weapons without killing anyone but sees that Rackage and her love slaves have left the main ships with impressive mechas. Rackage goes to the main ship to killer the fleet captain which he will be okay with if everyone else lives. Before Rackage can do that Ledo appears and attempts to stop her. Rackage seems to think that she and her love slaves will drown Ledo in the ocean. Ledo warns them about 4389483 times to surrender and when they don't he throws them far into the ocean. All the other pirates retreat when they see their captain is seemingly lost at sea. Ledo is accepted and thanked a million times. Amy seems to personally ask him to stay at which he says thank you too. THE END!
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode32_zps0128caee.jpg
Killing people trying to kill us is wrong!
That was a really simple little episode. That means that this post should be short and sweet right? Lets see if I can manage that.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode3_zps6d303dbe.jpg
How dare you protect us!
As everyone and their moms predicted Ledo was not given a parade upon returning from the pirate ships. Or the burning piles of metal in the ocean. Everyone was like YOU SUCK! Amy and her shiny elbows and shoulders are especially voicing her opinions rather loudly to Ledo's face. Like MOG how could Ledo, a person with a shiny weapon of power, kill the pirates. The ideas ranged from giving him to the pirates to killing him and taking the weapon. I think all of the ideas had different levels of dumb. Like he is way too powerful, lets give him to the pirates? YEAH that is a great idea if we want to die faster. And I would argue that killing Ledo might be a good idea...but it is not really doable. And goes against their whole killing is bad ideal.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode33_zps6b951344.jpg
Poor under appreciated Ledo.
Also as predicted Ledo did not understand why there was no parade. Well if he knew what a parade was. But he was asked to save them from villains, he did so, and there was no cheering. Instead all weapons were pointed at him. In Ledo's world it is kill your enemies or die. Ledo was told that things weren't all peachy keen on planet Earth and pirates were a problem. So when they were stealing things and attempting to maybe rape the womenz Ledo finished it off with no causalities on the “good” side. Parades are for...losers I guess.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode34_zps4a06929d.jpg
They are trying to kill you! Don't eat the deliciousness.
So while everyone who seems to be important is discussing Ledo's fate Amy has decided she was a bit mean. And maybe Bellows was too. I would like to point out that THANK YOU never escaped anyone's lips. Instead Ledo was given another dead creature to eat which at this point I think he doesn't consider them gifts. More like oh will you eat this? A CHALLENGE?!?!? It's like I can hear Ledo saying BRING IT ON in my head.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode35_zps979ef792.jpg
Um...I think there was going to be a rape. Let's not make the pirates sound like Captain Jack Sparrow okay.
In any event...Bellows and Amy did not do a great job explaining why killing is bad. Not a good job at all. I don't think Ledo should have said that he understood because I didn't. It is said that your friend catches a fish and you give them a drink of water. But then in the next breathe they admit that the pirates want all the fish and water bottles and Duffy clothes. So.....I don't know what they were trying to tell him. Like mixed messages here. I thought they were going to say that the pirates never kill anyone and it is just something all the humans do, steal from each other and threaten each other but it never goes that far. But the pirates DO do was all this about? Ledo made great points but then caved because KFC is awesome.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode36_zps27e4f8a9.jpg
A lesson indeed. Maybe they will have more feathers for you to steal?
The other pirates are not pleased with their friends being poofed. Especially Rackage, the pirate Queen complete with slaves. Only later in the episode they didn't look very slave like. Either way Rackage was like oh so this new type of weapon just poofed the other pirates. Well surely I can take them on. Interesting. She must have some power if she gathered up everyone else as fast as she did but still. Dumb plan was dumb.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode37_zpsbfc26b9d.jpg
We are out gunned? Well clearly we should not use our secret weapon.
I like how Ledo was responsible for everything that happened. Like um you asked me to help and I did. But now you are being Japanese and acting like you are pregnant and I need to take responsibility. Also how amazing was it that everyone took forever to figure out that awful plan with Ledo just being the bait. Like guys...we can use his do nothing...while our bullets kill people instead. Because that will be different!!!! Only not really. Because instead of having Ledo just target their weapons would be silly. No no we will just fire warning shots at the pirates and when they kill us we will think that we are the better people.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode310_zps4d9cd204.jpg
Good thing Ledo didn't shoot her down.
So obviously this battle was painful to watch, as a viewer and probably for Ledo. Like you don't want me to kill these people but it is okay if you take on damage and get killed yourself WHILE shooting at them. I see. Then Rackage, Queen of the Racks, decides that her surfing mecha was going to actually win against Ledo. I am not sure what she was thinking. She did get reports on how all the other pirates died. I mean maybe Ledo and Chambers would have drowned in the water but had Ledo been allowed to fight from the start she wouldn't have surfed over the first ship.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode311_zps14d45432.jpg
There is your parade. Your parade of fish!
After taking care of Boobage and her two love slaves Ledo is hailed a hero. He learns a word in Japanese. And he is allowed to stay. See folks, you too can warn people before sending them off to die and be accepted into their meat eating culture!! This post is way too long for the content of the episode. X___X Sorry.

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