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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 2

Just a note to all. Spaghetti and reheated teriyaki chicken make for a weird dinner. Even Code Red couldn’t make that hot mess better. Just say no to weird combinations like that. Your tummy will thank you.

Someone who should not be thanked though is Sci-Fi. I am tired of these natural disaster flicks! I want to see monsters and zombies, not tornadoes and solar flares. Why must you hate me? I guess I got to go see Scream 4 so I can see some good horrible movie action this week.


Are we rejoicing yet yaoi fans?

Rounding out the last bit of OH CRAP all the Tenchi shows come out in the same week animes is Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi episode 2. Spoilers for manga artist abuse!!!!


I wish I worked at such an amazing place...

Episode Summary: Ritsu is excited that all the books he worked on have reached top of the charts. But wait they are manga books? And why is Takano kissing him? Ritsu wakes up from his nightmare hating his life. After that wonderful dream he goes to work to experience more hell. His co-workers are melted all over the place and Takano is screaming at someone on the phone. After the screaming Takano informs Ritsu they are going to the manga artist’s house. Ritsu is like X__X and shows signs of jealousy when Takano talks to someone else on the phone. When they arrive at the artist’s house her staff look like zombies and she is on the verge of tears. To make the situation better Takano calls her useless and makes her cry some more. Takano continues to yell at her while Ritsu and him work on something. Ritsu decides to try and cheer her on in his own clumsy way. Ritsu thinks he misspoke but Takano is like yeah we all want to support you and let’s get this done. Also Takano had called the printer and told them the manga was going to be late anyway.


See everything all worked out thanks to me!

Eventually the pages get done and a tired Ritsu and Takano return to work to turn the pages in. Takano gets the two drinks while Ritsu thinks about the last part of the project that has to be done. Ritsu gets all nervous when Takano returns. Takano comments that he (Ritsu) hasn’t changed at all and Ritsu is like ???. When Ritsu can’t remember Takano tries to kiss the memory into him. When that doesn’t work Takano leaves to turn in the final piece but not before saying his last name used to be Saga. Ritsu remembers that Saga is Takano and runs after him demanding answers. Takano is like um you are the one who randomly kicked me and disappeared the next day. Ritsu goes ??? and explains his side of the story, that after some sexy times an innocent Ritsu asked Saga to explain his feelings towards him and Saga laughed. Takano is like um I was nervous and you left me for THAT crazy pants? But now that it is all cleared up Takano decides that they are going to get back together and soon Ritsu will declare his love for him again. After Takano leaves Ritsu starts to doubt if he had a reason to be upset at Takano. But as the scene plays again in his head he resolves to remain strong and not fall in love with Takano again. But as he tries to adjust to life in his new apartment he is shocked to learn that Takano is his neighbor. THE END!!!


I am sure Ritsu was surprised too...

XO That was truly a pleasant surprise. Also this is the time I would usually say MAN I needed a good episode after a hard day’s work. But apparently my boss got better, came back to work, and scared all the customers away. Because we were dead all week. I did need a little break from the crazy but I don’t want my wallet to hurt either. In any event this was just a nice surprise and I am not a stressed out fool. Good combination.

But yes I was surprised. Because in most animes you spend the entire series screaming at the naïve character for not realizing that blatant truth. Of course to be fair one also should be yelling at the person who knows the truth and says nothing for 13/24 episodes. It becomes a long series of hits/misses, crazy chance meetings, and tons of misunderstandings.


Me confused? Never.

And I think this is a good thing. Takano didn’t spend the entire series randomly hitting on Ritsu and Ritsu didn’t spend that time going LALALA wondering what was going on and why Takano looked familiar. Takano recognized Ritsu and after confirming who he was told him how they knew each other. And Ritsi spazzed at the information and vowed his life would not be like a shojo manga (which means it will be more of a shojo manga and surely he shall suffer).


This is easier than words folks.

So I am very proud of Takano for breaking the mold and actually explaining his intentions with Ritsu and that there was a name change involved and HEY this is the truth. I appreciate the truth. Not sure if Ritsu does but it was the appropriate thing to say.

However Takano is an asshole. XD Of course if someone decides to have sex with me after I declare my love for them it might be weird to ask how they feel AFTER THE FACT but….still. Ritsu asked a serious and innocent question and Takano laughed. I would have kicked him in the balls and never seen his face again too if I was Ritsu. Maybe MAYBE it was nervous laughter but I wouldn’t stick around to find out. Takano should have put his man pride aside and chased after Ritsu if that was the truth. Instead he acted all butt hurt and let the love of his life run out on him.


I wish to see this round house kick...

Now this is only episode two and we didn’t even see this kick (as Ritsu blocked that from his mind). But still. I shall blame Takano. If he thought the kick came out of nowhere and he loved Ritsu he should have ran after him. He didn’t understand what was going on and if Ritsu was fine before why didn’t he question this sudden change in behavior? I am not buying Takano’s broken heart scenario. Yes he could have left town after his parents got divorce but not the next day. The blame is with Takano. ASSHOLE! XD


Jealous already? Must be fate my little friend.

So obviously I am on team Ritsu. If someone laughed after I confessed my love to them and multiple sex times took place I would be all X__X too. I don’t know if that would make me bitter towards love 10 years later but it would sting. I also probably would never forget the face of the person that wronged me but I can see how someone might want to block out such painful memories. He was in love with Saga for 3 years and when he finally got what he thought was a happy ending it was blown out of the water. So for 10 years Ritsu blocks out love and focuses on work only to be placed in an industry he doesn’t like with the person who broke his heart as his boss.


Unacceptable!!! More roundhouse kicks!!

And I am on team Ritsu when it comes to the “nervous laugh”. They looked like they were post sexy times. Or at least post making out. Now GRANTED I would have confirmed Saga’s feelings for me before allowing him to put his penis anywhere near me. But I will chalk that up to Ritsu being SO HAPPY that Saga even wanted to spend time with him. But if after all that sexy time I was laughed at I would assume he was just using me and would kick him too.


You were doomed from the start dude.

But poor Ritsu. After Takano kissed him in the last episode he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Factor in that Ritsu was impressed with how Takano handled the manga artist and the random drink sharing and Ritsu was already halfway in love with Takano. So now that Takano is Saga and the “nervous laughter” has been explained Ritsu is head over heels for Takano and is going to spend the rest of the series fighting his feelings. Poor unfortunate Ritsu.

Also instead of spending the rest of the series trying to get Ritsu to say “I love you” Takano should just say it first. He wasn’t honest 10 years ago because he was “nervous” so he needs to be honest now. Teasing Ritsu can be fun but really he should earn back trust and say how he feels first.


So much happiness in this industry.

Putting aside the beautiful relationship that Takano and Ritsu are forming the manga portion of the show was a bit eye opening. Meaning I now fear for the lives of any manga artist alive. I mean I am sure there were some dramatic moments for anime purpose…but still. I can’t help but believe some of the yelling and dark circles were real. Now all the manga artists in the world need prayer. And we need to be more understanding when mangas get delayed (for weeks, NOT MONTHS!!).


Time for a lawsuit! Manga artist abuse!!!

Also I am on team Ritsu in regards to how the manga artist was treated. Granted Takano should have been firm with her but how was Ritsu supposed to know what the heck Takano was thinking. Being firm is one thing but how can a person concentrate with someone screaming at you?

Now that Ritsu has his guard firmly up how will Takano sneak kisses this time? XD We must stay tuned to find out folks!

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