Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: More zoo trips for me!

 photo ZooJune2013072_zps8d871cec.jpg
Hold me high to the sign!
Another zoo trip? I am such a lucky bear! Mom's friend came to town to visit and wanted to take her small human child to the zoo. The small human child was too small to make a grab for me though. I think mom would have protected me. XD It was a bit rainy that day. Okay maybe a lot rainy at points. Maybe we will see some animals frolicking in the water?
 photo ZooJune2013001_zps38862e5b.jpg
Mom was the first one at the zoo. Write this down! This new job has done wonders for being on time. Well...most of the time. Better anyway. XD
 photo ZooJune2013002_zps0e3698f6.jpg
I saw the dinos last time. Mom and dad need to save money to take me to Disney.
 photo ZooJune2013003_zps8c2c1d52.jpg
Waiting for the rest of the people to get there. Have some fake giraffes.
 photo ZooJune2013004_zps3d49fd58.jpg
Um you are not going to come alive and eat me right?
 photo ZooJune2013005_zpsa65b4ef0.jpg
This kinda looks odd at the zoo......
 photo ZooJune2013023_zpsb1f45796.jpg
HEY! Come back here little animal! I can barely see you!
 photo ZooJune2013029_zps1daf904b.jpg
This is the closest mom has ever seen the zebras at the zoo. The rain must have confused them into being friendly.
 photo ZooJune2013033_zps68bbe0b4.jpg
Mom was trying to keep me under the umbrella and take the pictures at the same time. Clearly not working.
 photo ZooJune2013034_zpsd45206fc.jpg
Dad came over and helped with his giant umbrella. Probably not big enough for Mr. Elephant though.
 photo ZooJune2013035_zpsa5857e3c.jpg
Can you Mr. Lion pacing? I think he was hungry....
 photo ZooJune2013039_zps85d3a1d2.jpg
I think if mom saw a snake she would run the other way. Which is the same thing yes?
 photo ZooJune2013040_zps335884a8.jpg
Dad was in the mood to pose me a lot today.
 photo ZooJune2013044_zpsa41a3ee7.jpg
Mom's favorite animal ever! Well besides me I guess. And Kira.
 photo ZooJune2013045_zps0d578ffe.jpg
The group was on a time crunch today because of the small human child so mom didn't have a change to feed the giraffes. We had fun watching though.
 photo ZooJune2013046_zpsbd231ee1.jpg
This giraffe was being kinda lazy. Wouldn't reach for the food.
 photo ZooJune2013050_zpsce15c30e.jpg
Take me for a ride.
 photo ZooJune2013051_zps105a88fd.jpg
Err this might be a fast ride.....
 photo ZooJune2013052_zps05bcade4.jpg
Lost? Whose lost?
 photo ZooJune2013053_zpsd83bf019.jpg
The snake is trying to take me down. I can't wrangle this thing!
 photo ZooJune2013054_zpsa142d3c2.jpg
These kangaroos are so lazy. They never do anything. I want a refund on these animals.
 photo ZooJune2013055_zps1acfcf48.jpg
Dad thought we needed a better shot of the lazy animals. You're welcome.
 photo ZooJune2013056_zps43c26ce3.jpg
Dad loves the bamboo forest. Can you see me?
 photo ZooJune2013059_zpsa70af16b.jpg
I can't tell if this flower is creepy or pretty.
 photo ZooJune2013062_zps126063c3.jpg
That's nice but how about pandas?!
 photo ZooJune2013063_zpsfebffb08.jpg
Weee I have fallen into the rabbit hole!
 photo ZooJune2013065_zpsd6413157.jpg
Poor sad monkey. He needs a new friend. :(
 photo ZooJune2013066_zpsb92a3de6.jpg
Flower you are alone. Go be friends with the monkey!
 photo ZooJune2013067_zps79994d19.jpg
Maybe the rain made the animals more lazy....
 photo ZooJune2013070_zpse5abeaed.jpg
Are you trying to drop me into the bees?! Well that would have hurt but it is the end of our zoo trip. Don't end it with me going to the build a bear hospital. Thanks for stoppin by!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 3

5th post!!! Go me!!! So proud. And my house is sparkling too. But by Wednesday the laundry will be piled up again and the anime episodes will be piled up. What can you do? XD Just try harder and roll with life. But maybe next weekend I will leave the house for a bit. Slightly boring just doing chores all day, even if I had horrible shark movies to watch. Sharks for all!
 photo realistepisode411_zps5ecf8064.jpg
Maybe because no one will tell him what he forgot?
What is the 5th post? Oh it is Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 3. Hmmmm special show I see. Spoilers for William being a broken record.
 photo realistepisode49_zps48e3b6ef.jpg
Stop leaving my sight!
Episode Summary: Father Crosby is seen....well talking to a spirit. Or getting rid of a demon. Which looks a bit odd since Father Crosby has a little demon working for him. He wonders what is up with all the demons around and realizes it must have something to do with the Elector and Demon Kingness. Elsewhere William is being upset and realistic about the current situation he is in while hanging up weird fliers for Father Crosby.. None of this can be possible. But if he rounds the corner there is Dantalion being popular with the sports team and Sytry (I hate spelling!) being....well popular with little boys who want to have sex with him apparently. Isaac thinks this is amazing and they must be using magic to be popular while William thinks this is more proof it isn't happening. Isaac is like woohoo it is time for rowing class but William wants to find a place to take a nap and get away from this chaos. As he goes to enter the church he sees the Head Boy pass him by. Thinking nothing of it William goes to enter said church but Father Crosby walks out, wondering what William wants. Williams thinks to himself maybe the Father could get rid of all the demons in his life and get his goals back on track. William asks if Father is capable of getting rid of demons which makes Father Crosby all HMMMM but answers yes, his kind of Father can do that. William holds back in revealing who said demons are and makes up some lie that he wanted to pray for his rowing team to win. William goes on his way but Crosby follows him. Dantalion runs up to William since it has been 5 seconds and he had no idea where William was. William calmly orders Dantalion to never show his face ever again and Dantalion is beyond devastated. He tells William it is not Solmon's pact that has the power of him, it is something that William has forgotten. Apparently getting in Williams face and trying to make it all slashy up in my yaoi colored glasses land was supposed to help him see the light. William is like get away from me and Dantalion warns others will be after him. Crosby listens to this all with a HMMMMM look on his face.
 photo realistepisode412_zpsf72eb3b7.jpg
How much more denial can you be in?
William and Isaac are getting ready for bed when two other students with no facial features run in to tell William there is a ghost at the school. William obviously does not believe this as he is the King of Realisticness. They run to the kitchen to find one boy sneaking food and what looks like the ghost. They give chase and realize the ghost is a demon. Sytry appears and says if William chooses him he will protect them from the demon. William refuses because he doesn't believe this is happening. Sytry also gets in William's face, saying that Dantalion sucks but in this instance he thinks the demon is right, William needs to stop and believe. Sytry is a liar and protects the boys. He also leads them to where the demon has flown off too. Williams warns Sytry but the blue haired demon tries to enter the church. Father Crosby has created a trap for whoever came around first yay Sytry. He gets his ass kicked a bit as Sytry tries to explain Father Crosby kills demons while using a demon familiar. All of this ass kicking has gotten the attention of Dantalion who makes a barrier and generally pisses William off about even being in the same space. Dantalion goes on to barely explain that he was once like Crosby and that humans are way harshier than demons will ever be. Crosby then explains how Solomon (William) basically sold his soul to hell by agreeing to do this electing business and that it is his job to get rid of evil like that. With William on the line Dantalion takes over where Sytry left off and goes to kick Crosby's ass. Before Dantalion can land the killing blow William orders him to stop. Dantalion gets upset and tells William to really think about his words, that he can't keep hurting his feelings like this. William gives Dantalion a bit of attention which allows Crosby to escape. But Dantalion decides it is worth it as William has decided there is only a 99.9 percent chance demons aren't real and requests cake from GoatMan Butler. Dantalion takes that as a sign of true love and pledges his undying loyalty and yaoi tendencies to the man. Sytry also agrees to stick around and protect William as well. Crosby has made it back to...well the head church people and reported on what has happened and that William needs to be take care of. Back at the school Dantalion announces that the cake has arrived and Sytry and Isaac invite themselves to partake in said cake. William tries to brush it off but is stopped by Headmaster to introduce the new Father as Crosby is in the hospital. Surprise it's Keven WEEEE! THE END!
 photo realistepisode417_zps7ed1fb70.jpg
I just want to be with you!!!!!
I see that the animation was slightly better this week. Also we didn't exactly get another demon friend but I sense one is waiting in the wings. Still it is good that we got time to see and understand the same characters instead of introducing more. Of course it would be best if people opened up their mouths to explain EVERYTHING but you know...that would be silly.
 photo realistepisode46_zpsc5bbcd80.jpg
I hope this isn't a drinking word or something....
I really should count how many times William says the word realists or something similar to it. We get it folks. You want people to be honest with you and trust you and realistic and heart of the cards and all that jazz. You don't have to say it every week for us to get it. Of course the alternative might be....recaps every day. Still I rather see William BEING a realists instead of insisting one being one. Also I think there is a difference between being a realistic and someone who doesn't accept the truth that is in front of their face. Wouldn't real realistic call William crazy for not accepting the cold hard facts that magic and demons exist when his life is on the line? Science can't prove everything and that is something William should accept before he becomes a splat on the ground. Or boring beyond words.
 photo realistepisode45_zps1a116b20.jpg
Serve me now you pitiful humans.
I like Sytry's way of handling the humans. It seems more natural than Dantalion playing sports with those lowly humans. Maybe since he used to be one he can relate to them better. Plus could you imagine Sytry trying to play a sport and getting DIRTY?! Yeah he might melt and die. So....they seem to be fitting in well. Which would all be fine and dandy if this was a competition on who could be the ruler of the world. But since they are trying to be the ruler of hell and only William matters maybe they should be doing more to get to him?
 photo realistepisode47_zps8f52b398.jpg
Surely you are a demon too!
William is not down for any of this crap. He has a perfect life ahead of him. I like how he is still a little bit hypocritical. I think all humans are deep down. William would be quick to turn someone else in if they were caught sleeping in the church. But since William is going through so much it is okay for him to do it. AHHH I see. The boy leaving the church, the Head Kid or whatever, he must be the demon in waiting. He is in the opening song looking sorta suspicious. William mentioned him so surely that must be the case. Make a passing comment and we will see what happens later I suppose.
 photo realistepisode48_zpsd502ef67.jpg
Yeah I wouldn't trust that face either.
As much as William hates all of this crazy stuff going on in his life he can't bring himself to tell Father Crosby. We viewers are like woohoo because that guy is creepy and we want William to see the light. Myself I think it is good William didn't say anything because had Father Crosby not been creepy William would have looked crazy. Funny how William doesn't believe in any of this nonsense yet is seeking out help to get rid of it. Did William have a change of heart or did he not want to involve someone else in his drama? Either way it did William no good because Father Crosby was able to put things together. Just this way William looks like he might care one tiny percent on what happens to Sytry and Dantalion.
 photo realistepisode410_zpsc02090e1.jpg
I am yours whether you like it or not!
That lasted about five seconds because Dantalion runs by to make sure William is okay. Part of me thinks that is sweet and another part of me thinks this is super stalkery. Like if you are really worried about William have your bats follow him around continuously. You can't expect the boy to stay within eyesight for the rest of his life. I mean...are the demons going to stop bothering William once he picks a ruler? Like will the new King make it so no one can hurt William? I mean if I were William I would just get it over with. Pretend it is a dream and move on. Not William. He orders Dantalion to leave him alone and that is probably the worse thing ever. I mean....if Dantalion is mad that William “forgot” their bond, their love maybe he should say something. The boy doesn't even believe in demons, how can he remember the past.
 photo realistepisode414_zps28243c01.jpg
All these words apparently are making William's eyes cross-eyed.
Apparently hurting Dantalion's feelings came at a bad time. A ghost in on the loose. Or really another demon thing. Sytry needs to step it up. I mean he has come by to be picked for this temporary King job and has barely done anything. Well I guess I already said Dantalion hasn't done much either. But Sytry trying to act high and mighty around William is a bit eyerolling too. Like you can open your mouth too and explain what is going on. It is good to know that William only have power over the 72 demons but that is still a lot of demons. But when it comes down to it Sytry made a good point or really threat. Pick me for this king gig or die. Too bad Sytry didn't follow through. Probably because William would rather die.
 photo realistepisode413_zps4be355e7.jpg
I am guessing the sparkling outfit didn't work...
Father Crosby really kicked Sytry's ass. Like I was expecting more of a fight. Either Sytry needs more practice of Crosby is super powerful. I like how Dantalion came to help out but not before making people sweat a little. Not that Sytry really deserved it. More like do you need me now William? No okay....well I am coming to rescue you anyway. Also demons in a church...this was a bit odd but at least Dantalion said it was effecting their powers a bit.
 photo realistepisode415_zps436f10eb.jpg
I can understand his way of thinking...
As much as we are suppose to root for William I can see and understand what Crosby was saying. That hello he is going against HIS religion thus needs to be taken out. William is more in the middle, not believing in anything. Of course all of this would be easier to swallow if Crosby wasn't using demons himself. Or if Dantalion wasn't going on and on about how cruel humans can be to each other. This show has taken liberties when it comes to the facts about Christianity but still Dantalion was a bit overdramatic. Demons seem to be doing just fine acting evil, don't blame it on humans looking worse. Oh and can someone pick Sytry up off the floor?
 photo realistepisode416_zps8e1c8d8c.jpg
Maybe William really likes cake....
In the end....Dantalion should punch William in the face. I mean..he is trying to save his life again and William is like NOOOO stop. Only Dantalion didn't get a chance to get that angry. Because William has decided to acknowledge him in the tiniest bit. That maybe this destroyed church and people might be real. It might be actually happening. This tiny sliver of hope and request for cake is all that Dantalion needs. He doesn't really expect William to believe in all of this right away. Just give him a chance. That is how much Dantalion loves William. Which makes me wonder...how much Solomon loved Dantalion? If there was 72 demons? Sytry seems to feel this way too. I don't know. Maybe it was a “friendship”. Either way William is going to allow this...maybe..sorta...to happen and that is good enough for Dantalion.
 photo realistepisode4_zps981d2fa3.jpg
Um.....so when did this happen?
While William is waiting for cake Crosby and his injured self have made it back to base. Head church I am sure. William needs to be watched but by who? Why look who came for cake. It's Kevin! What is Kevin doing here? Last I checked he served William's family. Pretty sure that means he is not a real Father. So is he here to spy on William or protect him? XO What about the yaoi love triangle?! Does Kevin know what is up and that is why he is withholding the ring? William you need to be real with this upcoming news. XD

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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 3

4th post of the night! Monday starts a 6 day work week. Le sigh. Then after this week....Disney!!! Yes from the 9th to the 11th my crew and I are going to Disney World to do Disney things. I am guessing I need to either get my butt in gear and blog on any day I can as we will come back late Sunday night and then it will be Monday, another 6 day work week. X___X But never fear, posts will eventually make it.
 photo illyaepisode313_zps25cfa836.jpg
But for now it is time for Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 3. Spoilers for this show trying to be as stereotypical as possible while trying to make fun of said magical girl genre.
 photo illyaepisode32_zps691089ac.jpg
This outfit is super not flattering....and awful. And makes Miyu look like an old woman...dude?
Episode Summary: Ruby, Rin, and Illya look on as this new magical girl makes quick work of the Class Card Rider. Before they can ask the girl what is going on a very annoying cackle is heard. Rin immediately knows it is Luvia. Luvia and her nasty hair appears to congratulate Miyu on a great job. Miyu sorta looks on as Luvia and Rin begin to fight. Luvia and Rin try to make fun of the other for losing said wand but it becomes clear they are in the same boat. Still Luvia sees this as a new competition and that she will win as Miyu is winning for her. The girls continue to argue as the Mirror World stops to collapse. Ruby and Sapphire try to point this out but Miyu simply does the spell herself to get everyone out of there safely. Illya tries to introduce herself to the girl but Luvia decides that she is classy and leaves with Miyu. Rin picks herself up off the ground and congratulates Illya for doing such a great job. Illya seems okay until she realizes there are more cards and she might have to do this again. Le sigh as Illya makes her way to school the next day. She tries to will away the crazy but things keep getting weirder as a new transfer student is introduced and of course it is Miyu and of course she is seated behind Illya. Illya freaks out as Miyu sits there looking calm. The teacher runs out to get printouts which leads to everyone talking and sorta trying to know Miyu. Illya makes an excuse to go outside in the hallway where Ruby AND Sapphire follow her. This leads to them going to the roof to talk. Sapphire, the more calm one of the wands, thanks Illya for protecting her sister and taking care of her. She explains briefly that she found Miyu to take over as magical girl since Luvia is so super special. Sapphire gets disappointed when she realizes that Ruby hasn't explained anything about this magical girl gig and the cards.
 photo illyaepisode311_zps22171c81.jpg
Thumbs up sister!
Sapphire and Ruby crack down and explain to Illya that...well not much since the Class Cards were just discovered recently in Japan. The Mage Association found these spots in Japan leaking mana and found two of the cards. The two that were given to Luvia and Rin to find the other 5. Upon further explanation the cards get their powers from Heroic people from history long ago, taking on their personalities and skills. Also sometimes the cards go a little crazy, like with the Rider card. Illya almost explodes at all this information but still wants to know more. Miyu appears and summons Sapphire back to her, making it clear she doesn't want to talk to Illya. Illya feels super awkward now and things don't get any better when Miyu proves to be the best 5th grader at everything in the world. Math, cooking, and sports. Miyu is the best ever. Miyu acts like this is no big deal while their teacher and Illya are like X___X is this real life. Illya sits sadly at the park, defeated in her key sport of running. Ruby tries to cheer the girl up but Illya just seems overwhelmed by everything and wishes she could be better. Ruby finally gets Illya motivated enough to walk home when Miyu walks by. Illya finally manages to work up the nerve to talk to the girl and say that they will be working together to find cards and be magical girls. Miyu asks what Illya's motivation is and Illya basically says she was forced into this role but since it is fun like an anime she will keep doing it. Miyu gets upset and says she will find the cards herself, that Illya should step down. Illya is shocked as Miyu walks off, more confused than ever. She reaches home to see Sella standing there. She goes to see what she is staring at and it is a mansion. That got built after Illya left for school. And guess who lives there? MAGICAL MIYU! Ruby points out that all is going to plan according to magical girl shows. THE END!
 photo illyaepisode37_zpsc304dc8a.jpg
Behold I am here.
MORE SPECIALNESS! By next week I expect a proper mascot, one that is cute. And an older love interest that tears the girls apart. What else is typical of a magical girl show....oh one of the current friends (or old ones) should be in danger from the monster of the week. RUN FRIENDS RUN!
 photo illyaepisode33_zpsdbb1f590.jpg
Have you seen your hair?!
The girl who came to save the day is Miyu. And despite most of this episode being devoted to her not much is known about her reasons for becoming a magical girl. We know that Illya became a magical girl by chance. That she happened to be awake and talking to herself when Ruby was flying around. Wishing that she could do magic for....maybe a spell on love? Yeah Illya didn't seem that serious from the get go. And Miyu seems the stereotypical quiet serious girl. Because this show is all about stereotypes. Yet we never learn why Miyu is doing all of this.
 photo illyaepisode36_zps430609c6.jpg
I am going to win even if I don't do the actual work!!!
Perhaps we could have learned a bit had Luvia and Rin not fought like cats? I like cats though. What animal do I hate? Snakes. Okay. Fought like snakes. I do side slightly more with Rin. Luvia came in guns blazing and that laugh is super annoying. Obviously both girls are at fault and need to check themselves. Maybe they grew up in competition with each other or maybe it was the fact that both girls were picked for the mission when they thought they could handle it alone. Whatever it is....yay fighting. Scratching each other in the faces and pushing them down in the mud. This is why teenagers need guardians ya'll. Maybe the wands weren't that bad about leaving the girls high and dry...just not in the air where they could die.
 photo illyaepisode35_zps7b08350c.jpg
Wait what do you mean there are more cards?!
Illya...have you been listening? Or did I just assume that Illya knew that there were 7 cards? Rin said cards. Cards. So they only caught one. Mathematically speaking there should be one more card right? Poor Illya. She got caught up in all this drama. I am surprised that she didn't get more depressed that she failed to catch the card. Of course the depression came later but I thought maybe she would be down on herself. Which would be dumb as it would be Rin and Ruby's fault for not teaching her properly. But then Rin surprised me by not being upset with Illya for “losing the card” for her. Maybe that is why I like Rin better? She is a nut but understands when things are ultimately her fault.
 photo illyaepisode38_zps8bd06367.jpg
Oh look where Luvia is sitting. SO MAGICAL!
Because this is a show that makes fun of magical girls it has to keep up with the standard troupes. Which means that there has to be a transfer student and of course that transfer student has to be Luvia. Which begs the questions how the heck was she picked to be a magical girl. Was she at the airport too? Or was the overseas thing just a lie? In any event of course Luvia is here and of course she has to sit behind Illya. There are rules folks. A SIMPLE FORMULA!
 photo illyaepisode39_zpsa77e64ea.jpg
So disappointing Ruby. Be a more responsible wand gosh!
Illya apparently needs to watch more anime and read more manga if she isn't up to date on these developments. Good thing that Sapphire has appeared to get Ruby into shape. Be a better talking wand duh. Does that mean we won't get a over the top cute mascot? My heart might be broken now. :( But yes Sapphire has done a better job in training Miyu and the girl seems to have a better understanding of what is going on.
 photo illyaepisode310_zps04aab073.jpg
Where have I heard that before....
It seems there won't be a monster every week or it will take several weeks to catch one. Because after the explanation it seems as if there will be only 7 cards. Maybe 8 if they stretch things out. And since the two girls started out with a card each and Miyu caught one that means there are 4 left. Not too much left of this show is there? Still Illya needed an explanation and the blue wand was there to give it. If one is familiar with the world of Fate/Stay/Zero/Saber is the best forever it shouldn't come as a surprise. The cards themselves are still a mystery, one where they came from. But mana leaking out, the heroes from a time pass. Class cards, Heroic Servants. Sounds a little familiar. Less deadly but familiar. Thanks for that info talking wand.
 photo illyaepisode312_zps89cbde23.jpg
What do you mean other kids aren't like me?
Miyu was not in the mood for talking. No no she was in the mood for being the best at everything ever. It was sorta ridiculous. Like over the top. I know that Japanese kids are much more amazing that American kids but really that level of math? Cooking? The running maybe since I am not familiar with what average times kids can run at. I thought it was a bit sweet that in this story Illya has a healthy body considering all that she has gone through in other stories. But putting that aside...was Miyu using magic? Or just dense? If I was the teacher I would be crying tears of joy, not anger over Miyu being amazing.
 photo illyaepisode34_zps519682b5.jpg
At least Rin sorta cares about you?
But this has all gotten to Illya. She needs a moment to cry it out. Or feel sorry for herself. I would to. But other than the running did Miyu really outdo her in anything that made sense? Plus Miyu got that card because Sapphire (not Luvia) seems to be the better teacher. So Illya needs to rewatch her animes and reread those mangas again as the underdog usually comes out on top and soon she and Miyu will be super friends. All will be well. Why work on that love spell if you want. Soon you will be having amazing adventures!!!!!
 photo illyaepisode314_zps8ec523e6.jpg
I see where this is going....
For now....no. Miyu has found Illya and asked her what her intentions are with this magical girl thing. Because Miyu has been a magical girl....so much longer than Illya. Illya wants to be friends forever and find all the cards and go out on fun dates. Miyu is like um what are your intentions because this isn't fun and games. While Miyu is supposed to come across as cold and we are supposed to side with Illya...no folks. No indeed. Miyu pretty much did all the damage to Rider. Illya thinks this is cupcakes and rainbows. I wouldn't want such an unserious person on my team. I guess Illya needs to learn how to be a magical girl and should be given a chance. But who knows folks. WHO KNOWS! Maybe Miyu has been at this timeline a million times and just knows it will end badly for Illya.
 photo illyaepisode3_zps6f72dce1.jpg
XO Clearly there is magic afoot!
Illya and her sad panda self walk home to find her guardian acting weird. Why...a mansion has been built across the street! In less than a day. How can this be? Should we worry? Oh wait...it's Miyu. Instead of the new transfer student moving next door they just built the next door. DUH! At least this time Miyu looks embarrassed about this situation. Next week...more card hunting? How long until the girls can be friends? HMMM!

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