Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kimi to Boku episode 9

Three episodes in one day?! XO Am I a productive little couch potato or what? I would reward myself with more ice cream but it is a little late for that.

As a note I define a day as the time when my eyes open to the time I put my tired body into bed. That is a day to me even if it is the morning of the next day. Because typically the hours between 8 am and 11 am do not exist for me on most days. XD


A good morning to you too!!!!

So weeee! Let’s get this started so I can go to bed yay! Kimi to Boku episode 9. I sense there is a festival and stress in this post. So much stress!


School festivals bring out the crazy in people.

Episode Summary: Chizuru tries to greet Kaname in a weird way but he is ignored. Shun knows it is because Kaname has a lot of pressure on him being the class rep and student council president. It is festival time and it is slightly stressful. Yuta and Shun are in the same class and they are putting on a crossplaying café. The rest of the group is putting on a haunted house. Kaname has to deal with all his classmates whining to him about making signs and not wanting to do one simple task and blah blah. Kaname notice that Yuki and Chizuru are missing and he leaves to hunt them down. Yuta and Shun are busy making paper flowers when Yuta and Chizuru arrive with cardboard boxes. They act like they are rickshaw drivers. Shun and Yuki get in the cart to have a race to Mr. Teacher’s office. Only Yuki and Yuta cheat and Chizuru nearly dies in an attempt to catch up. Eventually Kaname finds them all and yells. He fetches the item he was originally sent other people to do. Oh and there is talk about how the home room teacher needs to get a girlfriend. Shun is pretty excited about crossdressing and no one questions that.


Take us away from the angry Kaname man!

Chizuru and Yuki are sent to make Kaname copies only they are too special to know how the copier works. Chizuru also pretends it is their first TIME. Kaname arrives upset he has to do the copying. On route to decide what roles people are going to do for the haunted house the other student council members arrive and report there is drama involving the use of the kitchen. He tells the other boys to make him the receptionist. Naturally they make him a ghost. When Kaname finds out he runs to kill Chizuru and Yuki. Shun and Yuta are wearing part of their dresses and they hide the two outlaws in their fabric. Kaname keeps demanding to look under their skirts which makes him look like a crazy pervert. Yuki then asks Kaname to copy some flyers for the manga club. Exhausted Kaname sits down to take a mini break when he realizes he forgot to get the curtains the lazy classmate didn’t get. He runs to get them but they have all been rented out. Kaname starts freaking out until Mr. Teacher comes and says other students asked for too many and surely he can get a few that way. Kaname seems a little sad that someone had to bail him out. Walking home Kaname learns that the manga posters got printed without him because they figured Kaname was too busy. Under stress Kaname hits Chizuru…and then everything just seems better after that. Okay. THE END!

PARTY ON! It’s festival time. WOOHOO HIGH SCHOOL!


And then all Japanese anime otakus DIED!

Seriously I don’t think my school or any school in America could really pull of a high school festival. Probably because most schools have portables and that ruins the Hallway type atmosphere that goes on between classrooms. But mostly because I don’t think we could have gotten everyone on the same page long enough to pull of like 2387 different events at one time.


Japan: Where teenage boys like to crossdress for fun.

But since this is Japan things are okay folks. Because their teenagers can save the world by pulling Voids out of people, outsmart other Diary owners, and become inhabited by a SnakeDemonThing to change everything. AND they manage to take public transportation every single day and not get lost. Go teenagers!

Kidding kidding. Maybe. I do happen to think Japan churns out some awesome things and a lot of places I visited while I was there were amazing. But I am not under the delusional impression it is magical and teenagers are perfect. Rather these animes are created to present an ideal high school experience for viewers missing that time in their life or people still in that time and can relate. With that said I do think that these slice of life shows are more accurate at portraying a typical teenagers life than let’s say 90210 or Saved by the Bell.


Maybe you could offer to HELP him?

I am not sure how I feel about Kaname being the class representative and student council president. I am sure it makes sense on some level for the same person to do the job. The most responsible person in the class becomes the leader and leading a class helps you lead a school. But how is one person supposed to manage their class AND their school during a time like this? Maybe have a senior who has been class rep before be the student council president or something. Way too much work for one person.


Whoever you are...I hate you.

But that is not the case in this anime. Kaname gets the pleasure of having the entire school whine to him. Not to mention he seems to be friends with two of the laziest people in school along with the most insane. He had to deal with a classmate that couldn’t fill out a piece of paper. A PIECE OF PAPER! I have my lazy days too but if one of my only responsibilities was walking to a classroom and asking for a few curtains I would be like WOOHOO!!! But no folks. Apparently that small responsibility was too much for that dude.


But my life sucks!!!

I don’t blame Kaname for forgetting about the curtains either. While many of the things Kaname was doing were minor things if you have an entire list of them it can get overwhelming. People going on and on in your face adds to the frustratingness of the day and Kaname forgot something. Something small his classmate should have done but I am not blame poor Kaname.


WTF was that all about Kaname?

I do however blame Kaname for hitting Chizuru. Is that boy annoying and special? Yes. Yes he is. But that doesn’t mean you should hit him for no reason. We don’t go around hitting annoying people. If we did I have no coworkers at all. We just ignore them, yell at them, and glare at them. No hitting to let out your frustration.


Ta....da.......time to get back in the classroom.

I am not sure what the box racing was all about. I think they all lost their minds with that and if I was the teacher I would have gotten them in trouble. Mainly because I am mean and stuff. It was very special to watch.


Guess they cut Shun's hair a little too soon.

Yuta and Shun being okay with the cross dressing café….was also weird. But this time in an amusing sorta way. I wonder who thought of it and how many people in the class had to agree to this insanity for it to go through. Yuta and Shun walking around in their lovely dresses was amazing. Well amazing is a strong word but you know.


Where are the words?! XO Stupid copiers!

Copiers can be difficult to use. So I don’t think I am going to tease anyone too terribly about that. I mean yes they were being special but once I had a copier make 50 copies of something when I just wanted one. Like wtf stupid copier?! I pressed the print button once! Then I couldn’t stop it and everyone was staring at me and it was horrible. I hate copiers.


Take me back to the ghetto.

Is there anything else to this episode? I don’t think so. It was a pretty basic episode. They didn’t show the festival itself so all I have to talk about is the set-up. And setting up can be boring. So poor Kaname. :( Everyone was mean to him. Now he can be a ghost and still hate everyone. THE END!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guilty Crown episode 7

Such a couch potato. I am a lazy little couch potato. Maybe that is because of all the leftover turkey I have been eating lately. Turkey just makes one so tired. XD But it is so delicious. Just I found out yesterday that I shouldn’t eat turkey before going to work. So sleepy in the raaaain.

But in happy news we received our refund from Disney. Well we got an email saying we will get our refund next billing cycle. So glad that worked out otherwise it would have been a 126 dollar mistake. I feel foolish too. X__X Dear lord I live in Florida. How did I buy Disney LAND tickets. Note to all though: Disneyland and Disneyworld are not financially connected. If they were we probably could have just exchanged the tickets. But it all worked out and apparently I freaked out for no reason. According to my husband obviously.


......Okay then. Hello there baby Inori who doesn't even LOOK like Inori.

While watching the Big Loser I will sit here with my ice cream and blog. Because I feel as if that is what the show is teaching me people. XD Spoilers for Guilty Crown episode 7. Which means spoilers for Gai being AMAZING right?


We are also running out of people....

Episode Summary: For some reason Shu has returned to school…with Inori. And Antibodies allows this. Okay. People immediately start talking trash about Shu when he walks in and warns Inori to stay away from the criminal. Insert student body present Arisa. She slaps down the main person talking trash and says people should not be spreading rumors. She also follows Shu to his classroom and asks the right questions that allow Shu to lie about why GHQ took him and transforms Shu into a hero! Shu asks where Yahiro is and apparently his butt has not come back to class since Shu got interrogated. This is briefly talked about after school but mainly Shu just hangs out with his friends. Gai and his main people talk about how they need to replenish their supplies. Money is not a problem but the means to transport them is. Cut to Arisa eating dinner with her family. Her grandfather is yelling at an employee as their SHIPPING business has suffered due to the strict rules at GHQ. Grandfather is grooming Arisa to take over the business one day and that means she has to be the best at everything. She has a heart to heart with herself naked in the bathroom over this issue. Meanwhile Inori and Shu are folding clothes and being boring when momma Haruka comes home. Apparently this smarty pants scientist likes to come home and strip in the doorway. So when she sees Inori and her son on top of her she is like…okay let’s order pizza. Haruka decides that Inori is an interesting girl. Momma then talks about a party she is going to and picks out a fabulous dress to wear to the occasion.


My gift to you...a cellphone!!

Daryl, Segai, and some other dude meet with Dan, the stereotypical American. He is here with his extensive knowledge of pushing things on their sides and a boat. GHQ received a tip that a boat full of GHQ haters so they have decided to load up a boat full of missiles and blow them up. Turns out Arisa’s grandfather is throwing this party as a HEY Japan can take care of herself now so leave GHQ event. Momma Shu is there. Oh and Shu and Gai are there to talk to Arisa’s grandfather. Shu has a run in with Arisa and blots out of the main area pretty fast. Gai acts as a distraction to keep Arisa way from Shu. Now Arisa thinks they are both creepy. Gai goes to speak to Arisa’s grandfather and leaves him a phone. Shu gets word that GHQ is about to blow the ship up and to flee. Shu is like my mom is on this ship and I am going to save it! Gai agrees and gets Arisa to the deck. There Shu Voids her and takes out her shield thing. He is able to block all the missiles and turns them into fireworks. Grandfather sees how impress Gai’s group and agrees to be the shipping group that backs them up. Gai is the one who told GHQ where the boat was going to be and everything is amazing!!! Arisa wakes up and is all blushy to see Gai on snap. Shu and Inori go to school as normal as Haruka looks at a picture of baby Shu and someone with pink hair. THE END!

Every week I go HMMM after each episode. HMMMM folks. HMMMM.

So….is Shu stupid? Yes I think he is. Or maybe he has memory problems. Because not once did I see Shu looking all sad at Inori. You know the girl who ripped his heart out, stomped on it, and left it on the floor for my cat to puke on. I am pretty sure she said HEY me pretending to have feelings for you was all and act and Gai told me to do it. That happened right? Or am I remembering things wrong?


Err she is Queen of the Criminal People?

So why is Inori back in Shu’s house? Because he is stupid. If he has agreed to help Funeral Parlor then Gai doesn’t need Inori to spy on him. Maybe Inori is more there for protection purposes but still. Shu should have reacted slightly negative to the fact that she is there. Shouldn’t he have racing thoughts of Inori and Gai having fun times? Shu should have been mopey and emo like and instead he was like Back to Normal at Casa de Shu.


What do you mean parading in front of my son in my underwear is in bad taste?

Oh look another parent acting inappropriately with their child. Fun times. Now there have been times I have come home from work and my pants were all wet and I had to take them off before entering the house. Now I do this because I live with my husband and two cats. NOT A CHILD! And certainly not MY CHILD! And I am not wearing Victoria Secret’s Angels underwear or whatever she had going on. Now that I have bored you with personal details about my life….no. No no and no.

Maybe Yuki’s mom from Future Diary can trade tips on how to be a good parent with Shu’s mom. I am sorry, Haruka. Because mom is so last century. I mean….at least Yuki was trying to hide his girl in the closet. Shu was on top of Inori when HARUKA came home. And she was like let’s order pizza. No yelling at the kid or anything. Oh you mean Inori is being abused by her brother and you let her stay in MY house?...Okay help me pick out clothes for my party YAY!


Nope not suspicious at all.

But at least everything is okay at school. Well except for the part that people were gossiping about Shu and Yahiro is nowhere to be seen. Even when Shu asked where he was he didn’t get an answer. Yes his brother is in the hospital and that is why he has been selling drugs. But why would he disappear now? He didn’t even go to school the next day to see if people were going to bully him because of what he did to Shu. So…that is a bit WEIRD. Could have had some real tension there.


I am going to slap some respect into you people!

However there was no tension at all. Because WEEE let’s insert a new character and make all the problems go away. YAY Arisa! Because you are student council president that means everyone will believe you and follow your every word. Because this is an anime show WEEEE!

Had Arisa been shown earlier, maybe being on the subway and acting all sad too I would not be all WTF right now. But she wasn’t and I am. Because really why would she go out of her way to protect someone who was taken by the popo? Shu’s friends I could see defending him PRIVATELY but home slice Arisa who seems to have no connection to Shu went above and beyond to make sure Shu was okay.


Let me help you lie to the entire class. Because I am a good person.

Or maybe Arisa is just a nice person and doesn’t want people to get bullied. Maybe I should stop being over critical and accept sometimes people just want to be nice. Or maybe it is part of her “perfect act”. Or maybe since she is from a family that doesn’t appreciate the GHQ she wants to stick it to the man anyway she can.

I think I have a better understanding on what is going with this anime. Or maybe I do. Maybe my apologetic American side is showing but I see similarities with what is going on with Iraq and America. Maybe that is me reading too much into a show that has a young boy reaching between boobies to grab weapons. I don’t know.



But whatever the case may be I think that both sides of the “war” hate GHQ. Antibodies seem like the baddies but really they are under the thumb of another government. Funeral Parlor and Antibodies are all Japanese people. Funeral Parlor might just be expressing how they really feel about how having foreign occupation in their country. Antibodies might want to kick the GHQ ass but they know they couldn’t do so without further hurting the Japanese people. So they might be on the side of the “baddies” because it is best for the country. 10 years is a long time “help” a country out though. Time for them to stand on their own or at least help them become independent.


I think a lot was said in that one sentence.

But it doesn’t seem that way does it? Hello Crazy American stereotype! Could he have been more obnoxious? Probably not. But all the big wigs at Antibodies were nobodies on that boat. So that really makes me wonder what is going on with all this mess. I am sure it will turn out that they were on Funeral Parlor’s side the entire time but couldn’t support them.


Gai is the master at everything weeee!!!

Gai is a pretty sneaky person. Let’s tell the enemy where we are so we can demonstrate to a maybe ally how impressive we can be and making this seem like Shu’s decision instead of forcing his hand. Of course this was all banking on Arisa’s Void being super useful. Maybe Gai has met Arisa before and just KNEW she was going to be on the ship. Because Gai sees and plans for everything. Sounds like someone else I know….


Aren't these fireworks beautiful?!

The entire boat deal was special. Arisa being…brisk with someone she just met, Momma being on the boat, and the fact that missiles nearly killed all on board but they thought they were watching fireworks. I guess that plays into the fact that the rest of the country is naive to what is really going on and only those who have woken up and seen the truth understand the severity of the situation. Dance on rich people.

It seems that Shu’s mom is trying hard to fight the Crystal Virus. But the way she was apologizing to Arisa’s grandfather she is also responsible for it? That could be possible. Of course I like to think it was aliens because that would make more logic sense. But if her company makes…things that allow people to pull weapons out of people I guess making a virus that turns people into sparkle crystals could happen.


This is what every girl wants to hear. Yes indeed Gai.

Did anything else happen this episode? Arisa had her dramatic bathroom scene. She has been pushed into the Perfect Kid role and might crack under the pressure. Shu is now the hero of the school instead of being cast out. Inori hasn’t suffered any ill side effects from betraying Shu. And Gai is amazing. Does that about cover it? Next week we will see Arisa having day dreams about Gai and Daryl joining their class too right? Because that would be FUN.

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Fate/Zero episode 9

OH HELLO SUNSHINE! Where were you yesterday when I needed you? I feel very unloved by you sun. You are making my house nice and bright but I needed that light feeling last night. Crazy weather.

In other news operation Christmasize Tenchi’s House is at a standstill. Dead Husband take the box out of the closet! I seriously cannot lift this box and one tree is looking so sad because all the others are covered in ornaments. Get on the ball husband it is almost December!


A nice Servant/Master relationship! I loves it!

Since it is such a nice day outside…I will stay inside and blog anime WEEEE! XD Because I can and it is free. And saving money is fun. Fate/Zero episode 9 already? How does the time pass so quickly? Spoilers for PANTS!!!!


My screenie didn't come out very romantic did it?

Episode Summary: Irisviel is healing Maiya and states she will be okay after a few day’s rest. Saber looks like she wants to ask about Irisviel’s random self-healing abilities but remains quiet. Irisviel goes to talk to Emiya and mentions that Saber wants to go after Caster now. Emiya is more concerned about Maiya being out of commission because he is going after Kayneth. They aren’t here to save a few dozen kids after all. Lancer’s past is suddenly shown to Kayneth in the form of a dream. Lancer was a loyal knight to his retainer but fell in love and stole the girl he was engaged too. Lancer ultimately died because of his betrayal. Kayneth wakes up strapped to a bed but alive. His wife Sola is like yeah you nearly died because you suck. Sola explains that while she was able to regenerate all his organs he blew all his magic spark plugs and he will never use magic again. Kayneth starts to cry so Sola decides this is the best time to bring up the small matter of making her the Master of Lancer. Kayneth and his penis are under the delusional impression that he is still in charge. He is worried that his wife will leave him for that wonderfulness that is Lancer. This might have already happened as Sola begins to break Kayneth’s fingers so he will give her the Servant Seals.


Kayneth is probably lucky he only has 10 fingers.

Outside Sola tells Lancer the happy news that YAY she is the new Master. Lancer says he will only be loyal to Kayneth as that is his goal in life, not to get the Grail but to show ultimate loyalty to his Master. Sola abandons her seduction plan and says OH I am loyal to Kayneth too and if we win the Grail Kayneth will be healed. Lancer is then on team Sola. Waver is a bit X__X that Rider is getting cozy with his “grandparents”. But since Rider and his new PANTS have gone out and collected river water all is forgiven. Waver does some chemistry/magic combo to show that there is magic residue in the river and pinpoints where a potential Servant can be. Rider is impressed with Waver’s…..special way to do things and decides to be special too. His plan is to break into Caster’s place with no plans because plans are for sissies. Only they get there and there is a lack of Caster but a great abundance of dead kid bodies. Waver has a freak out and Rider is happy he has a normal Master. Suddenly Assassin attacks and Waver is like WTF is going on? Rider scares them off while killing two of them. They leave as there is nothing left to do there. Kirei is upset that he has been found out but Tokiomi is like we should just focus on learning Rider’s ultimate attack next time. THE END!

Only 1 minute of Saber this week? So sad my heart. But I guess she fared better than a certain someone who hasn’t done ONE THING since the war started. XD


Um are you going to tell me how you did that healing self deal?

But let’s start with the Saber clan. I guess I thought Emiya was going to play more of a central role being as HE is the Master and all. But I am finding myself more and more drawn to Irisviel. And I think Saber does too. I just hope that Irisviel doesn’t know about Maiya’s….DEEPER connection to Emiya. Not that I want Irisviel to be the stupid housewife left in the dark. Just I want her to be happy with the apparently short time she has left.


Me thinks Emiya would have liked this week's The Walking Dead.

I understand Emiya’s point of view though. Go after Kayneth while he is dying. Emiya is unaware of the two Master deal with Lancer so it makes sense to strike while your opponent is weak. However on the flip side if he doesn’t know about the two Master issue Kayneth can get taken out whenever right? Since he can’t use magic he isn’t much of a threat…..of course on my third hand maybe Emiya knows if that was the case then Lancer should have disappeared. In any event I think it was okay for Emiya to do what he needed to do but to expect Saber, the noblest of Servants, to abandon all the innocent children of the world was stupid. Very stupid indeed.


Be strong BE STRONG man.

I think given what has happened to Lancer he is looking pretty good. I was expecting…I don’t know. He was looking pretty veiny last episode. And he did throw up like 90 percent of the blood in his body. So for him to be awake after all that is amazing. Maiya just got healed so I am assuming this all happened pretty soon after the battle. So Ms. Sola seems to have a good understanding of magic and shouldn’t consider herself just a woman who married into the family.


Lancer tries to remain strong in his resolve to only remain loyal to Kayneth.

But Kayneth is screwed. So screwed indeed. That mole has a magic spell on it or something. She saw Lancer and was like I want a piece of that! Poor Kayneth. He was having a hard time when he could walk and feed himself. With most of his body turned into goo and his inability to use magic he can consider his marriage over. If it wasn’t already. It seems as if people in this show don’t really get married for love but to get into certain families and accomplish things. So…yeah. Peace out Kayneth. Sola is going to use that Grail to wish Lancer real or something so she can spend all her lonely nights with him.


WEEE using Lancer's own words against him.

I think I might feel bad for Lancer. I might. I mean we saw his past life and usually in those cases I would call Lancer a home wrecker. But I am trying to put things in prospective. This day in age when one person cheats on another that is horrible and I hate them and I will not see their movies no matter how many little kids they adopt. But since Lancer was alive like I don’t know…at least 400 years ago? things were different. Like oh hi powerful ruler. I shall give you my daughter and we shall form an alliance. When that kinda crap happens I will turn the other way when the daughter decides that HEY I don’t want to be married to a 55 year old man.

Lancer might be a different case as he wasn’t just a normal man. He was a knight and we all know how Lancer and Saber want to be live BY THE CODE. This view into Lancer’s past shows us why he is so gunho on being loyal. Because he regrets being so disloyal in his past he is willing to do anything to be loyal to his Master now. Even if that person doesn’t deserve his undying loyalty. So while I might role my eyes because Lancer takes it too far it is understandable why he is like that. I just don’t see things ending well for him.


We can all breath a sigh of relief now. All hail the pants!

Rider got his pants. Show over. Nothing more to see here folks!


Well we need to explain that to the audience so go collect the water now!!!!

Kidding kidding. I guess Waver got the memo there was going to be a season two and had to go back on his command that a Servant had to die for Rider to get pants. So instead Rider was given the task to fetch water. Like Jack and Jill WEEE! Again there was a bit of craziness with the fact that hey magic can leave residue in the water and it can be detected with a chemistry kit. Since I find that whole thing weird and odd…I guess I don’t have anything to say on the matter.


But MOM I want to go out and kill the baddies! You never let me do anything fun!

I do think Waver was right and riding into enemy territory with the plan to BEAT THEM…was not really the smartest plan ever. I like Rider’s enthusiasm but sometimes plans are important. Especially against people who are using children as meat/plant shields.


Poor shoes. Always being killed in animes. :(

I am also not going to say anything negatively about Waver’s reaction to the dead bodies. Or Rider’s for that matter. If there were dead bodies as everything is censored. But Waver is just a school kid who hasn’t seen much of the world. I would be having a mental down if that scene was presented to me. Rider was probably upset as well but is probably from the school of thought that keeps your emotions on the inside.


Well that was a pointless reveal....

That and they were in DANGER yo. This part of the episode I found a little stupid. Assassin was detected yes. Maybe when they realized Rider was coming they could have oh I don’t know…LEFT?! Or maybe just stay hidden and ran when the jig was up? It was clear Rider didn’t know who was there until Waver announced it. It was just dumb how Assassin got found out. It was eventually going to be revealed anyway but it didn’t have to be now.

So there was no major battle this episode but since there were 3 last week that is understandable. We got people recovering and scheming. The person who fared the worse was Kayneth and the person who came out on top was Rider and his pants. Kayneth and his broken fingers are at the mercy of his wife who is in love with Lancer and Rider…..well Rider has pants. That is all that matters folks who cares about next week!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Mirai Nikki episode 8: Yuki is a great judge of character!

:( I hates the rain. I know it is a necessity to life but I prefer it rain while I was sleeping. Or on days off when I have nothing fun planned. Because working in the rain and cold is just bleh. Maybe it is just at my store but the rain brings in and out the worse in customers. Already lazy people ordering pizza who don’t care if I get wet don’t really care about tipping me. 1 dollar is not acceptable any other day of the week but especially not when it is raining. I feel as if I have said that before….but sadly it has not changed.

But at least I saved 40 bucks on my new tires. And my other tire apparently had a nail in it and I got that fixed for free. Around the holidays every little bit of money helps so I am grateful for that. Turn that frown upside indeed!


Dry your eyes Yuki. I am here to save you. Or kill you. Either way I hope to sleep with you.

XO I stayed up until 3 am but no one had this Mirai Nikki episode subbed. Well one site DID have it but all the words were way too close to the bottom for me to read properly. How DARE these people have lives and not update things when I need them. THE NERVE of them. XD But now it is almost…err tomorrow so what am I complaining about anyway? Spoilers for Mirai Nikki episode 8. I hear that Yuno is always right or something.


The God of Time is great at math!

Episode Summary: Deus himself has a meeting with the eight remaining Diary Users. Surprisingly he does not point out that Yuki (really Yuno) is the reason they are all dead. One Diary owner speaks up and asks if he can transfer his Diary to another person and Deus is like X____X. Yuki is walking to school as it has been a few weeks since all the FUN took place. Keigo cop helped Yuki out with his lies (that burglars broke in and hit momma in the head) and all is well. ALL IS WELL! Yuki joins Yuno as they walk to their new school. Yuki hopes to make new friends despite not having any to begin with. Yuno has decided that Yuki sucks and should stop using his Diary. Yuki agrees and acts like people standing across the street are suspicious. Yuki gets to class and is horrified that he does know someone. This kid named Kousaka helped sacrifice Yuki to Minene in episode 2 and seems to think everything is Yuki’s fault. Before the entire class can think Yuki is the baddie a girl named Hinata and her sidekick Mao come and save Yuki. In true Yuki fashion he manages to ruin things. Hinata is a pretty forgiving girl and even helps explain to Yuki later what the teacher is talking about. Something about a new serial killer tearing people apart and what not.


You might want to rethink that buddy.

Yuno is less than thrilled to find Yuki with Kousaka, Hinata, and Mao after school. She wants Yuki to go home with her but Yuki follows the group to a closed off crime scene. It only has blood splatters so the group does not find it that interesting. They instead play at the park and Yuno writes DIE in the sand like a normal person. Hinata and Yuki go to some sorta of walk bridge where Hinata declares Yuki her friend. He gets all melty while Hinata runs ahead of the gang. Mao thinks it is cute Hinata and Yuki are friends but warns Yuki not to fall in love with her. Hinata runs into the woods because she hears something strange and it happens to be a bunch of dogs with huge metal teeth. Yuki gets worried and checks his diary despite Yuno saying NO. He reads that Hinata is going to be attacked and forces the group to run towards her. Only they find an arm and Hinata’s body on the ground. They all begin to freak out when TADA someone mysterious appears. Earlier in the episode Hinata talked about the weirdest kid in class being some kid named Aru. Aru likes to pretend he is a detective. Well he has followed our heroes into the park and seems to know Yuki. Despite that being WEIRD they all run to a building with tons of glass windows. As the group runs we see the Diary User from earlier, the one who wanted to lend his someone else. He makes a fabulous meal for his dogs and while eating noodles thinks to himself how the plan has begun. There is a picture off to the side and it looks sorta familiar…


MOG I have been fooled for the 3rd time?! How does this keep happening?!

Once inside the building the group notes the big glass windows and how the dogs are trying to break in. Aru takes the time to explain who he is and how he has put together that Yuki is connected to all the weird crap that has been happening in town. But instead of blaming Yuki he concludes correctly that people are out to get him and Aru is here to protect him. When the dogs try to break in Yuno suggests leaving the others behind as she and Yuki escape. She points out that someone close has to be controlling the dogs. Yuki is like Yuno you is crazy and have NEVER been right about anything. Yuki then uses his Diary to correctly predict how the others should reinforce the windows. The dogs eventually leave and Kousaka is like MOG you are so cool. Mao then takes Yuki hostage and hands Yuki’s phone to Hinata, who still has both arms. She talks about how she has the Breeder Diary and that Yuki wasn’t even the target this time but he is so stupid he can’t help but be one. No no the one the girls are after is Aru. They want the Diary he has. THE END! Oh and the side story is how Aru hit Mur Mur with his bike and she forces him to take her to an amusement park. And that someone was messing with his bike HMMMMMMM!


This is a good way to start off a friendship, by befriending a stalker!

I am going to start this off with…I understand Yuki. I understand how he is a normal person. He didn’t become the hero like so many other boys do in fantasy animes. He didn’t take the news of all this crazy with a WEEE I am going to be awesome attitude. He took it as MOG WAIIIIIIIII and cried under his blankets. Because he is a normal human being playing a game with crazy people. So up until this point I have understood where he is coming from.

And I can also understand his need to make friends. Well maybe not as he was a loner at his old school. But I understand the need of wanting to have a group of people you can pretend are your friends. And maybe after all that Yuki has gone through he just wants to talk to people who aren’t screwed up in the head. I really get that, really.


WEEEE! We bonded over seeing a crime scene in the park YAY!!!

But Yuki is probably the stupidest most naïve person on the face of the planet. I can only think of a handful of people (in animes) who have been a worse judge of character that Yuki. One would Ms. Sailor Moon herself but she usually did end up being their friends after purifying them.


Yuno just because you have been right about everyone else so far does not mean you are right now. GOSH!

Yes Yuno is crazy. No I would not want her as a girlfriend. And maybe someone should call the popo because there are DEAD BODIES in her house. But home girl has been right about 239032843 percent of the time thus far in the anime. So why doesn’t Yuki listen to her? Either she knows the future (because she has played this game before) or she is just some sorta crazy person who is ALWAYS right but Yuki. Homegirl is always right. In face I would assume every single person talking to me after the game started is a Diary User and wants to kill me. Suspect everyone and live longer!


Me thinks she should just take his Diary away if he is going to keep messing up.

And it is hard to say if Yuno is in the wrong for not warning Yuki. If she has played before thus recognizes everyone surely she could say Um Yuki they are a Diary User. Instead she just says they COULD be one and let’s go without giving Yuki a concrete reason to believe in her. But maybe Yuno has already done the Homura says Kyubey is EVIL timeline and things didn’t work out. It is hard to say what is going on. Only that Yuno needs to tell Yuki flat out what is going on because subtle does not work on him. Or maybe Yuno is just tired Yuki not believing in her. I know I am.


The dogs were apparently not that hungry.

This episode was a bit much at times. It was like they tried to cram way too much into 22 minutes. Maybe this is how it happened in the manga but the introduction of 3 new characters plus a random side character was way too much. Not to mention Hinata’s dog loving dad in the background. It was just….rushed I think.


Yes let's be best friends after this!

Like the way Hinata and Mao became “friends” with Yuki. Like dumbass should have known these girls were not normal. He did pull Hinata’s pants down in front of the whole class. She had the right to be embarrassed for a while and who embraces a new kid so fast anyway? Maybe that is the point, to show the viewers how stupid Yuki is for believing in a 8 hour friendship with a girl who can’t even afford a shirt.


Did everyone forget about this? I am thinking yes.

Also I am not sure what was up with including Kousaka in their stroll to the park/dead body scene. No one really had any ties to Kousaka and he was picking on Yuki. So why did everyone embrace him and take him along to the park? Is he a Diary User too and this was one big plot to drive Yuki insane? Because if so….they is all dumb because Yuno will slice your asses up!


Wonder why el crazy man gave up his Diary....

I wish there was more of a build up to who exactly was controlling the dogs. But once we saw that picture it was like oh Hinata. No wonder she was basically intact even though the dogs “attacked” her. I saw Cabin Fever, I know what attacked by dogs looks like. Still I wanted more mystery even though we knew one of those people was out to get Yuki.


Dramatic pointing time!

But oh snap it’s not Yuki this time. It is Aru that the Diary User is after. Well actually it was stated the Diary he had. Did Aru steal it? There is just something about him that seems…off. Like he knows what is going on but is not a part of it. I attempted to count all the people at the end of the episode to see who is Diary user and who is not. Aru’s “segment” in the closing song is number 13. Plus he is seen sorta standing there and not being a part of life like everyone else does. No doubt he has something to do with these games but I don’t think he is a Diary user. Not sure whose he stole but you know. I don’t know everything.


Maybe mom got all the sense bashed out of her head....

So in conclusion Yuki has the worse mother ever because she questions NOTHING, Yuki inherited this stupidness from his mother, and Yuno is probably crazy because she has gone through this game 3892832 times and Yuki hasn’t changed at all. XD Yay for fun!

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