Thursday, April 14, 2011

Countdown to Tenchi's Amazing Aventures....Everywhere! Also a minor update on future blog posts

I have mentioned (about a million times) that the only thing that really gets me through work half the time is my countdown to Japan. There have been about three different occasions where I wanted to march out the door and never come back. XD Because my work environment is just that special. But I always thought to myself no, just X more months til Japan, you can make it. I am sure this is super healthy for me.

However my annoying WOOHOO for Japan countdown is not the first time I have had such a countdown. I am sure many people have something they look forward to and that gets them through the boring work weeks, hard classes, or the mundane sameness that is everyday life. I am not sure if anyone is as X___X as me but i think many people find comfort in the fact that XX amount more days until this fabulous event!


No hitchhiking in my future though. Seen one too many horror movies for that.

Whatever the case I hope everyone has at least ONE major event a year that they are looking forward to. Because I am an anime fan I know many people have that one major event as an anime convention. “Normal” people might have a wedding or graduation as their main WOOHOO moment. And for others it is birthdays and births.

Is this an excuse to blog because I am bored? Absolutely NOT! XD I am just keeping my readers informed of how my multiple WOOHOO events are going to affect my blogging. Because even though I look forward escape the crazy that is my life I do like keeping to a schedule. I am weird like that. So while I am out having fun in the back of my mind I am like “XO this anime show came out and now I am missing blogging it!!”. Maybe I need more of a life. X__X

But rest assure when I return from my many escapes this year I will do my best to blog the event in question AND catch up on all the anime shows I missed in my absent. Tuesdays will probably be all blogging days due to it being one of my only days off. That is if I am not kidnapped by some crazy family member who wants to spend time with me. Silly people.


I think I might need more luggage than Kobato...

Here is the list of my YAY events of 2011:

May 5th- May 30th – JAPAN!!!!(although I get confused when we lose a day and gain a day…probably will sleep a lot.

June 9th- June 11th- Brother’s wedding. Family will be in town and being a bridesmaid might mean I have less free time.

July 17th- July 24th- Ms Jamie’s FABULOUS WEDDING! No blogging will take place at this time as I am sure it will be pure chaos.

July 28th-July 31st- Otakon! My very first Otakon! I might bring the laptop but I am going to spend time with a friend I haven’t seen in a while so it might just be to transfer pictures on it.

September 29th- October 2nd - AWA! I will bring my laptop but I am not sure if we will get internet or not. The husband likes to go to bed early so maybe I can sneaks at night.

And yes folks…that looks like a huge amount of fun time. But the last time I took off work for fun (not counting my grandfather’s funeral as REAL time off) was…AWA last year. Other than that I am at work every single day, every single weekend. Plus the Japan trip really eats up a lot of time but I gave them TWO YEARS NOTICE! So really I don’t count that either.

Also I don’t care!! I have been saving for a long time and it is time to have fun yes? Work hard and then have scheduled fun yes?

So the Spring and Summer Anime Season will be ….special to say to least. But I don’t intend to drop any animes I have on my list now nor do I think I will drop any Summer Animes. It will just take time. Be patient with me and my crazy adventures around the world. I might blog the episodes together if that proves to be faster but knowing me each individual episode being blog might get them out faster.

But I promise I will always catch up. Because as much as I want to escape from my crazy work place I do love just being at home and blogging. XD Now here’s hoping that I can blog while in Japan! That would truly be the best situation for me.

T-minus 22 days and counting!

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