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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 12 FINAL EPISODE!

 photo maouepisode1213_zps297e68f9.jpg
Um are you alive?
X______X I need to leave for work in 5 seconds! Here is Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 12, the "final" episode of this series. Sorta weird but spoilers things not ending at all?
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Um how...?
Episode Summary: Winter King and his people are like...who is this strange person sitting on the throne? Oh it is Mage and each of her personalities has a message from Demon King. Although this plan was made when there was no war at all....Mage will still state it in as many voices as possible. Demon King has the cure for small pox, a disease that kills millions a year. She wants them to use that vaccine to their advantage. Oh and she is a demon. Mage then passes out from all this news while Winter King is like...interesting? Hero holds his own against Demon King as she smiles all wicked like. She is not our Demon King screams Head Maid. Hero reminds Demon King what this was all about, she was just renewing her contract and that she must stay true to herself. The more Hero talks the more the memories flow in and Demon King gets pissed that her happy reunion has been ruined. She forces out the past evil kings and smiles at Hero. They manage to glue Head Maid's arm back on and things are...just calm. Like oh hi I missed you oh I missed you too. Hero informs Demon King all of what Youth Maid has done and what is going on in the human realm. Knight's constant “gifts” to the Central Kingdom have started to take their toll. The horse don't look that great and the food is starting to run out. Soldiers gather around and complain about their situation. The higher ups brought money with them as it is easier to transport but now with prices the way they are no one is selling and they are starving.
 photo maouepisode124_zps2e229ddd.jpg
You talking to me?!?!
Knight is hoping to hold out with no battle but there is news that a mercenary group heading their way. She promises to keep causalities down. It then breaks down into...some boring war strategies that actually work. Knight has speed and land on her side, as the enemy would have to come at them in awkward ways. The enemy commanders are unable to understand this strategy and press on despite being at a disadvantage. After experiencing many causalities the mercenary group falls back and soon snow forces the entire army to retreat. Knight and Crimson Scholar's student Young Warrior take charge of dealing with the injured, no matter what side of the line they are on. This does not matter to the man who has been “wrong” during the Gateway City incident, Mr. One Eye. He has snuck into the city even though Young Warrior (recently promoted) is on high alert. Mr. One Eye is after Crimson Scholar as he thinks she is to blame for everything. Youth Maid and Child Maid were hard at work creating more books/pamphlets when Mr. One Eye comes in and roughs them up. Before a main character can be killed Young Warrior comes in to protect the girls. He gets tore up pretty bad but his smarts to protect himself rather than arm himself leads to victory and Mr. One Eye missing his brains. There is a lot of finger pointing going on at Central along with the Blue Demons that Mage teleported away. The Blue Demons were promised land and protected as long as they kept up their side of the “war”. Now that the humans are fighting each other they have sided with Central. Church leaders appear and talk about how they will have another Crusade. They believe they will win this time around as they have stolen technology from the Iron Country, where Demon King had given those people plans on how to make guns. 

Meanwhile Demon King reveals herself to all of her people, a bit nervous as Head Maid explains she is not very popular given she doesn't fight that much. Hero appears to help give her a bit of an edge, maybe too much. The crowd is worked up and thinks that Demon King is proposing going to war with the humans. Demon King barely gets out she wants to meet with each species leader before giving up. During all of this Young Merchant has not sat by and done nothing. He has used this momentary truce to set up trades between the demons and the southern countries. This is all thanks to the potatoes that are feeding Central and Young Merchant riding out the currency changes. Dragon Princess is also pleased as this opens up the salt trades for her people. Back at home Demon King talks with Youth Maid, that this didn't all work out how she wanted but the duel currency systems should help. Demon King and Knight also have a talk, about how they are friends and that Knight “gave it” to Hero. Everyone seems to agree as they gather for dinner that Youth Maid really provided the spark for the future and that maybe they are on step closer to the other side of the hill. That apparently involved putting boobies in Hero's face. THE END!
 photo maouepisode122_zps41186247.jpg
For the people!
X____X Well then. It seems that all shows this season are going to end rather oddly. At least in my book. The only one that has ended semi decently is one about how BLEAK everything probably will be. But given the setting of that show it actually works.
 photo maouepisode1210_zps64607dc9.jpg
Just so casual. Oh yeah he is in demon realm duh.
But with this really didn't end. X___X More like and next week there will be an episode 13? Oh wait this is it for season 1?! Quick sorta wrap things up and leave it open ended at the same time so if there is a season two we can just pick back up again. I understand that anime is super expensive to make and that companies can't risk making 24 episodes at a time. Still I found the pacing of this episode really odd, like it did the rest of the 11 episodes a disservice.
 photo maouepisode1215_zps323cfbe6.jpg
What about the hill?!
The battle between Demon King and Hero didn't last long. Not that I thought it was going to. Mainly because I thought they were going to head to the Central Kingdom verses the South battle so they needed to wrap up being possessed and all really fast. So for that to go by fast it made sense. Sad that Head Maid couldn't connect to Demon King at all. I know that Demon King loves Hero more but she could have had a flicker of recognition with Head Maid and be totally healed when she saw her Hero. The aftermath was kinda funny though. Glue that arm back on and go, who cares if you were trying to kill us five seconds ago!
 photo maouepisode1217_zps4929b952.jpg
Thanks for the healing magic?
But Hero and Demon King never flew off to battle. X___X Speaking of which Hero seemed to have a lot of magic under his use yes? I thought he had magic because of items that Demon King gave him. But it seems that he has some other kinds of magics yes? Mage seemed aware of them in any event. Kinda makes her a bit useless yes if many other people can use magic?
 photo maouepisode12_zpsa405d144.jpg
Clearly too hungry for battle!
Back to what I was saying though. There was no epic battle between the Central Kingdom and the Southern one. Again not that I thought there was going to be an ACTUAL battle...what with the magical snow and everyone's desire for there to be no battle. But I did think that Demon King was going to try and stop it, that there was going to be some speech given. Or she was going to be sneaky about something which would cause the Central Kingdom to agree to the independence of the other kingdoms and go on their way.
 photo maouepisode1211_zpsf8f54a43.jpg
This explains nothing! Or everything.
Instead Mage and her multiple personality self starts talking about small pox? I was trying to follow what the crazy girl was saying what with the switching and not. So....Demon King has the cure of small pox and the Southern Kingdom was going to give it to the Central Kingdom in exchange for a cease fire? Is that what happened? I am not sure I follow that train of thought. If the Central Kingdom is going to use potatoes as a reason to go to war what would they do with this vaccine? I mean obviously it is not a lie but the Central Kingdom has been using these tactics all along. Also what is stopping them from taking the vaccine and chopping off their arms later? Maybe this was a momentary cease fire as the Southern armies do not have enough soldiers and Central Kingdom was losing backers of the war.
 photo maouepisode123_zps27296426.jpg
Look at me, leading armies and winning.
But that is not to say that there was not a skirmish or two in this episode. Central was probably all ready for all out war despite morale and food supplies being down and the horses being sick. A small mercenary group was sent out, probably to see just what the Southern Kingdom was all about. Little did they know that Knight has a lot up her sleeves. Of course most of it was lost on me. XD Clearly I know little about battles outside Pokemon. It had a lot to do with hit and run. Like bam no drawn out battle, just keep thinning out your opponent until they are tired and outnumbered. It is a bit sad that the opposing forces allowed it to go that far. Wasting resources indeed.
 photo maouepisode1214_zps35a43e77.jpg
Everyone is going to get rich and get hot babes?
Which really leads back to Young Merchant. I am not sure if he meant things to work out the way that they did. That the army would slowly starve and bring morale down. But in terms of what happened with him.....everything really went Young Merchant's way. War is good for business but it seems peace might be good as well? Which also makes sense. If everyone is happy and working hard there is more money to spend on goods? Since most humans are still scared of demons Young Merchant really got in on that front. And maybe made a new girlfriend?
 photo maouepisode125_zps051aa6ef.jpg
Well hello there guns.
But these good times are not going to last long folks. Central Kingdom is just waiting for another time to strike. Well and spending some time blaming each other for this huge mess. It is revealed that the Blue Demons have been working with Central to keep up the war. Yay for money. I think it is kinda late in the game to introduce these characters. I guess if there is going to be a second two maybe the timing is perfect but it would be nice to have see glimpses of this beforehand. Now why is Central going to try attacking again one day? Seems that Demon King introducing all this technology into the world might turn against her. Did she consider that these guns might fall into enemy hands? Hmmmmm.
 photo maouepisode1216_zpsdff88d43.jpg
Oppies almost splatting times.
Also these good times were almost not to be. It seems that Youth Maid and Child Maid are magnets to drama. In this entire city full of injured and soldiers and guards and what not...Mr. One Eye was able to find them. He has a lot of anger inside his heart does he not? He basically did it to himself but being a crazy person he was didn't see that. I thought it was a bit special that Young Warrior was able to find Mr. One Eye so fast. Not that Mr. One Eye was great at covering his own tracks....but while Young Warrior might not be the strongest he was smarter than Mr. One Eye. That seems to be a reoccurring theme in this show....
 photo maouepisode127_zps94a75108.jpg
NO! Make love to the humans not war!!!
Now that there is momentary peace in the human world Demon King decides it is time to see her people. If you think about it she has not seen them in a LONG time. I am surprised that she wasn't overthrown or replaced at this point. She seem to have some favor in the crowd but Hero is the ones who really got them all up and arms. A little sad that all this work Demon King does basically goes down the drain as they all want to go to war. Clearly she should have been working on both kingdoms, not just the human ones. XD I sense a big mistake.
 photo maouepisode126_zps763734fe.jpg
Um...I am sure this will have something to do with season 2...this giant magic seal.
Then the episode just goes really fast. BAM Demon King is thanking Youth know...for starting the revolution and getting her ass kicked in the meantime. BAM Demon King and Knight reaffirm their friendship while talking about IT. BAM everyone sits around the table and everything is peaceful and they are halfway to the hill.
 photo maouepisode129_zpsc65a45a0.jpg
Um.....this is it?
And that is about is the real ending? It really felt like episode 12, next week episode 13. Really, really, REALLY open ended. And...almost not enjoyable? Like I felt very much schooled and that I wasn't really watching an anime at times, that I was watching history in very bright colors. It was hard to connect to these people as they represent an idea thus no names. Like well what would history be like if we had someone magical give out all the technologies that would shape our world today? I guess we got our answer and more will come given the ending. I don't know...just seems empty to me.


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