Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Channel episode 4

So much to do and so little time! So what am I doing? Watching Kathy Griffin making fun of the royal wedding. Because I have priorities folks.

But in a few minutes I will have to go to work and face the evil of a new co-worker. Apparently after working there like 7 days she is running the show and not listening to anyone. Obviously she hates me. Hopefully when I come back from Japan she will be gone. XD


Nothing to see here folks. Just 4 crazy girls being....normal?

On to anime though. An anime that has nothing to do with pizza, silly hats, or royal weddings. XD Spoilers for…um diets?


Poor confused....Run? XD

Episode Summary: Run demonstrates her morning awakeness by mistaking a weathervane for real birds. Yuuko arrives at school to find Tooru and Run arguing over something. That something turns out to be Yuuko’s good points and Run is only naming her outward attributes. Tooru is jealous that Yuuko has boobies and she does not so she attacks said boobies. Nagi watches all this nonsense and thinks about her goal to lose a certain amount of weight. She thinks she has time before swimsuit season and calms down. But it is clean the school day and their class has to clean the pool in their swimsuits. Nagi is further X___X when the swimsuit is a little tight on her. Things calm down when Run says they all must be growing (not getting fat) thus the swimsuits do not fit. Elsewhere Tooru has to pick weeds somewhere with her class. Miho confesses she is a fan of Tooru’s and pets her for a little bit. Yutaka gets a little jealous of the attention and tries to be bbf’s with Tooru too. Miho reigns Yukata in and vows to protect Tooru.


Cartman wants to drink your tears!!!

The older girls are slowing melting under the hot sun. Soon Run turns the cleaning into a fun game and splashing/spraying occurs. Then a random song starts to play as the girls have fun and Tooru watches all jealous. Nagi arrives home thinking she has lost weight because of the exercising today. Only she has gained a pound. After reading some very basic information Nagi decides to go on a diet. She doesn’t want to tell the other girls she is going on diet as it would make them worry. When she gets to school she can only find Tooru who guess she is on a diet. They search around the school for the other two girls. Tooru and Nagi integragate Yuuko to see how she maintains her figure. Yuuko eats what she wants and basically doesn’t exercise. Oh okay. Then everyone guesses Nagi is on a diet too and the girls don’t want her to go all out for it. The girls help research diets and go X__X when Nagi doesn’t eat enough at lunch. Then while walking home Nagi decides maybe she won’t be so strict and do things in her own time. Everyone is like let’s celebrate with ice cream then WOOHOO! The next day at school the girls talk about SOCKS! And Tooru wishes she could gain some weight so she can wear her socks properly. Nagi kills her and all is well in the world. THE END!

Not going to lie folks. Not really a fan of gotta lose weight type themes. Especially when the girl in question is slender already. It just makes the issue that much more -___- to watch. Like okay tiny girl you want to lose some weight so you can be a skeleton. Got it. Moving on now.

I can now spell the word weathervane woohoo!!!

When listing my friend’s good points I should only talk about her calves and neck, not that she is generous, kind, and reliable.

Loose socks are a sign of the times and anime has lied to me.

Despite the fact that Nagi is tiny she can stand to lose 7 pounds.

Underwear and swimsuits do not ride up in Japan. They stay perfectly in place at all times.

Japanese health magazines are full of super informative facts that no one would ever think of. Ever!

Yuuko has the same type of life plan as me. GO US!

Everything is fun in anime, even falling down in an empty pool.

Water works differently in A Channel as people are skiing around in puddles.

Tooru’s non brushed hair is the topic of interest in her class.

When a friend is wavering on their diet it is best to suggest an ice cream outing. YAY GOOD FRIENDS!!


I approve of this compliment because I like giraffes.


I thought they were going to go horror movie on me now X__X


Good doggie.

Photobucket is that possible? X__X


This is the best way to lose weight true facts.


Someone is having a fashion moment....


Okay this was a sweet moment. XD I love friends like this. XD

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Royal Wedding Fever? On my anime blog?

Um...probably not. XD

Behold the hat I would have worn today if I had been invited to the crazy wedding of the century? Decade? I guess decade is safe for now.


Tea time with the Queen? Can we have Code Red instead?

My hat is better than 50 percent of the hats at the wedding yes?


See how the hat doesn't fit on Corn's head? That means we are doing it right.

So no folks. I did not get up at 4 am to watch the wedding. Still haven't seen "THE wedding". Just clips that keep replaying over and over again on the TV. However a lot of people in my town must have gotten up early to watch the wedding as they were all too tired to cook tonight.

From what I have seen so far the wedding dress was a lot simpler than I thought it was going to be, the avenue of trees was small, and the number of ugly hates was astronomical. But not to be a Debbie Downer they both looked about 1000 times more excited than William's parents at their wedding so woohoo for that. And it looks like it didn't rain so yay?

But I laugh. LAUGH! All this nonsense about a normal girl becoming a princess and the title Catherine is given is Duchess? I LAUGH! Also I hid my confusion as I am not sure how this title stuff works and one day she might be given the title of Princess anyway but HAHA! All the news stations going on and on about the new princess and techinically she isn't one.

I think anyway. If I am wrong people can laugh at me instead. XD Yay for laughter.

In any event I am glad I work at a place with mostly men who could care less about this wedding stuff. I might feel out of the loop if it was an office setting with all the ladies going on and on about everything. But on the other hand maybe I would be more up to speed on things...

But I wish this new couple a happy and long life together. Hopefully the mistakes of the past will not be repeated and these two people will have a chance to really make it. Good luck you two.

Dude there were some ugly hats. X___X Like for real.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Japan Trip 2011: ONE WEEK TO GO! Extra annoying Tenchi time!


This is me losing my mind.

Oh the royal wedding is in a few hours?........Sorry. XD Got other things on my mind. But really with all the hype I thought the wedding was ACTUALLY going to be watchable in the states. I mean I know there is a major time difference but from how people were talking I assumed the wedding was in the evening and we could watch it at a reasonable hour here (here the United States). But no folks starts at like 4 am here. So either everyone is a moron talking about watching the wedding or a lot of people aren’t going to work tomorrow.

BACK TO JAPAN!!! XO Also sorry for being annoying. XD Really I just can't contain myself much longer and I think if I talk about it anymore at work I might be the one murdered. XD

Time flies when you aren’t planning your trip right. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. Add in that people are trying to make me go to jail at work and everything is all X__X. But I will not give in to temptation. I will not murder people despite the fact that they suck. And maybe..just maybe my friend they will be fired/gone by the time I get back?


All this to do and I am just sitting in front of my computer! X__X I must be crazy.


Research the best exchange rate. I have heard going with our own personal debit cards/ATMs are the best bet but just want to make sure.

Call the bank and tell them we are going out of town. And that I have used my ATM card twice in my life and no longer know the password. Because I rock.

Call the pharmacy because when I asked for a 3 month prescription on something I thought it would fall in between the trip. Obviously not though.

Clean the entire house because 7 days after we get back from Japan the relatives are coming to town for the wedding of my DEAR brother and my house has been chosen as a meet point.

Find a power cable that is two prong. Everything in the house is 3 X__X

Slowly detach my cellphone from my hand as it has to stay home. 200 dollar data plan? Buying a calling plan that makes the minutes $1.12 each? NO THANKS!

Find a super detailed map of Tokyo as the iPhone will also be out of commission.

Buy a memory card for the new camera that we have used…once.

Finalize the calendar of events. MAKE THE HUSBAND PICK SOMETHING!

Find some way to get to the airport without it costing a million dollars.

Pack. And repack. And triple check.

Pry the little baby cats from my arms. XO MY POOR BABIES!!

Check the mail obsessively for our Ghibli museum vouchers. HURRY AND GET HERE!!!

Finish the last minute shopping. Will customs stop us for having 5 boxes of Froot Loops?

Blog one last week of anime shows so I am not TOO behind when I come back.

Reassure my mother…and everyone else that we are not going to die.

Is that it folks? Have I forgotten anything? XO Losing my mind, losing my mind.
But I am also excited beyond words. I don’t think it has really sunk in yet. My mind is too crazy to even think about the absolute fun of traveling for 23 hours straight weeeeee.

One week folks. Then no more driving, no more work, no more drama. Just having fun with the husband for 25 days straight. Hopefully we only spend half that time being absolutely lost without hope. XD

T-Minus 7 days!!!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 2

Today may or may not have been momagers birthday. Today may or may not have been spent at the mall spending money I should be saving for Japan and stuffing ourselves silly on food. And since no one got in a fight today was deemed a success. Go us.

In other news XO Single Digits folks! Soon I will be making crazy updates that consist of MOG I AM IN JAPAN WOOHOO!!! Prepare for the posts and or annoying behavior.


Just a normal after school scene, nothing to see here...

In anime news it is time for episode 2 of everyone is an alien. Otherwise known as Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. Spoilers for a lot of conversation that makes no sense and Makoto needing to get a job.



Episode Summary: Eiro starts explaining to Makoto what the aliens in town are all about. Or what her job is. Something about dead people, fake heaven, and investigations. Makoto passes out the food and basically calls Eiro crazy. Eiro is not pleased as Makoto just said he believed her. But there is a scene with sparkles and Makoto cleaning pizza off her face. After the first day of school meets a new classmate named Ryuko. She seems very…..outgoing and people seem to avoid her as she looks weird wearing a kindergarten hat while riding a bike. Makoto seems excited to be gaining more youth points and pedals fast to keep up with his new friend. Makoto ignores Eiro when he arrives home from school despite the fact she wants him to go on a mission. The next day Makoto arrives early to school and is introduced to another classmate Maekawa. She really isn’t interested in learning his name and is content in calling him transfer student. Makoto thinks strange things about Maekawa too so it works out. Makoto has lunch with Ryuko. Another student refers to Ryuko as a different name which pisses her off. Ryuko explains that a crazy girl claiming to be an alien gave her that weird nickname. Maekawa is like oh..I see.


Seems as if Eiro makes friends wherever she goes...

After school Makoto ends up with Maekawa who demonstrates her ability to almost pass out when raising her arms above her head. What a strange condition in a town rumored to be watched by aliens! Makoto arrives home to Eiro acting weird. Only this time Makoto agrees to do what Eiro wants. And what she wants is Eiro to bike two hours away from the house to a beach. At first Makoto is like WEE what a fun time. But then Eiro tries to drown herself in the ocean so she can fly. Fun times stop there and Makoto takes them back home. Only he runs into Maekawa wearing a fast food costume. Pretending she is not weird Maekawa is like oh I know your cousin. She disappeared for 6 months and when she came back she was changing her story about where she was and eventually dropped out of school. So says the hotdog girl or whatever. Makoto arrives home to see his aunt eating pizza. She does confirm that Eiro went missing for 6 months and when she came back weird things happened. Like Eiro trying to “fly” but really she broke her leg and nearly drowned. Thus her wearing a futon around her body. Meme explains this all like Oh no big deal here and it is weird. The end!


Very strange indeed.

Oh hi there weird anime. How are you today? Oh still insane? That’s good, keep up the good work.

Once again this week I think most of the cast are a bunch of aliens. I might have bumped Makoto off that list which means he probably will be the actual alien in the end. If this show is about aliens and not weird people of course. But Ryuko and Maekawa are pretty alien like themselves.


Maybe if I heard all that I would be taking back my statements too...

I am not sure why Makoto is taking back his statement from last week. He seemed pretty on board with the alien idea. Maybe sparkles got in his eye or something. But for him to say it was just a figure of speech makes no sense. It would be better for him to say he got caught up in the moment and sparkles. But either way Eiro should be pretty pissed because for a moment she had a believer and then all her hopes were smashed on the ground.


Thank you for summing up my thoughts.

I think I understood 10 percent of what Eiro was saying. You know the part where she said the, and, cousin, and is. Everything else was WHOOSH!!!!!! Alien investigator, chosen by aliens to be an investigator, and dead people. The dead people thing made me raise a few eyebrows. Was that Eiro just being weird again or was that a bit of truth slide in with all the crazy? If so consider me interested. Aliens making a “heaven” like place for us to further study humans? Potential zombies running around this place? Woohoo indeed.

But other than that Eiro made no sense. But I do prefer her not wearing the futon. Not because I need to see her glittering, just that her marble mouth talking is annoying.


Very broken up I see...

Meme acknowledging her daughter was a bit weird. Last week she was all oh what daughter? What person in the futon? But now she is like oh yeah, she went missing and then tried to fly off a bridge. I mean I might have liked her ignoring her daughter better. She talked so casually about her daughter being missing for 6 months and then being found floating in the ocean. I am not a mother but maybe some lingering sadness should be in her voice? I’m just saying.


I am TRYING to die here dude. HOW RUDE!!!

Eiro wanting to go to the ocean was a bit weird. Was she trying to go back to the spot where the aliens dropped her off? Was she trying to prove to Makoto that she was speaking the truth? Does she really think she can fly if she almost drowns? If so maybe she could pick a closer place to almost drown (the bridge she rode her bike off of?). Also maybe if she wanted to prove to Makoto she was an alien perhaps she should have picked something easier to make up.

But it will make sense about the mattress thing. Maybe Eiro was embarrassed that the entire town was talking about her and she dropped out of school to hide her face in a futon. It makes sense people. It makes sense.


I don't know if she has much brain to be protecting...

Moving on to the other weirdos of this show. They are both girls of course because a male moving to town and making male friends would be silly folks. Silly!!! Ryuko was the first to talk to Makoto so we will start with her. She starts off perky, gets stared at for wearing a weird helmet, and ends with a tantrum about her nickname. She earns alien points in my mind because of just how eager she was to be Makoto’s friend.


Is he calling her ugly?

But then Maekawa showed up and really proved to be the insane one. Like okay Ryuko I guess you ain’t that crazy. If I fainted or got light headed because I raised my arms for a certain amount of time…..I would stop doing it. I would TELL people about my problem. I would not demonstrate the condition. And really there aren’t any clubs that would want Maekawa as a member. There are plenty of nonathletic clubs…and jobs out there. So that was weird, especially the fact she wanted to tell Makoto this right after meeting him.


Let's gossip about strange people WOOHOO!!!

But then Maekawa decided to up the crazy factor and walked around the town in a fast food outfit. Because I really am focused on Eiro being crazy when you are wearing that ugly outfit for fun. But then I decided that Maekawa really does think aliens are in town and is trying to mess with their data by being a crazy person. It makes perfect sense folks! She ain’t crazy, she is on Eiro and her plans to eat all the pizza in the world.


Or you are the strange one...

Or Maekawa is the craziest person yet in this show.

In conclusion everyone in this town is crazy. If it is because of aliens that has yet to be determined. But everyone and their distant mommas are crazy.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 3

Dear co-workers YOU SUCK. Not only did you waste three BATCHES of dough I had to wash all those trays full of gross ruined dough. Thank you so much, I enjoy staying late because you are too stupid to live. I really, really hate you all. Love someone who is escaping in less than two weeks HAHAHAHA!

In other news one should not eat leftover pizza and half a bag of jellybeans in one sitting. Well not without some training first. Maybe I am not built for that kind of eating. Maybe I will stick to late nights with ice cream and Code Red instead.


break me out of this prison please?!?!

Since this is an ANIME blog maybe I will talk about anime now? Weird concept I know. But today is the yaoi for the season woohoo!!! Spoilers for boy on boy action and Tenchi being a hypocrite YAY!!


So much joy!!!!!!!!

Episode Summary: Ritsu watches as Takano gets in a fight with a random person. Turns out the random person is Yokozawa and he is pissed about the newest manga that has been released. It sold out in the first day and Ritsu is like um why is this a problem? A co-worker explains that it will take 10 days to get more mangas reprinted and that is a lot of money lost. However Takano orginially requested a lot more prints so basically Yokozawa is on crack. Yokozawa catches the two gossiping and basically calls Ritsu out on using family connections. Ritsu is like :( and his people try to cheer him up. And also point out if he fails he can never show his face in public again. This really makes Ritsu love the work environment. Ritsu attempts to deliver some work via the elevator but runs away when Takano gets in the elevator too. This brings up some flashback scenes with the relationship in high school and how Takano is going to make Ritsu admit he loves him again. Ritsu is all RARW and decides to do other work. He calls a manga artist to see how her storyboard is going along as she is 5 days late. He feels that he can help her with her storyboard as recently Takano made him read over 100 storyboards. Oh and a storyboard is basically the layout of a manga.


Spy on us while we are talking about you is just RUDE!

While working Ritsu gets angry when Yokozawa wants to go out for drinks with Takano. Ritsu loses more of his mind as Yokozawa and Takano are hanging out after work and Takano laughs. LAUGHS. Ritsu tries to escape but is yelled at for not adhering to the Japanese rules of seniority. Ritsu tries to escape more but Ritsu and Takano are stuck in the same subway home. Takano demands to know why Ritsu is ignoring him to which Ritsu makes excuses. Then the train almost crashes and Ritsu ends up in Takano’s arms. Once home Ritsu discovers the storyboard has been sent to him so he sets to work with the corrections. He ends up with a lot of corrections and isn’t confident in his work. He attempts to fax the storyboard to Takano but Takano demands he come over. Ritsu eventually does and Takano gives him advice on storyboards and such. The second the work is done Ritsu tries to leave but Takano stops him and demands to know why he is being ignored. Ritsu tries to lie and says he has a girlfriend. Takano responds to that lie by kissing Ritsu and fondling his junk. Ritsu is all X___X and tries to run away only Yokozawa is outside Takano’s door. THE END!

Poor molested Ritsu. :(


This fact blew my mind!!!!!

But let’s start with the technical stuff. LEARNING if you would. XO I really had no idea how much work went into mangas and each week I find myself feeling more and more sorry for manga artist and anyone connected in that industry. Of course I do buy the mangas even after I read scans online but this motivates me even more to support the artists. SUPPORT THEM NOW!


So much power X___X

However…this is all very X__X to for a different reason. I had no idea editors had so much power over how the mangas are presented. Of course this could all be done for dramatic flair for the anime but I tend to believe this is showing a great deal of truth. Which takes a bit away from my manga enjoyment. I don’t want to think about how the artists have to limit or edit themselves because some editor is focused on a formula. A SIMPLE FORMULA!!!


Ritsu is easily manipulated...

Also something that was interesting to me was how much work goes into a manga before one picture is even drawn. I guess that makes sense. You need to know where the story is going before you start the real work of drawing everything. I don’t know why this is interesting to me. For some reason I thought they had an idea in their head and moved with the pen. That would probably be disastrous though.


But I guess he suffers a lot too...

As much as I like Ritsu I do find him making so many corrections on an established manga artist a bit hard to watch. He has been trained to follow a formula though and I wonder if that really will help him in the long run. Maybe readers find these scenes easy to read because they have been trained to expect those type of scenes. Sorta dumbing down the readers if you would. Cutting jokes when he is a newbie was a bit rarw to me. But since Takano went through and made similar changes I see why Ritsu did it.

I am not sure why I am so blah about that. It just seems wrong and as an established artist I would be insulted if some new kid went through and killed my paper with red ink. I don’t care how many formula storyboards that kid read in one night. If I had a vision and it was basically thrown out and tossed aside I would be upset. But in the end the manga business is just that: business. Just readers aren’t stupid. I rather something be creative than predictable.


Well that part was not ninja like...

Moving on from the technical stuff of the show WOOHOO Ritsu has lasted an entire month at Shoujo Editors are all Men. And he hasn’t moved away from Takano which is surprised. I think I would have liked a scene of him getting turned down by various other places to move or at least him attempting to move. That is too big of an issue for him to avoid. XD

Speaking of avoid….XO how did Ritsu avoid Takano for so long? Well obviously he can’t avoid him at all costs but how did he avoid being ALONE with him? They do live in the same area and there is probably one easy way to get home. And there is the elevator of looooooooooove. Ritsu must be a ninja or something. He needs to get out of the book business and be a spy or something.


Stop having fun!!!!!!

Takano better not being having relations with Yokozawa or I will be pissed. I mean….he could have had past relationships with Yokozawa and that would be fine. But in the month that he has known Ritsu and said his little thing about you will love me again he better not have been riding the Yokozawa train. Or Yokozawa riding the Takano train. Because that would piss me off and make Ritsu’s little heart hurt.

Of course this is all probably smoke and mirrors. They are probably just friends, this will make Ritsu jealous, and Takano will smirk over the fact he got to Ritsu without really doing anything. I am not really sure how to explain the 3 am visit from a friend…but you know….whatever. Just no more sex with Yokozawa! You are supposed to love Ritsu.


Oh hi forced love!!!

I would like to take this time to acknowledge that if a man forced a woman to kiss her and sexually molested her it would not be hot or funny. I would be upset and pissed off at the show. Sexual harassment is not funny or sexy. And the fact that the person getting molested will eventually fall in love with the person molesting them is not romantic. I acknowledge all of this.


Must not enjoy.....

And yet….I have been brainwashed. Because I am dumb and read formulaic mangas. Is formulaic a weird? It looks dumb. But yes. I am a hypocrite because of the sexy boy on boy action. I think Takano had no right to touch Ritsu like that and that Ritsu is going to be a moron who falls in love for falling back in love with someone who touches him without permission. But….:( It was hot. I am a bad human being.


I approve of the stick people though XD

Just….just poor molested Ritsu. I am sure next week there will be more suffering. Ritsu will be pissed about being molested but jealous over Yokozawa. All the while Takano will be thinking he is the man. Oh and I am sure next week I will learn something else about the manga business that will make me :( But then I will get on a plane to Japan and be XD so it’s okay.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nendoroid Kagami wishes you a Happy Easter!!!

Happy (lateish) Easter. Whether this is a religious holiday for you or one that you fill up on candy or even one that you get to work holiday hours at a store...HAPPY EASTER!!


Sakura wishes you a Happy Easter Day! Also why isn't this a picture of Kagami...

Also have there been any sighting of a certain magical girl who died for our sins? I am keeping my eye out for her...


Oh hi why are all my pictures dark when it is the middle of the afternoon?


Kagami did you spend the day with your family? If so was it as special as my day? XD


This is the only kind of peep I like. The marshmellow ones are gross XO


XO Why have you trapped me in this egg?! I AM NOT A TREAT!!


Um Mr Bunny can you free me from this egg? Not enjoying this holiday!


On second thought maybe I will stay in here, away from the demon cats.


Was your Easter full of candy and treats or did you wake up at the crack of dawn to attend sunrise services?


And here is one of my favorite parts of Easter. NOM NOM! This year I decided to buy a few of these delicious cadbury eggs just in case they all sold out before today. That and I don't plan on going to the store to battle the 8 am get up after a sale crowd. But I love Jesus and cadbury eggs! HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!

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A Channel episode 3

So after the much anticipated wait of Madoka….I am not sure how I will look at anime for a while. After all that things seem kind of normal right? Which really isn’t fair to the other animes of the world right now but that is how I feel. Sorry Spring 2011 Anime season. There is no way to can live up to the hype of the Torturing Homura for 12 Episodes anime.


And then later that night MOG DEAD BODY!!!! *doink doink*

Of course I don’t think that A Channel is an amazing anime anyway. XD What a way to start off this post right? But I think even if I wasn’t on the MOG MADOKA high right now A Channel would still just be okay. Not bad, not amazing. Just a show to watch and waste a little time on.

With that said on to the spoilers of mediocre!


Oh hi I am here to steal your kids. Pay no attention to me.

Episode Summary: Tooru picks up Run as she goes to school. This time Run is wearing panties but accidentally steals a kindergartener. At school Run is very impressed with the new invention of coffee. Rumor has it that coffee has the ability to wake people up in the morning. After this amazing discussion the girls go to Tooru who is doing early morning duties in her own classroom. Tooru is embarrassed when a new side of her is shown, one that is…..normal and respectful. Later Tooru is rewarded when she shares a book with her classmate. Said classmate is naked Yukata and is apparently a huge fan of Tooru’s. Yukata tries to spend time with Tooru and buy her drinks but Tooru is scared of the girl. Later Run runs into the suspicious looking dude from the last episode. Turns out he is either the new health teacher or nurse, not sure. But he is in love with Run’s forehead and Nagi is put off by his weirdness. Later Run shows off her new music players (Probably an Ipod 15 or something) and Nagi goes postal when Run knows nothing about it.

While trying to run away from Yukata Tooru goes to the old girl’s room to find out they are in gym. The random song plays and once again we feel bad for Tooru. In the locker room Nagi is outraged that bloomers are just like underwear. Gym is boring though so who really cares. Despite the fact Yukata creeps put Tooru she continues to help the girl. Miho, another girl in class, ends up trying to keep Yukata away from Tooru. Nagi receives a quite deadly scrape to the knee and Yuko insists they go to the infirmary. There they find creepy heath teacher dude passed out. He wakes up and acts perverted. After once again being bothered by Yukata Tooru runs to her older friends and hugs them all. THE END!


Coffee...wakes people up? ALERT THE MEDIA!!!!

-Those who stalk others are very uncomfortable with being stalked themselves.

-Wearing gym bloomers are exactly the same as wearing underwear and yet it took until 2011 for an anime character to voice her concern over this fact.

-It is more naughty to cover up your bloomers with your T-shirt than showing your bloomers and your butt.

-Big shiny foreheads are the new sexy fetish.

-When some creepy teacher acts creepy towards your friend keep this information inside your group and do not inform another adult.

-Anime can make everything fun, even stretching in gym class.

-Sweaters are capable of stretching over ten feet and showing little to no damage.

-People are stupid enough to buy the latest technology without the slightest idea how to use it just because it is cool.

-Coffee is made for waking people up! XO Shocker.

-Being a freshmen is a distant memory for most people, especially those in their second years.

-Watching your friend turn in papers is a super cool way to spend your free time!

-100’s of zeros of people die each year from scrapes on the knee.


If you are not wearing your contacts how can you see where you are running?


Um I don't think sweaters are supposed to do that...


Oh this expensive piece of equipment? I just wanted to see what it looked like on the inside.


Time to get an adult!!! One that doesn't like shiny foreheads of course.


She is lucky to be alive folks.


I know this might shock you but bikini tops are just like bras!!! XO

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