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Shingeki no Kyojin episode 13: King of the recaps!

XO I am currently waiting for some tiramisu to get done dethawing. We love the kind at Olive Garden but since we don't plan on going there all that often anymore and my other tiramisu fix has been....well threw with me the husband and I need to find some yummy replacements. We have tried some other brands but they have come up short. Lets hope this works out.
 photo titanepisode137_zps4ca8df3b.jpg
You can do it Eren!!!!!
Now that I have bored you with my dessert eating habits....on to anime! Cause ya'll are like eat some ice cream and get to the point! Up now is Shingeki no Kyojin episode 13. Spoilers for ONLY RECAPS! Okay that is the next episode. Spoilers for that too I guess. But here is the spoilery thread as a new chapter came out last night. It was slightly less aggravating the previous one which is a good thing I suppose.
 photo titanepisode134_zps334b7fa8.jpg
Well....there is half a person still.....
Episode Summary:...For the first 3 minutes we get a recap of episode 12 of this show. Really. Then after the theme song we get new material, those of us who are still awake and haven't raged the computer through the window. Armin is beyond happy to see that Eren Titan is awake and regenerating. Back near the wall things are not going to well for Jean. He is trapped in a building with Connie and Annie watching. When Eren Titan regenerates the Titan near Jean momentarily walks away, enough time for Jean to go outside and take a maneuver gear off a dead soldier. He takes too long though and the Titan comes back. Out of nowhere Marco appears and draws the Titan away from Jean. Jean is able to get the gear on but apparently it is not calibrated for him or it is slightly broken too. Jean keeps on crashing into building and Titans so Connie and Annie bounce up and protect Jean until he reaches the wall. Jean thanks everyone for their efforts by calling them morons. #manmoment. Back by the rock the elite team is slowly running out of people and patience in regards to Eren moving along said damn rock. Even Mikasa starts to say how impossible things are getting when everyone....all the soldiers...realize that Eren Titan is moving the rock. Even Rico seems rather impressed. Ian quickly realizes what needs to happen to save the city. They all have to become bait to ensure Eren Titan can carry the rock to the giant hole. The hole that has Titans coming out of it. It becomes super clear a lot of them are going to die but bravely into battle they go. Even Jean and the others get in on the action tro draw away Titans. Mitabi (Miyabi?) is quickly taken out as well as his men. Ian dies to save one of his men from being eaten by a Titan. Soon the only ones left are Armin, Mikasa, and Rico who seems to be the only one KILLING Titans instead of just running away from them. It is a very dramatic moment that has all the important soldiers looking on as Eren Titan (who has human Titan alive and unconsciously thinking) succeeds and plugs the hole. With tears in her eyes Rico launches the WE WON flare.
 photo titanepisode135_zps67876bb2.jpg
Jean is having a pretty crappy day. Not Eren but still....
There is still a lot of work to be done though, what with Titans all over the city. Soldiers run all over the place trying to gather them up as Armin struggles to free Eren from the Eren Titan. Rico....sorta cuts Eren out but not fast enough. Titans start to gather and things look bad as Mikasa has forgotten how to fight. Then poof.....Levi the Magical Elf appears. He slays Titans in the blink of an eye. Too bad he looks like Kermit the frog. After he gets done saving everyone's life he is like what you want bitches? Eren wakes up momentarily to see Levi's jacket. Armin then narrates to the audience it took over a day to gather up the rest of the Titans to blast them into tiny pieces. Those who were not killed were snuffed out by Levi and the Scouting Legion. Once the Titans were killed the wonderful job of scrapping up dead soldiers was bestowed upon our youngins. Jean is the cadet that finds half of Marco, his best friend. The “doctor” on duty matter of fact asks the corpses name as Jean has a melt down. The doctor says that while this is sad the bodies have to be cleared out or infection could take place. Jean identifies Marco and off he goes to be burnt. Sasha is equally scarred for life as her team finds Titan puke. Since they have no digestive organs once the Titans become full of human parts they puke them all up. It is clear that no one will be identified from this mess. Eren suddenly wakes up all X____X. He looks around and sees Levi staring at him as well as some commander dude named Erwin. Eren is all sparkle sparkle Recon people until he realizes he is in a dungeon heavily guarded. Levi and his super bored self explains that they need to know Eren's intentions as his transformation has made the higher ups assume the Armored Titan and Colossal Titan are also humans that can turn into Titans. Erwin is like um stop being so harsh, we are supposed to talk about this key and how to get Eren back to his home. Eren is too fired up to care about Levi's attitude or lack of caring. Eren is like KILL TITAN'S NOW! Levi decides to take on Eren, use him in the Scout Legion even if people have their reservations about him. If things go bad...well Eren will die. Smiles for all. THE END!
 photo titanepisode1310_zpsfa8459f8.jpg
Okay maybe that wasn't my exact facial expression....
What the hell folks. What the hell. That best sums up my reaction to this episode. Really my reaction to episode 13.5. RARW!!!!! 12.5 for this episode and 13.5 for the next.
 photo titanepisode132_zps9dcd4bc1.jpg
Brief? I think not!
An average anime episode is 24 minutes long. Maybe 25. 1.5 on the opening theme song, 1.5 on the closing theme song, and USUALLY 30 seconds of recap at the beginning and sneak at the end. TOGETHER. 30 seconds TOGETHER! You know what this show does? It shows us OVER 3 minutes of recap. This show ALWAYS has long recaps but for this episode I think it was the longest. And it was the most ridiculous thing ever. One week is not a long time people to keep up to date on a show. Not this day in the internet with Wiki and suchies. This is just...really, really lazy writing. So in a 24 minute episode we got about 17 minutes of new content. LAZY! MORE CAPS! CAPS FOR ALL!
 photo titanepisode133_zps65de885f.jpg
THIS IS HOW LONG THE RECAP TOOK! See the screenie?!?!?!
To make matters worse it looks like the next episode, 13.5 is a RECAP EPISODE! Hello what the hell are we are we recapping on? At the beginning of each episode Armin tells us that 100 years ago Titans appeared and that 5 years ago they broke down the wall to kick human ass and now it is happening again. Every single episode he does this. WHAT NEEDS TO BE RECAPPED! Mom got nommed, Mikasa's parents were killed, and Eren is a Teen Titan...err Eren Titan. Oh and a bunch of kids went to boot camp and now some of them are dead. There we go. I recapped it all for you. Now bring on the new episode so I can be further behind on blogging please!
 photo titanepisode138_zps15fb45f6.jpg
Everyone was on board with this plan but not super happy about it.
Once things got rollin....well people started to die. That is just the name of the game in this show. Eren Titan has woken up at the thought of seeing the outside world (not mom revenge...) and has made progress carrying the rock. I keep saying rock and clearly it is a boulder. Even if Eren is in Titan form right now it is still extremely heavy and Eren Titan cannot protect himself. And the elite squad has been taking down a notch in the effort to protect Eren Titan during his regeneration process. And even the most elite soldier would start to feel the effects of all this fighting and seeing your fellow man eaten by monsters.
 photo titanepisode139_zps03aa13f1.jpg
This ended as well as could be expected.
Ian was a great leader til the very end. Well I don't know about that. It seems a lot of kids and people in animes are willing to die for other people at the drop of a hat. We have seen plenty of scared people in these shows too. The point is Ian was assigned this role probably against his will but Pixie knew how it would turn out. That Ian would do what needed to be done to ensure the survival of the human race. Because Pixie needs SOLDIERS! Still it was rather sad seeing all these people get stomped and what not right in front of Mikasa and Armin. I will stop mentioning the Colossal Titan coming and just reknocking down the wall because apparently that is just crazy talk. For now this is victory!
 photo titanepisode1312_zpsddcd021d.jpg
Be amazed at my presence.
In the fact of this victory things could have gone tragic. Well more than it already was. Besides Armin and Mikasa who have been deemed just as important as Eren as they keep him in it seems the only other person to make it out of the elite squad was Rico. The one who hates Eren the most. Super fun. But then almost all of those fools almost die. Armin isn't much of a fighter, Eren was exhausted, and Rico and Mikasa can't fight all alone. So who saved the day? Some angry little frog man named Gareki. I kid I kid. It's Levi. You know, that random person who learned about a few episodes ago. It appears the scouting legion made it back just in time to not help at all woohoo!!!! He seems super excited to save people. Are there something wrong with his eyes?
 photo titanepisode136_zpsf488309b.jpg
Being a hero duh!
Oh and what about Jean? I don't think this is spoilery but in the manga I don't remember there being a Jean was super in danger moment. Let me go back and check. Okay I didn't see it but maybe I am blind. I felt as if that scene was just supposed to show that despite how shitty some humans can be....a lot of these soldiers are willing to die for others. Marco needed some more screen time and Annie was shown caring for others. Connie is a bit of a hot head no matter what but yeah it was supposed to set up Jean as someone slightly more important than he is. GO TEAM!
 photo titanepisode1313_zpse4052ad1.jpg
Rest in peace good friend.
But right after the Eren Titan plugged the hole the entire force seemed to stop and look at what was going on. Me thinks...this is where Marco died. Because just the wall has been plugged doesn't mean it is safe to start celebrating. Clearly it wasn't. In the manga it is slightly less obvious when Marco died as the scene with Jean didn't happen. I assumed he died gathering up the Titans to the main wall. Either way he is dead and seems to be one of the only few deaths that mattered to this gang. There were others, like the happy couple and Thomas but Marco actually had a lot of screen time for a minor character. Someone Jean relied on for support and cared about. An important leader like person who probably had a long life ahead of him protecting the inner city.
 photo titanepisode1314_zps5ddf9f60.jpg
What the hell is wrong with your face??!?!?!?
As gross as this clean up effort was it had to be done. Ms. Doctor was right. The Titans killed a bunch of people already. If the bodies were not burn the chances that disease would kill more of them was pretty high. And as callous as Ms. Crazy eyes was she was right about moving on and mourning later. It is much easier said than done obviously but they can't sit around and cry over everyone while the bodies are rooting. So as upset as Jean was he needed to do his job and cry later. A lot for a bunch of 15 year olds to do right? I am not sure if the situation was made easier for Jean actually seeing most of Marco. I think it is clear that Marco probably didn't suffer. Like he was flying through the sky and the Titan took a chop out of him in the air. Would it had been better if Marco was in the.....Titan Hair ball? Disgusting, as if these kids haven't been through enough! Or would it be better if Marco was assumed dead? Either way they were never going to see him again. Woe is Jean.
 photo titanepisode1316_zps00770487.jpg
No heroes welcome?
Eren has been through a lot. A LOT! He pushed himself to push that rock with the idea of seeing the outside world. He worried that Mikasa and Armin were going to get hurt. He managed to save the day. And before he passed out he saw the wings of freedom on Levi's jacket. So how does this hero to mankind wake up? In a prison all shackled and such. Now I have to give this kid some credit. If I had woke up in that condition I would have been screaming my head off and losing my mind. But not Eren. He sorta...stopped and looked at the situation, being calm. In hindsight that was probably a good idea. Look nonthreatening.
 photo titanepisode1315_zps06ed217e.jpg you have somewhere else to be?
Eren is introduced to Erwin and Levi, two super important people in the Scouting Legion. And Eren is locked up because no one can really trust him yet. It has been concluded that the Armored Titan and Colossal Titan are humans as well. It makes sense as Eren Titan looks...different from the other Titans. Less derpy you know? Almost like those three Titans are in control of their actions and aren't brainless. So that means that there are humans out there who are Titans. Probably living in this city. Hopefully they have put things together even more and realized...hmmm this attack happened when the Scout Legion was gone, the best of the best.
 photo titanepisode13_zps379bf8ff.jpg
Yeah because that doesn't look crazy.
So that is why Eren is locked up. Eren might be working with the other human Titans to take out humans. I am not sure if this fact was mentioned so early in the manga. They mainly focused on Eren being a Titan and surely he is evil forever. They got right to the point in this episode and said they wanted to use Eren to get back to his home and discover the secret of the Titans. Given how Eren is like KILL ALL TITANS they have a good...well watch dog to say the least. He will do what he is told and take out all the Titans woohoo!!!
 photo titanepisode1317_zps04960597.jpg
Traitors among us?!
Anything else? I feel as if the mentioning of the Armored and Colossal Titan so early was a bit odd. I think it is obvious but it does take away some of the mystery. I also thought way more soldiers died in battle. Maybe there isn't that many to begin with so it just seems like a lot. But now we get to watch a whole new episode of already seen footage. AREN'T YOU EXCITED?! Yeah me stupid face. :(


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"...and Annie was shown caring for others."

Ah. Of course. This is one of the anime additional scene which is a real mistake. That bitch Annie can't possibly care for some human companions other than herself. Does the anime director even read the manga? Saying more would spoil the manga but this scene can't possibly be happening, yes?

NB: I am still conflicted at how they make Hanzi into a shemale. Good job there, anime.

Response- I think they really should have stuck to Marco rescuing Jean. Maybe Jean. Or Sasha. And Connie. Annie and Mikasa have harder personalities. A little reluctancy (?) would have been nice. Or some eye rolling. Yes definitely needed some more Annie flare if that was going to be concluded. Or added.

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