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This post would have been up a few hours ago but I got caught up after the movie. XD Seeing old friends and all. Also making new ones on the Pokemon Global Link site.

But yes folks. Scream 4 is out in theaters. I didn’t see it opening weekend because I am cheap. XD That and I work/the husband didn’t want to see it. But this movie had to been seen by my fellow Sci-Fi/Horror movie lover friend. Also sometimes it is more polite to go on an off day so when we are our loud selves no one will get all crazy on me.

Spoilers for spoilers XO

Sidney was the killer! Dewey died! Gale is really the survivor girl!!!

And I am a giant liar. WOOHOO folks.

This post isn’t going to make sense. Most things that I type at 2 am in the morning make little to no sense. But this post will just be highlights/low points of the movie.

Sidney having magical relatives that never left Woodsboro is special. I mean we know Sidney still have a father out there who lives in KillerCityVille. Or maybe not since I thought Sidney was coming back to town to attend her father’s funeral. Did the internets lie to me?

But yes this whole oh Aunt Kate and Cousin Jill thing was weird. If Sidney’s mother had a sister why wouldn’t she go to HER for information? Why did that family ever get police protection when all the crazy was going on? Why didn’t Sidney ever thing about this family when a new killer came up? Oh that’s right…because that would make sense. XD

But I do like that Sidney came to town to promote her whole book. And that the killer(s) brought up the fact that technically Sidney is profiting from this horrible stuff. Which I don’t have a problem with. I can’t imagine it would be easy to get a job once people knew who you were. That and I wouldn’t have been skipping around at the end of Scream 3 free and happy. I would be an inclusive crazy person still. The timing of her returning to town was a bit meh to me. Not that she should have suspected murderers but the decorations and crazy parties she should have.

Gale being a has been was X__X. I didn’t really like her character as much in this movie as the others. She still had a bit of hardass in her but not enough to be the old Gale. I mean I guess she couldn’t become channel 7 local news reporter after being so famous and stuff. But being reduced to a simple housewife who has nothing interesting to write about was sad.

Although when I saw Robbie walking around with the camera on his head I was like GO GET HIM GALE!!!

Dewey was super less likeable in this movie. I didn’t like how he treated Gale, I don’t like that he is now in charge in town when OBVIOUSLY he is still a moron and can’t hit a still target to save his life. Plus I don’t like it when married men are getting hit on by women and don’t tell them to knock it off. GET HER GALE!

Sidney was still Sidney. After all she has been through she is still a likable character. And I think they really made Sidney look old for this movie. Neve is super hot in real life and in the movie she was wearing grandma clothes. But I guess she is supposed to be about 32 in the movie now so they were trying to separate her from the “teenagers”.

I am not sure why everyone on the internets thinks Kirby is alive. Maybe they like her name and crazy helmet alien hair? But dude she had THE BEST lines of the entire franchise. Should I have gotten a phone call? Does that mean I am not going to live as long as them?! It was so funny. But yeah…sad she died after falling in love with the geek and trying to save him.

I do think that the movie could have done without trying to replace Randy. It was okay in the second movie with Randy bouncing ideas off other people’s thoughts and in the third movie it was okay as Randy was the only movie buff. But now we have a group of people trying to be movie buffs and outdo each other in the knowledge department? No. Randy cannot be replaced!

And now the killers……

Yeah. When this movie referenced SAW I thought OH are we really making fun of SAW and not Scream in this movie? And yes I thought the stupid double kill opening was dumb. Movie within a movie within a movie within a mystery my ass.

I was not really buying Charlie and Jill as the killers. Many people have already stated they probably couldn’t DO what the killers were supposed to do. Others were like oh they relied on surprise instead of strength. That may be true but Sidney was kicking their asses all over the screen and they were a bit too fragile for that kind of treatment.

Since Charlie was just a second banana to Jill his motives really don’t count to me. Jill probably approached him with this crazy idea and he was like pretty girl AND fame? So he doesn’t really need to be explained.

But Jill….crazy. Pure crazy. I was going to write POOR HER Sidney being tortured for years REALLY messed her up. I still think that Jill had no reason to do what she did and this fame thing was weird and out there.

BUT HOMEGIRL WAS INSANE! She stabbed herself, pulled out her hair, scratched herself, fling herself into a glass table, and smashed her face into a mirror. So clearly trying to explain away why she did anything would NOT make any sense at all. Like…..if the only way you can think of to become famous is to kill everyone who cares about you obviously you dumb. Just make a sex tape moron.

I am also going to go on record that if my best friend was murdered in front of me I would not go to a party the next night celebrating the reason why she died. JUST SAYING!

In conclusion I am sleepy. I am leaving out a ton of stuff and didn’t cover half of what I wanted to. Mainly about how Scream is going down the SAW road and they better tread lightly. I don’t think this franchise can survive another movie with all three of the main characters living. But if they didn’t live fans would be pissed. So yeah. They are repeating deaths and are trying to stick to rules that things can’t help but overlap. As much as I love horror movies that can make us laugh and scream at the same time I might be time to put this to bed. Oh and I wanted to talk about you know...the title of my post. How every single person I gave the shift eye to. Especially momma and crazy lemon squares lady.

It is also time to put me to bed. But don’t worry, I’ll be right back.

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