Monday, April 18, 2011

Kobato Drop 23 C and D

XO A Kobato post? Why it feels like forever? Has Tenchi finally had it with CLAMP and their crazy ways?!

Nah. Although I still think they hate our souls. Just the last two “drops” had so few pages each drop didn’t really need a whole post on its own. I understand they are limited by magazine the number of pages they can have each month. What I don’t understand is why a major group like CLAMP only gets 12 pages a month. I just don’t understand folks.


One of my favorite Kobato pictures.

But here is my post on Drop 23 C&D. Spoilers for things taking way too long to finish. But hey we will have Kobato for that much longer yes?


Why doesn't Kobato like us?!?

Chitose explains to her twins Chiho and Chise that Kobato just said something weird. Chitose puts the pieces together and realizes that was Kobato’s way of saying goodbye. This kinda makes me mad at Kobato was close to the twins and should have said goodbye to the girls. CLAMP why you rushing things and taking people out of character? Or maybe this is Kobato’s character, not imposing on people and making them sad. Still the twins deserved a goodbye.


Um...sure. Do what you can Kobato.

Outside the nursery Kobato explains (to the readers) that while she didn’t collect all (see almost NONE) of the broken hearts she is okay with how things worked out. Ioryogi must have lost his mind in the night because he tells Kobato there is still time for her to fill the bottle. Kobato realizes that no there isn’t and that is okay too. She plasters on a happy face and vows to at least help Sayaka though.


Moral support is always important folks.

Oh and by helping out Sayaka Kobato must have meant standing by Sayaka’s side. I am not sure what else Kobato could have done so I am not really picking on her per say. Just saying that Okiura is coming up those steps and Sayaka is ready for battle. This is really a fight between a couple and Kobato is the third wheel without any knowledge about the situation.


GASP! SHOCK! MOG! I have to wait a whole month for 12 more pages?!

I do have to congratulate CLAMP though. Or commend them. Whatever. But their actual chapters have to be broken up into tiny little pieces all time and yet they change to end of cliffhanger type moments each time. I will close down the nursery INDEED!


Look at me not caring and smoking. I am so cool.

Okiura pretends to take this news like a cool cucumber. We all know the truth from the anime and even if we didn’t have that prior information we could have guessed he was pretending to be bad. But Okiura is like oh okay so you are giving up your dream that’s fine. You should leave town too while you are at it. Because that is not obvious at all.

But Sayaka is not Kobato. Or the heroine of the story. She has seen a bit of life and experienced hardships. And she has a brain. She decides to ask Okiura about all the past events in their lives. This is done so the readers and Kobato can go XO at the facts. Did Okiura know what his father was planning? Did they force her father to take on that debt? Was Okiura marry her to help in the plan to get rid of the nursery? Okiura answers yes to all these questions and acts like he could care less about the nursery, his scamming father, and the fact this has ruined Sayaka’s life.


Pint size plushie ease dropping!

But smart runs in the family folks. Sayaka’s dad made sure that Okiura was decent enough to marry his daughter. Which is guess is what father’s do, research and make sure that the husband to be really has cut ties with his gangsta father. And instead of keeping all this information to himself he told Sayaka that hey this guy isn’t going to kill us in our sleep YAY. The face Okiura made when the truth was unleashed upon him was….actually I was going to say priceless but now looking at it again it is just sad.


Well obviously things did not go according to plan....

I like that after Okiura got caught in his lies he… confessed to them. Maybe I am just surrounded by liars who will keep denying stuff to the very end and someone being honest when caught is a novel concept to me. But the vulnerability that Okiura expressed when Sayaka listed all the reasons why Okiura lied and how he really did care about her and her father was really touching. He broke down (well as much as a manly man as himself can break down) and basically said yes…I did all those things…but if I had told you what good would that have done?


Um but I was telling the truth now.....

And Okiura is rewarded with his honesty with a slap. WOOHOO! I am sure he looks forward to the next time he can be honest. Since it is just a positive experience and all. XD Not that Okiura doesn’t deserve a slap to the face for all he has put Sayaka through. But I am sure most of the emotion behind Sayaka slapping Okiura wasn’t because of the awful things he did (in the name of protecting her) but because he went through all these terrible things alone. Because that is how CLAMP girls are folks.

And Kobato sat there and did nothing. THE END!


TheGirlwithChocolateShoes said...

Nooo, spoilers! *scrolls down*

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Hope you don't mind me asking this, but where do you read Kobato?? I finished watching the anime a long time ago and I really want to read the manga next.

Christina said...

TheGirlwithChocolateShoes- I am SO SORRY for the late response. :( Been super busy lately but that is not a good excuse.

This is the website where I get scanned CLAMP mangas:

They are really good about getting the scans out fast. I hope that helps! So sorry about the super late response.