Sunday, April 14, 2013

Suiseu no Gargantia episode 2

Post number 2 for the day!!! Hopefully I will have 4 posts before I go to bed. I had been planning on watching Blood-C The Last Fail movie. But I think it would have been do 4 animes posts or ONE movie post. Maybe on Tuesday I can watch this wonderful movie that will probably be the worst thing ever to look so beautiful. XD I just wanted to catch up on blogging since blogging on work days seems to not be happening lately.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode22_zpse1788743.jpg
That is a lot of danger....
Up now is Suiseu no Gargantia episode 2. That is so awkward to write. X___X It looks spelled wrong no matter what. But spoilers for Ledo or Red or Led making friends...because of fish.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode24_zps4219f391.jpg
Friend or Foe? Should we offer him the fish?
Episode Summary: As Ledo (Ledo right? I have seen Red, Led, and Ledo. Sounds like Ledo to me) is in shock over all this Earth knowledge Amy bounces to safety and men with guns arrive. As the weirdest subs in the history of...well this year play out Chamber suggests killing them all. Ledo decides that he needs to wait and see. Ridget, the leader of the ship, comes out to talk to Ledo. Everyone is under the impression someone is in Chamber which creates a bit of tension. This becomes all the talk of the ship and Ridget summons Amy to ask her opinion on Ledo since she spent the most time with him (kidnapped). Amy has stars and cotton candy in her eye and thinks that this is a misunderstanding whereas everyone else thinks this is dangerous. Ridget has to talk to her hirer ups who are interested in taking apart Chamber. As Ledo waits this situation out Chamber reminds him that blasting a hole in everyone's head might be the best plan. Ledo points out that the Alliance wants to find a life sustaining planet and they have just found one. Plus they need to get rescued. Making new alliance members might be the best way to make this happen. Everyone keeps talking about person, especially to Amy. She has turned into a super star to her friends but she is off running to her next job. Bellows has decided that she and her crew are going to go back to where they found Chambers to see what else they can find. Amy flies off on some little kite thing and goes to visit her brother, Bevel. He appears to be sick and passes the time making ships out of spare parts Amy finds for him. Amy talks about him Ledo and how he came from the stars. Bevel seems excited that this legend of people escaping to space has turned out to be true and that everyone should be friends with Ledo.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode27_zps639244bf.jpg
Well not him. XD
It is decided that Amy will make first real contact with Ledo. She approaches him with the fish of friendship and hilarity occurs since Chambers is trying to translate a language he doesn't understand yet. Ledo is praised for eating the dead fish. Amy talks and talks, asking Ledo through Chamber questions. Ledo eventually shows Amy that no one is inside Chamber and that he is a robot. He tries to explain more but Amy is too excited about all of this. Later they talk about how Earth used to have this thing called land. Something starts to happen off in the distance and Ledo looks concerned. Amy explains this event is called the Galaxy Way. It looks like lightening and powers up little creatures in the water that produce electricity. Amy explains this also lights the way for their ships, to help them find things. They share in this moment and Amy tells all the higher ups/important characters about the space war and how humans are up there. People still don't see down for Ledo whereas Amy sees him as a lost and confused person who needs help. Suddenly Bellows and her people are surrounded by pirates. Their supplies start to be taken and the female crew is molested/threatened. Ridget tries to get her people together to rescue Bellows but they will probably not make it. Amy runs to Ledo and tells him that the pirates she told him about are here. Ledo decides this is a chance to make an alliance and hops in Chamber. He rushes to the scene and destroys all the ships in a blaze and turns the pirates into...well nothing. Everyone looks on in shock. THE END!
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode23_zps4b9f5f41.jpg subs were special....
I like that this episode starts off with a stand off. And really until the end of the episode it continued to be this way. Amy and her people have never seen anything like Ledo and his Chamber before. Ledo is a very suspicious person to begin with so it makes sense that he is sitting there with his gun and....alien flower tooth? I am just glad it wasn't love at first sight and Amy and her shiny joints weren't able to talk down her people from being overly cautious. Shifty eyes all over the place.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode25_zps21dddeef.jpg
Maybe instead of hacking away at it you know...take the time to see the technology? Well next time anyway since this is beyond you.
Putting aside the fact that everyone thought there was a person in Chambers (which you really can't blame these people you know) no one was playing around. Like chop up that robot and sell the parts, find out how it works. Throw Ledo into the sea. XD I guess these people have seen way too much to play around. But I sensed there was some political stuff going on. Some ass kicking. Like yeah this is my ship but I have to work with the rest of the fleet and what not. Interesting maybe.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode26_zpsdf80b7aa.jpg
Is this the dark side of the anime? Or will it still be fluffy?
Ledo is a soldier so he was okay with sitting out there as long as possible to think of a way out of this situation. While waiting for Amy and her friendship fish some disturbing conversation took place. And the thing is it sounded innocent and matter of fact. Ledo wants a place for people to live. Earth seems like a perfect place to live. But if that happens the alien flowers of insanity might follow. Or the cycle might repeat itself again and Earth will be destroyed again. But Ledo and Chamber were not talking about conquering. I don't think Ledo is over that but he wasn't talking about taking this planet back from the native humans. It was more matter of fact with him, as if he is incapable of having many feelings. Speaking of this going to be a feel good anime or should I ready the tissues...for when people start getting splatted?
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode212_zpsc9dabf4e.jpg
Eat it and our friendship will be cemented forever.
Despite the fact that Amy is probably the last person that should be talking to Ledo...that is why she is the first! Because no one volunteered and she has a heart of gold. And sometimes you need to send in a sweet looking person and not the person with the sniper rifle. No no put the sniper on the roof and let the sweet talker go to work. Now I am wondering what these people in space are eating. They don't have animals up there in space to eat? Corpse indeed.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode29_zps515dce5d.jpg
Oh hi I am the sick little brother. Glad to see you.
Amy and her heart of gold has a little brother. OF COURSE SHE DOES! And look there is something wrong with brother Bevel. Bevel. Oh anime and your crazy names. Amy likes to find odds and ends so Bevel can make lovely things in his hospital bed. Like Charlie and the Chocolate factory with the toothpaste caps. XD It wasn't mentioned what is wrong with Bevel. I don't think he gets out much which must make his running around all over the place sister sad. But she cares about him so that is all that matters. Oh and he thinks that Ledo must be from the stars and is cool. XD
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode210_zps2d3aa0d9.jpg
We shall be mysteries to each other.
I think that part of the episode was...well necessary. We always see the one side of the story. I thought Earth was a legend! How can these people be here? Look at how they live, it is so sad. But when Amy and Bevel were talking they were mentioning how they thought going to the stars, into space, was just a fantasy. That it was a myth passed down from the before times. I do wonder how any humans survived this freezing over but maybe that will get mentioned later. I just like that these people aren't living in caves and have some form of technology AND think about myths and what not. These ideas have to come from somewhere!
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode28_zps3e24518e.jpg
Out of my way friends!
Amy and her heart of gold has a few friends. I doubt anything will come from any of them. They are just there to be cute and cheer on Amy. Like wow Amy you are so amazing. Woe Amy look at you flying in the air. Wow Amy do we have names? Of course I could be wrong but I am not sensing great things from these people. XD Handing out the red shirts maybe?
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode215_zps430915c0.jpg
Um...sure. This makes sense.
I am not sure what was up with the lightening and the green bugs of light and what not. I really thought it was lightening but apparently it is not. When Amy first started talking about the Galaxy Way I thought that was just these...”primitive” people talking about lightening. I say primitive yet they have some sort of robots we don't have now so you know. But back to the topic. I thought she was talking about this special light that guides them...and it turns out it really is something special. It is way too special for it to barely get a mention so I am sure it will come up again. Is this the result of the world freezing over and life basically starting over? Some left over technology? Well if anything it gives a reason to why these people have power and why they move around so much.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode211_zps05d2244f.jpg
What do you mean you ain't go no land?!
For some reason the concept of pirates when there is no land left amused me. I am not sure why. I did just come back from St. Augustine and learned a lot about pirates and how they do things. But I guess that is just silly on my part. Pirates are pirates. They have ships and they steal things from other ships. And in a world where resources are limited pirates are more likely to occur right? With fleets as big as they are it must make them hard to run away from a fight but they should be more forified yet? But since Bellows and her people have to go out and leave the big part of the fleet they can be picked off. In any event...Amy mentions pirates and they show up 5 seconds later.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode217_zpsea0d9e5c.jpg
This is like the Legoland pirate show....
Lido is not from Earth. He is from a time and place where things are super dangerous. So when Amy said to him DANGER he was like time to set the phazer to KILL! Phazer? Pazer? Whatever it is a made up word. At this point it is all about looking good to the locals and maybe getting rescued. I don't think he really was eating the fish of friendship. XD But Chamber and Lido were like fighting? Danger? Finally something we are good at! When the...well I hate to say battle as it was not...but yes when Lido first got involved I was like woohoo sinking all their shops good call. But then it got War of the Worlds on us and POOF everyone just got turned into nothing. Not even dust to run into and look al dramatic like.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode219_zpsb0084a4d.jpg
Okay maybe they did turn into dust for a second...
And the funny thing is...I am thinking this is not going to go over well with the others. Bellow and her friend were moments away from being raped or kidnapped or both. Yet when their long time pirate kidnapped and crew were killed...I did not see happy faces. More like....WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! We just wanted them to go away. Maybe beat them a little and steal our stuff back. Not kill them! Like that movie we saw the other day...MegaMind? Yeah when the little blue alien “killed” the hero his life had no meaning. That is how I think Amy and her people are. Like these are awful people and we hate them but we don't want them dead.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode2_zps2539b87e.jpg
Well we got sorta weapons but we don't do this sorta thing...
So for Ledo I don't think this will end with a parade of floats and a party of hot babes. I mean obviously they are not going to kill him or make him leave but I am thinking people are going to give him a lot of side eye now. That he is barbaric and that is not how people on Earth solve their problems (well if they could). Which will probably drive Ledo nuts as he probably thinks he did the most efficient thing and won't understand why everyone is all doom and gloom. Will Amy show him the light? You know before the Alliance shows up and ruins things?


Eternia said...

Good thing about this anime is it's an original story, so we know nothing about what will happen next. But Led will be most definitely treated as some sort of freak or cold blooded bastard now he has gone and done it.

Will Amy stand up and speak on his behalf once again? And then they can become lovers, hehe. Amy looks like loli but Led himself is underage so it's legal, right?

Anonymous said...

Amy knows, the way to a man’s heart is truly through his stomach, even if he is a lost soldier from outer space. XD

>Now I am wondering what these people in space are eating<

Well, you saw how he take-in (drinking) his food. It is likely some vitamin/protein juice, or something like that.

This ep did a good job at protry his uptight manner. I wouldn’t feel so strange if we didn’t have someone his own age next to him who acts like how teenagers are supposed to act.

We now know what happen to the civilizations, clue to Bevel’s story and Lado’s history from Chamber, they seem match.

Also, Chamber’s lasers are goddamned hax. Even I felt bad for those poor pirates, they probably didn’t even see what hit them. The laser was……………extreme.

Christina said...

Eternia- I think he will be avoided at first and that will eat at him. Like hello I just saved you all, where are my trade negotiations. But Amy and her shiny knees will convince everyone that he is really a good kid. Then commence the sex with Chamber translating everything. XD

Anonymous- Amy should have brought him cake. Cake is the food of rejoicing and bonding. XD

Whatever he was drinking looked special. For some reason it reminded me of those meals soldiers have to eat on the field or maybe what astronauts would have to eat. But I guess as long as it's not PEOPLE he is eating it is all okay.

He really should have set the lazers to stun. He really didn't know the situation well enough. Plus supplies are limited and Amy's people could have taken the pirate's stuff.