Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kiniro Mosaic episode 4

 photo mosaicepisode48_zps46972d7e.jpg
I think Shinobu is always scary but you know....
Three posts today? Amazing! But I still have a lot on my to do list that didn't get done this week. Le sigh. I tried. XD Gotta try ya know. There is aways next week. For now here is Kiniro Mosaic episode 4. Spoilers for Alice still being jealous SHOCKER!
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Wait we were supposed to get presents?!
Episode Summary: Karen seems to have started a new saying in school, a butchering of the words good morning. Alice tries to stop this craziness but it has spread to everyone. Only Shinobu does a proper “Japanese” hello. Later on Aya gifts Shinobu with a birthday present. Youko has forgotten and Alice sings the saddest version of happy birthday on the face of the planet. Shinobu seems concerned as her sister has called her old. Youko agrees that Shinobu seems old but Alice defends her friend. This eventually leads to the group talking about how young Alice looks and how Shinobu can change her image, maybe to match her sister more. This proves to be special and life moves on. That night Shinobu's sister gifts the girls with 100 yen gifts of patheticness. Alice and Karen go out later, to buy Shinobu a present it seems when people talk about what cute sisters they are. Karen is assumed to be the older sister given that she is taller which makes Alice upset. She reminds Karen of her cry baby ways back in the day. There is some brief drama when people think of the possibilities of Shinobu owning a computer and no one reaching a book in the library. Karen comes to Alice for help as she isn't doing well in English. Alice is like wtf while Shinobu and Karen bond over their inability to understand the English language. The girls then gift Shinobu with their gifts. A fan from Alice and foreign stamps from Karen. Shinobu loses her mind over the stamps and Alice becomes super jealous. Shinobu finally confronts this jealously and says she liked everyone and that Alice should like Karen too. Their friendship becomes rekindled as Alice remembers all the fun times she had with Karen. Shinobu has become sick and is unable to make it to school. Alice braves it alone and worries over Shinobu. No one else can be bothered to care as Youko has received what looks like a love letter. Aya loses her little mind but Youko brushes it aside. Youko then tries to act more feminine later by imitating Aya. This goes over badly. Finally Youko is forced to open the letter she doesn't care about. She tells Aya and the lot that she loves her friends and that is good enough for her. Aya is touched and the letter is read. It turns out that Shinobu wanted help translating a letter to Alice's parents but didn't want certain people to know. Goober. The girls hope that Shinobu feels better the next day and walk home. Alice excitedly tells Shinobu about her day alone at school and all is well in the world. THE END!
 photo mosaicepisode415_zpsa725c8ba.jpg
I would think Aya would get a confession letter first out of all the girls.
More cute girls doing cute things? Does Alice have a permanent case of jealously? XD It seems like every week she will learn her lesson but of course is it really learned? Is it really that easy to put aside such feelings? Goober girls.
 photo mosaicepisode46_zpsc6f354b5.jpg
XO older than me!
Happy birthday Shinobu! I mean where did that come from? No Alice looking at the calendar with longing? No big birthday to do? Slightly disappointed folks! I mean I thought Alice had forgotten about the day but no, she at least knew about it in the morning when the sister called Shinobu. I guess it makes sense that Aya was the only one to really remember. A song and a juice box? Woe is me. I wanted to see cake and shopping.
 photo mosaicepisode49_zpsc69fbfb3.jpg
Guess being a model pays just as well as being a manga artist or voice actor in Japan....
But soon the presents did start to roll in. Alice's song was slightly special. Well a lot special but can you blame the girl? The sister gave a horrible present. A cheap thing. I think a sammich from Lawson would have had more though. I know their dollar store (100 yen ) is nicer than the ones here in America but good grief. People's birthdays and Christmas are at the same time every year. Get with the program and stop being so cheap and uncaring. Also calling Alice old? XO What is up with that? Unless that is what Alice meant when she was talking about how mature Shinobu seemed.....
 photo mosaicepisode413_zps8e643a70.jpg
Um....try a little harder next time to understand Shinobu?
Alice and Karen eventually give Shinobu a present. Well two presents. And this is sorta the beginning (maybe) of the end when it comes to the Shinobu/Alice/Karen feud. Shinobu liked Karen's gift more. Shinobu went on and on about said gift. Alice had a bit of jealous face on. Shinobu even acknowledged it. Still there was more bonding between Shinobu and Karen which made Alice's face want to melt off. Woe is Alice. You think that she would have gotten Shinobu a gift that SHE liked and not herself, Alice, liked.
 photo mosaicepisode412_zps175616c0.jpg
Is this real life??????!
I know that this was supposed to make Alice jealous and this show is a bit of fluffy fun that shouldn't be taken too seriously. But really....really Karen. You forgot English? Is that even possible? I mean I guess Alice learned Japanese at the speed of fast. And that Karen could have grown up in a bilingual household. But Karen grew up in England and probably spoke English when dealing with most people. So how the hell has she forgot basic English skills after spending a few weeks in Japan? Shinobu and her can bond over their bad grades but really? No one could think of something equally as funny?
 photo mosaicepisode414_zps0056a4b7.jpg
Calm yourself down crazy girl!
As cute as this all is I think that Alice really is to blame for this love triangle of friendships. Alice should like Karen more, Shinobu should like Alice more than Karen, and everyone else should be getting to know Karen. I mean...if I had been friends with someone forever I be a little hurt to be on equal grounds with a girl you met last year for a week. But this is a fluffy show that is designed to make us feel happy and good and everyone is equal. EQUAL! Hugs for all. NO MORE JEALOUSLY! Aya and Shinobu look on with approval.
 photo mosaicepisode411_zps173c2842.jpg
No one cares weeeee!
Now that Karen and Alice are best friends plus Shinobu again they are hanging out more. And people have begun to talk about who is the older sister and younger sister. It was brought up that in Japan this is probably a cultural thing. I am not sure how much of that I believe as I feel that being the older sister has probably affected my personality as well as being the younger child has affected my youngest brother. And the middle kid is always a pain. XD So is it just cultural? Maybe from culture to culture the overall importance varies but still exists.
 photo mosaicepisode47_zps09c98ba8.jpg
I still get carded at R-rated movies....:(
For the record all anime characters are drawn usually really young looking or old looking. Like oh you are 40 WRINKLES FOREVER?!?!?! Oh hello little girl how are you? 16 you say. X_____X So being a flat chested, short girl really means nothing when it comes to being the older sister or younger sister. I say that being so short compared to my two younger brothers. And since Alice and Karen aren't even related does it even matter? You mean sometimes in slice of life animes they talk about boring things that don't matter? Carry on then my kids who are trying to not act their age. Whether that means being older or not.
 photo mosaicepisode4_zps62f8b80a.jpg
I am good. Camp is good. Everything is good. This letter is good and weird.
The last part of the episode was kinda weird. Really weird actually. Or how it turned out. I mean...what the hell was Shinobu thinking? Unless she meant to do this prank. Which would be rather special since she was sick in bed and had gone to the hospital. So the point is when did she slip the note to Youko to give to someone else? I don't know. Maybe I am making it more complicated in my head but I think it is Shinobu who was the special one. She lives with a native speaker and knows another native speaker. Why give it to Youko to begin with?
 photo mosaicepisode416_zps7dea39ba.jpg
I wasn't feeling this hair style.
Putting aside WHY Youko did this (I would never have guessed it came from her) the events before the reveal were funny. And accurate. If we are to believe that Aya has a crush on Youko. Now Youko was kinda special. Maybe more than special. I mean...someone leaves a note in your locker and you wait that long to see what is in it? I would have opened it before I saw my friends. You know, in private or something. But in the end Youko wasn't going to be answering this love letter in a yes. Guess that took away some of the urgency. But being liked is still a nice feeling.
 photo mosaicepisode42_zps1d43fada.jpg
Apparently I forgot to take a picture of Aya losing her mind so.....good morn?
Aya on the other hand lost her mind all over the place and it was wonderful. I think she was going to pass out when she thought it was a boy leaving the note but was going to murder the entire school when she assumed it was a girl. Don't they know this is her Youko?! The girl trying to pretend to be a lady and dressing/sounding like Aya? All hers. Well for now. Then you graduate from high school and magically everyone is straight again. Crushes that never really develop into real relationships. A cultural difference indeed. Still even if nothing comes from it watching Aya slowly melt into nothing over this note was interesting.
 photo mosaicepisode410_zps22107703.jpg
Shinobu is too old fashion for a computer anyway....
This episode once again had lots of little moments in between the “storyline”. Tiny bits of fluff if you would. Like Alice explaining to Shinobu how she got through the day without her. Karen falling asleep on her new friends. Poor new friend, thought they were getting close but Karen was all writing crazy notes and taking naps. And yes teacher, Alice and Karen already made up. No need for animal ears. Just tiny pieces of fun that don't really fit in anywhere but still bring enjoyment to my face. You know, how real life is supposed to be when you aren't at work. XD
 photo mosaicepisode43_zpsb9bceb83.jpg
Learning Japanese makes you forget English though!
I think that is about it for this episode. Shinobu got older and sick. Karen forgot how to speak English. And Aya....well she didn't get an episode about her did she? Such lies. XD But overall great fun yes? I thought so.


Eternia said...

I don't know which translation did you watch, but, Karen only said jokingly that her English has declined. The real reason for her bad score is, as Alice pointed out, she mistakenly shifted the rows when she was filling out the form.

On other note, Christina got kicked out when she tried to watch R-Rated Movie? Hahaha.

Christina said...

Eternia- Karen can be so hard to read sometimes. Or maybe I am the goober since I didn't pick up on Alice's jealously with the teacher. But at least there is a reason for her bad grade. A sad reason but a reason. I did that on a test once. Missed a bubble and had to erase EVERYTHING!

I literally have to plaster my ID to my head when I go see R-Rated movies. The worst time was when we went to see Prometheus. Which by the way is WAYYYYY less violent than many other movies I have seen. I had to show my ID TWICE for that movie and there was an usher walking around the movie before it started to see if people were with parents or something. I also had to show TWO forms of ID, because clearly my government issued military spousal card is FAKE! I mean people say I dress young what with my hello kitty shirts and all but I am sure if I tried to dress mature I look like a middle school girl trying to wear her mom's clothes or something.

I mean as I write this today I had a customer roll his eyes at me today when I told him I lived in Florida for 22 years and never experienced such rain. He was like oh okay, 22 years when you are 18? Like no sir my LITTLE brother is 22. I can't be 18. By the time I pass as legal I will be a senior citizen and no one will give my discount. :( I just want to see people get eaten by monsters in violent ways, is that too much to ask?

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