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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 9

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Err...spoilers of me forgetting to talk about this scene too. XD
Post number two weeee! Gotta keep on going. Maybe one day I will go to bed at a decent time so I can wake up at a decent time and look human. Of course decent is all relative. But yes Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 9. Spoilers for stoning!
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Churches need to focus on helping and not hurting dear Lord!
Episode Summary: Young Merchant has decided that they must do something about the church trying to gain more power. He and his friend surmise that the church is attempting a third crusade and are trying to put the Crimson Scholar in a bad light as she and the Winter King standing strong has taken power away from them. Young Merchant summons the noble youth from Crimson Scholar's “hometown” to help gather info on the council of 10. He hopes to learn more about their merchant alliance and perhaps create a more powerful one. At the center of town the mood is less that festive. Many people have gathered around and are upset that Crimson Scholar is being portrayed in church a way. The Messengers from the main church and his people arrive to not a happy crowd. The Winter King and Archer also arrive and look very stoic. Nearby Hero waits with his people and watch over sleeping Child Maid. Youth Maid seems upset that she can't do more but Hero tells her to not worry, that he will protect her. Everyone realizes how awful all these charges are and Youth Maid goes on and on about how life has really changed for the better because of Demon King. They will do what they can to protect what Demon King has created but it isn't looking good. Everyone leaves to take their places while Youth Maid cries because she feels like she can't do anything. Messenger takes the stage and asks Winter King if he has brought forth Crimson Scholar. Winter King is looking pissed but complies as he doesn't want to go against the church and the main kingdom.
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Well that turned around fast. XD
Youth Maid in Crimson Lord garb appears and she is taken into custody, with most of the crowd looking upset. Hero is on the roof top ready for rescue but Messenger decides to beat Crimson Scholar first. This really upsets the crowd and Youth Maid decides to speak to all. She tells them all she is a human and from humble beginnings. But despite all the bad things that happened around her SHE came out okay and felt unworthy of that gift. She goes on to say that their deity has given them gifts to become better people, to learn and grow. Messenger gets very upset that Youth Maid is using their deity in her faith and demands the crowd stones her or they will be enemies of the church too. Youth Maid says she will be okay with them stoning her to protect themselves and their families, but not because someone tells them too. That would make them insects and not using the deity's gifts. The crowd then starts to stone the Messenger. He gets pissed and orders his men to cut off Youth Maid's head. Just before he lands the killing blow Winter King protects her with his sword. He declares protect for Crimson Scholar and that he has been no better than an insect for listening to a kingdom who does not care for HIS brave people. Knight then steps up and declares Crimson Scholar a saint. Messenger vows to return and implies it will not be good. Later Youth Maid apologizes for going against Hero but no one really seems to mind despite the fact this probably does mean war. Elsewhere it appears that Demon King is in the middle of her.....contract of kingness. She has visions of past Heroes and how she is responsible for making the world in chaos. All she can hope for is forgiveness. THE END!
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Um hello new little merchant. Come and not be important?
Well that didn't really go the way I thought it would. Which I guess is a positive thing. You don't want things to be predictable and boring. Nice to spice things up and what not. Plus this episode did give me a sliver of faith in humanity despite the fact that this is an anime and a history that was pretty horrible.
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I am sure those merchants will think of something...
The opening scene had to do with the merchants and then they were not seen the rest of the episode. This could mean that next episode things will be focused on them. Not everything can happened instantly after all. But it seems that the change in Young Merchant is real. Sure his plan might favor himself but if it helps out other people too you really can't blame him yes? After all it is hard to save the world if you are dead and spending money in the grave makes no sense. He has put himself out there by involving Crimson Lord's student. That might help him in the long run but for now it is a gamble. That might pay off for him as new head of the council? But then the world might be a slightly better place because of it so it would be worth it.
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People helping people. FINALLY!
The rest of the episode was devoted to the arrest of Crimson Scholar and the outcome of the event. I was actually quite pleased to see most of the people upset at her arrest. It is so easy to allow a giant tree come and kill off 2 billion of the population and go bowling the next day. Apparently. So the fact that these people were trying to support Crimson Scholar in the only way they really could spoke volumes. It is not like they could do much but they did what they could. Showed their appreciated and showed up, despite maybe becoming a target later in life.
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Not looking too happy here.
While it would be really easy to hate on the Winter King one really has to look at it from his perspective. Yes the Crimson Lord really, really helped him out. Put him in power in a way. His kingdom was on the way out until that new trade path opened up. His people have food, they have new technology, and it has been demon free for a while. So is he turning on her? He has to think about the people as a whole. He has lots of people to protect and keep alive and when it becomes a numbers game he made the right choice. Now in the long run that might have proven to be a bad choice, the people could have revolted and they still could have gotten punished by the Central Kingdom. But I think the Winter King was backed into a corner and he made the best decision for his people but did so in a way that said hey I am just as pissed too.
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How is this your fault?
I think Youth Maid was a bit hard on herself. She was not given the chance in life to succeed until she came in contact with Demon King and company. She cared enough to save her last sibling and at least try for a better life, even if she would have eventually failed. I understand that people all around her are doing amazing things but they are older than her and know more of the plan than her. So I don't like how she compares herself to them. Given where she came from she has grown a lot. Enough where Demon King would allow her to take her place sometimes.
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They are POTATOES!
Messenger was a real asshole. But I guess that was the point. I thought there was some driving force behind the church turning on Crimson Scholar but I guess it was just them and the Central Kingdom being pissed. Like oh snap the masses have food and might get educated and will learn that we are assholes. Quick make something evil and blame it on someone. That will get the power back in our hands. I just wish...religion was a more positive experience. All religions have such great teachings, helping one another and what not but then it can be used to justify slavery. Le sadness.
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Of course the sap question was higher for us viewers seeing scene like this.
I thought the entire affair of “arresting” Crimson Scholar via Youth Maid was over the top. Which is the point. To embarrass both the Winter King and Crimson Scholar. Like look the church and Central Kingdom are in charge and if you don't stay in line this could be you one day. Stop having ideas and feelings. Do what you are told and nothing more. Over the top. Scaring with a purpose.
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Um time for saving?!
I thought when Youth Maid started getting beat that is when she was going to get rescued. I don't think Hero was counting on the beatings happening so fast. He was probably waiting for them to get on the road before he rescued her. I mean I would have been really upset if I was told this was going to be okay and just go along with everything and I got my ass beat. Like thanks for having my back!
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Okay that part was a bit surprising.
However Youth Maid is clearly a better person that I and was like no I am really going to do something to help. I told you she was feeling guilty. She really thinks she needs to do more than she did and oh boy did she. I acknowledge that this was a big risk and could have ended really badly for all involved but you can't see the future and if your life is in danger you are probably free to say what you want to say. Especially if you are passionate about helping other people.
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See? Gotta connect with people!
Which was really all the Youth Maid talked about. I think she was willing to place the blame on herself and die but wanted to die as a spark for all. I think Youth Maid was talking without thinking and was just speaking from her heart. Which works out because she is a kind person. Without meaning to she connected to the people with her sad upbringing. Maybe without meaning to Youth Maid brings up religion and connects it to people in a positive way and not a scary, I rule your life way. She makes people think about themselves and wanting better, disregarding her own life.
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Time for cheering!
While Youth Maid does not have an army or magical powers or years of experience....she does have her experience and her words. She was able to understand the people better than anyone else. So the crowd turned on the Messenger and threw rocks at him. A real turning point in the episode and not where I was expecting it to go. Like okay guess the Hero was not needed after all.
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You were saying?
Thanks to the people Winter King was able to back up Crimson Scholar. Before had he protected her and many would have died. But now the people support her and he must support his people. He apologizes for being an insect and not standing up for his beautiful and strong people. That way all is forgiven and everyone feels as if they have a piece of protecting Crimson Scholar. Knight was just the icing on the cake by making her a saint. Like really, now how can you kill her? Her and her tasty potatoes. This might lead to war but the people are now united.
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So many Heroes?!
The episode ends with Demon King in the middle of her...kingification? I don't know it looked really complicated. I have no idea how long Demon King has lived for but clearly there have been many Heroes. X____X So what makes this Hero different? And if she has had a chance to save the world so many times why is she so confident this time? I would have become frustrated with so many failures. Still she seems to think that she is to blame for this all. She needs to get it together though as things are happening because of her and for her. Time to be the real King!


Anonymous said...

I still haven't picked up this series but re: your screen grab above the break - nice to see the Count of Monte Cristo is still getting work.

Christina said...

Anonymous- Just a little bit of work. Some characters weren't...developed well or appeared rather late. XD But work is work. Nothing sadder than an out of work Count. XD