Monday, April 8, 2013

New Anime Series! Suisei no Gargantia episode 1!

Hello there my lovely readers. I hoped to have more up and blogged by now but downloading anime episodes takes a long time. Before I would just zip and find the episodes to watch right then and there but downloading does make the screenies look better I have to say. Probably would have made Fate/Zero look like its amazing self. But yeah it does take a little longer. XO Hurry up new anime episodes, I am trying to blog you.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode116_zps4080ff97.jpg
Um...what the hell?
While there is time left on another episode to download I will finish up this episode. This episode being Suisei no Gargantia. New animes series indeed. Spoilers for...a lot of weird words and alien looking things.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode112_zps3ab12350.jpg
We just have! Hurry up or you will be left behind.
Episode Summary: Explodes. War. Flower like aliens. That describes a great deal of this episode. The narrator opens up talking about a perfect world that has either been created or found for humanity. All hail the Galactic Alliance of Humankind. It seems as if most of human kind lives in a huge beautiful place but things are not good. A huge army is moving out towards a worm hole type thing to fight the enemy. The main character wakes up when they reach the edge of the wormhole. His suit Chamber tells him about the conditions and instructions they have received for this attack. They are going up against the alien lifeforms Hideauze. There is a huge flower like creature they will focus their attack on so they can maneuver behind it and attack the main force? I think anyway. There were tons of alien like creatures all over the place and weird ships the humans are piloting. The huge flower weapon attacks and kills many humans but this was all according to plan. The humans fight against the flower thing with all they have and destroy it. This opens the wind up for the other squads to attack the vulnerable side of the creature/creatures. Only the main flower thing heals too fast and is able to attack again, leaving much of the army dead. Ledo was doing great attacking while all the other soldiers around him die. He thinks that this is all he knows and taking a vacation after the battle would be weird. Well it looks like that vacation is never going to come. With the main flower back and a lot of their resources gone everyone is told to pull back. Ledo starts to listen but he sees some fellow soldiers in danger. He goes to help them but his commander pulls him out of there, saying they are a lost cause. Ledo and the commander make it back to the worm hole thing before it launches but the aliens are behind them. Knowing they have to protect the citizens from the Hideauze the commander orders Ledo to continue on and he stays behind. Ledo makes it to the ships but an alien latches on to him. He gets himself free but the ship takes off without him and Ledo is sucked into some weird worm hole residue.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode18_zps5df71ee5.jpg
Wait for real? Don't leave me commander! I need someone to tell me where and when to kill!
A young girl starts running around a ship, all excited. She makes it to a loading dock type area and gives a set of papers/folders to an older girl. It is permission from the captain to have this...thing on the ship. This thing is Chamber but none of these humans have any idea what this thing is. They hammer away at it but can't open it. Amy, the running girl, is very interested in this machine thing but has to get back to work. Chamber's functions start up again due to the banging and he wakes up Ledo, informing him it has been 6 months since the attack. Chamber has no idea where they are and shows him the humans banging on the suit. Chamber does not recognize their language and Ledo assumes they are drifters, people who do not want to join the Alliance. Ledo waits until all the men stop working to emerge from the suit. It is determined the air is breathable but the return of Amy and the main worker return right away. Ledo hides but the main worker sees footprints. He tries to rescue Amy but Ledo takes her hostage and uses his super gun to protect himself. He runs around the ship as Chamber uses his...whatever to map the ship. As more people start chasing Ledo Chamber informs him that this planet is self sustaining and does not need a dome. Ledo is confused and takes Amy to the top of the structure...and is shocked to see the ocean and the sky and all this...nature. Amy is able to get away with the help of her flying squirrel pet. Ledo is able to call Chamber to him before everyone can shoot him. Everyone is in shock, the people seeing this suit and Ledo learning that he is on Earth, that mythical planet that apparently is where humans first came from. THE END!
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode111_zps0a5f8843.jpg
Um...time to turn around?
So many words!!!! And I think my eyes might have melted from the high level of animation used in that 12 minute long battle. Seriously that was half this show's budget wasn't it? But yes so many words!!!!
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode114_zps53fceecf.jpg
I understand....none of this.
And the thing is a lot of these words might not even matter. Now that the main character has been stranded on Earth will we hear about half the technological terms that were thrown at us? I mean...maybe Ledo will be able to make it back to his home one day but for now it looks like he is rather far from home and super stuck. Maybe those gross aliens the Hideauze will start invading Earth and will get the GAH's attention. But for now I am thinking my brain was confused and nothing will really come from it again.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode110_zps38749ea3.jpg
Is this a good place to live or are there tons of rules and fakeness?
Which is sorta understandable. That is how a lot of shows, anime and real life start off. Throw a bunch of crazy terms and names at the audience to make them think how complicated and different this world really is. It helps remove us from our comfort zone. Like well I have no idea what is going on, this must be high tech stuff. Confuse them and leave them wanting for more. But I think for quite a while the show is going to focus on an Earth that is more relatable to the viewers now. I could be wrong, they could do half the show about Ledo and the other half about....possible friends he has back at their home planet.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode12_zps5d13cd05.jpg
Apparently I needed to take more pics of the aliens and not inside the ship...
For what is worth..that battle was pretty sweet looking even if I only understood half of the words. So flashy. From what I could tell the humans have been battling these Hideauze for a long time and haven't been doing so great against these flower things. Things look all sparkly at home but maybe these Hideauze have slowly been making their way to their part of the galaxy and they are trying to kill them all off before they have to move. But humans have decided to throw everything they had into this battle. A lot of soldiers and resources and planning. Only the main...weapon or huge Hideauze was able to regenerate a lot faster than they thought and the battle was lost.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode13_zpsf4bbb070.jpg
Eff you aliens for taking up most of the episode!
Not much was explained about the Hideauze. Like I said I don't know if that big flower thing was the alien itself, in super size form or if that was their weapon. It was a bit confusing what was an alien, what was a weapon, and where the planet was. Are these aliens intelligent? Are the humans actually at fault? Am I watching Star Ship Troopers?
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode113_zpse5afd8d2.jpg
Reproduction. Doesn't that sound nice Ledo? is regulated? X___X Or just having kids?
Perhaps one of the reasons we don't know much about what is going on is Ledo, our main character, isn't much for chitchat. He is a soldier. All he knows is this battle. When his machine Chamber said that Ledo was up for limited citizenship and a vacation it didn't appeal to Ledo. He is not up for reproduction guys. War is for him. He seems quite good at it too, as everyone around him was blowing up he was keeping himself alive. But it is not to say that he is completely heartless. He did try to go back and save some people who were captured by the aliens. And he was upset that his commander was willing to stay behind and miss the rescue to save everyone else. Wonder if that commander will show up later or if he was basically toast...
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode1_zpsc27702b5.jpg
A born protector but Chamber used up more of its energy and weapons when trying to rescue those people...
Ledo did not make it to the black hole/space jumping technology that was really hard to look at and understand what it was. Instead...he was thrown across space and was asleep for 6 months. I wonder if those 6 months will matter later in the show or if we will ever see Ledo's home place ever again. Not that he wants to see it, he was born to fight. Of course there aren't any aliens to fight on this planet.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode115_zps3643b7fd.jpg
Wait you know what a Jupiter is but not an Earth?
Where exactly did Ledo end up? Earth DUH! Been to the movies lately and seen ads for up coming movies. Destroyed Earth is a hot new thing. Well not new but the current trend. Look at us with our advanced technology and how it is so primitive and unlivable it is. But I guess since we live on Earth NOW it connects with the audience more. If humans in the future left Earth and moves to TallTrees and had to leave that place and one day went back to TallTreesRDestroyed it wouldn't mean that much to us. Guess that everyone just assumes that Earth is toast.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode19_zpsb3bbdce7.jpg
Well what is this?! Yeah I thought so. This looks...too odd to live near/on.
So how is Earth now? Well we really don't know. We didn't get to see much of it. It looks like Ledo landed in the ocean and a ship picked him up. A lot of water all around. On the ship it looked like the technology was similar to what we have available today. We only saw the hanger though so maybe there is a bit higher advances in technology elsewhere in the ship. Ledo and Chamber were not impressed.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode14_zps7f83358e.jpg
Currently situation...bad. How about that?
We didn't see many of the inhabitants inside said ship. Obviously the other main character is going to be Amy. Amazing how fast all anime characters are. Jumping all over things and sliding and not getting tired. Maybe I am just out of shape. That might be in since I am currently eating dinner and all I want is ice cream. There was the main guy working on to open up the suit as well as his boss. There is the captain of the ship and all the other people working on the suit. They all look like they have had hard they had to work hard hours. But they seem excited at their new discovery so maybe life isn't all that bad.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode15_zps6e6a3334.jpg
I am going to guess oil and man socks.
Ledo was informed of Chamber of the situation and decided the best course of action explore. XD Did you think I was going to say take a hostage? Well clearly he was going to try and escape to the outside but he was caught by curious Amy. Chambers was feeding him some pretty crazy information. Ledo couldn't figure out what was going on and he only had himself to rely on. So he did what he thought was right...even if Chambers was like um no you are dumb.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode16_zps9da795b4.jpg
Let me learn the curses you are saying to me.
I like that they are speaking different languages. If things have processed so far in the future where Ledo lives but Earth has remained the same obviously the language would evolve. Of course it seems that Chamber is going to be able to figure out the language and make it so that Ledo can speak and understand it too. But I like the initial view moments were chaos and everyone was reacting accordingly.
 photo SuiseunoGargantiaepisode17_zps41c76cb1.jpg
What the heck is this sky thing?!?!?!
The episode ends with Ledo going outside with Amy and being shocked at what he sees. I am sure he would have been able to overcome all those on the ship but he was just awe of what he saw he wasn't able to think. A planet that doesn't have a dome? Breathable air? Water structures that are natural and not man made? All a shock to him. I mean I am sure he could do some damage with Chamber but he is going to need to rely on people now yes? So that is how the episode ends. A lot of a battle that might not matter later. Or you know will be super important, that Ledo actually got blasted into the past and he has a chance to save everyone or actually create the Hideauze. Standard anime stuff you know.


Eternia said...

I really hope this anime will be a slice-of-life. The set up is just perfect for that. But we have to remember that this is Urobutcher. Who knows if the aliens might visit this earth as well and eat everybody. >_>

Christina said...

Eternia- I think it could go either way. I mean not everything this man makes can be the same at the end, full of shock and blood and mystery right? Of course...if he is good at that why change it...

But yeah I can totally see that happening, that Ledo will accidentally lead the aliens to Earth. Or who knows, maybe Ledo is actually back in time and accidentally changes these humans INTO the aliens that will one day attack the other humans. Who knows. For now it is smiles and misunderstandings.

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