Monday, July 15, 2013

New Anime Series! Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 1

Hello my lovely readers! Let it be known a lot of anime...watching happened yesterday. And some blogging. Bits and pieces of posts are done. It is just getting myself to finish them all. Sleep might overtake me soon so I don't know if there will be anymore tonight. But there are more posts coming this week. Promise. XD
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode18_zps82c06b07.jpg
XO Money woes? In the first episode? SO SAD!
Case in point...last new anime series for the season! And episode 2 is already out. OH NOS! But here is Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 1. Spoilers spotty art?
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode12_zps12255b29.jpg
30 seconds into the show? Damn that was fast.
Episode Summary: A long, long time ago a demon named Dantalion was summoned by King Solomon (Old Testament, not New folks! XD). Dantalion is not a happy camper but Solomon promises to make him...well his because he understands the demon. Fast whenever this anime is taking place. A young man named William Twining has gotten the top grades in his class. He smiles at this but has to listen to his fellow classmates talk about how he is rich and no one can compete with him. William's friend Isaac joins William and praises him for his great grades but points out he needs to pay attention during Mass. William makes a point to say he doesn't believe in God so Isaac goes on and on about how he believes in God, the gods, the Easter Bunny, Santa, faeries, drawfs, ect. William tells Isacc to study on break and goes to talk to the Principal/Headmaster who says he has not received William's dues. William travels home to find out what is up with his Uncle. Only he arrives at the estate and only one servant named Kevin remains. William's parents have passed and the family fortune has been placed in the Uncle's hands. Well apparently he made some investments and they went sour and the whole house has been gutted. There is no money left but the house is still William's. Well the Uncles. But all the servants have left and there is no money to play the tuition. Kevin has decided that his family has served William's family forever and still stay with William forever. And maybe William can turn this around and be rich again. William decides to go through the whole house to find something to sell or maybe some secret treasure. As he and Kevin search the house they find a room in the basement. William forces it open and ends up cutting his hand on the door. His blood lands on the floor which apparently has some sort of magic shield on it. The blood activates said shield and out pops Dantalion who demands the descent of Solomon pick him. William is like X___X and Dantalion explains that in Hell Lucifer is their Emperor or what not and then there are 7 kings and then 20 something dukes and blah blah. But basically in Lucifer's absent the Elector has to pick a new King. The Elector is William, a boy who only believes in math and science. The police are called and Dantalion is hauled off.
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode16_zps74e6e314.jpg
Good thing the Uncle spent all the money so William would have a reason to go home....
William continues to talk about how he doesn't believe in spirits and what not as he searches the basement for a trap door or something. A magic....something takes a hold of William and drags him into the ground as Kevin watches. Dantalion watches the house from outside, with his two bat minions making lame jokes. Kevin appears to attack Dantalion for hurting William. Once Dantalion knows William is missing he stops messing around and poofs. William has been discovered in Dantalion's mansion. His servant (a goat headed demon) greets William and wonders why the human is here. William is in denial about this entire situation and eats food and talks about this demon issue like it is a dream. Apparently Lucifer is head honcho but the higher you are in Hell the longer your “sleep” needs to be. Thus an interment King is needed and the different factions are fighting for power. William nods and nods until another demon named Gilles de Rais appears, looking for Dantalion. Since the demon is not there Gilles decides to take William, as a human in this realm is odd. Goatman is frozen in place and William looks upset as this might be real. He screams for Kevin to help him when Dantalion comes and rescues the man, declaring William his. William is really off put by this but Dantalion goes out of his way to protect him. While Dantalion and Gilles fight Goatman explains that the quickest way to gain power in this realm is to kill a higher level demon, which is what Gilles is trying to do. And if Dantalion is forced to use his full powers William will be stuck here forever. Gilles decides to play dirty, saying that he and Dantalion are demons who were mass murders when they were alive thus are super dirty or something. This pisses Dantalion off and he tries to power up his full potential. William screams at Dantalion to stop which...he does. Both Gilles and Dantalion note that means William is a special kind of human. William demands to go home as he has a mess to clean up and tution to pay. As William returns home he has no time to earn money for his bills but finds out from the headmaster the bill was paid in full. William puts that aside and ignores his friend Isaac who says a bad spirit is following him. William is ready for class, where math and science are the only things that matter when a new student transfers to his class. Turns is Dantalion. THE END!
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode110_zps1a70757a.jpg
Flashy entrance lacks....facial features.
Well that was slightly confusing. And off putting. Yes I like my anime pretty and sparkling. Something about this show makes me if it was done on the lazy side. That the budget was rather small. Okay that it was cheap. That it was done by student animators and not the big boys getting paid the low dollars. I don't know, at times it was hard to focus because their noses or the background seemed off. Confusing at episode one makes sense. Bad art not so much.
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode112_zpsfb76e06b.jpg
This is how villain operate DUH!
This episode moved rather fast. Like super fast. Like bam kid with money is taken down a notch, we meet some demon who tells us the plot and leaves, get dragged into the demon world for a fight, and the episode ends with the transfer student of course moment. Like we got things to get through people, we don't got time for details now. The details can wait til later. Or never.
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode15_zps72ca031e.jpg
Will said friend help him through this new "fun"?
William needs to learn that when a person says they don't believe in magical things or religion or what not....said disbelief will happen to them. It is just how it works. Like the person in the room who doesn't like dogs will have the dogs surround them and jump on them and slobber all over them and everyone laughs like it's funny. No worries, not bitter. NOT BITTER AT ALL! But yes William. You must recognize you are in an anime. Or horror movie. And the second show a strong opinion about not believing in magical things or supernatural things or religion...your entire life will be consumed by it. Fair warning for next time. Not that there will be a next time.
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode14_zpsb4da6a4b.jpg
See a rich kid that actually wants to work!
While this show went at the speed of fast we did get to see several sides of William. He doesn't seem well liked at school. I am sure being smart and rich is something a lot of kids have going for them at said school but William is the richest and the smartest. That means he would either be super popular or picked on. I don't think William made it hard for the kids, he does seem a bit....well snotty. That comes with the territory though. Kids either grow out of that or become snotty adults. William is friends with the...well interesting kid in school, Isaac which would normally be a nice thing but maybe no one else wants to be friends with William and it is more like well I need to talk to someone. Still William wasn't planning on just living on the family wealth, he had plans to go to college and get a good job. And he didn't treat Kevin poorly which is a good side. So yeah William might remind us all of another stuck up Master who lost a lot of his money but he has a good side too.
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode17_zps3c54bc2e.jpg
Time to find Uncle and demand some answers.
I am just going to guess that the Uncle losing all the money and disappearing is going to come into play later. That this story isn't going to be all about Demons and Choosing right? I mean it is obvious who paid off the tuition debt but that doesn't mean everything is cupcake and rainbows. William still needs money for other things in life and the Uncle needs to answer for what he did. However...I can see the anime just using this temporary money trouble as a way to get William home to do this...magical spell thing. Now William has all the money in the world but way too many troubles you know?
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode19_zps874e061f.jpg
You can do it William!
Kevin seems pretty interesting. Like he actually cares about William as a person as well as doing the honorable thing in his family and sticking things out to the very end. Which you know I think is special. It is an honor to be your servant indeed. I be getting out of there at the first sign of trouble. But Keven isn't that stupid. He will serve William but...if things improved he wouldn't be against that either. XD I don't think he will be one hell of a butler but he will battle Dantalion for William. Ah fun times in yaoi land.
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode111_zpsacd7c932.jpg
So Lucifer elected a human to do the electing...instead of electing himself?
I was slightly confused at the beginning of the episode as William and Solomon look similar. Them being related and maybe sharing a soul, it makes sense now but on first viewing I was like um what is this crazy? But yes Dantalion and his self appear and attempt to explain things. Well sorta. Mr. Goat explained things later as well. In Hell the head honcho is Lucifer with his minions under him and their minions under them. And for some reason Solomon the human was elected the Elector for the temporary Demon Ruler job. Only it looks like Lucifer took a long time to take a nap or Hell has been without a ruler for a long time. But besides that Solomon was collecting demons as servants? Brides? To go with the other 1000 wives he had?
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode113_zpsede9bee3.jpg
William? Blunt? NO WAY!
I have an issue with this whole thing. I think that it might be a good idea having someone impartial pick for people who have agendas. However....maybe that person should KNOW they are the Elector. I mean if they are going to make an informed decision perhaps they should get to know the demons first and not just be threatened by them? Or know...if this resting thing is necessary why couldn't Lucifer select his own person before going to sleep? If he respected and honored wouldn't they be okay with his decision? Instead we got demon's fighting and maybe killing each other. Doesn't sound like a great solution to a temporary problem.
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode1_zpsdbe9b3d3.jpg
Is this going to lead William being jealous of Dantalion's relationship with Solomon?
But none of that happened and it is all up to William. A William that Dantalion may or may not be romantically connected to because of Solomon. William is in some deep denial about this whole situation. Like some really deep stuff. I get that he doesn't want to see this as true and maybe Dantalion could have shown some magic to the boy. But when Mr. Goat showed up it was time to stop the tea party/dreamland scenario and realize it was real.
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode114_zpsa2bdac22.jpg
Hey I didn't give you permission to save me!
I thought it was interesting that Dantalion's area in the demon world wasn't protected. How was Gilles able to come in so easily? Because Dantalion was gone? HMMMM. Interesting. Clearly Gilles and Dantalion have more going on than just Gilles being part of a different faction. Gilles took pleasure in making the battle personal. The battle was important for three reasons. One William was rescued by Dantalion and not his hell of a butler. Two the viewer was told that there are two types of demons, at least, and that Dantalion used to be human. And three....William can tell demons what to do? All of them or just the ones that Solomon contracted with?
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode115_zps3794c9e3.jpg
Someone is fabulous and pissed.
But yes the battle was a bit....well not amazing since it was the first one. William was more concerned about getting home to earn money to go back to school than all this nonsense, and there was a Mr. Goat head. Creepy. William eventually makes it back home and thinks he is going to have a normal life. Well as normal as his financial cushion crashing down upon him. A shock to him anyway. But he was okay with that. It was probably going to take some work but he was okay with this logically. However the show took a real crazy turn when it thought it was a slice of life/regular school anime. Because Dantalion, the great demon lord of power and now a normal high school student so he can become close to William. Yeah officially weird here folks.
 photo MakaiOujidevilsandRealistsepisode116_zps1a9c1929.jpg
What the hell.....
I wasn't expecting this school aspect when I first heard of this show. Dantalion looks sorta odd in the uniform. Still Dantalion has done a great job sucking up by paying off some bills. XD Of course that means the rest of the demons are going to show up yes? HMMMMM. I see. So this show started off weird, went at a fast pace, and the art was a bit off. Will have to stick around for another episode or two. Some of William's side commentary was interesting so yeah. I shall give it a chance. XD But uniforms and demons do not mix apparently.


Anonymous said...

The art, so bad! Like every frame was traced by an eight-year old off of a drawing of what the characters were supposed to look like. It makes me mad. Two years ago I sat through 24 eps of nothing happening with UraBoku and loved looking at every minute of it. I actually looked forward to a show where nothing happened and that wasn't even technically really shounen ai. On the other hand, this show: kind of cute, kind of funny, but derp faces everywhere. Even the lead characters! D:< Angry!

Christina said...

Anonymous- :( Wai UraBoku. Took forever for things to happen but all the eye candy....hmmmm...

But with this show you can tell everyone is supposed to be pretty but something...just off. Especially some of the background. I know that is how SOME animes are made but it is like the characters were plopped into the scene, not in the scene. The effect wasn't done right though and it looks off. If that makes any sense. I know times are tough everywhere but have some pride in your product.

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