Friday, July 19, 2013

Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 2

Hello there my lovely readers. I have survived another work week. Well sorta. My Saturday is this week. So that means more work tomorrow. It is either going to be very busy or very slow. I guess either is fine. Slow means I and busy means the time will go by fast. Either way either way....
 photo realistepisode219_zps3f766c37.jpg
Does this count as surprise butt sex?
But before I go to bed here is at least one an episode. Attack on Sanity...I mean Titans is in the work and Magical Fate Stay/NO SABER?! has been watched. So more is to come. For now it is Makai Ouji: devils and Realists episode 2. Spoilers for William being special and thinking this was all going to go away.
 photo realistepisode26_zpscb77fdae.jpg
Well there might be a demon or two flying around.....
Episode Summary: Isaac and his occult loving self performs a ceremony to summon....something amazing. It appears to have failed but then...a very...pretty individual appears behind him and wants to know where the Elector is. Isaac is confused but this individual (Sitori) says this will work too. Back at William'sLifeSucks...William confronts Dantalion about being here at his school. William says he is too busy trying to pay his tuition to mess with this demon/hell king elector business. Dantalion smirks and says who do you think paid for this semester? William gets super pissed about owing a demon and goes to talk to his one other friend Swallow. Swallow promises to help as William continues to be super pissed, this time that there is nothing left of his house to sell. There is brief mass time with Father Crosby. Later when William and Swallow are alone Father Crosby tells the boys he senses some evil presences and as the school's Prefects they need to tell the other students to be aware. Despite telling the school he was home schooled for sickness Dantalion goes out of his way to be amazing at sports. William is not impressed and Dantalion says well make go away by electing me Temp. King. William refuses and Dantalion's bat demons appear to tell him that some super important demon in hell, Balberith, wants to see him now. Dantalion is bleh bleh and tells the bats to watch William which is hilarious because no one else could see the bats that were all up in William's face. Swallow then gets with William and hands him the favor that was asked for earlier. Scholarship papers. Swallow thinks it is commendable that Williams comes from a good family but still wants to make it in this world on his own merit. William feels guilty about deceiving his friend.
 photo realistepisode217_zps172b5092.jpg
Suddenly Isaac and a “student” walk in to talk to William. The other student is Sitori but under duress Isaac says it is a young classman. Sitori explains that instead of getting scholarships he should get a sugar daddy to sponsor him. And that he knows several people that might help. William thinks this is amazing as he is smart and surely someone will sponsor him. That night William sees Isaac sneaking out of the dorms. Being a Prefect William is responsible so he runs after hi, Isaac has decided to perform a ceremony to summon an angel to get rid of Sitori. William arrives and assumes Isaac is trying to get rid of Dantalion. Williams tries to tell Isaac it is no big deal and insists they leave when a gross monster appears from portal. Isaac and William try to run but are cornered. Sitori appears and kills the beast. He transforms into his magical girl demon self and William is like...oh great more demons. Sitori explains he is the nephew of the great Balberith and deserves to be Temp. King. Dantalion finally appears and Isaac is like YAY MORE DEMONS! Dantalion and Sitori exchange some words, that Sitori is a fallen angel duh?) and that Dantalion is just an exhuman. They start to battle and pieces of Sitori's past emerge, when Solomon makes Sitori an offer to be his. William gets tired of all this fighting because he thinks he will be blamed for it. Plus Sitori lied to him about the sugar daddy thing. William demands they stop....and they do. William and Isaac go back to the dorms while Sitori comments that William is Solomon but where is his ring? Well Keven is at the house looking at said ring. William decides to buckle down and think of ways to make money when he finds Sitori in his room, with the cookies of friendships. Sitori explains he is sticking around to watch him and Dantalion. William is like...well here at this school you are my underclassman and I am Prefect...MOP THE FLOORS! Dantalion is mad that Sitori is there but notes how harsh William is. THE END!
 photo realistepisode213_zpsd1098b24.jpg
Isaac is so very special.
I have actually had time today to write at work. The past few shifts I had to lock the door just to potty I was that busy. Maybe they all came yesterday and I will be free today. Or maybe I am jinxing myself. OH MY LORD I spoke too soon. WHAT WAS I THINKING!
 photo realistepisode2_zps9b86eb86.jpg is God going to feel about this?
Back to anime though. What the heck is wrong with that Isaac?! XD He seems like a loner...obviously...but his occult ways are too out there for me to take seriously. Which might be the point. Usually when one believes in the Christian God they don't go out of their way to summon maybe demons. And believe in fairies and troll monsters. Like when someone says they like sports they don't like ALL sports right? Not every single Olympic sport, fishing, golfing, ect. They usually like some sports. Not all. So Isaac being into everything is a bit much for me. He doesn't seem very good at it of course. Sitori (the spelling I have seen at most websites) was probably already in the area. Poor Isaac, thinking this is all his fault.
 photo realistepisode23_zpsede89b0b.jpg
Okay the hair doesn't look that bad from the side...
William knows none of this because he has other issues going on in his head. Mostly Dantalion and his hair. Seriously how sad is that school hair of his? Makes me want to cry. But William clearly told this demon he did not want anything to do with this demon Elector business. How dare Dantalion not listen to him....then. Just sometimes. Maybe he needs to be super serious when saying his commands. In any event William might be smart but clearly he is in denial if he didn't think Dantalion was the one who paid his way. Poor William.
 photo realistepisode210_zps6679caec.jpg
Good job William. I give you the golf clap.
At least William wasn't crying in the corner about his sad future. You know...there is another rich kid out there involved with demons and he took a different approach to getting his future taken care of. Of course that rich kid with one hell of a butler wanted revenge. Still William found out this awful thing happened to him and immediately tried to fix it. I would have been trying to find the Uncle to stab him in the face. That's just me. William on the other hand contacts his other friend (he has two!) to get some scholarships papers. While William is trying to get his life together he wants to keep this on the down low thus involving the friend. Thanks Swallow. With your special name.
 photo realistepisode25_zps9b8d6788.jpg
Is this going to be the new drinking game?
William is trying my nerves slightly though with the I am a realist! crap. We get it. You don't believe in any of this nonsense. We don't need to hear it every episode. I rather see it through actions. And not crazy speeches. Like we are all atoms thus this is not real blah blah. It sorta reminds me of that movie when I was kid.....what was it...Flight of Dragon? When the main character, from the real world, kills the baddie by listing all sorts of sciences. Just...a lot of special. I just hope William doesn't make realist the new trust. TRUST!!!
 photo realistepisode27_zpsdb37be22.jpg
I found Waldo!
Dantalion is slightly special of course. I am not sure what he hopes to gain by going to school with William, besides making lots of yaoi fanfictions possible. Perhaps Dantalion is smarter that we think. Maybe his plan is to drive William crazy, to automatically win this contest. Which would be a good idea for William right? If he doesn't care about hell or demons and wants to go back to his normal life just pick the one demon you have met (well two but you know). Dantalion should win automatically yes? That must be Dantalion's plan!
 photo realistepisode28_zps5c305477.jpg
Watch my man. Maybe if we make him crazy enough I can be pretend king weeee!
But William doesn't want to do this the easy way. For someone who believes in logic and what not he is going about this a hard way. Although I can understand William being upset about owing someone. Like Dantalion is trying to buy him off. Or to imply William can't take care of himself. Picking Dantalion to get it over with makes sense. But not picking Dantalion because of bribes makes sense too. It is the principal of the thing. So on to Dantalion making William nuts by playing ball and looking amazing.
 photo realistepisode29_zps77787852.jpg
Wait how do you spell your name?
I sorta got confused when Dantalion got called away by Balberith when later it is revealed Sitori's is his nephew. Is Dantalion acting on his own for Kingship? Was that Balberith calling him back saying no Sitori is the candidate? I need a map to all these different factions and what not. Goatman, bring the bats and the map. Also get me a demon dictionary because according to my Bible all demons are fallen angels so why is this a big deal?
 photo realistepisode211_zpsb1dd5d57.jpg
Tell me more about this plan of yours, the one that involves older men paying the way of younger men.
And yes I know that Sitori the underclassman did not offer to find William a sugar daddy. No sexy times are involved. Back in the day this kind of thing was common, young people finding patrons for them. I guess it beat burning money in the backyard to roast marshmallows. I guess in a way it is more of a direct scholarship? Either way William should have read the mood, that Isaac was acting weirder than usually and how come William had never seen this kind before and was offering him a chance at money, when he Sitori himself could get said money. Realist!
 photo realistepisode212_zps35f837ff.jpg
What angel was going to come and help you?!
If I were a real angel I would not have come down with Isaac called me. Like hommie you were trying to call upon a demon and...well you sort of got one. What happened to just praying in church? Why do you need a ceremony like that? Maybe the church was full of Father Crosby being creepy. Good thing that William saw Isaac being creepy or he might have been mauled alone. Where exactly is Isaac renting these books?
 photo realistepisode214_zps894695c3.jpg
Just...just I don't even know.
Sitori and his is the thing of magical girl shows. It reminds me of a manga I have somewhere in my house. Pretty Tear I think? PRETEAR! Yes that manga. Sitori transformed looks like...the girl character. XD Just so magical. I am surprised William didn't walk away from the insanity of it. But no William waited for Sitori to explain himself. Then he got angry that the sugar daddy thing was all a lie. What will poor William do now?!
 photo realistepisode218_zpse49ce305.jpg
TWO TIMER! Or...700 timer?!
Oh get rescued Dantalion. I see I see. Sitori and Dantalion had to trade insults, as I guess in the demon world their statues are in question? And they might be fighting for the same demon's attention? Oh and they both had special feelings for Solomon which means they might have special feelings for William. It truly is time to fight. Dantalion needs to transform now, I feel as if that would be amazing too.
 photo realistepisode216_zps40cfc837.jpg
Who cares about this crap? What about my sugar daddy?!
William doesn't have time for any of this. During the fight William commanded it to stop so it did. Let it be written so sayeth the William. Clearly something is going on with Kevin with him holding onto the Solomon ring. The ONLY thing in the house it seems. Probably why Uncle left town. But with all this demon fighting and now three/four demons knowing about William why hasn't another....less friendly demon appeared and kidnapped William or his friends and forced William to pick said demon as the Temp King? This seems too nice. XD Also why are Solomon's demons the one up for the job? Did he pick all the great ones? Either way both demons are like RARW!
 photo realistepisode220_zps6a0b6626.jpg
But I rather just give you these cookies and call it a day.
The episode ends with the cookies of friendship showing up again! I mean I haven't watched Fate/Stay Magical girls episode 2 yet but I expect there to be cookies. Does Eren and Mikasa need to give some cookies to Levi? At any rate Sitori has decided he is staying put. Solomon gave him a chance so he will give this new one a chance as well. Plus being pretend king is AWESOME! William has decided none of this matters and Sitori has to be punished for...something. A lot of somethings. Off Cinderella! I am not sure if Dantalion is smirking or scared for himself. Isaac should either be rejoicing or losing his mind though. Soon this entire school will be full of demons. X___X Oh William...just pick Dantalion and his questionable hair already....


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