Saturday, May 30, 2009

A walk down memory lane

Yesterday was my brother’s graduation. Like any graduation there was parking issues, long speeches that only a parent could love, and the butchering of every single student's name. But despite the routine nature of this graduation (and every other graduation on the face of the planet) it made me think of the past and of my own graduation.

Or perhaps I should say high school itself. Because graduation is just the last event in high school. It was a busy day and I only spent time with a handful of my classmates. After graduation we were too excited about being FREE we really didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to one another. It was just the end and I don’t know how many of us actually realized that.

So no, this graduation made me think back to high school and how much my life has changed since then. I am not going to say something cheesy like those were the best 4 years of my life but I think it would be honest to say those were the least stressful years in many ways. In any event, those four years were full of times that were necessary for me to become the person I am right now so for the most part I am grateful for them.

When most teenagers talk to me they tend to focus on how unfair life is, the amount of homework they have, and how generally their teachers suck at life. I am sure I thought the very same thing while I was in high school (but I still think we were all right about our senior projects SUCKING so much) so it is hard to fault them for things I thought too. That and most teenagers think things are beyond unfair in their life and asking them to do ANYTHING would mean the end of the world.

Now that I have been through college and have worked out there in the big bad world..I realize that most of my teachers were pretty reasonable and the homework wasn’t that much. There are exceptions of course, what with the senior project of doom and my entire physics class but other than that I think our teachers were really good about the amount of homework or even a little too easy on us.

High school teachers actually CARE if you do well. Again I am sure there are some lame teachers out there who have given up on caring but for the most part high school teachers do everything in their power to help you succeed. They give you extensions and extra credit so you can have a chance of passing a class. They stay after school to give you a little extra help if you need it. Once you get to college you realize that you are the only one who cares if you pass or fail. College teachers do their lesson and most of the time that is it. Bosses at work don’t care if you are having issues and are late to work. Gone are the days you get constant reminders and planner checks. It is all up to you to motivate yourself because no one else has time to worry about you!

Another thing a lot of high schoolers take for granted is the crazy amount of free time they have/had. And I know there will be someone who thinks Hey I had to work 2 jobs and cook for my 4 brothers and sisters while taking all AP classes. Well…your life sucked then. I am talking about the average teenager’s life. The one full of going to the mall and the movies all the time and generally just wasting time. Not that adults don’t waste time once they get out there in the free world…it is just easier to see hey things cost money and instead of going to the mall I have to do 2 loads of laundry, the dishes, take the cars to the shop, and mow the lawn.

I think the thing I miss the most about high school are all the friends I had. I think I took for granted that I saw the same people day after day. I knew who to sit with at lunch, I knew who to go to for homework help, and who to call whenever there was DRAMA in my life. And most of those people I have not seen in 8 years now, the day we all graduated. Some of those people I haven’t thought of in forever. Only when I tried to remember where everyone was sitting at our graduation I went OH yeah, so and so…I wonder what they are up to now.

Of course that makes me wonder if they were really friends to begin with or we were “friends” because we were around each other. Either way it is no one’s fault. People can feel closeness due to circumstances and naturally when those circumstances change the feelings do. So yes, I had some fun times with these people but it’s not the end of the world that I no longer talk to them. Sometimes I wonder if I had tried to keep in touch maybe things would be different and maybe they would precious to me. See, now I am having mixed feelings about the situation…but it’s not going to change the fact that most people don’t talk to like 90 percent of their classmates after graduation.

Since high school I have only stayed connected to very close friends in high school. Well that and I married my high school boyfriend. And even though my best friends and I are still close we don‘t spend as much time as we did in high school. During high school we would go to the movies at least once a week, someone would come over for dinner, and we would get involved in some major adventure that was probably a bad idea at the time but really funny now. But now we have jobs, relationships, and other grown-up stuff going on. It is hard to find the time to spend ungodly amount of time with each other. And while that makes me sad I understand that it was inevitable.

Watching this high school kid’s graduate made me think of some crazy things I miss. Like the GOOD nuggets and rolls they served (not the nasty beef nuggets from hell). I miss hanging out in gym…not doing gym stuff. I miss the silly songs we sung in geometry class. I miss the random stories that my friends and I wrote during study hour. And I miss our economic teacher who was beyond lenient with us (the man let us do our pretend business based on Dragon Ball Z capsule cars!).

But then I looked at those happy kids graduating and I thought thank GOD I am not them. Because…times have changed since high school and some things have changed for the better.

Being in high school meant living in my parent’s house and sharing a bathroom with two extremely messy brothers. Oh God, just thinking back to those times make my skin crawl. Besides the disgusting boy stuff they would just barge in my room without knocking! I had to share the phone and the computer with 4 other people. I was limited to eating whatever was in the house and my activities were monitored by the parents.

Not that any of that is outrageous and MOG unfair (except the nasty bathroom). You need structure as a kid to not go crazy later in life and when you are an adult/parent you get to make the rules. So now I am sitting here eating cupcakes for lunch and surfing the net on my own computer. I don’t have to fight for the shower and my bathroom isn’t disgusting, just cluttered with all my random shower gels and hair products. But I understand that I have to pay for those privileges in life and that cupcakes, privacy, and shower gel cost money.

High school was also full of drama. And when I think back about this drama…it is pretty stupid. Just now on my soap opera this girl told her mother it was life or death to get the perfect dress for prom. Yes…prom. And of course there was other drama too. People gossiping about random people breaking up and how MOG we thought they were going to be together forever nonsense. How anytime an adult asked us to do something it was because they hated us and just didn’t understand how TOUGH our life was. I got in some petty fights in high school and I am glad those times are behind us. Now we can have petty fights with our co-workers and gossip behind the slutty soccer mom’s back. XD

Another thing about high school that I don’t miss is the chronic poorness. I didn’t have a job in high school as I was supposed to focus on my studies. I did receive an allowance (laughable in size but I know I was owed anything anyway) and I was paid sometimes for helping my mom with her business. But after birthdays and Christmas most of that money was gone. So while we went to the mall all the times, most of our cash went to a movie ticket and small trinkets at the cheap jewelry place. Of course being an adult also means most of our money goes towards bills and being alive, it is nice having some spending money and owning my own stuff. Sometimes I still suffer from chronic poorness, but I do so in my own house, with my own laptop, and my own car. That and it makes having spending money feel better for some reason. I am sure this all makes sense in my head, how being a poor teenager is different than a poor adult. XD

Although being an adult gives you more freedom there are still things you have to do. Yes you don’t have to listen to your parents and be dragged to every family dinner. But once you become an adult you realize that sometimes you have to tell your parents what they want to hear and drag yourself to family functions even if you have other plans. Or in theory that should happen. After you leave that selfish teenage time you realize that your small world is not the most important thing out there, that sometimes you have to do things for other people and you must behave appropriately as your actions affect others.

Some things that happened during my high school life still affect my life now. My very first manga was given to me in high school (Sailor Moon FOR THE WIN!) and I attended my very first anime convention my senior year. I promise though I wasn’t a screaming HUG ME freak. While at graduation I noticed that there was a tassel for the anime club. Really, an ANIME club at school? An anime club that was worthy enough of getting special recognition at graduation?! Well..back in my day we didn’t have the internet to download new episodes within a day of their release in Japan! We didn’t have manga scan sites and forums shipping different characters. We had to walk 15 miles in the snow to Suncoast and buy a VHS tape for 25 dollars for three lousy episodes. Yeah, I said VHS. DVD players were way too expensive back in my day. Just be thankful for those of us who paved the way for your anime club!

Another aspect of my high school life that still affects my present life of course is my high school boyfriend. Well really my only boyfriend actually. I often tease high school students when they talk about their boyfriends/girlfriends and their lame one month anniversary crap. But really relationships have to start somewhere. So maybe my mom was rolling her eyes at our lame one month anniversary, 6 month anniversary silliness but it wasn’t silliness to us. For some people it is silliness and for other people they do find their true love in high school. I was just fortunate enough to find my partner early in life.

So yes kids, this is the first day of the rest of your life. And while it may be exciting, it is also going to be different and difficult. College isn’t going to be the huge party you see in the movies and if it is…you are doing it wrong and you are wasting a LOT of money. Making new friends will be difficult and one has to master time management pretty quickly once college exams plus work start piling up. No one will care if you are a unique person who has special little issues. Sometimes you have to suck it up when you are an adult and just do your job/go to class/whatever.

Congratulations class of 2009. I hope you all put the last 4 years to good use and I hope the transition into adulthood is as smooth as possible for you. When things get hard don’t whine and complain about how unfair life is. If you want things to change in your life you are the one who has to make it happen. And remember, make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nendoroid count reaches 4! Welcome new arrival Kaito!

Today was a LONG day. I thought it was going to end well with me getting off work and finding my fourth nendoroid waiting for me at home. But I got word that somehow the Fedex people got lost and my package would not arrive today. :( Thus my long day got even longer as work progressively got worse and more rage worthy.

After an 11 hour shift I stomped my way upstairs. I was tired, angry, and probably smelly. I was ready to vent to my husband about the trials of my day and how I wanted to maim a few people. But then....



It is amazing how fast my bad mood melted away. And not only because I knew my 4th nendoroid was in that tiny box. I knew that my husband must have gone to some length to find out what the heck went wrong with the shipping and get the box redelivered in one day. Not only did he put a lot of love and care into selecting these anniversary nendoroids, he cared enough to find my gift to brighten up my day. Must not get sappy...but I really love that man.

NO MORE MUSH! Time to rip this baby open and see who was nearly lost in the back of a truck!


Saber is very eager to help.


YAY...wait who are you?

Yes that was my exact thought pattern. I was overwhelmed by his cuteness and then realized...I had no idea who he was. I have seen pictures of this particular nendoroid before and knew he name was Kaito...but I wasn't sure WHO he was.


Does it matter?! HE IS SO CUTE!!!

So it is time to do a little bit of research. Apparently this cutie pie is from the Vocaloid software (Vocaloid being a singing synthesizer application). While Miku is probably the most popular out of the Vocaloid characters Kaito is actually one of the first characters for this product line. :( Shame on me for not knowing any of this!


Thanks for helping me become really popular! XD

Despite me being far behind in the cool and hip scene...I can still marvel at the sheer cuteness of this tiny figurine!



This has to be my favorite pose/parts for this character. Look at his happy little face eating ice cream. It's cold outside (hence the scarf) but he can't help but dig into his favorite treat. Such a happy and freezing kid!




L is so thrilled, can't you tell?



Yeah...not really my favorite pose/facial expression. I think I will be keeping this face in the box. MORE ICE CREAM FACE!


Saber says time to calm down!

:) So with Kaito arriving safely at our house this completes my happy anniversary present. I love each of these nendoroids and wait patiently for their home (the shelf) to grace the wall. The next nendoroid post probably won't be until after I attend an anime convention and add another one to my collection. But these 4 are plenty for now. XD Until then...MOG CUTE!


Such a happy family!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

07-Ghost Episode 8: Confirming stuff you knew 4 episodes back and pretending to make it shocking!


That basically sums up how I feel about this episode. I love you 07-Ghost but...this is not your shining hour. I was already sleepy before I started watching this episode and I nearly passed out halfway through. :*( That is certainly not how you want your viewers feeling while watching your show.


You dare fall asleep in my presence?!

As much as I was unimpressed with this episode...I will still sing this anime's praises! I am loyal like that. So yeah this episode was boring but there is still hope! Unless this happens 5 times in a row I will still push for people to watch this series. So yeah people, not the best episode ever. But there are still some fun facts that needed to be here it goes. XD Thanks for reading!


Bet you didn't see THAT coming!

Episode Summary: It turns out that Ayanami has been controlling Mikage SHOCKER! Teito is beyond upset at this news and can’t fight against his bestest best friend ever THE HORROR! Frau turns out to be one of the lights that was sent to Earth MOG! The end.


Well...that happened too.

Well…this episode was not really jammed packed with awesomeness which makes me sad. I sing an anime’s praises and it is just sad when there is an episode that is really, really, REALLY boring.

I guess it was boring because almost everything that happened was expected and not really a giant surprise. And that the information that was given out in this episode really could have been condensed into 5 minutes…MAYBE the first part of the episode. But not an entire episode. It felt dragged out and full of fillery. And I think there is enough fillery stuff out there without it taking over my MOG I love you shows.

Sometimes a slow pace can be good once in and awhile. After a few WTF episodes that explode you mind with new characters and information it is nice to have an episode that is light hearted or simple. But this episode took that simple stance to an extreme. Almost to the point where I didn’t want to blog this episode as it wasn’t really worth it.

But I shall. Because I am a dedicated fan. And also I can’t sleep and nothing is on TV.


The yaoi girl in me cannot be contained!

I guess the most important thing that happened in this episode is Mikage reveals that he was being controlled all along. Shocking I know! Ayanami was lurking in Mikage’s mind and was waiting for the right moment to strike. Wow, really?! On and Mikage was trying to fight Ayanami’s control and save both Teito and his family. STOP TRYING TO CONFUSE ME!!!



ON SNAP! I just remembered the most important thing that happened during this episode. Teito is FINALLY free from his chains. 7 full episodes after he was placed in them and he finally can run and attack freely. REJOICE THE MASSES!


And the pink elephant in the room is destroyed!

But back to the Earth shattering news of the year. Mikage was sent to collect Teito and was not in his right state of mind. Hold me back from this unbelievable news. Although I was surprised that Mikage is half Kor (whatever the hell that is). Apparently Ayanami has super powers and can make everyone a Kor now. I did think that the way Mikage was taken over was a bit on the special side but yeah…not really impressed.


A half Kor is apparently more complicated than a whole Kor...

Teito…I love you. I really do. But half the episode was spent looking at your GASP face and you saying the same lines over and over again, but in slightly different ways. We get it, you are mad that your best friend was stolen and your life is crap. Oh and you want Mikage back. While I commend you on fighting a battle you were probably going to lose for the sake of your friend….please get new lines.


Because he is the BAD GUY! This is what bad guys do!

The most special part of the episode was the dramatic hymen music and mermaid girl’s face when all the DRAMA was going down. Thanks for helping us realize that this moment was VERY IMPORTANT. Without the music it might have been lost on me.


Cue the dramatic music! oh wait...

Frau is a sparkly light person? NO HOLD ME BACK?! Really now? Okay enough with all that. Yeah, kinda figured Frau and his friends were sparkly light people that were sent to rescue the world. I really didn’t think I would see them in their real forms this soon but I guess it is nice this is all out in the opened. I would like to know who those…special ladies are guarding the church but that is the only question I got out of this entire episode. :(


Meanwhile Teito DIES in the next room!

So….I think my post is kinda like the episode. Just bleh. Not much happened, everything you knew…was said 15 times, and none of this matters as everyone is hot. XD Okay that last part was really bad. But now that Teito is FINALLY out of the chains of doom and Mikage’s issue is known let’s get moving on the plot please? Pretty please?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pandora Hearts Episodes 8 Review and Summary

CURSE YOU FINAL EXAMS! Not mine of course as I have been out of school for quite some time. But curse them for other people! Between graduation and exams I feel as if some subbers will be late with getting episodes out this week. Not that it is their fault, school first people. Still sad face for me.

I just hope it doesn't get really delayed due to summer travels and what not. Again real life is more important than subbing. It just...well it just IS! Woe is the patheticness that is me!



Okay....I will behave now...

Yes no more complaining. Not when this week we were blessed with a really great episode. So thank you subbers for taking time out of your busy lives to sub this great series for me. Your efforts are much appreciated. Now...on to the blogging!


Thank you Captain Obvious.

As Oz sleeps he dreams of the events of the past episode, with the Will of the Abyss calling Alice worthless and that Oz will regret his decision one day. Oz wakes to see that Gilbert has been watching over him. Gilbert tries to explain that he moved Alice and Oz while they slept but Oz is too busy looking around at Gilbert’s house and neighborhood. Gilbert then explains that Break has been using Oz as bait (also shown in a hilarious flashback). Gilbert then changes into being concerned for Oz. Oz thinks back to the Abyss but plasters on a happy face. Break manages to freak Alice out as she wakes up and they tear up Gilbert’s house. With Gilbert making tea for the freak and Alice hissing like a cat in the corner Break explains to Oz how come he and Sharon don’t age. They are also Contractors but they went about the process in a different way. They have no symbol on their chest that ticks down to their death. And while they don’t age physically they are getting older on the inside and Break doubts he has a year left to live. He goes to talk about the true nature of the Abyss, the Will of the Abyss, and how Oz is the key to controlling it all. Oz decides that he is not really that impressed with being the key and all since he wants to focus on getting Alice’s memories back. Then Break gets up and starts saying some weird things. He says that Oz is warped and asked where he is, that he can’t see him in his true form. Alice comes up and declares Break crazy for saying such things. Break then leaves through a cabinet and makes Gilbert and Alice go X_X.


Witch craft!

Oz goes out in the hallway to think about Break’s words when he collapses. The symbol on his chest moves and he is in tons of pain. In the background Oz sees a cute girl dropping off flowers. Gilbert checks on Oz and he lies about how he feels. Alice finds the flowers and Gilbert lies about how serious the note is. They go into town to buy food and Alice gets sidetracked. Gilbert goes to chase after her but not before telling Oz not to think about how crazy Break’s words are (too many nots?). While shopping Alice mentions that she knows Gilbert doesn’t have any parents. She says that she wants to learn more about having parents and will question Oz about the subject. Gilbert gets upset and says that is NOT a subject he wants Alice talking about with Oz. Alice then manipulates Gilbert into telling her about Oz. Elsewhere Oz catches some little punks picking on this random kid. Oz helps out said random kid and somehow this leads into a discussion about parents. Oz gets all strange about not knowing what his father looks like anymore and has really weird inner though moments; about how he thought he was passed this all. THE END!


Hello there random girl!

Yay Pandora Hearts. Each week we get more and more of the puzzle and it keeps me coming back for more. Thanks for another great episode.


Psht, I don't need to know what is going on! I'm B-Rabbit ya'll!

Of course the most X_X and interesting moment out of the whole episode was the fact that Break doesn’t know where Oz is. And part of me thinks that Alice knows he is not technically there either. That or Alice is really dense and was making a big show..just to make a big show and not throw me off track. But seriously I was not expecting that kind of twist.


Out of left field......

The inner turmoil of Oz’s head also made me wonder if he knows that he is not exactly human or that something strange (r) is up with him. The fact that he thinks he overcame SOMETHING and he thought back to Break’s words make me wonder. Since this episode ended with MOG dad drama he may have been talking about overcoming that hurt but who knows.


This boy...worried?

But back to Break and his random IMPORTANT fact dropping news. Is Oz still in the Abyss? Or is he really in a grave (the one near the tree and where the pocket watch was found) and this…Oz look alike is a clone. And his dad is really him too. And soon there will be 5 Oz’s on my screen along with my brain matter. Okay, done with the Tsubasa reference now.


And that means what?!

Since Break has no problem with using Oz like bait I am not sure why he would bring up the fact that Oz is really not there. You think he would be a little sneakier and conceal information a bit better. Unless of course Break wants Oz to start doubting his own existence. Break might want him to start investigating his own past and somehow that leads Oz exactly where Break wants him. Where that place is I don’t know. I do know that yeah….Oz not REALLY being there threw me for a loop.


I know nothing. I see nothing!

On to other things I am happy that Oz is going to call Raven Gilbert. That means I can just refer to Gilbert as Gilbert. That and it is a sign that they are friendlier now and that Gilbert might not be so cold all the time. I doubt he will go back to being silly Gilbert who was tortured at the hands of his master but it is a start.


Yay for friendships!

Another fun fact that was introduced in this episode was the fact that Break is actually a person. I thought he was Sharon’s Chain but that is not the case. He and Sharon are both humans under different contracts. And they are special kind of Contractors which don’t die after a certain about of “Chain uses” and they never age. This contract is not invincible as their bodies wear down faster and they do eventually die. I am a bit stupid as I didn’t realize Sharon hadn’t aged. I just thought she was a really short woman who looked child like. Make up your mind animes! Don’t make me feel stupid.


Yay for random facts?

Alice was Alice in this episode. She pretends what is going on and that she is a bad ass. Sadly I do not think she is that scary. Not when she is busy eating flowers in the hallway and climbing boxes to look down on people. Keep on trying Alice.



I think the focus on Oz’s dad came on a little strong. I think it would have been better had the topic been gradually introduced over time. We all know that the person baby Gilbert was protecting way back in episode one was Oz’s dad. You know, a part of the robed people society. We also knew that Oz was closer to his Uncle that his father. But other than that nothing. So….all this dramatic talk with random kid of the week and Alice wanting to know about Oz’s father was a bit much for me. Don’t force the issue on me okay peoples?


Yes, you have daddy issues. Overkill much?

This whole Will of the Abyss business can get a bit confusing. I think it is a topic that is supposed to be complicated and it is best if I don’t think about it too hard. Because chances are the information Break gave us isn’t correct. At the end of the series this Will of the Abyss might be Alice’s last memory or even Oz himself. So for now I will just focus on the fact that it is something that both groups want and is very important.


Oz rocks at serious issues!

The SD moments were really cute this week. It is hard to pick my favorite. I mean, Alice randomly eating the flowers was pretty special. But then there was Gilbert dropping Alice and Oz on the ground when he found out his confession was heard. Decisions decisions….I just like the cute moments! There are enough of them to make the series funny but not TOO many to take away from the overall serious plot.


Gilbert fails slightly at protecting his master. But just slightly.


They has a flavor.


But not a very good one...

So this episode was really great this week. Nothing to complain about at all! XD Keep up the good work and churning out awesome episodes. See ya next week!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello Kitty: The world is not enough

So instead of watching anime and doing my own blog post I got caught up with someone else's blog. This happens time to time. I discover someone's blog and spend the rest of the day going through all their past posts and checking out their pictures.

Today that blog was Hello Kitty Hell. I had originally been searching the web looking for pictures of hello kitty weddings and to what extent brides subject their grooms to craziness.

Now don't get me wrong I love hello kitty. If you ask my mom maybe a little bit too much. My husband knows by now if there something hello kitty within a 6 feet radius of me my radar will go off and we must investigate it. But I still thought this site was pretty funny.


If you pass out from the cuteness you can go directly to the hello kitty hospital.

At one point I wasn't sure if I believed this blog. I mean, I know there are crazy hello kitty fans out there. I am pretty sure I am friends with one such person. But I had a hard time believing a man on the brink of a hello kitty melt down would put up with such insanity.


If he decides to end it all he has a few options...


Hello kitty HAS YOUR BACK!

He does state somewhere on his FAQ that he thinks the idea of divorcing his wife is stupid, that to leave her for a small matter in their life would be outrageous. But from the way his blog reads every single part of their life is affected by hello kitty. Her work is hello kitty. They drive a hello kitty type car. There are hello kitty product all over the house. The wife wants to go on trips solely because of hello kitty. I mean, she can be obsessed and all but he can't really say it is only a small part of their life.

But then...I realized that love is strange and can overcome a lot. That and his blog is his place to vent. Of course he would make it sound as "horrible" as he could, with his own sense of humor. So I will stop being a disbeliever and take his words at face value. I will laugh at his pain and enjoy his suffering.

I think his website is also hilarious due to all the hello kitty fans. This poor guy wants to vent about how stupid he finds these products and there are super fans screaming how awesome this all is, that he needs to tell them where they can get these hello kitty products, and that he is a great big meanie for not joining their cult for kitty.

So instead of finding other suffering boyfriends/husbands he gathers the kitty fanatics and fuels the fire. Irony you are cruel to this man.

This blog also made me feel a little bit better. I to his wife I look sane! I am sure part of my sanity comes from my husband saying NO to certain hello products (she has been completely banned from the kitchen and our personal bed). And another part of my sanity comes from the fact I simply can't afford all that stuff (seriously, how much money does she make from her e-bay site?! But still...even if I had all the money in the world and had a husband who let me go crazy...I don't think I could bring myself to buy a hello kitty ukulele or a hello kitty rectal thermometer. I love hello kitty but I am still know when something crosses the cute stage into the obsessed one.

With that said...yeah, some of those items on his site were super cute. And his house sounds like something that would be fun to visit but not necessary live at. Even those I love the hello kitty it is hard to tolerate so much pink at once.

Here are a few things that I found cute and reasonable (aka NOT CREEPY!):


A hello kitty item that you can use for scrape booking and put back after the project is done. Not something that needs to be displayed around the house and drive the husband crazy.


This is almost so cute it is ugly. My brother loves Domo and I think it would make a cute gift for him.


Yeah that might be a little much...but I think it is much cuter than the blinged out ones.

So while I feel for the man at Hello Kitty Hell...I enjoyed his site as a hello kitty fan and laughed at the story that is his life. It was an enjoyable way to spend an evening. Wherever you are sir...I am in awe of your strength and borderline insanity for putting up with life in a sanrio central. I pray you two don't conceive a daughter in the near future only for your safety.

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eden of the East Episode Summary and 7

Why hello Eden of the East. No hard feelings about being put on hold for a day due to my lovely figurine post right? Right? X_X

Perhaps the wait was worth it. This episode was pretty great and had a bit of everything to reach a wide audience. And look, it had gratuitous amounts of boobies and I wasn't twitching in my seat. Surely a miracle.

So grab a snack and sit down to watch a show that has some sexy almost action, Saki nearly tripping every ten steps, and random/unexpected angel wings. ENJOY!


My wings are completely necessary though.


Safety first!

President dude tells the others that Ohsugi has been kidnapped. The club deducts that the Johnny Hunter must have Ohsugi. Akira is confused about this Johnny Hunter stuff and asks who it is. The pudgy member explains and Akira is taken back at the victim number being at 20,000. The older lady questions why Ohsugi would go through the trouble of posting on this forum instead of texting them directly. The pudgy dude cries and says that Ohsugi was ashamed that he was caught up in this situation. Saki starts to feel a little guilty about the whole thing. The group uses their Eden program to research one of the objects in the room. Turns out that the hotel has a rare piano and Akira promises the group he will find Ohsugi. He leaves and tells Juiz to find him that piano. He goes alone as he learns that another Selecao is behind this. Once he learns the piano is in a fancy hotel room he asks for the person holding that room and her real name. He tells Juiz to hold up that woman as he learns she is also heading for the hotel. On the way to the hotel Selecao Prostitute is pulled over. Instead of paying attention to the police man she checks her phone. She learns that Selecao IX has ordered Juiz to do these things and slightly amused and pissed off. She decided to take off and tells Juiz to cause Akira to get into an accident.


The cop has her undivided attention of course.

Meanwhile Saki calls Akira to make sure he is okay but he never gets a chance to hang up the phone when an oil tanker nearly takes him out. Being the kind soul he is Akira saves the man driving the truck and continues on his way. The rest of the club is worried with the way Akira got off the phone and they decide to drive to the hotel themselves. The older lady tries to call the hotel but something strange is going on and now a car accident is blocking their way. When Prostitute Selecao makes it back to the hotel the manager tells her that due to a change of ownership she is no longer allowed to go to her room. She checks her phone and sees Akira has bought the entire hotel. X_X But she doesn’t care as she makes it up to her room anyway. The tied up Ohsugi freaks out as she decides to cut the foreplay and cut off his penis right away. Enter Akira crashing through the room. Prostitute Selecao smirks that the Supporter has arrived as well as the one who caused Careless Monday. Akira retorts that he is neither of those people. Prostitute Selecao then manhandles Ohsugi a little bit and goes on about the game they are playing. She explains that she was never trying to win the game but wanted to get back at horrible men and import nicer men from other countries to save their nation.

All the while Saki can hear what is going on as Akira’s phone is not off. Saki takes off on foot as traffic is jammed from the accident. When Akira learns that Prostitute Selecao has never received love from a Johnny he decides that he is going to save her too (even though he is bleeding from the side). Prostitute Selecao undresses and tells him to try and change that. Then Akira passes out before he can even kiss her. Saki gets worried about the lack of NOISE and tries screaming at Akira for answers. Saki makes it to the hotel room to find Akira passed out on the bed naked. Before her virgin eyes can explode Prostitute Selecao says she didn’t do anything to Akira (although she did tend to his wounds). Prostitute Selecao contacts Juiz and tells her to do it. And by do it she means make Ohsugi float in the air and make her sprout demon wings. X_X And make her fly in the air. Then SURPRISE it turns out that dude wasn’t Ohsugi. He was some evil serial rapist! Then said black demon wings psychopath FLIES out of the window and Saki is like….really…is this my life now?! The end!


And the real tragedy of this episode....all that wasted money.

Holy crap. X_X Maybe putting off this post one day was a crime. With all the penis talk and special purchases I can’t help but go X_X over this episode. So..I am sorry that you got pushed aside for a day (even though my nendoroids are super cute).

I am going to start with the only bad point of this episode. And I am not even sure if it is a bad point or not. It could be just me not understanding how they are using this term but whatever. But I really wished they would use penis for penis and Johnnies is a crocked guy out to hurt woman. Really it would be better with the term John as I think that term is more common with prostitutes and stuff but that would be really nitpicky. The point is that using the word Johnnies to encompass the word penis and John got a little much for me.


New drinking game word! And you WILL be drunk!

That and what is wrong with the word penis? It is almost trying to be too cute by skirting around that term. If this anime really wants to be mature and sophisticated it really just needs to say the word penis. Let’s be grown-ups now okay.


That is discrimination!

Of course I could be taking this way out of proportion and missing the big picture. The word Johnny has been used a lot in this anime so far. So maybe it is a cutsy way of saying the word penis…or maybe it has another meaning. Hopefully not the meaning that involves those creepy dead zombie things but something else. Like Akira’s real name or something. So if at the end of the series the word Johnny really is
important I will apologize for my rudeness.


That is a lot of faking....

Moving on from that small issue…X_X wow. That was a very interesting ride due to the fact that the last two episodes were in vain. Of course I am more upset that Akira wasted so much money for nothing more than Ohsugi’s safety but that is just the kind of person I am.


At least they care about him.

I am glad Mr. President dude told the rest of the club people what was going on. I hate it when friends don’t tell each other important things and try to save the day on their own. Those kinds of things rarely work out and leaves everyone pissed off at the hider.


Yay for information.

I am also glad that people in the club voiced questions about if this was Ohsugi or not. The older lady (I rock at names) brought up the great point of um…yeah why isn’t Ohsugi trying to call us. Thank you for not sweeping that issue under the rug. Pudgy member spoke up and gave some semi believable explanation about Ohsugi being embarrassed and all. I mean, if I was in danger and about to be killed I think I would suck up my pride and call my friends. But that is just me.


Pride? We don't need no stinkin pride!!!

Even though Akira’s heart is in the right place he isn’t doing a good job of keeping a low profile. Which I think is a positive quality. He rather make sure that Saki’s friend is alive than his crazy secrets protected. I think Akira using his money and resources to help a person he doesn’t even know is very noble. Great way to get the girl in the end XD


He's the violent one?

Prostitute Selecao really is on top of her game. She isn’t really a killer like the detective (well she is) and she certainly isn’t a kind person like the doctor. Her reasons for making the country a better place are a little bit special. I am all for getting bad guys off the streets but she kinda lost me with importing hot looking men. Reverse sexism is lovely.


A penis hater with a heart of gold.

The number 20,000 came up again and that raised my eyebrows a bit. Akira was quick to remind the group that they might be thinking of a different group of maybe dead people. This is a small little fact that I hope is brought up at the end of the series or otherwise explained. That would make me a happy person.


Sensing a theme...

So after skank Selecao and Akira get done trying to blow each other up they face off in the most….nonviolent way ever. I thought for a minute Akira was going to throw that apple at her head but nope. Instead my eyes almost popped out of my head when he kissed said skank and was going to show her some Johnny love (seriously, what does that mean people?). I think what made the situation more X_X is the fact that Saki heard the whole thing. That would put a damper on the whole relationship thing.


I will not be ignored!

Not to mention that it made me roll my eyes. Akira can’t remember about any of his past sexual experiences but he is that confident in his Johnny? And wouldn’t he be proving her point? That all men are sleazy and will do anyone, anytime? This lady needs to be shown that some people have sex out of love, not out of money or power. Fail plan is fail.


The saddest thing....IN THE WORLD!

The best part of this episode is that Ohsugi wasn’t at the hotel EVER! So HA the whole thing about why wouldn’t Ohsugi call makes total sense. Because Ohsugi is probably passed out in an alley way. In the scene before he was “not abducted” there was a man looking at Ohsugi. My theory is said stranger took his bag then hit on the skank Selecao (who also witnessed the theft). So yeah…it was a loser texting his information to that dating forum. Not that the crew should be insulted by their detective work. It was a logical conclusion after all.


Oh snap you gonna die.

What was not logical was the whole wings and flying away thing. X_X. Seriously just X_x.



After the X_X moment there was more @_@ when she just flew out of the window. I understand that it was special effects but really. Just really. How did all this special effects make it into the room in such a short amount of time? And I would love to know the special effect that can make someone FLY. Yeah I know Chinese people like flying in movies but this takes the cake. I am surprised that Saki didn’t pass out on the spot.


This all makes perfect sense! Of course!

So as it stands Ohsugi is still missing (but probably okay), Akira is naked and injured, and Saki is confused and slightly scarred for life. All and all…a great episode. XD See ya next week. XD

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