Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Cleaning....okay it's not fun.

 photo Duffy001_zps57b2490a.jpg
Time to do chores. Gotta earn my keep.
The last few days I have spent in bed. Like me and my eyelids have become close friends. Le yawn indeed. Good thing that I am insane and think my stuffed bear is alive to do all the housework for me. XD Just in good fun yes? XO Duffy is from Japan so it applies to this blog okay?! Leave me be and let me have my fun! Oh sorry...thought I was justifying my enjoyment to my mother. Carry on Duffy. XD
 photo Duffy002_zps181a138d.jpg
Dad has been busy with work and mom has been busy drinking nasty medicine so I will help clean the house. I am a good bear. So helpful!
 photo Duffy003_zpsc97602af.jpg
So much dust! Pass the tissues, I got to sneeze now!
 photo Duffy004_zpsd625f781.jpg
Um....how am I supposed to use this?
 photo Duffy005_zpsa4eb255d.jpg
This is more my size. Time to vacuum.
 photo Duffy006_zps9505bb46.jpg
ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM and then Kira ran away from the noise.
 photo Duffy007_zpsd04089af.jpg
Time to do the dishes. Mom is like the little girl from Signs, she has tons of cups all over the house. She is ready for aliens!
 photo Duffy008_zps3c87d50f.jpg
Next up is the laundry...this might take a while.
 photo Duffy009_zps2fd59328.jpg
I am trying to take out the trash, not become it!
 photo Duffy010_zpse0884c18.jpg
That was a lot of hard work. Time for a snack! I have earned it!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Red Data Girl episode 6: This anime is pointless

YAWN! How can someone get so much sleep and still be so sleepy? Maybe I am turning into a cat? I am sure Kira would love it. A playmate for her. Maybe that is why she has been glued to my side recently...she has sensed my transformation has begun. YAWN! Time for another nap?
 photo reddatagirlepisode67_zps2e91f6eb.jpg
There is no understanding ever. Lies.
This show...Red Data Girl...is halfway done and nothing has been explained. Well not enough for anything to make sense. More like the main character doesn't care to know or everyone understands what is going on and can't be bothered to tell anyone. Talking above me if you would. But here is episode 6 anyway. Spoilers for blah and blah.
 photo reddatagirlepisode66_zpsbc266bd8.jpg
Someone has a big mouth....
Episode Summary: Mayura, Manatsu, Izumiko, and Miyuki are running to catch the bullet train to Nagano. That is where the twins grew up after their triplet died. The train ride seems fun, with Mayura asking Izumiko if she is dating Miyuki and student council plans are discussed since they are all members now. A meeting will be held in the mountains soon due to their connections. They arrive at the station and wait for normal mom who has put the triplet Masumi out of her mind. The girls are nearly hit on but the boys step up and make sure they are left alone. They are taken to a lovely house that Izumiko loves. There is a party thrown for the twins and their old neighbors/relatives talk them up. The father takes a shine to Miyuki who knows/has connections to mountain monks. Izumiko is left in the corner to say how nice and normal everything is after she gets drunk on punch. Miyuki really loses his mind when she gets drunk as she starts to talk about the goddess. She is sent to bed but wakes up later still a bit tipsy. She “floats” around the house until she sees Masumi in the back yard. She says hi to him and he basically hits on her and says he will see her later on the mountain. The gang meets up with the rest of the student council whatever and they up to the mountain via bus. Everything seems on the up and up until some of the girls unpack. Mayura is then confronted by an older girl about trying to take over the student council club. Mayura tries to play dumb but apparently the History Club is really her fan club. Kisaragi is slightly less harsh but tells Mayura that they are judges and will not pick sides. Izumiko says nothing during this time nor during the meeting later. Mayura takes her on a walk and explains that she and Takayanagi are more likely than not the real candidates for the World Heritage thing, thus the sides. The council made her feel better about being neutral but Mayura feels as if she needs more. Izumiko is like lala you hate sorcerers yes? Manatsu appears with Miyuki and it is revealed that Mayura wants Izumiko on her side as a spirit seer and needs to test Miyuki despite him protesting he wants to be a normal kid. Mayura summons up her power and then...THE END!
 photo reddatagirlepisode65_zps94420144.jpg
You have to be drunk to understand this show. WEEEE!
I don't even know folks. I don't even know when the explanation will come. I don't know when I will stop watching this show. I don't know why any of this is happening and everyone seems okay with it.
 photo reddatagirlepisode64_zps7a49571d.jpg
Don't mind me, I'm not important.
It's like we are following along through the eyes of Izumiko, the girl beyond caring about anything. Or knowing about anything. Which I would be fine with but then Izumiko seems to know things. It needs to be one thing or another. In episode 1 she was presented as a girl who was confused about why she blows up computers and cellphones. But then she nods her head and doesn't ask questions, like she does understand. So what the heck is going on? Is she nodding because she doesn't understand and doesn't want to look dumb or because she does understand? Because either way...I DON'T UNDERSTAND! Usually animes have someone who doesn't understand what is going on and things have to be explained to them, to the audience. I just assumed since this is Izumiko's story we would see her confusion and things would be explained to her. OBVIOUSLY NOT!
 photo reddatagirlepisode63_zpsaab5090c.jpg
Be on my team bestie friend!
This anime is just frustrating. Yukimasa tells Izumiko what this school is about, housing and protecting those who can see spirits yet Izumiko does nothing with this information? Miyuki is told that the goddess in Izumiko can't be reborn or the world is in danger and he does nothing? Like hello?! You are in an anime! Rise to the occasion and save the world! Or at least find out more about the school you are at. Like are they purposely not listening when things are being discussed? How can Izumiko be so close to her mom and not try to contact her? I don't understand anything apparently. Anything at all.
 photo reddatagirlepisode68_zps91e785e4.jpg
She was like GIRL I am on to you!
If the student council is supposed to be a neutral place why was Mayura and Manatsu allowed to join anyway? If you think there are two factions to this school why allow one whole faction to join if you are the judges? And hello aren't all these kids in 9th grade? This entire school was built so these kids could fight it out to become the World Heritage Candidate? Like only one person gets to tell the spirits that humans should be allowed to live? Maybe the teachers should tell the students what is really up. Or maybe this is what is up. The point is...this entire school was built for two students to hash it out? I SEE! What the HELL?!
 photo reddatagirlepisode62_zpsd98144e3.jpg
All is going according to plan....
Either way I guess the Earth is screwed. Because neither kid looks that powerful to me. Of course at the end of the episode Mayura looks like she stepped up her game. But Takayanagi? How is that kid powerful at all? A ghost was able to beat him. Obviously the thing inside of Izumiko is going to be the best candidate or whatever which is disappointing. Thought there was going to be more important and spiritual kids at this school. But I guess it doesn't matter since we won't get any explanation on what they are. Just a bunch of judges I guess.
 photo reddatagirlepisode6_zpsd685fe98.jpg
Hurry to fun!
I guess the fun part of the episode was when the siblings, Izumiko, and Miyuki were traveling to the siblings' home town. I guess I just like seeing travel in Japan. Brings back memories....in the corner of my mind. XD But yeah going on trips is fun. Maybe not so much fun when you realize your friends really tricked you into meeting their special dad to size up if you have magical powers worth worrying about. Here have some drunky punch.
 photo reddatagirlepisode69_zps26fe046d.jpg
How about you let me in on this secrets?
Izumiko is kind of all over the place. Doesn't ask questions, is jealous that Miyuki isn't her boyfriend but barely talks to him, and talks to dead people. But it's all good. Because she doesn't tell her one friend about meeting with one of the “judges” to something she doesn't understand. Also she doesn't listen to Miyuki and goes off with Mayura without knowing her true motive. Not that she defended the girl when the older student council girls were going after her. Miyuki also has a part to play too, by not watching over Izumiko. Just so impressed with this anime.
 photo reddatagirlepisode610_zpsb6f7e899.jpg
Um...I said I didn't care about this crap?
The episode ends with Mayura explaining nothing but using many words to do so. Like you better be on my side or else. When Miyuki says he doesn't want to be on any side Mayura decides that she is going to attack. Like what the hell. Do you see my face? It is the face of someone who has watched 6 episodes and maybe 10 percent of what is going on has been explained in words. Everything else I guess is just understood by the Japanese. The things we do not speak of, we don't need things explained. Well I do. And everything sucks so far. Bleh.

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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 4

Hello there one and all. I only took ONE 3 hour nap today. Surely a sign that I am either getting better or I am patient zero and it will be BRAINS time. Will Daryl shoot me in the head? XD I hope it isn't someone lame like Lori. Oh wait you mean Lori never killed anything and was completely useless? Never mind then. But yes hopefully I am feeling better. You know how you rest and rest and can't tell if you are feeling better yet? Yeah I am in that stage now. XD Am I better yet? I can't tell!
 photo titanepisode410_zps2dd9edee.jpg
Mikasa and her jokes...
Some anime got done today. Of course I am losing count of what days are which and what is today. Wait let me check to see which of my shows is on and I will tell you. Up now is Shingeki no Kyojin episode 4. Spoilers for training and bonding weee!
 photo titanepisode42_zpsd59d4cd6.jpg
Did I mention the theme song is growing on me? Want to hear the full version of it when it comes out.
Episode Summary: It has been two years and all the recruits are still getting their asses kicked. The main/important recruits are reintroduced by Officer Scary Eyes. He gives his opinion on how all the candidates are doing, with Armin being pretty damn weak but smart to Mikasa being the most amazing thing since slice bread. All the other candidates are mixed in there and are doing well in some fields and poorly in others. Reiner ends up helping Armin out due to his weakness which Armin tries to over come. Some of the training making sense to the candidates, flying through trees and attacking cardboard Titans at their weak points. Other training Eren questions, like the hand to hand combat with or without knives. Reiner his partner in the exercise reminds him that they are soldiers and they have to be prepared to do anything and everything, even when their chances of survival are low. They spot Annie trying to sneak out of practice so Reiner decides they need to teach her a lesson in being a good soldier. Annie gets aggressive so Reiner makes Eren show her a “lesson”. Only Annie does not use the fighting techniques used in their class but those taught by her father. Eren and Reiner are on their asses in seconds. Eren takes that time to look around and see most of his classmates are not taking this exercise seriously. Annie explains that this portion of the class is not part of their final exam. Annie also explains that this system is cracked up, that the top 10 students can become military police when really they are the best to defeat the Titans. Eren is shocked at that common sense revelation and wonders about it himself.
 photo titanepisode49_zps5f3d4388.jpg
Eren and Jean get along just great.
Over dinner Jean is being an asshole again, trying to show off and Eren puts him in his place. There is almost a fight but Eren tries to back down when he realizes that Jean needs to blow off steam like he did all those years ago. When Jean won't back off (due to his crush on Mikasa) Eren uses some moves that Annie taught him and tells him (and everyone) to stop slacking off. The fight is covered up by Sasha not farting and life moves on. Upon graduation all the recruits are given three choices: wall duty, scouting, or military police. Only 10 kids can become part of the military police are they are: Mikasa (top), Eren, Reiner, Sasha, Bertholt, Annie, Jean, Krista, Connie, and Marco. At their graduation ceremony everyone is shocked that Eren is not joining the military police. Eren explains it is all bullshit and everyone should fight the Titans. Several people say that is it impossible to win which pisses Eren off more as he thinks the previous deaths have to count for something. After his very heartfelt speech he goes outside to have a moment where Armin and Mikasa join him. Despite being weak Armin wants to join the scouts to help mankind and Mikasa will join whatever Eren joins. After all of that they see the current Scouting Legion head out and Eren has renewed hope. He also sees his old friend Hannes and they squash the problems they had in the back. Eren and the others work at refortifying the wall and Eren is shocked to see Connie and Sasha there as they had such high score. Clearly Eren's speech touched them and Sasha stole meat for them all to celebrate with. Eren decides that everything will be all right. He smiles and turns around to see the Colossal Titan staring at him. He kicks a hole in the wall and everyone scrambles to stay alive. Sasha has to injury a comrade in the leg to save his live but that might not mean anything as it is Titan Attack Part 2. Eren is the quickest to recover and tells everyone to attack the Colossal Titan. THE END!
 photo titanepisode416_zps50f843c6.jpg
Um...yeah....the closeness just started.
TADA! Everyone is happy and graduated from training. Look who came to wish them well. XD Nom nom indeed. There will be more opportunities for flashbacks later but for now you know the players and how all these kids know each other. Much better than what happened in the manga.
 photo titanepisode4_zps49ecb169.jpg
This training ain't no joke.
Armin got quite a bit of screen time today. I think it is important to note that he is the weakest physically of the group. Which makes my tiny heart a little happy since there are a lot of girls in this squad. It ain't a men's world anymore. Titans don't care if you got a vagina or a penis, they all get munched off. So many girls have signed up for whatever reason to take part in this training and all of the girls are stronger than Armin. I say this because Armin has to be important yes? You don't keep someone around that weak for no reason. There is more to fighting Titans than running and choppin. You need to have some brains and that is where Armin comes in. Since we only SAW the physical we had to be told that Armin was important though.
 photo titanepisode44_zps0010cc4f.jpg
A man of many hearts. Protects Armin, pushes Eren to be his best, and...well messes with Annie.
While Mikasa and Eren have a reason to want to protect Armin it was also shown that while there are some hot heads in this group everyone seems to be a good person deep down. Reiner wanted to help Armin even though it would hurt him in the long run. Only the top 10 get to move on to the military force...despite Reiner wanting to reclaim his homeland. So helping someone out won't help his score in anyway that he knows. But as Mr. Scary Face says later Annie and Sasha aren't really capable of working in groups. So everything does add up despite it not being known. And that is how it should be. Look at me I am awesome only gets you so far in life. Lets you know that these are just kids but deep down it is them against the Titans so lets help each other out.
 photo titanepisode43_zps2cce5f4a.jpg
And Mikasa is just amazing...because.
I like that the Mr. Scary Face took the time to talk about the important people. Yes I did say important people. Recruits if you weren't really featured in his assessment I look forward to you dying next episode. Here are your red shirts, make them more red with your blood. That isn't spoilery, just how it goes in these shows. People got to die! But Mr. Scary Face talks about how some people who seem to be strong still have weaknesses. And that Eren will be the main character forever because he has the most heart even if he isn't the best at anything. That would be Mikasa. Like...yeah she rocks for no reason. Really folks, no reason at all besides the power of loooooooooove.
 photo titanepisode47_zpscd81e7f7.jpg
Super serious training going on here folks.
After seeing how cool the gear is and that the kids can fly through the trees with the greatest of ease...it was on to Starship Troopers. I mean it was like the dialogue was taken right from the film. When are we ever going to need this? We aren't fighting humans! Only in Starship Troopers this kind of fighting DOES work at keeping you alive for 5 seconds longer. Some of the bugs are only twice as big as the humans. It hasn't been shown yet but I don't think it is spoilery....Titans can only be killed at the neck. A certain part of the neck. You hurt them anywhere else and it doesn't count. So yeah I can see why Eren thinks this is dumb and won't be useful. Well it will be useful TO EREN later but really yeah...thus far in the manga no one has really drop kicked a Titan and won.
 photo titanepisode46_zpseb10f4c4.jpg
I will stomp your ass.
Enter Annie and her scary ass face. She is just scary. We have a back story about Mikasa and her lack of face but it hasn't been shown yet. To date we have no idea why Annie looks so scary. XD I mean in the manga she doesn't look AS SCARY but still....Annie is just pissed off at life. Now I think that Reiner should have let Annie get in trouble on her own. I sang his praises earlier for helping out Armin but then he went out of his way to get Annie in trouble. Men. Eat dust though, you and Eren. Now in the manga they did a better job of explaining Annie's way of fighting, that she is a smaller person thus she needs to have better tricks. Worked better than by the book Eren yes?
 photo titanepisode48_zps29374b0a.jpg
Why I haven't thought of that before!
Annie and her scary face did make a good point though. One that should have been obvious. Why the hell are the top candidates given the cushy jobs? Now I have been arguing since minute one that HELLO if one gate can be taken down in 5 seconds the other two aren't far behind. So why the hell is anyone focused on these cushy jobs? It was like everyone has reached a point of crazy where they have forgotten this fact. But yes besides that....you guys are the best of the best and could maybe kill Titans better than everyone else. Here are the kings to your apartments away from the Titans. Now Annie is PISSED....and will promptly be joining the military police. Guess she just wanted to pass her rage on to someone.
 photo titanepisode414_zpsf1fda628.jpg
Not the hottie of the class.
Dinner is where all the crazy comes out. Again these are just teenagers and they are being trained to fight crazy monsters while dealing with other issues. I mean a lot of these kids are already broken and with minimum adult supervision things like this happen. And Jean is just an asshole. I would argue that he looks so out of place, like look at me a 30 year old playing a 15 year old on TV. But yeah he is just a jerk but I am sure deep down he is a good person. Looks like no one ever told him what was up in life before and Eren is that person. Mikasa is the class beauty, which isn't hard to do with Potato Sasha looking DERP in every other screenie and Annie lookin like she is a whole lot of angry Toucan Sam. Well Krista is pretty cute but her guard dog Ymir probably keeps the boys away. Add in some fart jokes and arm breaking and it is like a normal high school woohoo!
 photo titanepisode412_zpsdd04f77a.jpg
They can't take OUR FREEDOM! As we live in these walls and hide...
Graduation is upon us and Eren has made it into the top 10 of the class because he wants to kill Titans more than anyone else. I sorta roll my eyes that Sasha is up there. I think that Armin should have taken that spot even if he was the weakest. He does excel in some things while all I see Sasha excelling is annoying me and eating a lot of food. But about half of the 10 percent are going to join the military police. I guess the theory makes sense, you want the best of the best protecting the king. Still it does not sit well with Eren and he makes his point known to everyone that he thinks they need to fight Titans and not let everyone died to have died in vain. After his touching speech Mikasa and Armin have to tell Eren they are going to follow him because apparently this wasn't already clear. Silliness.
 photo titanepisode413_zps88149a6e.jpg
I ain't here for you Eren!
Eren's speech did touch a few people though as Connie the unseen and Sasha both are going to stick to protecting the people and not the King. Let the fun times roll. We are all in this together. Yay for stolen meat. We are a team and nothing can bring us down. All for one and one for all!
 photo titanepisode415_zpsccb5c810.jpg
Um..I don't think we have enough meat for you too....
OH LOOK! The Colossal Titan is back. I AM SHOCKED! Even if I hadn't read the manga I would be thinking this. Like hello no one killed this mofo before. I am surprised he just didn't finish off the other two walls last time. But yeah Eren turns around and there he is. To Sasha's credit she did save a teammate for being squished. But does that really matter? You greens just got out of school and are the first line of defense against this...monster of a Titan and as his usual M.O. gave the wall a good kick to let other Titans in. The good times are about to roll...for the Titans as it is Golden Coral time and humans are the special of the day.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Karneval episode 4

Major yawn indeed. I think I was conscious for more hours today but none of them were very productive. Le sigh and cough and tissue indeed. A pathetic little cold indeed. XO How can something so minor drain the life out of you? At least I can still eat food or that would be disastrous.
 photo karnevalepisode47_zps2b2667b7.jpg
Behold look how dramatic I can be.
Despite the room spinning from time to time today I did manage to get ONE thing blogged. Took a long time though. Go me. Karneval episode 4 time. Spoilers for everything being on fast forward mode!
 photo karnevalepisode49_zps73ba7b15.jpg
And don't kick me in the face for it!
Episode Summary: Everyone looks on in terror as Gareki is taken away in a....something or other pile of monsters. But the bunny creature is safe ya'll. Yogi volunteers to rescue Gareki as it is his job and Nai is like what is rescue? Akari stays behind to guard Nai as Yogi finds the blob of monsters and sorta looks at it and cries for Gareki. Out of nowhere some diamonds and jewels attack the blob monster. Iva from Circus has appeared to rescue Gareki. After all the blob monster is destroyed Gareki is revealed to be okay and Yogi cries all over him. Iva was after a different Varuga that got away and she happened upon the area, hoping to find Tsukumo. Nai seems to think everything is his fault as Akari wonders why the creature didn't go after Nai instead. Gareki is returned safely by Iva but it is decided his ego is too bruised to carry on. Yogi, Nai, and Akari walk into the cave that used to be Nai and Karoku's home. Yogi and Akari look around as Nai thinks back to his life with Karoku. This leads to a small scene with Karoku. He is surrounded by fake birds and cages. He is awoken and told to get ready for the day despite not looking too hot. He agrees and the scene changes to crazy granddaughter Erisyuka. She has hired Uro, the red headed hottie, to find Gareki only because Karoku is interested in him. Uro is very interested in jumping Karoku's hottie stick and so far he is not interested in her. So clearly bringing in another person will make Karoku like her. Uri agrees to this insane plan. Back at the amazing cave Nai finds a bug which clearly means Akari and Yogi find the secret spot where Karoku left a notebook. Everyone gets together for lunch including the tiny rescued bunny of cute. Nai is making sure Gareki is okay while Yogi is abused more. Hirato calls to see how everyone is doing but Akari refuses to talk to him on the phone for some reason. Gareki decides that since he was almost killed it is time to ask for favors. They are close to his “hometown” and he wants to visit. Hirato says yes for some odd reason. At first Nai is not invited but then he turns into his dragon Pikachu self and all is well. Despite Yogi not being able to protect a paper bag he is sent on the mission too.
 photo karnevalepisode412_zps057d9970.jpg
Well I guess I owe you guys the truth since we all just lost our virginity to each other.
The boys arrive at the busy part of the city where Gareki is quiet about his past but quick to win prizes for Yogi and Nai. They are randomly walking along when this random girl practically collapses on Gareki saying she killed a man. Her named is Tsubame and she takes them back to the random shack she has been staying in with her twin brother. Yogi tries to keep things positive but Nai is like why did you kill someone hooker? Tsubame explains that sometimes she feels “unwell” and wakes up in various states of crazy but this time she woke up to a ROOM full of dead people and blood on her shirt. Before this topic can really be discussed the twin brother Yotaka comes in. He doesn't recognize Gareki at first but then calms down and apparently allows the trio to spend the night. As Gareki makes the snuggly bed for three he explains that when he was little his parents sold him to random people. He was the smallest person on the ship and was bullied by the other kids. They stole all his meals which turned out to be a good thing as those who ate the meals were...well lets just say the ship sank. A woman named Tsubaki finds Gareki on the beach and takes him home as he reminds her of her two smaller siblings. Tsubaki appears to have been working in an brothel but was bought out by some rich guy. He just wanted to give the twins medicine along with their food and everything will be even steven. Gareki points out that this was a stupid thing to agree to and that Tsubaki would end up dead. Well dead she is and Gareki has vowed ever since to find the killer. Yogi and Nai both volunteer for hug duty as everything is so sad. Later that night Tsubame leaves the house and Yogi notices. He takes the other boys out and confirms with Gareki he does think that the twins are Varugas. Gareki asks if people can come back from this and Yogi's nonanswer obviously means no. They find a dead body on the ground and the marks match the ones that were left on Tsubaki's body. This means it must be the same killer. They turn around and...well Yotaka is covered in blood. THE END!
 photo karnevalepisode410_zpsb43af6e6.jpg
Um hello to you too?
Well that really didn't go in the direction I thought it was going to. X___X Like oh kidnapping? Psht we got to move this plot along folks. We don't got time for this!
 photo karnevalepisode4_zps495b5fd1.jpg
How about you go RESCUE Gareki?
While Yogi seems like a really nice person....he kinda...um...needs to work on his rescue and fighting abilities. I mean maybe he is new to Circus? He is 21 which is nearly 40 in anime years so I doubt that. And I can understand not wanting to fight HUMANS but this dude doesn't seem to want to fight anything. So why is Hirato sending him on missions that might be dangerous and would require him to be the only pair of fighting hands? I just don't understand his.....special way of fighting. Nai and Akari being shocked I can see. Yogi not so much.
 photo karnevalepisode44_zpsdfd0c7d5.jpg
Um you okay? Because you seem to have the crazy.
I am also calling special out on the fact that Iva was able to get there so fast....or at all. Like she was chasing another Varuga and just happened to be in the area? An area that needed some Final Fantasy ships to get to? I doubt it. Maybe Hirato isn't as dumb as I thought. Maybe he wants to believe in Yogi but was like...girl you know he is special. Just go down there and make sure some parts of the boys end up in the ship. When Iva said no he promised that Tsukumo would be nearby so off Iva went.
 photo karnevalepisode43_zpse9333e8a.jpg
Don't cry, momma is here to take care of you.
So Gareki is made of special things right? Throughout the episode he was attacked by a Varuga, made to eat special food on the ship, and ate special food given by someone poisoning kids. I suppose one could argue Gareki never got food on the ship. It is unknown how long he was on it so that could be possible. But when he lived with Tsubuki...he must have eaten the food? I guess the guy could have really kept the medicine separate but it makes more sense if all three kids were experimented on. And Gareki was IN the Varuga. Said to have injuries. And yet anyone would gets their blood on them turns into a Varuga? Me thinks that Gareki is human but a special kind. Sorta immune to their powers and will be the key to saving the world!!! That or he is incredibly lucky.....hmmm.
 photo karnevalepisode46_zps0d2ac08a.jpg
Gareki has no will to live.
Either way this episode was one big funfest for Gareki. I mean he thought it was embarrassing when he found out Nai was a cute Pikadragon? Well this episode Yogi was crying over him like a long lost lover, a big breasted woman carried him to safety, and things end up threesome style between himself, Nai, and Yogi. How much more will Gareki suffer through? I mean I can't really say he is ASKING for all of this because of the shirt he is now wearing. But still...poor Gareki indeed.
 photo karnevalepisode45_zpsdd606361.jpg
Where are the tears?!
Nai thought everything was his fault but really...this time...I don't really think it was his fault. I mean...there was a cute little critter in danger. And the Varuga was already there. It wasn't like Nai brought the danger to them. So yeah Nai wasn't really to blame here. But I did wonder why he wasn't more freaked out. I mean Gareki got EATEN by the damn monsters. Is he going to be alright? Um probably not. And then when Gareki returned it was like oh okay moving on time. Guess Yogi did enough crying for the both of them.
 photo karnevalepisode42_zps0802cf20.jpg
Well I guess after all the sparkling it had to be boring yes?
The exploration of the cave was kinda boring. But maybe that was just a home away from home and most of the real research was done at the blown up house. Nai is the one who finds the secret information but overall it was sorta...bleh. Like well we just got attacked lets just get this over with. I am surprised that the two red shirt scientists made it out alive. Like they were sent there to die and show how dangerous the area was! But in the end we got one monster and one cuddle animal. I wanted to see more of the area. This felt really too rushed to me, especially with the whole I want to visit my hometown from Gareki. Well hurry it up then, who cares about this special area.
 photo karnevalepisode48_zpsb258708f.jpg
If I give him who he likes MORE he will surely decide to like me too. Duh.
We did get to see about 5 seconds of what Karoku was doing. Me thinks he is not having the best of times despite being in a great area. More like the house was burnt down when Grandfather kidnapped him. I am sure Karoku hid him. Not sure what the Circus bracelet has to do with anything but that is my theory. He is a caged bird in case that wasn't obvious. CAGED BIRD...for el crazy girl Erisyuka. Like hommie slow down. I know we woman have a biological clock that ticks in us but 14 is a bit young to make sure the man of your dreams is trapped with you forever. I think if you have to start your relationship off with a threesome it will probably not work. Just saying. 

So it is clear that Hirato has lost his mind. Yes Gareki, the person I am interested in because someone else is interested in. Please go off to this place that is less than safe just because. I mean maybe they are just throwing Gareki a bone so he doesn't want to run away. Like oh okay you are technically kidnapped by us so we will give you something small so you won't run away. Such silliness.
 photo karnevalepisode411_zps97013ec9.jpg
Well then...that is a bit of a downer isn't it?
After winning Nai and Yogi some prizes it was onward to...finding the person Gareki was looking for? Probably not since he just left town without a goodbye two years ago but enter Tsubame. Like hello long lost adopted brother I KILLED SOMEONE! Oh that is someone from Circus with you? Well good thing I stopped to ask you what you were doing in town before I said something stupid? I just found this entire part of the episode weak and rushed. Like can it be more obvious that these twins are probably Varugas. Thanks for leaving that a mystery guys.
 photo karnevalepisode413_zps1d51891f.jpg
The saddest story ever told!
After this revelation that sometimes Tsubame goes to bed and wakes up with dead people next to her it was time to be screamed at by the brother and to go to bed. I mean really wouldn't you do that if you heard all of this nonsense? Gareki took the time while tucking Nai and Yogi in to talk about his sad life. It was like he watched Little Busters and had to outdo all them girls. Like ha you think YOU had it bad. My parents SOLD me and the other sold kids on the boat stole my food but it was poisoned anyway and they turned into monsters and the ship sunk but that's okay because this hooker girl found me and took me home so her siblings could play with me but it turned out that her big poppa was poisoning the kids and she died. HA! And what bitches, didn't let out one tear!!! Of course Yogi and Nai nearly died from sadness overload but Gareki doesn't care. The Grinch doesn't have nothin on him.
 photo karnevalepisode414_zpse6f280cc.jpg
THEY are the killers? SO SHOCKED!
So after all this dramatic build up....well the twins go out and kill people in the broken down town of sadness. Shocking isn't it. One would think that Gareki would be slightly more sad that the twins will probably die as one doesn't come back from being a monster. But we got to keep this train going. At least Yogi picks up on the obvious. Of course I thoughts of all this would take longer to get to. Gareki's reason for living is revenge and it looks like the twins are the one who killed the hooker with a heart of gold. I guess one can always go after medicine seller dude but still. Movin pretty fast.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

24 hours in a day and I slept for 20 of them! Duffy the Disney Bear to the rescue!

Behold I have transformed into a cat. Or a person with a cold. I didn't know it was possible to be so sleepy after sleeping so much. Maybe it is the idea of missing out on Friday morning tips that makes my eyes sleepy and sad. But yes, my husband was sick for the better part of two weeks and finally I have caught his cold. Breathing. Who needs it.
 photo Duffy051_zps02fbe9ec.jpg
Time to get momma well.
Good thing I have a silly spoiled bear willing to take care of him yes? Almost time to go back to bed though. So sleepy and stuffed up. Is it time for more medicine already Duffy?
 photo Duffy052_zps33685865.jpg
This medicine matches my outfit. Is it okay to drink?
 photo Duffy053_zps899d0663.jpg
Got another box of tissues for mom. She is going through them so fast.
 photo Duffy054_zps9d8d2f1a.jpg
Get better soon mom. I will just spend some time on the internets while you sleep more. Now where is your credit card....

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