Friday, April 8, 2011

New Anime Series! A Channel episode 1

My life is special. That is all you are getting in the normal Tenchi’s life first paragraph deal.

Also let’s hope that the United States’ government gets their asses in gear and get the budget passed. It doesn’t matter what party you belong to people are going to suffer if they don’t get their act together. My husband along with many others will not get paid AT ALL if something isn’t done soon. This whole they will get retroactively paid only applies to active members of the military. But there are MANY people, including my husband, who wear the uniform, work on base, and will be called in time of distress but are only considered contractors. They will NOT be working if the budget is not passed and there is no way around that. So yeah. We got God trying to destroy Japan, my work trying to destroy my soul, and now the government wants to take away my family’s main source of income. WORK THINGS OUT NOW!


Oh hi are boys watching us?

Moving on to you know…ANIME up next we have A Channel. Not sure what channel that is but it is a slice of life anime about 4 girls. So let’s watch it and hope it doesn’t turn into witches and decapitation okay? Spoilers for CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!!!


Cellphones of friendship!

Episode Summary: Tooru is running through the halls with a baseball bat, scaring everyone she comes across. Run is standing in front of her locker in SHOCK because there is a cherry blossom on her. Magical folks. Yuuko and Nagi join her and the lucky cherry blossom. A group of boys gather around Run and Nagi and Yuuko wonder what that is all about. Tooru runs up and chases all the boys away with a baseball bat. Tooru explains that Run was almost run over by a car as she (Run) almost falls out of a window. The older girls go to class as Tooru watches sadly. Then WHOOSH to the past. Tooru learns that she has passed her entrance exam and will attend Run’s school. Tooru calls Run with the good news and Run invites her over. But when Tooru arrives at Run’s house Yuuko is on top of her and Tooru thinks the worse. Tooru starts to bully Yuuko and Run is like YAY now all my friends can be friends with each other isn’t this great?! Nagi is like UM okay if you think so. Tooru abuses Yuuko and her boobies a bit and all is well in the world.


This is obviously a chicken folks.

But a new term has started and it is time to pick electives. Run almost kills herself in the process but it is Yuuko who crashes in an attempt to save Run. At lunch the girls talk about animals and it is clear that the writers think all birds make chicken noises. After lunch Tooru is sad that she must go back to class without the other girls. It doesn’t help matters any when Run almost falls out another window. After school there is some candy drama and it is shown the Run has access to pointy objects. Tooru is sad she didn’t get any candy and feels left out of the group. Run tries to push those sad facts aside and says they will be great friends no matter what. Nagi and Yuuko try to help out too but they end up petting her instead. Then there is some magical skipping through the streets moment. The girls go through their normal routine the next day at school, which includes baseball bats and Tooru abuses Yuuko more. THE END!!!!

Okay then.

Can I have Mugi back please?


You would get a hug but you probably hit me with a baseball bat.

That is probably not fair, to compare K-On!! to A Channel. That is definitely going to set me up for disappointment. That and every slice of life group of girl animes can’t be compared to one another right? But I am just happy no one got their head bitten off in this episode. When they played the credits in the middle of the episode I was worried we were going to come back to gore and guts.


Running with sparkles.

The characters are pretty special though. I know I wasn’t going to compare the shows but the way K-On!! girls and A Channel girls run amuses me. Running is apparently something very hard to master in anime. That or maybe I have been running wrong my entire life. I need to bop all over the place too. XD


Better you than me.

Let’s talk about each individual girl now. I will start with Nagi since she seems the most boring. Probably not a fair assessment but in this episode she really didn’t stand out. She will be the peace maker of the group. And the one who will do other people’s homework and act like the mom. But she will also be the one who says snarky things and generally SEES what is going on.


Can we say painful?!

Yuuko is apparently a punching bag. :( Why is Tooru taking out her anger/boob envy on Yuuko? Obviously men made this series. Someone getting punched in the boob like three times in one episode. Unacceptable.


So much abuse so little time.

That being said Yuuko will be the one who is constantly worry about everyone. Because Tooru isn’t all happy feely about her. Which makes this show different from K-On!! All the girls like each other deep down I think but Tooru is still jealous and Yuuko will constantly be a victim of her abuse. And the accidental abuse from Run and her crazy DUH ways.


Back off my woman!!!

Tooru is Azusa but with a violent streak and a baseball bat. The series has started when Tooru enters high school and the girls are in their second year. None of this we are a core group and Tooru is on the outside. Although it is weird that Tooru never saw Yuuko and Nagi before the WOOHOO I passed the entrance exam. But I guess if Sailor Moon and her friends spent an entire year studying for exams maybe Tooru did too.


Don't treat me like a child or I will act childish!!!!

Tooru is a wild child though. She has the baby bird syndrome going on with the huge sweater. That is to throw us off base, that deep inside lies a crazy person ready to attack. She worked super hard to get into school with Run and when she goes to celebrate she finds another girl ON Run. That might make me mad too. Now she is realizing that just because they are in the same school together doesn’t mean they will spend lots of time together. She is a sad little baby bird who hates her short stature. Give her candy and you might make it out alive.

Run…..just. If they are going to pronounce it RUNE they should spell it RUNE. Not RUN AWAY FROM THE PAIN. That will make me see X___X for a while.


Cars are really hard to see okay?!

But Run is way too special for words. Oh look a butterfly…let me fall out a window. Oh look let me just almost get hit by a car while walking to school. It might be frustrating to watch her constantly be LALALALA and all her friends picking up the pieces. Being a ditz can be fun but being nearly brain dead is just sad.


Maybe the boys want a chance to be a hero and rescue her from windows too?

Also why do all the boys like her? Is it because she shares the same interests as them and is one of the guys? Because if it is something else I would have figured Yuuko would have been the class beauty. Not that any of the girls will get a boyfriend with Tooru’s baseball wielding ways. Not that these shows about the boys right? XD

This show had a lot of music going on X__X. Well I guess singing. I was expecting an opening and closing song but we also got a song in the middle. I think that took away time that we needed to get to know the girls. But in the end the message will still be about friendships, goofy times, and how high school can be a stressful time.

Not sure if there is much else to say about this show. Just that there was candy abuse going on and we actually saw a parent. Also it is super necessary to get on top of someone if they are tickling you!!! See ya next week.
T-Minus 28 days and counting!!!!


Eternia said...

Wow, you sure like same sex relationship, LOL. I prefer Nichijou over this anime. Have you watched that one yet?

Christina said...

Eternia- OH HI LATE RESPONSE. Yes I suck. XD I think A Channel is just an anime I am watching to waste a little time, nothing to write home about. I haven't picked up any other shows as I am going to be gone for almost all of May and catching up will be a pain. Hopefully the Summer List is much more interesting. Nichijou does sound...insane though. XD