Saturday, April 20, 2013

Karneval episode 3

Hello there my lovely readers. I hate people. XD Or really...well no. But seriously. If you walk into my store and comment on how hot it is after being in there for 5 do you think I feel?! I have been here all day with no working AC. I am about to melt on the ground but I have to plaster a smile on my face for you customers and you being in our store for 30 seconds being hot....I should feel bad for you? Um no. no bueno. How about you feel bad for me and get back in your car and crank the AC. Crack the window so a little air can leak out for the hommies. In conclusion if you complain about how hot it is in our store again I will...well probably nothing since all the energy will be sapped out of me.
 photo karnevalepisode313_zps20618961.jpg
Let the 1st annual Nai Games begin!
Moving on...ANIME TIME! Up now is Karneval episode 3. Spoilers for...well revealing something rather fast?
 photo karnevalepisode314_zpsd3de7a55.jpg
Um who are you people?
Episode Summary: Tsukumo takes Gareki to see Nai as he has recently been given the green light to have visitors. They have to duck as Yogi is thrown out the window of the room due to being a pain. Nai is still sleep but since Doc can't find anything wrong with Nai he believes he will wake up soon. Gareki thinks that Doc is a quack since obviously Nai was in pain. Doc calls Gareki rude but a good friend. Gareki denies being a friend to Nai but stays with him regardless. While Tsukumo feels guilty about Nai's condition Nai has a dream about Karoku. He doesn't see Karoku but he asks why Nai isn't always looking for him and learns about Gareki. Karoku tells Nai that he needs to leave Gareki before Gareki gets hurt. Nai wakes up and sees that he was clinging to Gareki. When Gareki goes to ask the boy what is wrong Nai says that Gareki is scary and needs to leave him alone. Gareki starts to walk away and Nai gives the bracelet to Gareki. That really pisses Gareki off and words are said. Gareki pretends not to get hurt and summons people to take care of Nai. Nai of course feels bad about being mean and starts to cry. Yogi is unable to take care of sad Nai and calls Tsukumo for help. Doc was talking to Hirato about Nai's condition. Apparently Doc does not think he is human. After Hirato stops laughing it is explained (to Hirato and later everyone including Nai) that Nai is...well not like the monsters they hunt. He is some sort of critter called a Niji. A dragon bunny hybrid thing. Nai doesn't seem to understand why Gareki has a mental breakdown that basically a puppy was following him the entire time. Major meltdown. Headquarters has gotten wind of this information and now they all have to go in so Nai can be studied more.
 photo karnevalepisode38_zps20ab63b5.jpg
Why is that a big deal?
Nai and Gareki take a moment to go off alone. Gareki has to swallow his insanity and yell at Nai for pushing him aside. Nai explains that Karoku told him to stay away from Gareki. Gareki has about 67988 minutes of internal dialogue, trying to decide if Nai having special powers is a bigger deal or if Karoku was insulting him. To spite Karoku Gareki has decided to be Nai's best friend forever. He promises Nai they will find Karoku which makes Nai happy. Only Gareki is like I will beat his ass. They travel to the headquarter place and various other Circus people are seen getting ready to depart. There seems to be some drama between Tsukumo and another girl. Yogi is put in charge of Gareki and Nai but hides as he doesn't want to run into Doctor Akari. Of course he does and it is drama filled. Gareki is deemed normal and boring while Nai is placed under more tests. These tests are shown to the top dogs at headquarters. It is decided that Nai has been created much like the Varuga were created. Only Nai seems to be even more perfect. Headquarters wants to take Nai apart and see if he was made by the Kafka, the organization that stole the plans for Varuga years ago. Tsukumo is ready to kick some ass but Akari says that they can learn more from Nai if he is not in pieces. It is decided that Nai will go the land of the Niji. Some magical place that doesn't like technology and what not. Yogi, Gareki, Akari, Nai, and two assistants that will surely die later go to this place and walk along. They talk about how the land plays tricks on your eyes and you really have to listen better. Nai leads them through things that aren't really there until he reaches what used to be his house. It is a mess and has been destroyed by some magical force. Nai says there is another place where he used to live and he takes them to this cave. Before they can explore some Varuga monsters appear. Yoji starts to fight but the destroyed monsters create goo that affect the wild life. Nai goes to protect a little critter when he appears to be targeted by the monsters. Only they take off with Gareki instead. THE END!
 photo karnevalepisode36_zpsa78533f8.jpg
And this is Yogi's life.
Well....that was super interesting. Wrong about the dog though. Still very special indeed. Enjoyable and full of eye candy yes?
 photo karnevalepisode35_zps3d7ec923.jpg
Don't hurt my heart!!!!
Gareki is the boy who protested too much isn't he? I don't care about Nai, I have no feelings, I am only here to steal bracelets. Really he is spending more time convincing people he is big and bad than being big and bad. Everyone say AWWWWW at his feelings. AWWWW!
 photo karnevalepisode3_zpsebfe62b4.jpg
Slightly dramatic. Guess this is why Gareki is fighting FEELINGS so hard.
Which came out in full force throughout the episode. It was like he saw how popular Samon and his many faces were and tried to capture that love inside my heart. He tries to pretend that he doesn't care about Nai but when Nai pushed him away there was clearly sadness on his face. Add in the fact that Nai tried to give him the bracelet and I think there might have been tears. Inside tears of course. Nai was trying to give him the bracelet to help but due to the kind of person Gareki has forced to become it was more like a slap in the face. Like oh I am a monster and you know all I wanted was this bracelet. So he had to throw some harsh words Nai's way to cover up all the hurt. We were shown only the tiniest pieces of Gareki's past but it looks like he has had it rough and feels unworthy of...well sparkle friendship.
 photo karnevalepisode312_zpsf2735b02.jpg
I can't have something? I want it more now!
Nai was having some moments in this episode as well. A lot of moments actually. We got Karoku talking in Nai's head. At first this seemed kinda special but if Karoku was the one who created him it stands to reason that communication shouldn't be that difficult. Just painful. Hopefully Karoku was forced to leave Nai or else this taunting, why aren't you looking for me is really cruel. Of course he obviously was not in the best of moods telling Nai to keep Gareki away. Maybe it is true that bad things happen to people close to Nai but saying that out loud is a bit harsh. Gareki responded to this in typical man fashion. Like oh you don't want me to be close to Nai? Well then Nai is all I want! Maybe Nai should run away from both of them?
 photo karnevalepisode39_zps15ddfc20.jpg
I love you Gareki! Feed me and I will do tricks.
All of this seems minor compared to the discovery that Nai is not human. And the thing is...Nai could have cared less. Or maybe he knew all along he wasn't human and was like when did I say I was? Or since he is part human/part Niji (dragon bunny?) he is like what is human? He is just being alive and what not and doesn't qualify things that was. This does explain a lot about him though. Like look at my super hearing and repeating things over again. And the fact that he is so emotional and attached to people. Very simple. Because animals are kind. Still doesn't explain why he wasn't trying to feed himself better.
 photo karnevalepisode37_zps78edb4c9.jpg
Um see the beard? I am being serious.
Everyone else's reactions ranged from Oh to WHAT THE HELL MY LIFE IS A LIE! I think Hirato thought it was stupid but given all he sees in Circus maybe he understands it deep down. A more perfect monster thing perhaps? Tsukumo and Yogi didn't want it to be true because they are human beings and see Nai as one and want to connect to him on that level. Doc was probably worried that Nai was going to be experimented on and rightfully so.
 photo karnevalepisode310_zpsb241658b.jpg
I mean.....this screenie writes itself.
But the grand...overreaction came from Gareki. It was like....he and Nai had sex and he found out that Nai was actually a unicorn. Like oh no I gave my virginity to a unicorn! The level of embarrassment was high with this one. Over the top kind of embarrassment. Like no I will no open my heart up to anyone and when I do it turns out they are an magical animal. No no no...and maybe yes so Karoku can't have him. Over the top indeed!
 photo karnevalepisode315_zps6099dcbf.jpg
Clearly his hair is too annoying to live!
The people at headquarters =...well we are supposed to be angry at them for trying to destroy our lovely Nai. Like well chop him up and see what he is made of. Cruel yes? But when you think about the monsters they are currently fighting and how similar Nai seems to them...I can see taking precautions. Like the people before then are responsible for the monster recipe for getting out. So....yeah. This might be sent by our enemies and he is dressed up in something cute so people will let their guards now.
 photo karnevalepisode311_zpsf617d100.jpg
Um...who are they?
There was a lot of emotions going on in this episode with the other characters in regards to...well many things. Yogi seems like a goofball when it comes to Akari but when it comes to Nai he seems very sweet. Like Hirato did you pick me for this mission because of my good heart? There was some hesitation there, as Yogi wants to be a good Circus member but likes Nai. Tsukumo is also worried about her standing in Circus. She doesn't seem to acknowledge the girl who is trying to one up her but is worried she didn't go a good job protecting Nai. Hirato may be more serious than the rest of the cast but I am sure Nai and his sparkle eyes of friendship have ground on him too. He just has to follow the rules more, to protect the rest of the crew.
 photo karnevalepisode316_zps24ed817a.jpg
I might be slightly dating myself with this reference.
It is decided that some people are going to go to Nai/Niji's homeland Final Fantasy style. Like oh no we can't reach this area by ship we have to park over here. Apparently this area is super special, with lots of random animals and occurrences. I thought the mirages were a bit over the top but I always appreciate it when some red shirt people show up on adventures. March on!
 photo karnevalepisode317_zps851eac21.jpg
What do you mean you hate my new sweater?!
The episode ends with Gareki being kidnapped. It appears that the house he and Karoku were in has been destroyed (before or after he left it?) by something magical. The person who used to own the bracelet anyway? While investigating Nai's other home (amazing cave) they are attacked by Varuga. I am not sure why they assumed they were Varuga and not other critters of the woods. Nai and his sparkle heart of gold had to protect an innocent critter which someone resulted in Gareki being kidnapped? Didn't see that coming! Nai is supposed to be the vulnerable one GOSH! Guess we will have to wait until next week to see how they rescue Gareki and his emotions.


Anonymous said...

1 week ago: “Wow Nai sucks”

Animal Form: “OMGOMGOMG you deserve to exist now!”

How did I miss the resemblance between Nai and Niji? That explains a lot…......awww.

And I could see how embarrassed Gareki would be if I were in his shoes. {He’s not a friend, but a pet now?) LOL

As for "why he wasn't trying to feed himself better"?

Judging through his looks (in human form), I assume he is a baby/early stage of the animal, and during that period, their parent (normally mom) give food/later teach the kids how to look for it to the child, and since Nai does not have one................well I think this may explains your confusion.

Anonymous said...

When Nai started crying: “Oh my god, can you get anymore pathetic?!”
Animal Form: “I forgive you, you fluffy Son of a bi-!”

Also, that old man is FABULOUS, what an awesome Doc. LOL. I just love the way he throw Yogi around in the beginning, really LOL.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Off topic question:

I heard a new Sailor Moon show is being made in 2013.

When it's released, will you blog about it?

What are your current thoughts on the Sailor Moon remake?

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous- All cute animals deserve to live! When I am King of the Universe I will deem all deers and other cute critters unavailable to eat. Sorry cows and adult chickens! Being a cute animal is like being a young single white female, you get extra protection!

Gareki was acting like he had sex with Nai and was like OH CRAP I did some bestiality stuff with that kid. He was way over the top.

You make a good point about Nai being a baby animal and not that smart. I am sure if I didn't feed Kira and just left the cat food bag on the floor she would look at it and die.

Anonymous 2- I think that Yogi might get on some people's deserve and that is not his first ride through a window. But Doc telling Hirato his information was pretty funny.

What are we going to call this animal? A dragon bunny? THINGS NEED NAMES BESIDES THE NAME THEY ARE!

Anonymous 3- I will certainly be blogging Sailor Moon. That was my gateway anime from way back in the day. I used to tape the show on VHS and watch it over and over and over again. I am pretty sure I saw season 1 and 2 389473 times in junior high and high school. I am super excited about this show as well as many of my friends. We were such big Moonies back in the day, looking on this new thing called the internets and websites for pics. I hate to admit this but I had a chance to buy one of those super expensive artbooks back in the day and I bought Magic Knight Rayearth instead.

I am very interested in seeing how it does. I think following the manga will make it a shorter anime obviously and I wonder how those who have never seen the manga will react. Because Sailor Moon is less of an idiot and more of a real heroine in the manga. Sure she has her moments of dumb but she is overall a person of growth so you can see why she is able to beat each stronger enemy when they come alone. That and Raye won't be such an asshole. I am curious how they will play the non redeeming baddie aspect. Most of them weren't healed with the power of love after all. XD

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