Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 2

WEEEE! Three episodes in a row. GO ME! I think it is time for ice cream though. Before it gets too late. I think today is national ice cream day? Let me go check. Okay it is. Not that it means that much. XD Every month and every day is national something month. XD But since I love me some ice cream I can't disrespect this national holiday. HMMMMMM I think there is some brownie chocolate ice cream calling my name now.
 photo illyaepisode22_zps721d4972.jpg
Parents? In an anime show? Are you crazy?
I still have a lot to do on my personal to do list for this week. I might have been a little too ambitious though. There is always next week though so no big deal. Go with the flow. Up now is Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya episode 2. Spoilers for every magical girl show now trying to deconstruction the genre.
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Um...I don't think Rin would appreciate that thinking...
Episode Summary: Rin thinks about how dumb this is as she and Ruby wait for Illya. She has gone and told her guardian Sella a lie, that a burglar caused all that chaos earlier. Illya explains that her parents travel a lot, all over the world and that she doesn't see them much. Rin settles down and explains she is a mage and works for the...Mage Association Tower thingy. That Ruby was lent to her as a weapon while she is in Japan looking for the Class Cards. Rin goes into brief detail on what the cards can do and how powerful they are. Illya sorta...simplifies the situation but Rin accepts it. Since Ruby has turned against Rin Rin has no choice but to train Illya on how to be a magical girl and collect all the cards. Illya is not sure a bout all this nonsense. There is a brief scene shown with Rin and Luvia getting their orders from the Mage Association. That they have two weeks to find these cards in Japan. OR ELSE! The man speaking is never shown. Who could he be HMMMMM?! The next day Illya is reprimanded during class for being absent minded. At lunch her friends show concern over her but Illya says it's nothing, not wanting to tell them about the magical girl stuff. As her friends eat Illya thinks that maybe this isn't such a bad gig after all. She asks Ruby to teach her some magic later. She instantly changes her mind when she finds a creepy note from Rin, asking her to meet her in one of the schools' courtyard. Still Illya wants to learn and Ruby had decided to help. Ruby gives Illya some commands and Illya listens despite looking foolish. Turns out Ruby was just teaching Illya how to be cute. Later that night Illya sneaks out to meet Rin. Rin explains that a card is hidden in the field. WHOOSH Rin does something and the world starts to change. Rin explains that the cards exist in a different mirror universe and what not. The card...turns into a person thing. Illya is like what?! I have to fight the card?!?!?! Rin tries a few rubies but that quickly fails against the card, Rider. Rin takes cover and tells Illya to have at it. Illya is like what....and proceeds to run all over the damn place. Illya manages to fire a huge beam to everyone's surprise. Rider is cautious at first but when Illya keeps using the same attack it wises up. Ruby says to make smaller attacks for a larger range but in the end all that manages to do is make Rider power up. She starts to glow red and Rin acknowledges that this is a bad thing. Ruby powers up the protection spells while Rin is trying to think of what to do. From behind another magical girl powers up via Class Card and takes out Rider with ease. Um who you be? THE END?!?!?
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MAGIC! Be blinded by the magic!!!!
This show is...well slightly special? Perhaps a little too special. That and the art for Fate/Zero was so amazing. This show is more like Sailor Moon on the days the C-staff was working. Just seems all times.
 photo illyaepisode24_zpsde275ea7.jpg
Illya is putting aside the nakie issue to find out about this magic girl stuff.
I like how we never saw Shirou. I thought he be lurking in the shadows, trying to figure out what was going on. Maybe an awkward run with Illya? Or in all the magical mayhem did Illya forget about the naked thing? Maybe that is to come. It has only been a day. Still I thought there was going to be blushing faces all over breakfast or Illya thinking about some love magic.
 photo illyaepisode29_zps036d5379.jpg
Pick up the phone Rin!!!!
None of that was to be. Instead Rin was like its get down to business (to defeat the Huns). After all was explained the viewer realizes that Rin doesn't really like Ruby nor does she hate Illya. Rin is already a mage, with or without Ruby. So there won't be any evil plots to get back “her power”. Because it sounds like Luvia and Rin had their wands for a hot second before they turned on them. Before I thought the wants had just put up with too much and wanted to find better magical girls. Well now it sounds like all Rin and Luvia did was board the damn plane. So 12 hours later and the wands give up? Me thinks a call is in order. Granted that would put Rin and Luvia in trouble but still. The wands are hindering the mission.
 photo illyaepisode28_zps4837f0fe.jpg
This is slightly familiar....
What is this mission you say? To get all these Class Cards in Japan. Not Clow Cards. Oh and they have two weeks to do this. It is nor really explained what the cards are or where they really came from. Just they can blow up cities. IS this series going to be super short? Because thee are 7 servants (well maybe 8) in the original series and both Rin and Luvia have one. The new girl had one (unless it was Luvia's). and they just caught Rider. Maybe there is a card for each Rider? Each Lancer? Don't know.
 photo illyaepisode27_zps010db0f9.jpg
I don't think you should be doing it either....
The point is... Illya really isn't a magical girl because of her super pure heart or because she is the only one who can save the planet. No no magical girls are....well extra I guess. To power up already magical people. Which should make Illya useless right? A girl with no magic + a magic stick isn't as powerful as Rin + magical stick. Yeah some phone calls to Mr. Mysterious Dude need to be made. Involving a non-magical citizen with this hot mess should be a bigger deal than Rin and Luvia acting like fools.
 photo illyaepisode210_zpsda039361.jpg
I am sensing abuse!
Illya at least has the sense to acknowledge all is not well in insaneland. But I guess the idea grows on her pretty fast as I didn't see her trying to give Ruby back again. Like no way dude, you try to defuse that bomb all by yourself. Illya and her silly self must have decided that...well not wearing the outfit.....I don't know, something about this was cool enough to go along with. Sounds like an anime! A thing of mystery. Let me daydream about how special I can be now that I am a magical girl. This want may not be a chainsaw but it more than makes up for that being so saucy. Saucy....because my only coworker is old. :(
 photo illyaepisode211_zps5e9f9de3.jpg
LALALA being so boring.
As always in these types of shows Illya is seen with a bunch of friends. But none of them seem that special or stick out to me. Besides the girl eating like a pig no one really stuck out to me. Not one person. All of their responses to Illya's daydreaming were generic (if not overdramatic). Like in most magical shows the main character has friends to start off with but soon they are forgotten in the wake of the main character meeting new/magical people. Like where are you Molly? Sorry not a Sailor Scout, step aside! So yeah...who needs friends? Or rather who needs to learn about these friends?
 photo illyaepisode213_zps0bd6d95b.jpg
Being cute will save your life, true facts!
Ruby is a pretty special wand. Illya wants to know how to do magic, which is probably an important part of being a magical girl. Instead Ruby teaches the girl how to be cute. The whole thing was just a giant joke as more magical girls (and apparently some fabulous demons) have transforming sequences and super cute poses. All that magically comes to a person. So Ruby is teaching them to Illya and Illya failing/looking awkward was amusing. The scene just lasted a bit too long.
 photo illyaepisode216_zpsacc7e45d.jpg
And then my eyes exploded.
With no training at all Illya is summoned/threaten by Rin to gather the first card. At one of the schools. Always the schools. All of the evil of the world/s want to take over at the schools first. I thought the explanation about where the Class Cards were...was a bit much. Mirror Worlds indeed. Maybe it will make more sense later but for now it seems to complicated. Parallel Worlds that have cards in them that will come to our world. Sure it is episode 2 and maybe things will be better explained. For now it looks like Illya and her shy transformating self look like she was on an acid trip.
 photo illyaepisode217_zps86b4bc1b.jpg
It's all you Illya!
I love how....Rin tried for 5 seconds to beat Rider and turned in the towel. Like nope I'm done, this is way too hard. Time to let Illya try. I thought Rin could have tried a little harder. IE AT ALL! I am supposed to believe that Rin is great at being a mage after that performance? Given that Rider started to glow later maybe there was something different/wrong about this situation but I doubt it. Maybe it was just supposed to be humorous but to me it came off as....well off.
 photo illyaepisode218_zpsf222e37f.jpg
Don't worry, I got this. I think.
Since Illya has not had ANY training what so ever I am not sure what she was supposed to do. I would be running and hiding too. Ruby should have taught Illya some moves earlier in the episode. Now it was like close your eyes and imagine an attack. POOF it was as simple as that. Maybe Ruby is way too powerful.....Maybe that was another jab at how magical girl shows go....the girls just automatically learn attacks and can do them just because they believe. Pow pow pow!!!
 photo illyaepisode2_zps7050736d.jpg
Um...thanks for saving our lives?
In the end it wasn't enough. Illya just made Rider crazy and Rin was unable to save the day. Surely all is lost! What shall the girls do?! Oh wait another magical girl came out of nowhere and saved the day? Proceed with celebrations and looking confused. I am sure that Sapphire has chosen this girl to be the new magical girl and Luvia will show up soon ranting and raving. But for now it is fun to look confused about what is going on. The new girl seems to be a lot of more powerful and knowledgeable that Illya. Probably because Sapphire was one of the more serious wands...


Eternia said...

I believe the new girl got her power from the other mage who traveled with Rin. Which means we have only seen three classes so far:
- Lancer, which is owned by the new girl
- Rider, who has been defeated by the new girl
- Rin's class card which we have yet to see

I think it's pretty natural that Rin went into hiding and gave up fighting very quickly. In all FSN's stories, it has been well established that current day humans are no match to these Servants, who are strong enough to be called Heroes. The wands' main purpose is, to harness a Servant's power so that the wand user can fight them on equal term. If it's just magic, Rin can use it by herself just fine. But normal magic is useless against a Servant, as we can see from how ineffective Illya's magic beam was.

Christina said...

Eternia- If that was the case why didn't Rin give Illya her card? She wouldn't have a chance at all, even with all the pure girl magic in her heart? X___X

Also that means if it one card per class...this is going to be short? Or special. Possibly both....

Eternia said...

Yup, it was pretty mean for Rin to hold the card for herself. Maybe it was her personal possession and she was unwilling to hand it over to someone else, even though that someone's life is in danger.

It is short. This anime only 10 episodes long. 4 more cards to capture. Also the OP song has spoiled that they will be fighting Dark Saber. Yeah, it will be pretty awful to make the normal Saber an enemy.

carray said...

To answer your question from last episode:

Shirou was still adopted into the Einzbern-Emiya family. I think there was a translation misunderstanding. Ilya's two onee-chans in the house are her maids from FSN Leysritt and Sella.

The man speaking is never shown. Who could he be HMMMMM?!

Wait, the man speaking is Waver. The man behind him is Zelretch.

Well, I guess this series is more enjoyable for everyone who has a ton full of knowledge about the whole Fate franchise. Luvia is pretty much in-character and all the small references like Rin's letter are definitely great and funny.

I am really impressed that they actually kept all the old voice actors. Yu Asakawa was hired just to growl a bit and say "Belle(rophon)" before being rudely interrupted by a Gae Bolg to the heart.

Heck, even Ruby and Sapphire, who are based on Kohaku and Hisui ( got the "correct" voice actresses. Ruby pretty much acts like Kohaku and Sapphire like Hisui. I always imagined Ruby's voice actress Naoko Takano to talk the same way she did as Kohaku in Carnival Phantasm. It's really hilarious.

Well now it sounds like all Rin and Luvia did was board the damn plane. So 12 hours later and the wands give up?

Actually, in the manga the reason they were sent to Japan is the fact that they caused a massive destruction in London/the Clock Tower during one of their meaningless fights. Rin and Luvia's bickering is taken from Fate/Hollow Ataraxia and has been kept. I would have given up after an hour already. I don't think a call would help. Rather, Rin and Luvia would get scolded. Besides, Zelretch is a huge troll.

Fun fact: in the main Fate universe they are probably blood related. Doesn't help their feuds, though. Quite the opposite actually.

I love how....Rin tried for 5 seconds to beat Rider and turned in the towel. Like nope I'm done, this is way too hard. Time to let Illya try. I thought Rin could have tried a little harder. IE AT ALL! I am supposed to believe that Rin is great at being a mage after that performance?

Isn't it a waste of energy and effort (and money, the jewels are expensive) to try magic if they are immune to it? That's pretty much in-Nasuverse, Rider has the highest magic resistance, along with Saber and Lancer.

Christina said...

Eternia- 10 episodes is so short. It took me a while to get used to 12-13 episodes per "season" as it is a cheaper way to go now. 10 episodes? Better hop on that friendship train a little faster.

If you are going to train the newbie perhaps giving them all the materials necessary to succeed. Not say see ya, I am going to hold to this card and hope for the best.

Carray- Oh I thought the mystery man was going to be Daddy. Woe is me. I should go back and look closer at Waver then. XD

I think having all the information about this series makes it easier to watch. And probably more enjoyable as you can smile and see the small touches here and there. Because to me Luvia is just a thorn in Rin's side as I don't know the backstory. Certainly not about the tower and what not. To me it just seems as if the wands gave up so soon when there was an important mission.

Still I can enjoy how...special it is. Even if there are tons of things I am obviously missing. XD Glad that people take the time to explain it to me though...even if I am a slacker at replying.