Saturday, April 2, 2011

Struggles in Pizza Land

I am going to work very soon and I am dreading each second that passes. There are now only 4 people left to run the store (including myself) and 4 drivers. Surely we shall die.

I know I complain A LOT about my job and I tried to cut back on that last month as natural disasters that kill over 10k people are much more important issues that me being all RARW about work. However life moves on and every person has crap in their little world. People have a right to complain and be unhappy even if there are other people out there who have it worse than them.

That and some days the only thing that got me through work was my countdown to Japan. And given the situation that either might not happen or it is not as joyous as it could be. Like I almost wish the countdown was longer so it would give Japan more time to heal.

But yes folks things are going to be shit tonight. Not that they were shit yesterday or the day before. I mean yesterday I got yelled at because I brought pizza to a concession stand. Don’t I know they didn’t order the pizzas because they only sell food?! Also I got called a fucking bitch c**t because someone almost ran into my car twice. Obviously me being mad about almost being killed was rude and MOG she was almost late to work. But hitting my car driving like a maniac would make her go to work faster. And after I got back from my awesome deliveries I was stuck running the front and trying to clean up all the messes my co-workers left in my absence.

However it will really hit the fan tonight. One of my co-workers who ACTUALLY does work got fired tonight. By the bosses wife. Who has nothing to do with the business. And for a reason that has nothing to do with the business. I won’t go into details but basically if I was treated the way my co-worker has been by this woman I would have quit and slapped her in the face. There is absolutely no reason for her to be fired morally speaking.

But on a logical, practical sense speaking firing her is the biggest mistake ever! She was the only one who did the ovens on Saturday night. Actually since someone left in January she has been the ONLY person doing the ovens on the weekend. She was hired to help with the front so I have back up. But now I am riding solo and she was stuck on the ovens. So basically tonight we will have two people making all the pizzas, someone on ovens who HATES them, and me answering all the phones, cutting all the pizzas, making all the side items, and ringing everyone up.

This will only end in beers. But since I don’t like beers it will probably end in a screaming match with me sobbing in the corner afterwards. And since I was nearly FIRED myself for being mad over a legit issue I am on thin ice already. So folks….if you have a minute say a prayer or thought for the crazy anime blogger. Be extra kind to food workers/retail people today because they might be short staffed, getting yelled at by random people, and have no breaks at all.

The moral of the story is just be nice to people and patient with non emergency purchases. Hopefully I shall live to blog another day. If I am not blogging tomorrow obviously I am in jail. Hopefully there is no pizza in jail.


Mifuyu said...

haha this is hilarious! Pizza land really that bad aye?

Christina said...

Mifuyu- Pizza land is truly that bad. Like there is so much drama you would think we were a soap opera. I don't see how firing the oven person is going to help make the store money. It is pure crazy. However I do have interesting stories to tell so I guess that is the silver lining. I guess if I stopped caring so much and had the laid back attitude of everyone else I would not be so angry. Sure that would end in pure disaster but I wouldn't get an ulcer. XD