Sunday, April 17, 2011

Japan Trip: 19 more days to go!

We have reached a mini milestone folks. Well the word milestone might be too strong of a word and when I saw we I mean me!! (and my husband). We are now in the teens in regards to WOOHOO Japan trip 2011. 19 days until Japan and counting!!! And since my favorite number is 19 (for no reason at all….) I thought I would do a mini update post on how things are going.


The long wait is almost over! We are nearly there!

Of course now that we are getting down in days I am starting to realize that X__X maybe I wish I had more time to save, plan, and get things accomplished. The last time I felt this way was in regards to my wedding and that went pretty well. Granted I did get the church 10 minutes before the ceremony started but things (on my end) went well that day. So surely this trip will be okay yes?

And as always the Japan Tsunami Disaster is never far from my heart and my prayers/thoughts go out to all the Japanese people, especially those affected by the disaster. The rebuilding process will take a long time in regards to their nuclear power plants and economy. But hopefully the Japanese people themselves will heal faster and have a hopeful view towards the future.

19 days til Japan means 2 sad little pay checks going towards the fund jar. However me and my list making abilities have calculated we are OK on funds. More is always better but we have enough for event tickets, subway rides, and souvenir funds. Granted I did use Google Maps to estimate the fare rides around Kyoto and Tokyo. Also I am banking on the all day 10 metro pass deal Tokyo has. But if my estimates are right things shall be fine.

Of course my budget could be blown out of the water if our food cost is more than 100 dollars a day for the both of us. The thought of spending that much money on food is mind blowing though. Yes things are more expensive in Japan but I am not a major foodie here at home. Olive Garden is expensive and a big deal to me. So while things cost more food wise (well everything wise) in Tokyo I will still seek out the inexpensive options. And I think my husband would eat anything placed in front of him. The only way we would break our food budget is if we went insane at the vending machines. Which I hope are still there given who was just elected as governor….


Behold my holy ground.

Also I am going to starve folks. Until I get to Puroland and Tokyo Disney anyway. Not that I haven’t been trying at home. I am just too picky with food. I will try stuff over there but I am bringing some back up food just in case. Don’t take my snacks away customs!

If one is planning on going to the Ghibli Museum maybe one should do that like…a month in advance. Note 19 days some of which include weekends. Because one has to send in a request to a travel agency and if you can’t pick up your vouchers they have to be mailed to you. HMMM folks. HMMM! That fell through the cracks there didn’t it? I feel as if I don’t go to the Ghibli Museum I will be kicked out of the anime club or something. XD Hopefully things work out. But even if we do get tickets I was told to expect long lines. Also no picture taking which breaks my picture taking heart.

Today I sat down and slowly started a calendar of events. I say slowly because it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where all the landmarks are and because my husband is not deciding where he wants to go. Granted he did help me with my Pokemon Global account so he wasn’t a total lazy bum. That and his kind of attitude is let’s just see when we get there.

Which I can’t work with. XD Not when dealing with a trip overseas and to a country that has energy problems. So here is the halfway done list that took me 3 hours to do. Well in between getting metro tickets and distances worked out.

May 6th- Arrive in Japan

May 8th- Fushimi Shrine

May 13th- Kyoto to Tokyo travel day

May 14th- PUROLAND!!!! (money wise this might be a bad idea but I don’t think I could spend two weeks in Tokyo with visiting my Mecca. So I shall do it first).

May 15th- Akihabara. (People watching day and price comparing.)

May 16th- Akihabara (Purchasing and picture taking day).

May 17th- Imperial Palace Garden

May 18th- Ghibli Museum (hopefully)

May 19th- Ueno Park

May 20th- Tokyo Disney!!!

May 22nd- Harajuku (cosplay street and shopping!)

May 23rd- Meiji Shrine

May 30th- Leaving Japan :(

So while it looks like a lot has been decided…X__X half the days have nothing on them and some days need more stuff included in them. Now I don’t know how long it will take to do certain things like the Meiji Shrine. But for things like the Ghibli Museum that is a two hour affair or so I am told. My goal is to have one planned activity for the day and then do stuff around that area. And meals are all going to be OH let’s stop here type deals. XD That way my husband gets his way and I still feel as if stuff was planned.


Can I fly in this instead?

We are also trying to plan around stuff because of the necessary power cut backs. Puroland is closed two days of week but opened longer on Saturday. Most of the dazzling lights of department stores won’t be on and have also cut back the number of hours they are opened. And the Ghibli Museum is going to be closed a great chunk of time we are there. So while I only got half our trip planned so far I am trying to work around a lot of stuff. And I am easily distracted.

In regards to stuff that needs to be done before we leave...yeah. My brother may or not may not drive us to the airport. Given the fact we have to be there at 4 am I can see why that might be a problem for people. Also we still need to work out exactly who is watching the tiny furry babies. I kinda wish my brother would just stay at my house. My friend has offered to come over and feed them everyday but as an overprotective momma I would like it if someone was here at night as I have raised crybabies. XD

Oh and some shopping needs to be finished. I am not walking around Tokyo in flour covered shoes! Also a few more shirts that aren’t covered in sauce stains would be nice but since we can wash clothes….or buy them there it’s okay if that need isn’t met. We do however need to get our butts in gear and buy a memory card for our new camera. We have one that came with the camera but the husband wants to get a better one. Well go find it crazy pants! We still need to contact the banks and let them know our plans but they said to wait a week before we actually leave.

Tuesday May 3rd is going to be my main packing day. Then on May 4th I will rush home from work and try to gather up the loose ends and try to get some sleep as we will be traveling for like 18 hours that day. Or at least I think it is 18 hours. We do lose a day and have a 5 hour layover. Time in the sky is going to be 17 hours and time in the airport is going to be 5 hours. And then an hour subway to Kyoto. So…..23 hours from the start of our journey to a hotel bed to sleep in. Surely I shall die.

But I will only be dead until the start of May 7th. Then the trip shall start. Jet lag be damn because we have a schedule to keep. So 19 days and counting folks! Hopefully these odds and ends get worked out. You know, actually PLANNING the trip and all.

And Ms. Jamie just sent me a link to the plane we are taking to Japan. XD I am next to the window woohoo!!! And we are not near the bathrooms. It is like I won the least amount of torture in a 23 hour travel day. Exciting times in casa de Tenchi. Well at least for Tenchi. Not so much for the husband hehe. XD

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