Monday, April 11, 2011

Japan: One month after the tsunami

Approximately 1 month ago Japan was devastated by an earthquake which lead to a huge tsunami. And unless you have been living under a rock (where Nancy Grace can’t scream hysterics at you) this lead to nuclear reactors failing, thousands of deaths, and miles of coastline ruined. For weeks news stations have been covering the disaster. Whether or not most of those stories were accurate has yet to be seen but at least some of the sensationalism has died down.

So now a month later Japan is still in semi crisis mode. Which makes sense as this is the biggest disaster to hit Japan in like 90 years. And unlike the 1923 Great Kanto earthquake nuclear reactors are in the scenario. And while most of the time Japan is seen a nation that has its stuff together now it is hard for that nation to pretend things will be okay one day.


Picture from BBC.

Hopefully Japan is still in the thoughts and prayers of everyone around the globe. People become fixated on disasters but as new reports move on to the next MOG moment many stories are forgotten. But Japan still needs our support and love as it will be a long road to recovery.

*Note the Good Smile Company link seems to be down. My order that I placed Friday is pending so people have ordered them successfully it seems. Hopefully the site will be up soon. Just keep trying!

I am not going to pretend I know more about what is going on in Japan than any other American. But I am also not one to worry about what is going to happen to America because of this disaster. That and I try to stay current on reading news articles from people in Japan. They still might be slanted a bit but it is better than reports from people in CA yes?

But from what I understand things will take a long time to get back to “normal” in Japan. Power plants can’t be made overnight. It will take years for Japan to create the energy lost by the nuclear reactors. In the meantime the citizens and companies in Japan are cutting back on their own energy use but that means an already suffering economy will take another hit. Many of the homeless are taking refuge in schools but now that the new school year has started these kids have nowhere to go. And with the ongoing threat of radiation the problem of where to grow many necessary crops needs to be addressed.

The officials in Japan need a lot of prayer right now. They are overwhelmed on what to do with the situation and how to balance dealing with the crises and making sure the economy doesn’t collapse at its feet. Also a great deal of money has been gathered for Japan but it is my understanding that money is slow to reach those who need it. Hopefully those issues are dealt with soon. People want to help those devastated by the tsunami and many are currently only eating slices of bread with one egg all day.

At this point an American Celebrity telethon fundraiser is probably not going to happen. Which pisses me off. I think more could have been done in terms of star power. They have come together for other causes so why should Japan be any different? I know many stars donated personal money but bringing America as a whole together for this cause might have made things better.

That being said there are still ways to donate/help Japan out. As always you can donate 10 dollars via your phone bill. All you need to do is text REDCROSS to 90999. Simplest way to donate in any disaster I think.

Good Smile Company has their Nendoroid Miku Hatsune Support Version up for preorder outside of Japan now. I am not going to lie, the shipping is rather steep. But 1000 yen (not going to bother to convert as that changes every day) of the purchase price goes to the Japan relief effort. So if you love Nendoroids and have some extra money for shipping this might be the way to go in terms of donating.

Gwen Stefani of No Doubt has donated 1 million of her personal money to help Japan already. But she also promised a limited edition Harajuku Lovers shirt with 100 percent of the net proceeds going to Japan. The shirt is now up for sale at a price of 40 dollars. Not sure about the shipping but the site also allows you to donate more money if that is what you wish. 40 dollars for a Harajuku Lovers shirt is typical of that brand so fans shouldn’t faint from sticker price. Plus it is super cute. XD

Life continues to move forward in Japan, one aftershock at a time. There is talk that from this diasater Japan can grow from this and become a better, stronger nation. I hope that is true. For now I hope that the Japanese people can take a moment to stop their self-restraint and take time to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Yes a lot of horrible things have happened to their country but without hope they won’t be able to move forward. And moving forward is what they need to do now. Moving forward and beginning the recovery process.

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Anicsi said...

What you wrote is really true. I've been following the news and articles about japan on the net ever since that incident. It's just too shocking for words. We held a benefit performance at our theatre because we have some Japanese in our Ensemble and I was really happy to see that it was sold out, saving up around 12 000 dollars to donate to the Japanese Red Cross... But you are right, people often jump to the next topic as soon as talks die down. So I hope the japanese people will get sufficient help. It's impossible to foresee how it will affect the country, it's just for sure going to be a long, long time until things return to 'normal' there.