Friday, April 15, 2011

A Channel Episode 2

I am pretty damn sure I either work directly in the Twilight Zone or my town is on a HellMouth. Either way my life is surrounded my crazy. Unless everyone works with people who walk in 10 minutes late, take two lunch breaks in an hour, and then go outside to talk on their cellphone. But I am the one with a bad attitude folks.



Where are they INDEED!

But for now….it is anime time. And it is looking like my three shows are going to be blogged on the days I get off work late. WOOHOO for perfect timing. Lies. Up today is A Channel and how rain can be super, super fun. Spoilers for…no nipples!


Tooru looks like a little dog for some reason..

Episode Summary: Tooru waits for Run so they may walk to school together. Tooru finds out the hard way that Run not only forgot a sock this morning but also her underwear. Yuuko has a bit of bisexual in her when she shows interest in the no panty information. After it is discovered that Run can’t take notes to save her life Nagi decides to be interesting and wow the group with her near sighteness and ability to scare the girls. Later in class Yuuko rather pee herself that say the word toilet out loud. Thankful Run comes to her rescue and gets both girls out of class. Only it turns out that Run really needed to leave class as she passes out on the floor. Yuuko freaks out but Tooru is like um she is just tired folks. After school it is raining and all the girls are without umbrellas. Run dances around in the rain and Tooru takes her inside before some strange dude can finish staring at her. Run has the idea of wearing trash bags home but Tooru is like um no. Nagi wants to call a cab but Run insist they run to Nagi’s house and catch a cold instead. Once there Run and Nagi win the chance to take a bath first. Tooru decides to spend the time with Yuuko by poking her and making her watch scary movies. When it is their turn to bath Yuuko is frightened by shampoo and more poking. Also Tooru has no nipples. Once everyone is dry, alive, and hydrated it is time for some…nothing. Run does Yuuko’s hair while Nagi and Tooru play the Wii. A random song plays as the girls listen to the rain. And 10 minutes after the girls try to leave Nagi’s house they return because Yuuko busted herself in the rain. THE END!

So…I am going to try something new. Many people thought it was difficult to blog much about K-On!! I never had a problem but I can see how there was a lot of nothing going on. Fun nothing but nothing and silliness none the less. However I might understand better what people were talking about in regards to a whole lot of nothing. So this time around I am going to try making bullet points instead of paragraphs. Then I shall end the post with a couple of screenies that I think summarize the episode pretty well. Let’s try this new way of blogging. I predict I will last about…one episode.

-There have been times where I almost ALMOST left my house without my glasses but never my panties.

- Run’s mom has a mean streak for not telling Rune about the missing sock.

- Japanese girls are incapable of saying the word toilet in front of males.

-Anime characters turn blue and collapse on the ground if they don’t get a full 7 hours of sleep each night.

- Horror stories can now consist of “look behind you” and be considered MOG SCARY!!!!

-School nurses are not only useless/never in their office but sometimes are not even on campus!

-Everything in Japan is better, even their trash bags are awesome.

-Tooru has no boobies OR nipples.

- Yuuko should take a restraining order on Tooru.

- Japanese teenage girls might not know if their friends have a siblings but are up for getting naked with one another.

- Rain is fun when you run home with friends!


Yes but do you hear things you don't have to hear?


Because standing there stuttering isn't embarrassing at all.


We are friendly trashbag aliens from the future!


I think someone has been watching The Ring.


So Tooru is an android? Although I would expect Japanese androids to have nipples.


So Nagi is rich as taxis in Japan are ridiculous. I have my learnings.

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