Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Travel Plans Tuesday. Or otherwise known as Tenchi loses her mind.


Make the words stop!

Do you see this face? This is the expression I have been making all day. Of course without the orange juice. Code Red instead but even Code Red can't save me now.


XD It is funny how I have been looking forward to this trip forever and now at the 17 days left mark I am just now cementing plans. Or attempting to cement. Why didn't I do more work ages ago?!

Of course the more work I do now the less stress we will have while there. I like plans. So if we plan and get lost here on the couch trying to figure things out it is better getting lost in a country you are not familiar with. Still....reading maps is hard.

Oh and I say we and my husband has done...nothing. I am going to blast him on a rocket ship to the moon. Or I would but then I would be super lost and who would hold my stuff? But I guess he can't complain with all the shopping and garden trips.

But my fellow anime lovers who dream about going to Japan one day....it's hard. XD I thought I was at least semi intelligent before planning this trip but now I can't tell right from left. Trying to keep the different sections of Tokyo straight is X__X and I am sure the plans I have made so far are messed up. XD But as long as this ride all day metro $10 a day thing pans out it won't matter that I scheduled things wrong or at least in ways that make no sense.

As long as I see Puroland I am happy!!! XD Sure I am driving myself nuts now but I am trying to plan a trip of a lifetime. Maybe when we get there we will have a better lay of the land and will know where how to schedule things. But if anyone is scheduling a trip to Japan one can never do enough research. DO RESEARCH NOW FOLKS!

Maybe I should take a break from planning and catch up on my blog comments....such a slacker. But thanks for reading my little blog post of nothingness. If anything it gave me a few minutes break between the madness. XD

Also sorry if I come off as annoying with these travel plan posts. I think the excitement is getting to my directional challenged head. XD

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