Monday, May 25, 2009

Hello Kitty: The world is not enough

So instead of watching anime and doing my own blog post I got caught up with someone else's blog. This happens time to time. I discover someone's blog and spend the rest of the day going through all their past posts and checking out their pictures.

Today that blog was Hello Kitty Hell. I had originally been searching the web looking for pictures of hello kitty weddings and to what extent brides subject their grooms to craziness.

Now don't get me wrong I love hello kitty. If you ask my mom maybe a little bit too much. My husband knows by now if there something hello kitty within a 6 feet radius of me my radar will go off and we must investigate it. But I still thought this site was pretty funny.


If you pass out from the cuteness you can go directly to the hello kitty hospital.

At one point I wasn't sure if I believed this blog. I mean, I know there are crazy hello kitty fans out there. I am pretty sure I am friends with one such person. But I had a hard time believing a man on the brink of a hello kitty melt down would put up with such insanity.


If he decides to end it all he has a few options...


Hello kitty HAS YOUR BACK!

He does state somewhere on his FAQ that he thinks the idea of divorcing his wife is stupid, that to leave her for a small matter in their life would be outrageous. But from the way his blog reads every single part of their life is affected by hello kitty. Her work is hello kitty. They drive a hello kitty type car. There are hello kitty product all over the house. The wife wants to go on trips solely because of hello kitty. I mean, she can be obsessed and all but he can't really say it is only a small part of their life.

But then...I realized that love is strange and can overcome a lot. That and his blog is his place to vent. Of course he would make it sound as "horrible" as he could, with his own sense of humor. So I will stop being a disbeliever and take his words at face value. I will laugh at his pain and enjoy his suffering.

I think his website is also hilarious due to all the hello kitty fans. This poor guy wants to vent about how stupid he finds these products and there are super fans screaming how awesome this all is, that he needs to tell them where they can get these hello kitty products, and that he is a great big meanie for not joining their cult for kitty.

So instead of finding other suffering boyfriends/husbands he gathers the kitty fanatics and fuels the fire. Irony you are cruel to this man.

This blog also made me feel a little bit better. I to his wife I look sane! I am sure part of my sanity comes from my husband saying NO to certain hello products (she has been completely banned from the kitchen and our personal bed). And another part of my sanity comes from the fact I simply can't afford all that stuff (seriously, how much money does she make from her e-bay site?! But still...even if I had all the money in the world and had a husband who let me go crazy...I don't think I could bring myself to buy a hello kitty ukulele or a hello kitty rectal thermometer. I love hello kitty but I am still know when something crosses the cute stage into the obsessed one.

With that said...yeah, some of those items on his site were super cute. And his house sounds like something that would be fun to visit but not necessary live at. Even those I love the hello kitty it is hard to tolerate so much pink at once.

Here are a few things that I found cute and reasonable (aka NOT CREEPY!):


A hello kitty item that you can use for scrape booking and put back after the project is done. Not something that needs to be displayed around the house and drive the husband crazy.


This is almost so cute it is ugly. My brother loves Domo and I think it would make a cute gift for him.


Yeah that might be a little much...but I think it is much cuter than the blinged out ones.

So while I feel for the man at Hello Kitty Hell...I enjoyed his site as a hello kitty fan and laughed at the story that is his life. It was an enjoyable way to spend an evening. Wherever you are sir...I am in awe of your strength and borderline insanity for putting up with life in a sanrio central. I pray you two don't conceive a daughter in the near future only for your safety.

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