Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Channel episode 4

So much to do and so little time! So what am I doing? Watching Kathy Griffin making fun of the royal wedding. Because I have priorities folks.

But in a few minutes I will have to go to work and face the evil of a new co-worker. Apparently after working there like 7 days she is running the show and not listening to anyone. Obviously she hates me. Hopefully when I come back from Japan she will be gone. XD


Nothing to see here folks. Just 4 crazy girls being....normal?

On to anime though. An anime that has nothing to do with pizza, silly hats, or royal weddings. XD Spoilers for…um diets?


Poor confused....Run? XD

Episode Summary: Run demonstrates her morning awakeness by mistaking a weathervane for real birds. Yuuko arrives at school to find Tooru and Run arguing over something. That something turns out to be Yuuko’s good points and Run is only naming her outward attributes. Tooru is jealous that Yuuko has boobies and she does not so she attacks said boobies. Nagi watches all this nonsense and thinks about her goal to lose a certain amount of weight. She thinks she has time before swimsuit season and calms down. But it is clean the school day and their class has to clean the pool in their swimsuits. Nagi is further X___X when the swimsuit is a little tight on her. Things calm down when Run says they all must be growing (not getting fat) thus the swimsuits do not fit. Elsewhere Tooru has to pick weeds somewhere with her class. Miho confesses she is a fan of Tooru’s and pets her for a little bit. Yutaka gets a little jealous of the attention and tries to be bbf’s with Tooru too. Miho reigns Yukata in and vows to protect Tooru.


Cartman wants to drink your tears!!!

The older girls are slowing melting under the hot sun. Soon Run turns the cleaning into a fun game and splashing/spraying occurs. Then a random song starts to play as the girls have fun and Tooru watches all jealous. Nagi arrives home thinking she has lost weight because of the exercising today. Only she has gained a pound. After reading some very basic information Nagi decides to go on a diet. She doesn’t want to tell the other girls she is going on diet as it would make them worry. When she gets to school she can only find Tooru who guess she is on a diet. They search around the school for the other two girls. Tooru and Nagi integragate Yuuko to see how she maintains her figure. Yuuko eats what she wants and basically doesn’t exercise. Oh okay. Then everyone guesses Nagi is on a diet too and the girls don’t want her to go all out for it. The girls help research diets and go X__X when Nagi doesn’t eat enough at lunch. Then while walking home Nagi decides maybe she won’t be so strict and do things in her own time. Everyone is like let’s celebrate with ice cream then WOOHOO! The next day at school the girls talk about SOCKS! And Tooru wishes she could gain some weight so she can wear her socks properly. Nagi kills her and all is well in the world. THE END!

Not going to lie folks. Not really a fan of gotta lose weight type themes. Especially when the girl in question is slender already. It just makes the issue that much more -___- to watch. Like okay tiny girl you want to lose some weight so you can be a skeleton. Got it. Moving on now.

I can now spell the word weathervane woohoo!!!

When listing my friend’s good points I should only talk about her calves and neck, not that she is generous, kind, and reliable.

Loose socks are a sign of the times and anime has lied to me.

Despite the fact that Nagi is tiny she can stand to lose 7 pounds.

Underwear and swimsuits do not ride up in Japan. They stay perfectly in place at all times.

Japanese health magazines are full of super informative facts that no one would ever think of. Ever!

Yuuko has the same type of life plan as me. GO US!

Everything is fun in anime, even falling down in an empty pool.

Water works differently in A Channel as people are skiing around in puddles.

Tooru’s non brushed hair is the topic of interest in her class.

When a friend is wavering on their diet it is best to suggest an ice cream outing. YAY GOOD FRIENDS!!


I approve of this compliment because I like giraffes.


I thought they were going to go horror movie on me now X__X


Good doggie.

Photobucket is that possible? X__X


This is the best way to lose weight true facts.


Someone is having a fashion moment....


Okay this was a sweet moment. XD I love friends like this. XD

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Anonymous said...

About how Nagi is slip'n'slide'n down the pool...

I think this may be related to WHY they're cleaning the pool. Let that sink in for a moment.