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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica episodes 11: Evilest mascot EVER

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is OVER! Over folks. 6 weeks after the series was supposed to end we got our episodes 11 and 12. All the waiting and the X__X is over and now all we have are the memories.

And the entire internet went BAWWWWWW!!!


Kyubey: The maker of hope. Or nightmares. I get confused.

Now that I have overpriced Girl Scout cookies and Code Red to see me through these tough times it is time to start blogging. And despite the episodes being released together I am going to blog them separately. I think both episodes had a lot of themes and events in them and I don’t think I could blog them properly if I squished them into one post. Well I could but then the post would be 2839247374 words long. So on to episode 11 folks. Spoilers for utter despair and Homura breaking into tiny little pieces.


I don't think anyone is buying that anymore Homura.

Episode Summary: Kyubey arrives at Homura’s house to confirm his suspicions. That Homura is a time traveling terminator sent to protect John Conner. And just like in the I’ll Be Back movies it is Homura who created the self-fulfilling prophecy. By her trying to go out of her way to stop Madoka from being a magical she accidentally made Madoka the most important magical girl ever thus Kyubey perusing her so hard. Kyubey thanks Homura for her hard work and leaves to go torture Madoka. Madoka has just arrived home from the funeral of Sayaka (whose body was found in the hotel). When Kyubey again expresses confusion on why humans care so much about just a few of them Madoka snaps slightly. Kyubey then shows Madoka the past of the Earth, how since the beginning of time there have been magical girls and thanks to them humans are where they are today and we should all be happy. Madoka does not smile or looks very happy. Madoka’s mother and homeroom teacher are getting drunk over the current situation and worry about Madoka.


At 14 I don't think my parents trusted me to go to the mall alone. Clearly I am not magical girl material.

Madoka gets up from her awesome talk with Kyubey and goes to see Homura in regards to the Witch Night of DOOM coming up. Since Kyoko died Madoka doesn’t think Homura can do it alone. Homura tries to put on a brave face but ends up sobbing in Madoka’s arms and tells her the whole truth about the time travel and such. Homura tries to make Madoka promise not to be a magical girl and that she will save the day this time. Oh and the day is today. The city has to be evacuated as this witch doesn’t need to make a barrier. Homura is all like bring it on bitch and pulls out the big guns. And the stolen truck. And the stolen boats. And the stolen rocket ships. But despite all this Homura loses and loses big. Madoka is told by Kyubey that Homura will lose and only she can save her. The momma tries to stop Madoka but she is like mom….I love you and I am the star of this anime. I need to go. With momma’s blessing that 14 year olds make the best decisions ever Madoka runs to Homura who was about ready to become a witch herself. Madoka comforts Homura and is like sorry…but I am going to become a magical girl. THE END!!!

Well…I am glad that we watched the two episodes back to back because ending things like that would drive me crazy. Well more crazy than I already am. But one episode at a time okay?


Homura is the best Incubator EVER!

Kyubey is an asshole. I think we all knew that already. But Kyubey breaking it down and explaining to Homura HEY everything is your fault was the final nail in the coffin. Like thanks Kyubey could you be any more of a douche? He is told over and over again he doesn’t get human feelings. I get that he himself doesn’t have emotions but maybe he could LEARN about them so he could better interact with the girls? But if he did that the grief seed process might suffer and we can’t be having that.


This makes sense! As much sense as magical girls, witches, and time traveling can make WOOHOO!

However I do like that Kyubey was able to explain a few things while being an asshole. See in the first timeline, the actual timeline before Homura went back and changed everything, Madoka died and Kyubey wasn’t going NOOOO life is horrible because the ultimate source of energy just poofed. Because that Madoka wasn’t the best witch ever. Probably not even the second one. We don’t know how many different times Homura reset things but I am thinking more the 5 we saw as….you know episode 12 XD

But good job Homura. Your efforts to save Madoka will cause her to become the most powerful witch no matter what. Trying to save one person will destroy the entire world. Good job. Also good job Kyubey for making this make some kind of sense.


So...where is Hitomi?

Off in Madoka land Sayaka and Kyoko recently died and she is not aware of Homura’s time traveling abilities. Madoka looks like a zombie going through the funeral and mom’s integrations. Which I can’t blame her. Even though she has been through so much already hope really left Madoka when she realized that witches can’t become human again and all is loss.



Then Kyubey decided that he wasn’t evil enough and decided to show Madoka the past lives of magical girls. I think that was unnecessary. Madoka GOT IT. She GOT that being a magical girl sucks…I mean saves the universe at the cost of your soul. She just didn’t like being referred to as cattle. I am not sure what type of being would be okay being compared to a lesser life former on the planet. Even emotionless Kyubey should have gotten that much.


History class is starting to make sense now!!!

But Joan of Arc and Cleopatra being magical girls is so awesome. XO I am sure there were other important examples but those really stuck out. So…okay Kyubey thanks for showing Madoka if only to make me happy.



I think Madoka being unable to accept Kyubey being an asshole is slightly annoying. Like have you been paying attention Madoka? If not please go to the internet and read about Kyubey and his evil ways. HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU!


Your daughter's best friend is killed and you are getting drunk? Did you watch Scream 4?

The adults (momma and home room teacher) coming together at the 11th hour was a bit too late for me. Momma had a few scenes in the first few episodes but she has been pretty much out of the picture since things went south in magical girl land. And the homeroom teacher crying over her dead student is understandable but I am not sure it added anything to the series. It just seemed random and out of place.

The real surprise of episode 11 was Homura telling Madoka the truth. Madoka came over and was like oh so this huge witch coming, can you fight it alone? Homura tried to be brave and do her tough girl act but then she fell apart. I am not saying she shouldn’t fall apart and have a good cry. That makes sense. I just didn’t think she would do so in this timelines.


I love how Homura acknowledge this was not really HER Madoka and that by changing the past their friendship was truly changed.

But maybe she had to. Homura tried to do the tough girl act but that just pushed the girls away and caused too many unnecessary problems. And maybe she thought if she was honest with Madoka and TOLD HER that hey if you become a magical girl you will destroy the world maybe she wouldn’t do it. At this point Homura was one step away from being a killer in the Scream franchise so she was desperate for Madoka to believe her. And what made this really heart breaking was she was crying for her best friend and Madoka was like wait what?


Um yeah I had these under the water the entire time. Duh.

But then the biggest witch of them all appears. With the city evacuated to one spot (better to squish you with my dear) Homura was able to go all out in her attacks. And attack she did. Obviously Homura stole every single weapon from every single military in the world. This is what we call planning folks. Is she available for my trip to Japan? Every single action was thought of and Homura was kicking ass.

And it wasn’t enough folks. It probably would never be enough. In the timelines that Homura/Mami/Madoka were magical girls and they “died” did the witch ever die? I guess I mean the first version of the timeline as it is the most important. Would the world have been a better place had the evil witch died and left Madoka and Mami dead as well? But in any event Homura and her super powered self could not finish off the witch.


Who this witch is never explained but I can't help but notice these look like magical girls...

After some words from momma Madoka arrives to save the day. Because there are no more resets. Madoka did not ruin anything. Homura was ready to give up and become a witch because all the resets in the world won’t change things and would eventually make it worse for Madoka. Perhaps it would be better for Madoka to be smashed in a building spending the last moments with her family than have her be responsible for destroying the world. The point is Homura reached her limit and gave up.


After 11 episodes...I have decided to save the day. Because the show has my name in it.

And our cliffhanger for episode 11 is…Madoka is going to become a magical girl! We are so shocked folks! Because she hasn’t become a magical girl ever other timeline right? How will this time being any different?! Let’s find!!!

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MR said...

"Kyubey wasn’t going NOOOO life is horrible"

Haha, thanks for making me laugh, again!

I'm pretty sure the first few Timelines they manage to kill Walpurigs, you see the clear sky when Homura is making her wish. My theory is that the resets were not only making Madoka stronger, but also Walpurgis. (Though I'm sure the real reason is that Walpurgis is always as strong as the plot demands.)