Thursday, September 29, 2011

Onward to Anime Weekend Atlanta!

Twas the night before AWA,
When all through the condo
All the creatures were stirring,
Well except for the husband who has to work and drive to Atlanta tomorrow.


Traveling can be very tiring. Good thing I don't have to put up with public transportation X___X

Really I should be in bed. But apparently drinking Code Red and eating ice cream makes it kinda difficult to sleep . Or stop surfing the internet for weird horror movie topics. I am beginning to think that Asians have it worse that Blacks in regards to survival rates. This needs more investigation.

But yes folks. It is time for another adventure into Anime Land! WEEEE conventions.

Of course after Japan can any anime convention ever compare? Still I am excited. And please I am not one of the MANY displaced convention goers. Apparently those who booked on Friday and Saturday at the convention hotel had a great chance of being bumped to another “close by” hotel. Apparently hotels are like airplanes in which they grossly overbook in hopes that people cancel.

Well not many people cancelled and tons are being forced into other hotels with only a 10 dollar food voucher to show for it. I hope that those in charge of the convention are really upset over this matter and their calm demeanor online addressing this issue is just them trying to be professional 2 days before the event. I feel really bad for those affected by this sudden CHANGE as plans have been made like 8 months in advance and this is ridiculous.

Another MOG miss was the fact that my husband is not forced to work all day tomorrow. He will be free at 2pm so we can drive like crazy people to get to the hotel, obtain our badges, and spend money at the SuperHappyFunSell. Not ideal but not the worse it could be.

A happy little extra for AWA is that they are utilizing the iPhone App that allows to you download the schedule and get updates throughout the convention. Yay AWA scheduling APP. Of course I will still carry around my paper schedule just in case. Just in case is always a good game plan for away trips.

X__X I might be super busy this convention. Tons of panels, cosplay meet ups, and other events I want to attend. Not to mention I need to spend all my money in the Dealer’s Room yes?

On my must do list is the Costume Contest, How to Make Your Own Plushie Mascot, the Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica cosplay meetup, and the Pokemon gathering. But some of the other things I want to do overlap or are way too close to each other. I guess having too much to do is never a bad thing but I wish it was more spread out so I have more to do on Sunday.

In conclusion I should probably be in bed already as I am going to have a busy weekend. I shall be armed with my own bottle water, Vitamin C, and hand sanitizer. Not coming back sick this time!!! XD Here’s to having a great time with the husband and about 12,000 other people!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kamisama Dolls episode 13 FINAL EPISODE?

So much to do and so little time. But I am glad it was just a false alarm with all the Fall Animes coming out. Apparently episode 1 really means 1:30 minute promo. I was like OH CRAP. But apparently I am just far behind on everything else in life and not anime.

But the super good news is that despite the husband still having to work on Thursday despite asking for the day off…I got my way and he will leave at 2. Which will put us in Atlanta around 8pm so we can check in, get our badges, and still go to the SuperHappyFunSell. Not perfect and my husband might not be as rested as I would like him to be for such a long drive but it is better than him leaving at his normal time.


As you can see all the important issues are covered in this final episode.

So on that happy note…let’s get Kamisama Dolls out of the way. XD Spoilers for THE END!


Utao is a genius!

Episode Summary: Utao’s god doll decides to get up and attack Mahiru’s god doll. Only neither one are controlling said god dolls. Shiba and bleeding Kyouhei are tossed aside but Koushiro makes sure to save them before they go squish. Kirio takes off in the middle of the battle and is not seen again. Utao’s god doll completely smashes Mahiru’s god doll into tiny pieces and that makes Mahiru a little…unhappy. Koushiro and Moyako get Utao and Mahiru out of there but Utao’s god doll follows anyway. Shiba can be seen crying over unconscious Kyouhei. He is taken to the hospital where everyone waits and worries over him. We learn that Mahuri has gotten away and we later see her waiting at the train station. While unconscious Kyouhei has several revelations about his life, like that he is a giant liar and loser. He was full of RAGE when he found about Teacher doing Aki, he attacked people with his god doll, and he stopped being a Seki because Utao gained control over his. But he really wants to protect Shiba now so all will be okay. He wakes up to groping Shiba and it is all embarrassing.


Every show this season has had some major parent fail. X___X

Kyouhei goes to the roof to think about how sad his life is. Shiba joins him and wants him to stay in town because they are in LOVE. Yay for kisses? Upon returning home Moyako explains that she can’t find anything wrong with Utao’s god doll. Utao automatically assumes it has something to do with her. Which is probably true. Shiba says all will be okay and Utao is like bitch you don’t know my life?! Kyouhei thinks everything is his fault and I approve of that statement. Aki shows up and Kyouhei starts to scream at him for things that are not his fault. Aki explains that he is going back to the village and Kyouhei is like MOVE ON DUDE. Aki explains that um that god doll that tried to fry us is still alive and Kyouhei is like oh….They reminisce about old times and part on good terms. Utao and Kyouhei spend the night wonder about their god doll’s previous owners and how much he remembers. There is a brief scene showing what all the other characters are doing before OH NO The End!

This episode was great. We found out exactly what the god dolls are, Kyouhei went to the village and kicked some ass, and every conflict/plot point was touched upon and resolved.

Or none of that happened at all. Which do you think happened?


Still don't know WHAT a god doll is.....

Apparently or…obviously there is going to be a second season. Not sure why they didn’t wait until they had enough material for 24 episodes. I see people are saying this was a great ending. Um I really didn’t see an ending at all. Kyouhei and Aki saying Peace Out at the end was thrown together so fast I doubt that counts. But that is all I have to go on for an ending.

However this was episode 13. It feels like episode 14 will air next week. But according to the interwebs there is not enough material for another season yet. So we will just leave things…..opened?


Maybe you would have found out had you stuck around?

I mean we got Kirio and Mahuri both on the run. Not sure how Kirio managed to run into Kuuko’s dad. Guess he has to be relevant despite the fact that NOTHING he did in the first 13 episodes mattered at all. Maybe he will have more to do in season two? For now he is waste of space. I guess I am more confused on why Kirio ran from battle. He had three people he considered siblings there. It was probably safer for him to stay there with people than hide alone and risk being picked off alone.

As for Mahuri….well she is sad and has reasons to run. No more god doll, Kyouhei wants Shiba, and her ticket to destroying the old ways in the village has been shot. So on the way home she goes to regroup and find that person in the “preview clip”.


From the mouths of babes....

Also we really hate Shiba right? Wasn’t she running outside to call for help for Kuuko. Was Kuuko mentioned AT ALL in this episode? Shiba thought she was shot. Yet all I saw was her crying all over Kyouhei. Shiba is the best friend ever.


Life must be tough when everyone has to listen to you. :( Poor Kyouhei.

I really liked Kyouhei being unconscious. We really learned a lot about him. Like he is a liar. He didn’t STOP being a Seki. Utao was able to take control over his god doll so done lost his spot. And if he didn’t lose his spot for that reason he surely got his god doll taken away because he attacked people. And after Aki killed half a room full of citizens they weren’t going to take any chances with Kyouhei. Oh and Kyouhei was pissed at Aki for sleeping with teacher which explains A LOT of his rage towards Aki even after finding out Aki didn’t kill Ms. CradleRobber.

So in conclusion Kyouhei and his emo I DON’T BELONG speech can bite me. He did belong, he was not an outsider. Aki and Teacher were including Kyouhei in their life….just not their bedroom. So his woe is me speech means nothing and is too stupid for words.


It would probably be more romantic if there wasn't a mile between them.

The only one buying his story is Shiba. Whom loves him back so I guess that works out for Kyouhei. Although I am surprised they manage to kiss what with the big hindrance in the way. You know…the balloons attached to her body?


What's a few dead bodies between friends right?

So I guess the only good thing about this episode was the scene with Aki and Kyouhei at the end. Kyouhei really has no idea what is going on despite thinking he is carrying the world on his shoulders. Aki really has a lot of reasons to be upset with Kyouhei yet he could sit there and laugh with Kyouhei about good times. And I am sure there were good times. There might have been more had people not tried to kill Aki and rape teachers and generally treat Aki like the plague. Kyouhei probably could have done more but in the end he was just one kid against the village. So while this was the ONLY moment that felt like a to be continued…it was done well. Aki acted almost…vulnerable and Kyouhei was only half an asshole.


Little kids can't see dead people. They can only operate deadly weapons. Duh.

So in conclusion this was not a conclusion at all. The little “what are they doing now” clips were just a lame way to work us into the next season. A season people don’t think is coming for a while. So we got a missing in action Kuuko and Kirio, no one is after Aki at this point, Kyouhei is still acting like MY LIFE IS HORRIBLE, and the Old Dude is still alive. Yes. A great ending indeed.


Poor misunderstood Aki. Go get the real crazies!

I can’t wait to see how Blood-C ends. Is this the season of Meh anime for me? :(

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kamisama Dolls episode 12: Is it over yet?

How is AWA only a few days away? I feel as if I am not ready at all. I don’t think the husband’s work is helping as they decided that he doesn’t really need Thursday off. Crossing the fingers he can leave early enough that we can get there by at least 7:30.

Also why is facebook suggesting that David Arquette be my friend? I know that Facebook has been on crack lately but this seems…weird. Very weird. And he needs a hairbrush.


Are people still watching us? Do I amuse you?!

In other news…X__X Why have some of the Fall Animes already started? IT SAID OCTOBER! Guess I better get on the ball and finish the summer yes? Spoilers for Kamisama Dolls being boring.


Tazer-kun!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!

Episode Summary: Shiba is trying to fight back at her would be rapist. Only he stole Kuuko’s tazer and manages to get Shiba back on the bed. Shiba decides to make the man less angry by bringing up Kyouhei’s name. Oh no that made him angrier? I AM SHOCKED. Thank goodness Kuuko is kick ass. She manages to take some people down, free Aki, and rescue Shiba. The random Diet Member dude catches up to the girls and Kuuko protects Shiba by pushing her outside. But Kuuko ends up shooting the Diet Member dude so this was probably a bad move on her part as Mahiru catches up to Shiba. Mahiru is not handling Kyouhei’s rejection very well. After some lovely words where Shiba can’t croak out the right words she takes a bit of a flight when Mahiru flings her. Good thing Kyouhei and the gang catch her.


Yes come back to the place that drives you crazy and be with me, Queen of the Crazies.

Mahiru can’t handle the fact that Kyouhei isn’t coming back to the village so Utao challenges her to a fight over crushed cookies. The fight is not…amazing as the girls are nearly equals despite Mahiru’s earlier victories. Eventually Utao overpowers Mahiru and wins much to poor Kirio’s relief. Mahiru is still not in her right state of mind and her god doll being useless is not helping. But maybe we should focus on Kuuko escaping with would be rapists? No. Okay. So despite the resident god doll fixer saying Mahiru’s doll is down for the count it gets up. Mahiru tries to hold it off but it eventually catches Shiba again with Kyouhei trying to play the hero despite not having ANY god dolls. Utao, Koushiro, and Kirio all try to rescue Shiba and Kyouhei but nothing seems to work. Kyouhei has flashbacks to important times in his life and vows not to lose Shiba. Only he gets hit in the head and the air is full of blood. THE END!


Kuuko should be the star!!!!

When did this become the Shiba show? I thought everyone was after Aki but now he is just forgotten in a closet. Of course he is the only one left to save the day now….Still. Shiba all over my screen.

Maybe I am angry because Shiba is constantly saying dumb and hurtful things. Like….when did Kyouhei say this would be rapist was his friend? I am pretty sure he said he went to HIGH SCHOOL with this dude. And since everyone in the village went to the same high school it means even less. I was not friends with everyone I went to high school with. So if someone is running around from Tenchi’s High School doing bad things don’t lump me in with them. Stop saying stupid things Shiba.


Knowing Kyouhei has done wonders for Shiba's mental health.

Now that being said…the stupid random almost rape was dumb. It really added nothing to the story (except to help Kuuko look AWESOME). More like look at how many awful things we can do to Shiba in 30 minutes! That and it came out of nowhere. It wasn’t like HE kidnapped Shiba. He called the head dude for help. So why is there a crazy turnabout in character? A man sees a woman on a bed and he needs to have sex with her no matter what? Crazy.


Hot potato!

Kuuko is the best character out of this whole series. I wish for her to be my friend. I mean…she was only curious about what the village crap was all about. Wouldn’t you? Once she realized things were really shady she was kicking and tazing her way to her friend. Shoving Shiba out the door and nearly getting shot herself. Amazing. The only mistake I think she made was not blaming the rapey do. I would have fallen on the ground and pretended to be hurt. XD That screaming lady would have made a great witness.


I am glad someone else thought that too.

The battle between Utao and Mahiru was meh. How was Mahiru so powerful two weeks in a row but Utao kicked her butt this week? Maybe Mahiru really does rely on that trapping technique too much. She doesn’t really have the experience thinking outside the box. Still I rather Utao come from behind than it being rather even for most of the battle. It was just boring. I can’t believe Utoa’s feelings over crumbled cookies could compete with Mahiru loving Kyouhei forever mentality.

Kirio deciding to help out his big brother was also odd. He hasn’t had real interaction with Kyouhei and Utao is the one who has been reaching out to him. Her. Whatever is going on with that situation. Very little character development/plot development going on for me to believe all these crazy stories.


The big bad killer isn't so scary now....

Why was Aki locked up in that closet? Why couldn’t his god doll break him out? This is all just weird. Still I am more concerned about the broken tazer than Aki.

Oh I forgot to say that Mahiru is cray cray. Because she is. Why won’t you go back to the village Kyouhei? Um because there is a track record of crazy people in that place? Just a thought. JUST A THOUGHT!


Episode 12 and we don't even know what the god dolls really are? Okay then.

What else happened in this episode? Everyone loves Kyouhei and are fighting for him. Kuuko is awesome. Aki is nowhere to see. Oh yes. The god dolls bleed. They are made of wood but they bleed. Bleed people. And when they get injured enough they lose their little marbles and don’t listen to their masters? I have no idea.


Blood? And I actually saw it? AMAZING!

Where the heck is this showing going? There is certainly not enough time in one episode to go back to the village and give people who deserve an ass kicking…an ass kicking. I mean…is there going to be a second season? One that makes sense and has a clear view of what is going on? All I see is everyone thinking Kyouhei is king. If that is the case why the heck isn’t this series going to end with him taking over the great god doll in the basement? You know, the reason why Utao and Kirio were separated? And does anyone care about Aki anymore?

This show is crazy. But not as crazy as Blood C.


Breathing must be hard when you don't have nostrils.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Still praying for a soldier in Iraq

Really that should say praying for ALL the soldiers overseas. Praying they come safely, SOON, and without long lasting scars from the "war". War does horrible things to people on both sides of the conflict. All I can hope for is a future where people aren't blowing each other up over plots of land, different religious beliefs, and long going feuds that have both sides looking like fools.

But in particular I am praying for one soldier today. I mentioned him a few (quite a few...) months back about how he was going back to Iraq. Well today he got on Facebook, the first time in about a month and said he needed to tell me something good and something bad. He had been shot three times but was okay and not to freak out.

Obviously I freaked out. Of course since he was TELLING me he got shot he was still alive and out of harms way. Still I got sick to my stomach at the possibilities of what ifs. I think I usually do that, think of the worst outcome so when things are just a little bad I feel better. But yes my friend is okay. Or as okay as he says he is. I am sure there are mental scars on his heart and in his mind that will last a lifetime and he thinks he has to be brave and protect me from those things.

So my downer of a post is really me seeing how small some of the problems are in my life. I do complain a lot about my job and probably will continue to have RARW moments. But in comparison to what my friend has to go through I feel guilty about complaining about lazy co-workers and burnt pizzas.

Of course that might not be fair. Everyone has problems in their life but there will always be someone else out there who has it worse than you. But you are allowed to feel RARW when life hands you crap. Sometimes you don't want to make lemonade. You want to squeeze the juice into the eyes of those who have done you wrong. But then you must move on. I can blog my little anger moments but holding grudges over things people (the people who have done me wrong) forgot about 5 seconds later is probably not healthy. That added stress in my life is not necessary.

Hopefully I can follow my own advice, even just 10 percent of it. Because when your friend gets shot 3 times it seems slightly silly to be pissed off over someone complaining about ranch dressing.

In closing and back to the point as I have rambled off subject....please pray for my soldier friend. Because despite being shot in both legs he still plans on remaining in the military. He is a braver person than I. Please pray/send good thoughts all those who serve outside and inside their country and that we can live in a world where we don't have to send our young people off to fight.

I would also like to add if I got shot three times I would be milking it for all it is worth. Because that is how I roll AND because I think if you get shot three times you deserve to have all the time off you need. I certainly would not be all OH I am fine on facebook. X___X I would be like WOE IS ME!!!!! But that is probably why I am not a soldier.

Proud of you soldier friend.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Nendoroid Haruhi Disappearance Version has arrived as the main event!

Today was an amazing day at work. And by amazing I mean I made 15 dollars with 9 deliveries (read VERY BAD), had tons of customers yell at me for things not coming out on time, and was subjected to glaring by the new useless girl who was causing havoc yet doing very little work. Actually I am pretty surprised how much crap she caused when every time I looked up she was not doing anything.

Also I think I am still in shock on how bad Blood-C was last night. So very bad indeed. I might have nightmares where I am Saya and I am completely useless in life. Imagine how horrible that would be?! XD


For some reason I don't like Haruhi's box. X__X Weird yes?

So I shall take it easy tonight and give myself a break from animes that drive me nuts (AKA Kamisama Dolls). Time to talk about something fun. Oh I know...Nendoroids. XD Up next is Haruhi and how her haughty poses brighten up my life.


I am always jealous on how the pictures on the back of the box look. I know they are taken by professionals in the best light with the best possible everything. But still.....I want my poses to look that nice too.


Time to get to work. Luckily bigger nendoroids seem to be easier to pose. Unlike the petit ones that have the pieces on so tight it almost breaks my fingers.


Oh snap. Kyon has just run up to Haruhi and she is I know you? XO Harsh dude. Harsh.


View from the side because I love the hair. I am a sucker for long hair. The ribbons are really well done and add so much character to Haruhi. I can't lose these ones!


Here is the close up of the crossed arms. It really isn't two arms connected. Just a "hand" glued on to the opposite arm. XD I think this is quite cute and clever. Gotta work with what you got and keep the piece count down.


Haruhi isn't always a grumpy girl though. By switching a few parts we have "normal" Haruhi in her lovely private school uniform. She looks like she up to something doesn't it? Of course Haruhi is always up to something....


Haruhi looks a little bit like my kitten. Tiny little face full of adorableness. But behind that face lurks the mind of a demon. XD Always planning and plotting something. Who will be her next victim I wonder?


Even though Haruhi is a trouble maker she is a very eager person. Why tell her she is trapped in an alternate reality and she will try to find ways to fix things. No questions asked. Just YES I believe this impossible thing you are telling me.


Kyon. You could have had a world without Haruhi. You are the one who decided to go find her. Don't make faces after you found her again. XD You know what you were getting into.


Haruhi wants you! Are you an esper, time traveler, or alien? Err never mind then. She doesn't want you at all. XD


XO No Haruhi. Don't go all serious on us and walk to school. Stay with us and play.


Proud member of the crazy club. Actually the founding member....


You too can belong to the crazy club. But if you see girls with long purple hair I suggest you run.


Everyone is thrilled to be together again. Especially Yuki.


I thought the movie was great. Ran a bit long but really good. And of course I love all the lovely nendoroids that were made possible because of the movie. XD I thought purchasing these lovelies would break the bank but they were quite affordable. Or at least in Japan anyway. Not at anime conventions. X__X

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Blood-C episode 11: Sanbara High School doesn't have a *winter* school uniform!

I think the people who have watched all 11 episodes of this hot mess so far should form a support group. We could make T-shirts or something. Get the word out on really bad anime and how it can affect someone for the rest of their lives.

At this point I have no idea what the movie could possibly be about. Maybe it will be a 90 minute apology to all of those who watched this show? Maybe it will show Saya moving into the Real World house in an attempt to make real friends? Who knows? No one knows. Not even CLAMP. They don’t even know what happened at the end of XXXholics and they wrote the damn thing.


Um...why isn't this censored?!

Needless to say this episode has reached new levels of WTF. You have been warned.


Remember what? You weren't there!

Episode Summary of WTFness: Saya spends most of the episode being molested by Kanako or sitting on the ground looking all blanked out. But basically the nondead twins and Kanako explain with the help of Shinichirou that HAHA everything is a lie. They were all hired to do something…something that could not be explained in this episode or any other episode because where would the fun in that be. But yes. Hired to do something and that no one really likes Saya. The twins sound like they aren’t teenagers and are really running a prostitution ring and are only here to get stuff taken off their record. Shinichirou just wants to get paid and is tired of playing the love interest. He is probably mad because his paycheck was drastically cut since Saya never realized he was the love interest. Tsutsutori is there because she wants to study the real deal. Shinichirou gives Saya some Ugly blood and she remembers back like…I don’t know, not yesterday when she was trying to escape a facility and Fumito was like oh no I want you. Then it fast forwards to Saya being tied up in the “mansion” only now we see blood getting pumped out of her. During all of this talking Kanako is molesting Saya for some reason. To make sure Saya really has a bad day or something.


Is he really 19 feet taller than the twins?

Anyway the non dead twins and Shinichirou aren’t dead because they have magical talismans that keep them alive. But don’t worry the censored deaths of everyone else counts yay. Also they talk about how Saya would drink the Uglies blood after each battle and by only drinking the blood would she remember her past. One would think that Watanuki doggie would have used that instead of just asking the same damn question 48435 times. Things get slightly stupid when the twins realize that there is actually a covenant but this line of thinking is stopped when a real Ugly bursts from the house. The twins and Shinichirou haul ass as Kanako drags Saya away. Saya is a little bit upset at all this information. But before they can escape Yuuka and Itsuki are there to tattle. Apparently the Key Master sees EVERYTHING and their attempts to ruin the experiment have not gone unseen. Itsuki pretends to care about Saya but he is an asshole too so who cares. Everyone starts screaming at everyone else and Fumito is like OH HI I am here and I am behind the experiment. Enter shocked faces from no one in the universe. THE END!

They see me trollin….they hatin…


Oh snap. My popularity is going to suffer after this episode isn't it?

No no really folks. There was about 19 minutes of talking in this episode and I have no idea what they were saying. Only that everyone is an asshole now. WOOHOO! That is so creative, making everyone an asshole.

Oh and Fumito is the one in charge of the experiment. I know that is shocking to people…who haven’t watched this show. Mainly my cat and the homeless dude who harasses our customers for 50 cents. He needs to make a phone call!


MOG?! IT WAS HIM?! I had NO idea!!!

But for about 99 percent of the people watching this piece of crap…yeah. We knew that Fumito was behind everything. MAINLY BECAUSE IT WAS OBVIOUS! We couldn’t try to disguise his voice? Make his attempts to give Saya le poison less suspicious? Empty bird cages, hinting at what was in the treats, and running around with an arm that just got blood sucked out of it? How did we EVER put all this information together?! We all must be geniuses.


MOG! It all makes sense now. Time to wrap this sucker up. This obviously was the biggest clue that didn't exist in the series!

I guess the real “shocker” of this episode was the fact that everyone was in on….the experiment. Not that we know WHAT THE HELL THE EXPERIMENT IS?! Yes folks. I am still having anger issues over this. They spent the entire episode saying that Saya forgot, that they want her to remember, and that this experiment is lame. WHAT THE HELL IS IT?!? Why did Fumito run around Japan hiring crazy people to pretend to be Saya’s friends and then “pretending” to have them killed? What purpose does this serve? Why? Why me?!


Only Saya's name is ridiculous. Only her name. Remember that.

Until we know what the experiment is…..I hate everything. Everything. I mean…..were they supposed to help Saya remember the past? That can’t be as the “cast” said every time she was near the truth he (Fumito) would just hypnosis her again. Were they supposed to keep her happy and pretending she was a real girl? If so why bother keeping them alive? Real friends do not come back from the dead. They sorta…stay dead. So all of this could have been revealed in the exact same way except Teacher and Itsuki could have explained it. Without the “dead” people. A lot of “ “ going on in this post.


Newsflash: Yous is all bitches.

In case you missed the memo…Shinichirou is an asshole. I know this is super sad folks but he was in it for the money. Not sure WHAT he was doing but his glares at Daddy two episodes ago mean nothing. He was just mad the old man was keeping him from a paycheck. Really I should have known something was up when he was like oh yeah all our classmates are dead and I don’t care. Also look at me run up the stairs when I hear danger. I believed in you Shinichirou. My hopes and dreams are down the tubes. You were supposed to be the hero. Did the good times of egg lunches and cleaning up by the river mean NOTHING to you?


Oh don't worry. By the end of the last episode you all will be dead again. WEEE!!!

Really everyone is insane. Everyone. Whatever this experiment is they were not really told all the damn details. The twins seem to know nothing about the Uglies and are like what, they really are allowed to eat people? Instead everyone is just focused on being stupid. Like…..everyone is evil. The extras are really dead and they probably knew that coming in. So why would they risk being a part of this experiment if the creator has no problem killing off others? That is like dating a married man and then being surprised when he cheats on you.


I am so sure Itsuki was going to save the day. He was robbed!!

The best line of the entire episode was Itsuki being all pissed off. Because he is still “alive”. Sure dude. You were going to totally turn this all around. I believe in you.


WTF is this?

Oh and the molesting was completely unnecessary. Saya is already off in crazy is this happening to me land. She doesn’t need to be felt up too.


Saya. Just kill yourself right now. The future is not so bright for you.

So what did I learn from this episode? Well long ago Saya was trying to escape some people and Fumito was like no dude. Then he pumped some blood out of her and gave her other blood. Then he hired random people to be her friends to see if nature verses nurture really existed? Like why? WHY?! To learn about her? The only way to learn about an Ugly in human form is to build a village and hire some fake friends to see if she will hold on to her humanity?

Well newsflash Fumito. She don’t act human. Singing songs after people die is not a normal reaction to death. Well they aren’t really dead and they are actually assholes but she didn’t know that. No one loves coffee and blood candy that much. And one can hardly be human when they don’t question the serious lack of common sense and details in their lives. No one else was at school that day? Nope don’t care. One police officer for an entire town? Makes sense to me. Not one damn picture of momma in the house? Oh nothing to worry about. Just….so much fail.


Clearly the last 11 episodes showed this and I just wasn't paying attention.

Also is the forbidden fruit Saya has been consuming been her OWN blood? I am trying to make sense of this hot mess and have concluded that Saya has to be drinking her own blood. Because other Uglies have eaten one another and if the other Uglies were really made from Saya’s blood they would be stupid and clueless too.

I wonder what the Ugly from last week was complaining about. The extras were all real humans. Just go find one of them if you don’t want to eat stunt double Shinichirou. Or you know….tell Saya what the hell is going on so she stops killing yo ass. Just a thought.


So...if you weren't going to attack them why did you appear at that moment?

I really liked the part where an Ugly busts up the entire house and the “cast” decides to have a heart to heart 15 feet away. I guess their magical talismans were working. Probably won’t work that well now that Fumito is all pissed off and will take them away so everyone can redie.

I just don’t know what to say. I was waiting all day at work to come home and see how bad this episode would be. I guess I got my wish but I really wasn’t expecting everyone to be a Saya user. And I was expecting something resembling an explanation on what is going on. I guess we are supposed to be grateful knowing that Saya was really taking blood baths after battles and she really isn’t THAT dumb. Fumito is just making her that way.

But other than that…nope. Not grateful. Because apparently there are Uglies running around and there really is a Covenant. So all this nonsense didn’t have to be nonsense. It could have been real. Fumito could have put Saya in a real small town and used the actual people living there as bait/”friends”.

But until we figure out what the hell Fumito wants out of this experiment nothing will make sense. And even then I have no faith in this train wreck. If it comes down to a “monster” acting human because she was raised human….I hope Saya kills everyone and then herself.

Oh and Watanuki is clearly in this series to grant a wish. But it’s his own. To have CLAMP go back in time and not do this show so XXXholic could end better. The end.

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