Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kiniro Mosaic episode 3

2 minutes have gone by. It is time for another post. XD Working 6 days straight is just so weird to me. Makes me wonder how some people can call people in the customer service industry lazy. Like just how much harder are people supposed to work?! XO Thankfully the store is closed every Sunday. So at the very least I can use this day to catch up on tons of blogging yes? Also as much as this is new to me I am pretty grateful for being given so many hours right off the bat. What other job can that happen at? I should remind myself of that fact when customers start getting rude with me. XD I guess all jobs have their ups and downs though....
 photo mosaicepisode36_zps3bf5e61f.jpg
Shinobu needs a few restraining orders on her....
Anyway enough about work!!!! Bleh I went on for much too long. Now it is time for anime and cute girls. Like the cute girls in Kiniro Mosaic. Episode 3 is already here! Spoilers for...a new blond hitting the scene?
 photo mosaicepisode33_zps0d6794ff.jpg
And then Alice felt even worse.
Episode Summary: Alice is looking through a photobook of her home and is getting a little home sick. As Alice shares the book with Youko and Aya, Shinobu tries to act out the roles that Alice needs, her mother and dog. Everyone looks at Shinobu like she is insane. Shinobu shapes up when Alice explains the other blond on the pictures, her friend Karen who is half Japanese and talk her the language. Shinobu starts to daydream about having both girls on her arm and generally freaks everyone out again. Everyone enjoys the pictures and Alice decides that she feels better about being in Japan as she has friends. Aya declines to show her photobook as there are nude photos of her. SCANDAL! After the opening song in is the next day and the girls are walking to school. Youko talks about how she saw a beautiful blond girl near the area yesterday and poof there she is again. Everyone realize it is Karen, Alice's friend. There are hugs, some of which Shinobu puts herself in the middle of. Karen explains it is a super long story on why she is here but really...she just wanted to go to school with Alice in Japan. Karen is wearing their school uniform and seems very eager to get this process started. This group accepts her fast but are sad to learn that Karen is in another class. Karen seems to be very outgoing and Shinobu is instantly taken with her. During breaks Karen spends her time with Shinobu and the girls. Alice is instantly jealous of the situation. Alice bounces back and forth, from talking up Shinobu to putting herself in the situation, in case people have forgotten about her. Still Shinobu doesn't take the hint and is just as friendly to Karen as she was to Shinobu. Aya and Youko pick up right away that Alice is jealous and even mention it at least twice. Shinobu's solution seems to make the situation worse.
 photo mosaicepisode39_zpsa527e6bb.jpg
A flying squirrel?! XO
Still all is not cupcakes and rainbows in Karen land. She mentions that none of her classmates are talking to her. She tries to be friendly with the girl sitting closest to her but the girl runs away in hear. The Japanese girls say that Karen is so outgoing the other Japanese people are afraid of her lion ways. Youko points that Aya transferred their second year of junior high so she should have some tips on how to make new friends. Aya tries to tell Karen to have a game plan and think about how to handle situations but then realizes...she was a scared little mouse and it was really Shinobu and Youko who came to her. Aya was especially clinging to Youko who allowed it and took the girl under her wing. So yes Aya realizes she has nothing to tell Karen. Karen is determined to make it work and Shinobu finds all this blond hair and determination cute. Alice grows more and more jealous though. Karen finally works up enough courage to talk to the whole class, saying she is just a regular person like them and not to be scared. The girl sitting next to Karen leads the clapping and soon Karen reports she has been accepted by all. Alice has a moment of pride for her friend but slightly back tracks a little when her jealously rains out. Shinobu is confused, as she loves her Alice. There are hugs and love while Aya and Youko look on. Later Aya semi acknowledges how Youko took care of her and how the situations are similar. The episode ends with Karen talking to Youko and Aya about how she went to a noddle shop alone. The Japanese girls are super impressed with this adult thing....THE END!!!
 photo mosaicepisode32_zps56b69844.jpg
I'm fine...just no longer the newest exchange student....
Another cute episode of cute girls doing cute things. This episode went a lot more....well in order. I am sure there is a word for that but currently my brain has melted. Linear? Is that what I meant to say? Either way I think it will be a lot easier to blog this episode.
 photo mosaicepisode38_zps44ba605e.jpg
Begone rain for I am here!
Oh rainy days. They look so magical in animes. Well most of time. Sometimes there are horrible storms. Maybe I am just bitter since this has been the rainiest summer I can ever remember in Florida. Maybe it is getting all the rain out of its system so it can be sunshine and rainbows when I go. But yes it is raining at the beginning of the episodes and the girls are staying behind in the classroom waiting for the storm to pass. Because all of the girls are apart of the going home after school club as we learn later in the episode. Time for stories!!! Although I do like seeing the giant see through umbrellas most of the Japanese people seem to have.
 photo mosaicepisode34_zps30d6744f.jpg
I think if you haven't had a friend by 14 something is super wrong.....
I think it would have been more natural for the girls to see Alice's picture book at Shinobu's home. But I guess since she talked to her mother the day before she could have brought it with her to school. They are trapped in school because of the rain anyway. During the picture looking process Shinobu did a number of strange things. Glad she wants to ease the girl's homesickness but saying she is the girl's mom....I rather like the dog talk. XD But what the heck was up with her being shocked that Alice has friends back at home? Was Alice supposed to be this lonely girl that was just waiting for the one day Shinobu would arrive and save her from all the horrors of the world? What a weird girl Shinobu is. But as off as this was Alice certainly takes the cake on being jealous. Shinobu is just odd.
 photo mosaicepisode35_zpsfb7a64f6.jpg
Oh okay, another blond girl. Interesting story OH WAIT!
Karen arrived in Japan with very little warning or fanfare. As much as this show is cute and fun to watch I have to admit this was a bit....well odd and crazy. Like tada who needs reasoning behind this! I mean....this is the year 2013 right? Alice sent snail mail to Shinobu. Which is fine for penpaling. But for major stuff, like hey I am coming to live with you why not text? Email? Call!? Same with Karen. I get that Alice up and left her at the speed of fast but come on. Is this a silly anime show, where you mention to your parents you want to go to school in Japan and since everyone is super rich this happens without a blink of an eye? Oh it is? Carry on. Just thought it was super special that Youko saw her the day before, like it was an omen and then Karen was in the same spot the next day. I guess I rather Karen show up at school or something?
 photo mosaicepisode37_zps7f0c6fdb.jpg
Oh okay. Can I have a pony and go to the moon and have perfect skin while you're handing out miracles.
But Karen is here. And the second she arrived Alice was jealous. I thought that maybe Alice would show Karen the ropes a bit more. Or be jealous that she wasn't the newest and coolest thing in time. But the only thing Alice seems jealous of is Shinobu's attention on Karen. I guess Youko and Aya were treating Alice the same? Like both are equal. To be fair Shinobu was spending a lot of time talking to Karen and dreaming about how lovely the two blonds would be on her arms. But it is not like she ignored Alice the entire time. And how said would it have been had Karen been ignored?
 photo mosaicepisode310_zpsb107e474.jpg
Youko has a big mouth....
I don't think any of this would have happen had Alice taken the lead. Or if Karen had waited a hot minute to arrive. I mean...Karen did want to arrive as soon as possible to Japan so I guess it makes sense how how fast she was there. But Alice....I can see why she would want this time to be about her. Sure she wanted to be with Shinobu and experience Japan. But she is also a teenage girl and they want to feel special. This was her time. Her Shinobu. And Alice came pretty fast and got the attention on her. I can to a degree see how Alice could be slightly jealous.
 photo mosaicepisode312_zpsfd3b14b3.jpg
While Alice never was outright mean she was a bit over the top in her behavior. Especially since Karen came to be with ALICE. Not Shinobu but ALICE! But Alice was so focused on the fact that Shinobu was focused on Karen she herself didn't really make Karen feel welcomed. If Alice had taken more time to help Karen Shinobu wouldn't have been so focused on her. You know what I mean? Instead Alice was trying to speak in her broken English and making Shinobu more....exotic than she was. If I was Karen and this was real life I would feel slightly hurt. But I guess a welcome party for someone you didn't know was coming in a country you yourself don't know very well isn't really going to happen. Poor jealous little Alice. Wants Shinobu all to herself.
 photo mosaicepisode313_zps4552c2ba.jpg
Scribble scribble looks like my signature. XD
That is not to say that Karen and Alice didn't have their moments. They did. I just didn't feel a close friendship from Alice's part. But them speaking in English and impressing the other girls was funny. Or maybe it is just funny to me as the “English” sounds off. That makes me a bad person I know. Because if I spoke Japanese I would be like the Charlie Brown adults. At least these people are trying! Do they get paid twice for speaking two languages?
 photo mosaicepisode316_zps05650512.jpg
Taking applications for a new friend since Alice is crazy.
It was kinda...sad to see Karen not making many friends outside of Alice's group. Of course this isn't the kind of show that goes deep into the problems. Like Karen being able to move to Japan so fast or being shunned for not being truly Japanese. In this show it goes as far as people are shy around Karen because she is a lion and they are a zebra. I guess outside Shinobu, Aya, and Youko a lot of people haven't been talking to Alice? I don't know. I mean I would feel weird in that situation. Can't talk too much to the new person or you seem...obsessed, especially since I wouldn't want to feel as if I was using them. Like MOG you are from Japan, please be my friend and tell me all about your culture, without telling you about mind. On the other hand...people were so nervous around Karen they were making her feel unwelcomed when all they were was unsure. In the end Karen took the bull by the corner which she deserves cookies for. Must have taken a lot of courage. But it is hard to blame anyone in this situation. Plus it is all supposed to be fun. FUN ALL THE TIME!
 photo mosaicepisode318_zps38d843f4.jpg
Come along lost little puppy.
During this time, where Karen was trying to make friends with her classmates, the topic of Aya came up. It seems as if these girls haven't been best friends forever. Youko and Shinobu might have been but Aya only has been in the group for about 2 years! It doesn't seem like that. But I guess if you are close friends time doesn't matter. I thought it was cute that Aya started off being confident with how to make new friends but acknowledged in the end she had no room to talk. It was kinda sad though, see how shy she was. Almost stalker like when it came to Youko. But everyone came together and are friends. Everyone rejoice.
 photo mosaicepisode3_zps16c8a811.jpg
You are so brave Karen! Ordering food alone.
What else what else happened in this episode. Covered Karen getting here was a bit special. That Alice was way over jealous. Shinobu is crazy for blonds. Youko and Aya are acting like the old ladies of the group, watching over the younger generation. OH! Karen getting ramen noddles was a big deal? I thought that Aya and Youko were going to smile and nod in their typical way but they were actually impressed. No lies. I guess going out and eating by yourself is a big deal, an adult deal? No idea. I mean I don't like eating on my own but still. They just got to high school so maybe they haven't been out without a group yet? That being said I have seen some of those get them and go noodle boy shops. Mostly salarymen. I don't know.....yay Karen? XD Welcome to Japan, enjoy the noodles!


Eternia said...

Kiniro Mosaic, a show where English little girls spoke crappy English. I am not a native English speaker myself, but isn't their pronunciation totally off? Or is it mine which is wrong?

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina, Eternia, and everyone

I have a simple question for all:

Is there an overall plot to this show life? I mean, will this show's story be about saving the world or something? Or will be a slice of life show like A-Channel or K-On?

Just curious

That's all.

Eternia said...

It's a slice of life.

The girls do nothing but tease each others.

Christina said...

Eternia- Your English typing skills are wonderful! XD

The little English girls are speaking crappy English. I mean they sound GOOD if they were oh I don't know...Japanese voice actors who were reading lines in another language. However they do not sound like they could pass as native English speakers. Most of the time I could tell what they were saying WITHOUT the subtitles but there was a few moments when I was like wait, that was English? It almost sounds like they are totally breathless speaking too, like so much effort when into saying the line. And you know...they are British. Like I am sure different styles of Japanese sound different but I wouldn't know that since it is all so foreign to me. But just because it's English doesn't mean it should all sound the same. Karen and Alice SOUND American to me, not British like they should be.

Anonymous- This show will be about little girls of the world uniting and coming together despite our many differences and showing the adults of today we all are human. know...some freak named Shinobu who loves blond girls and a girl named Aya having a heart attack about everything. Slice of life forever! Or killer Titans...either way. XD

That all being said I wish Alice and Karen messed up when speaking Japanese. Like um you shouldn't be sounding this good. XD