Friday, April 30, 2010

I don't have time for your shenanigans!

Today I worked 11 straight hours at work (unless you count the five whole minutes I took to eat a slice of pizza and candy bar). As such there will be no Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan blog post. Maybe Sunday I will get around to writing one but tonight I am not up to watching a show that nearly put me to sleep last week (although sleep would be nice). Maybe episode 4 will blow me out of the water but chances are it won’t and I don’t need to put myself through more aggravation. Late post will be late because of work and because it didn’t get subbed the day I thought it was going to (Tuesday). Sadness fills my heart.

So instead of blogging Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan I will recount annoying and special customers. Today will be extra special as I will include a boss suck! XO Go me living on the edge.

This post is brought to you by Code Red. Code Red. The drink that makes the day worthwhile.

If you don’t want to tip the delivery driver perhaps you should have a game plan about stiffing me before I get to the door. Because really, your friend calling out “How much do you want to tip her?” and you answering “Nothing” was super classy. I’m not sure how you could have been a bigger douchebag. If that was your goal congrads, you win. If that was not your intent answer the door next time so you can discreetly not tip me. But either way I hate you.

When ordering a pizza I don’t expect to see a spotless house when I show up. Most of the time people are ordering pizza because they don’t want to go out (but please be wearing clothes!!!!). And my house is never spotless so I am not really one to talk. However before a stranger or even a friend comes over to your house you might want to clean the random piles of dog crap all over your carpet. It really is an appetite killer, the smell of a yummy pizza being overshadowed by the stench of poop. And I am not talking about one random act of poop. I am talking about turds all over the floor and how can anyone walk in the house kind of disaster. I want to barf now.

This is more of customer WTF/silly moment than RARW! My co-worker took the call and was mildly amused. The customer gave my co-worker her address and proceeded to order carry out pizzas. XD Like hello we don’t need your address if you are coming to pick them up. But this is loads better than a person ordering pizzas and not giving us their address and they RARW where is my pizza later. Still I found it funny.

If I ask you to repeat something 3 times maybe you could take the hint and leave the room with a crying baby. But I guess it is more fun to get pissy at me for not understanding you over the screams of an infant. I enjoy being a punching bag sir. Heaven forbid the blame be on you.

Why are you asking me why your total is so much? Oh I see you are mad that you didn’t get the advertised deal in the window. The one that talks about our one topping carry-out special. The one you didn’t order. Yes I understand that it is easy to get the words one topping and deluxe mixed up. Silly me charging you the correct price for a pizza that has loads of toppings on it. I forget that the customer is always right.

Today was super duper busy. Like I don’t have time to drink a sip of water and all three lines are on hold busy. So Mr. Boss maybe you shouldn't call your wife to complain about how slow we are delivery the pizzas to your location while she is in the store. Standing next to my sibling. Who doesn’t work for you but is helping us out because it is that bad. We probably wouldn’t have known your part of the conversation if your wife hadn’t started running her mouth saying that yes, we were making excuses for the pizzas not being MOG there right now and basically calling us lazy. So while bashing your employees is never a good idea bashing them in front of their sibling is a worse idea. You're welcome for all the hard work we put in today.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

K-On!! Season Two Episode 4

Ah Wednesdays. Short day at work, people yelling at me because of said short day, and K-On!! Even though I like my work days (sorta helps me ease into the work week) K-On!! is still the best part of Wednesdays. Mugi if you thinking working in the food industry is so fun come work for me. XD


Everyone say lycopene!

Pack your bags, put on your best tourist clothes, and come join the K-On!! girls on their senior field trip! Spoilers and souvenirs for all!


This almost makes me miss high school. Then I remember being poor, homework, and cheerleaders.

Episode Summary: Ui is busy packing Yu’s bag for Yui’s high school field trip. Poor unappreciated Ui. Also Yui and Ui’s parents were really lazy when it came to baby names. Off the girls and other unimportant classmates go on a train heading towards Kyoto. Yui and Ritsu do their usual crazy antics but this time with twice as many snacks. Mio doesn’t seem to be on board for all this fun though as she constantly tells the girls to calm down and act their age. Sawako also tries to control the girls as they are being special at a temple. But there is plenty of typical temple stuff going on and yummy food to eat in town. Dinner is uneventful except Yui and Ritsu can’t eat most of it because they pigged out on snacks and there is a random bath scene where Ritsu tries to drown Yui. The best scene of the entire episode occurs when Mugi starts a pillow fight and it ends with Ritsu hitting Sawako. The girls flop on the floor pretending nothing happened and Sawako steps on Ritsu out of revenge.


Surely we shall die.

After the girls get down with pillow fight number two Ritsu starts mumbling weird things in her sleep. Mugi and Yui are amused, Mio is not impressed, and Tenchi is confused. But I am sure it was funny. As was Ritsu trying to talk like someone from Kyoto. The next day the class is given a free day which is good since no one was listening to Sawako anyway. Mio tries to kill the fun but Ritsu and Yui decide it is time for monkey park. The girls briefly talk about how sad it that Azusa isn’t there but the topic is quickly changed to buying awesome stuff and OH NOS I forgot to buy souvenirs. After a day of fun the Light Music Club members try to find the train station but fail. Several times. They think they are saved when they locate Nodoka but apparently her group is lost too. They all eventually make it back to the hotel but Sawako is still mad. Slowly Mio starts laughing at Ritsu’s antics and starts having fun with the other girls. But then it is time to go back home and pass Mt. Fuji again. The end!


Smile or else!

Yay for school trips. XD Apparently the writers heard me and decided to skip the summer trip and focus on something more educational and less fun. Or they couldn’t stop showing the fun sides of high school and picked a field trip instead. Either way I am happy.


Although she does realize the fun times are nearly over...or at least changing.

I worry for Yui when she goes out into the real world. X_X I guess that goes for all characters who are written like Yui. Nagisa had a bit of Yui in her but I thought maybe…if she married Tomoya directly after high school she would be okay. XD But I don’t trust Yui to cross the street by herself. But that is applying logic to the situation! Yui is fun to watch if you don’t pretend she is a real person. Or worry about her friends that constantly have to take care of her.
But Yui I am with you on the snack thing. Trips of for eating bad food! One must keep up their energy when on vacation. So snack away. The sound of you chewing will drown out all the haters.


Sorry mom!

Mio can be a bit of a kill joy at times. The first half of the episode Mio was whining and complaining whenever someone was trying to have fun. Granted some of the things Ritsu and Yui did/said were a bit immature but come on. They are on their last high school trip ever (or at least I think they are…). That is the time where you act all touristy and act a little crazy. I guess I see this more as normal teenager behavior while ignoring that this is still Japan and the rules are different. :( Still Mio didn’t have to act that annoyed all the time. Snacks for all!


Even Ritsu is shocked at Mio letting loose.

Of course this being K-On!! and Mio being Mio she did loosen up in the second half of the episode and was acting more like the other girls. I rather her have “fun” in her own way and not have the show resort to OH MY she dropped the snacks just like Yui but meh. I wanted Mio to chill out and she did. And I guess the other girls are use to her being a stick in the mud and don’t mind her mom like attitude. They are slowly trying to bring her to the dark side (dark side=fun!).


Exactly. Only not.

I didn’t get a lot of the jokes in this episode. Which is fine but I do think it held me back from experiencing all the fun. Like what the girls were whispering to each other when they were trying to sleep. Didn’t get what that was all about. I also didn’t get the whole talk like a Kyoto person. But I am sure it is like someone from New England trying to talk like someone from Alabama. And silly subbers I wanted to see what the girls wished for!! XO Why didn’t you write some little sub notes for us?! Err I mean thanks for all your hard work XD


Best scene of the whole episode.

Sawako is so silly. But again I am sure this has to do that this is Japan. To me these kids were all really well behaved. Here in America I can’t imagine one teacher verses an entire class going on a weekend trip. So Sawako getting all RARW over a bit of running around and a pillow fight seems silly to me. But Sawako wants to be known as a responsible teacher so I guess she has to be a little strict. But soon the girls get to her and she starts having fun too. Good for her!


Must test the quality of the ammunition!

Mugi was so cute in this episode. I didn’t know what she had in mind when she was so happy to see those pillows but I probably should have. XD I guess growing up in the household she did there wasn’t many opportunities to have pillow fights. I want to hold out hope that there might be a “Let’s go to Mugi’s house” episode but given how embarrassed she is about having money that might not happen. But Mugi did something completely …unspecial and had a blast. I love her happy face.


Only you can save us now!

There was no Azusa in this episode. Is it sad that I really didn’t miss her? Or that next week I am a bit X_X at the idea of seeing what happened when the senior girls were on their field trip? I am not sure the younger girls could carry the show on their own so I guess we will see how they fare in one episode.

The girls having fun on vacation was fun to watch. I think in general I like seeing people having fun on vacation. I put myself in their situation and think how lovely a vacation would be right now or how much fun it would be exploring a new place. Sure the places were touristy and a bit cliché but it worked for me. Mostly because I would like to go to those kinds of places if I go to Japan. XD

Overall I approve of this episode despite the lack of music or club related material. Just 4 girls having fun with each other and annoying their teacher. Fun for all, even Mio!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru episode 3


Well someone isn't happy for a new week...

Hello Monday! Most of the day was spent sleeping in and not getting anything done. Tis a shame because by Tuesday night I will be whining about where my weekend went and how I don’t want to go back to work and blah blah. But yes, Hello Monday. Thank you for being lazy and drama free.

I do with that my preferred anime viewing site of choice would show Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru. Not that the show is beyond amazing but I don’t like change. XD But I should be happy that someone is blogging this confusing pile of sparkly eyes.

Beware of giant sparkly demon dogs and lack of important details! XD


Yep. That is a hole. Good job Yuki.

Episode Summary: The last minute of episode plays because apparently the producers think the audience has the memory of a goldfish. But Yuki is very concerned about the hole in the ground the heroes made. Like super concerned. Yuki tells Takashiro that he needs to time to think about all this drama. Tsukumo and Touko seem rather concerned but Takashiro tells them and Zess to stay away from Yuki and not tell him about the sparkle demon dogs. This makes Zess run after Yuki and protect him from the sparkle demon dogs. Yuki is all happy and full of smiles when Zess is protecting him. Zess tells Yuki to be careful because it’s Walpurgis Night and that is when the demon sparkle dogs get all powerful and harm people. He tells Yuki to stay inside and not to be alone. Yuki is grateful and is all I feel as if I have known you forever AWWWW!


I think Yuki needs to run away. Red roses and vines never turn out well.

Takashiro is off being important and driving around in his car and looking rich. He has nightmares of something from the past and of a man that has wronged him. He wants revenge but he needs Yuki to do so. Too bad Yuki calls Takashiro and tells him he is not going to Tokyo and that he is going to stay and read bed time stories to the kids. The bed time stories consist of him actually talking about girl Yuki and Zess but whatever. Two of the kids end up going missing and Yuki runs off alone into the night which makes Zess, Tsukumo, and Touko all X_X! Yuki gets a text message which was not translated but I am assuming it is from Uzuki who wants him to go to the school’s roof. Takashiro is busy driving back to Tokyo being all pissed off and Kanata is walking around caring his demon book looking suspicious. Everyone is running to save Yuki while the scary music plays. The end!


Okay. We get it. You were in love. Now go away!

I still hate girl Yuki. She is dead/boy Yuki and I hate her. XD Good job me. But I am not a fan of all these girl Yuki/Zess flashbacks. Makes me worry that Zess will only see boy Yuki as a girl Yuki replacement. I want Zess to make a replacement with boy Zess based on his merits and not because of what they used to have. See I have my reasons for being a hater?


Exactly. It is all coming together now...

Other than that it feels as if not much happened. X_X I know I wrote a lot in my summary but it felt very slow. We need more plot details please. I am not satisfied with just sparkly cute boys and demon dogs. I want to know what is going on.


Whose side are you on?!

I think it bothers me the most about the lack of details is Kanata. I want to know which side he is on so I can either hate him or cheer on this love triangle. Please give me details! XO


Aw I love this moment.

I do like that Zess isn’t taking any of Takashiro’s crap. Well I guess not crap. His gentle way of making Yuki come to their side without pushing too hard I should say. But Zess isn’t on Takashiro’s side so haha to you and your plans. You go out and openly defy the person in charge of the group you semi side with! HA!


What is there to think about?! This all makes total sense!

I am not sure how I feel about Yuki having to think about whether or not to run off with these random strangers. I mean on one hand yeah it sounds really dumb to go off with people who have special powers just because they say they can help me. They might really be the baddies and hello I don’t want to actually run into MORE sparkle demon dogs. But on the other hand if I really love my orphan kids (actually getting really tired of all my animes being filled with tons of 5 year olds that take up storyline) I would want to leave them before I accidentally get them hurt with my powers or ability to make the sparkle demon dogs find/attack me. I might want answers to why I myself was a sad little orphan and why do I have special powers. At the very least he should want to run off with Zess….


The crazy person is touching me!!!

The brother and sister team need more personality. I am not really on board with Touko’s over the top love fest with Yuki. I am sure it will make sense later but I think Yuki has the right to be all weirded out about the situation. Tsukumo likes birds. That is all I know. More character development please.


It's morphin time!!

I guess that’s about it. Yuki has no idea what is going on, I don’t know what is going on, and the people who know what is going on are too busy killing sparkly demon dogs. Watch next week as Uzuki is still bring a jerk and Zess will save the day again! Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Angel Beats Episode 4


This post is oozing with love!

This post will contain about 148% more positive words than yesterday’s post. Not that it would be hard to accomplish that but you know. XD

But yes Angel Beats makes me happy. This episode was less structured than the previous episodes but I think it was important to not be super serious all the time. Even if the characters all might be “dead”.

It is time for screenies, sad back stories, and baseball! Batter up!!!


No one likes you. XO

Episode Summary: The SSS are interviewing new candidates for the Dead Girl Monster’s lead singer as Iwasawa disappeared last episode (insert sad face here). Yui, the crazy fan girl from last week, has offered to take on that position and her try out song ends up being the opening theme song this week. Most of the SSS members are not impressed. Yuri is sad that they won’t be able to use the Dead Girl Monster as a distraction for the upcoming baseball tournament so she goes to plan B. She wants the SSS members to participate in the games illegally and cause Tenshi to get all pissed. The first part of the episode is devoted to Hinata trying to gather members for his team but getting turned down by “good members”. He is forced to have a very loop sided group and Otonashi senses doom in their future. Throughout the episode it is clear that Hinata’s back story is going to be revealed. He was a baseball player when he was alive and it is implied that he lost an important game.



The day of the game arrives and Yuri watches from headquarters as her minions participate in the games. The SSS members are told to win or they will be punished. Hinata’s group does well as Otonashi is actually a very good pitcher and Shiina is a pretty decent player. Tenshi gets wind of the SSS group trying to ruin things and competes with her own group, made up only of the baseball players. Soon Tenshi battles Hinata’s group and things get tough. Suddenly it gets down to one final point and Hinata starts to shake. He tells Otonashi that in his past life he lost a huge baseball game and he was shunned by his peers. He was then given some drugs by his coach. Otonashi realizes that if Hinata relives his past moments and succeeds this time (actually catching the pop ball) he will disappear. It is a dramatic moment to save Hinata from disappearing but Yui, who has been picked on all episode by Hinata, clocks him and the ball is not caught. Hinata is saved, Tenshi wins, and Yuri is pissed. But Hinata lives and that’s all that matters.


Extremely stressful for Otonashi. XD

That was a bit stressful to watch. Last week it was all fun and games until Iwasawa disappeared. Now I am going to worry about anyone getting screen time in future episodes. That means they are in danger of reaching peace and another SSS member will poof on us. And since I really like Hinata I was spending most of the episode worrying. But now that he is safe the episode is awesome. XD


It's all going according to plan!!!

Well maybe not the entire episode was awesome. The entire plan against Tenshi was a bit shaky. More like um we are out of good ideas on how to destroy/really piss of Tenshi so we are going to mildly annoy her instead. The Haruhi factor was up in this episode as well. The cackling in headquarters, the threatening of the minions, and the general let’s do something stupid and pretend it’s all important factor. XD So yeah, not really feeling the urgency of this episode but that’s fine. Thinking back stealing meal tickets wasn’t really important either. I guess the guns clouded my vision a bit.


Surely we shall die.

This episode also was a bit Clannad like with the baseball theme. Both The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Clannad had rag tag teams of baseball players who pulled off victories despite the odds (even though some magic was involved in Haruhi). Random characters who really can’t play baseball, people that captain loathe and rather see eaten alive by ants, and useless girls. I wish they had more useless boys because it’s too easy to go with useless girls all the time. Ah memories of being stuck in outfield and picked last for teams. XD


Isn't this more balance than concentration?

Hinata picking his team was pretty entertaining. I thought Yui was a bit over the top with her constant “they are an idiot comments” considering she is one herself but meh. I thought that Shiina was entertaining with her anger over Otonashi outlasting her in the second episode. Not sure what the broom really proves but okay. I really could have done without Yui’s friends though. The Dead Girl Monster girls would have been a better choice but that would make sense people.


XD love it.

My favorite recruitment scene was Matsushita denying Hinata XO. Hinata was talking about loyalty and he has just gotten burnt by some of his other friends. He talked up Matsushita to Otonashi and when he got turned down it was dramatic. And Otonashi proved his Kyonness by twisting that knife a little bit in Hinata’s back. XD I love these two together both as friends and because of my yaoi fan girl tendencies.
The actual baseball game itself was a bit boring only because I am not into sports. XD But this rag tag team was pretty good and yay points right? At least no one sparkled. But an epic speech of randomness would have been nice.


Pay not attention to the yaoi fan girl behind the laptop.

I like how Hinata’s back story wasn’t randomly thrown into Otonashi’s face this week. It progressed slowly throughout the episode and it came more naturally in my mind that Yuri’s and Iwasawa’s. I think that Otonashi will start being more proactive in asking the SSS members about how they died rather than wait for them to tell him.


I wish to hug him. :(

Which of course doesn’t matter since no one has told Otonashi how they died goes to the whole theory that either all these kids committed suicide or they attempted to and are still alive in some way in the real world. We can assume that Hinata’s death has something to do with drugs though. Not that he told Otonashi though….


The logical step to losing a baseball game is to do drugs. Obviously.

Hinata’s back story isn’t as sad as Yuri’s and Iwasawa’s. He missed a pop ball during a high school baseball game. He wasn’t injuried by his parents or subjected to the death of his three siblings. In the grand scheme of things what happened to Hinata was pretty common and not that big of a deal. When you are a teenager everything seems like the end of the world though. Devoted three years to your life to a sport and losing during an important moment is pretty crappy. But you will grow up and get a job and your life will go on. That moment will not define the rest of your life. Unless of course you are Hinata’s coach who thinks drug is the answer? Like seriously wtf was that all about?!


Hard to take screenies to capture the moment. :(

I do like that Otonashi has caught on fast to how things work in this world. It makes me wonder why Yuri hasn’t caught on yet but since I think she is denial about how this world works it makes sense. I love how Otonashi was willing to throw the game so he could save his friend. The tense was really high and I felt sick to my stomach knowing that Hinata was going to catch that ball. I mean, we do want everyone to be healed and move on (wherever that is) but since I like Hinata I don’t want him to disappear yet. Which make me a bad person in some way.


Clearly he is rescued....clearly.

I am not sure how I feel about Yui saving Hinata. I think I wanted Otonashi to save Hinata because it would be sweet and lovely in my mind and cement that Otonashi is really important to saving everyone. But then Otonashi would be on Yuri’s bad side and we can’t be having that. Yui was annoying the whole episode but it works that she would be the one to clobber Hinata. So while the episode didn’t end on a serious happy note it ended on a funny happy note which works for me. Yay for Hinata being alive. I don’t want him to suffer but if my theory is correct he can wake up with everyone else at the end of the series. Only looking the way he does now…

So I liked this episode. XD No dead Hinata, Yuri being weird, and the back story being revealed in a new way. I am happy. But now I have to go to work. I shall cling to this happiness. May it last all night! XD

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan episode 3




I woke up to sparkles?

*rubs eyes* Oh did I fall asleep while watching Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan? Well let me drink some Code Red (NOM NOM NOM) and muster up some energy to write something. Snarking is something I do well after all.
Beware of unimpressed blog thoughts!


MOG stop the sparkles!

Summary review: People got killed. Like a lot of them. Even though in the middle of the episode it was less than 20 it looked like a lot more than that. The Shinsengumi kicked a lot of butt. Tons of blood. Really who needs plot when we have blood. One of the random we don’t care about you Shinsengumis dies and there are several injuries. Chizuru runs to tell the bigger group that the smaller group is being attacked. Heisuke is battling some baddies when another person claiming not to be a baddie makes the scene. Okita also encounters a person who is smarter than the baddies and claims not be on their side. Both of these men choose not to kill Okita and Heisuke because they are main characters. While stronger these new baddies (not even sure who the old baddies are) only toy with Okita and Heisuke.


...No it's sparkles. I promise.

The bigger group arrives but Hijikata has to stay back to talk to the random important people ( I don’t know, people more important than them?) so his group can get the glory. Chizuru runs in the house/place and causes a huge mess by being useless. She stops the random person from not killing Okita (even though he wasn’t going to anyway). The Shinsengumi go back to their place to regroup and recover. Chizuru is still useless. The Shinsengumi talk about the baddies and how that important group that tried to steal the glory now wants their help in guarding something. There is a side issue with Chizuru going out with two of the boys on patrol but it really is Hijikata’s way of rewarding her when it turns out some kind of festival is in town and he wanted the two boys to take her. The end of the episode as Chizuru joining the uninjured boys to…somewhere while the three injuried main characters stay behind. The end.

Not going to lie. I just wrote crap. I have no idea how to follow that. Any review that contains that many (_)’s is crap. I like how I don’t really name names or organizations or places. Truly this wouldn’t help out someone who didn’t watch the episode.


I don't even know who those people are?! WHO ARE YOU?!

But I feel as if it’s not my fault. The episode went like this for me. Confusion, not really knowing who is who or why these important people are important. So yeah I wrote how the experience was for me. And I am sure the episode was like this for other people too.


Maybe I don't want to know who you are....

I am not sure if I am going to continue to blog about this series. If I do I am more than sure it will be in a snarking way and not a MOG best show ever way. I was expecting a show about Chizuru’s father turning the hotties into monsters (cute manageable monsters) and Chizuru was going to work with the boys to find her father, get the cure, and snag one of the boys in this reverse harem. But all I got is all the boys threatening to kill Chizuru while making googley eyes at her and blood. A lot of blood that is not related to zombies or orgies or demons. That makes me very disappointed.

I think this show would be better suited for someone who knows more about the historical aspects of this time period. Because basically that is all that is going on right now and I am having a hard time following it. On top of that this show has way too many characters for me to follow and I am having a hard time connecting to them.


Feel the closeness.

But the art was nice? Hijikata is doing the stereotypical I’m a jerk but I am doing nice things thing? The Shinsengumi seem to be a tight group (the main ones, not the expendable ones). There is some savable parts of the series but meh.

This episode was boring. Like watching a mecha show without the mechas. I am not into random killings and this is so and so, captain of so and so from the land of So. I am thinking that I was lied to in the synopsis of this series and was taken in by the amount of pretty boys. I guess I will see happens next week. But I am not expecting much.


This post probably would have been more positive had I actually gotten off my butt and got the Code Red. :(


And without all the sparkles.

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Countdown to Japan! Japan trip 2011!

For as long as I can remember I wanted to visit somewhere awesome. I have never been THAT in love with the beach and spending time in a cabin lost in the woods doesn’t sound like a good time to me. I am not a fan of doing things like hikes and sports as those seem like code words for work. But lounging pool side reading books sounds like a waste of time. Or at least the most expensive booking reading time ever.

Not that this is going to be a shock or anything but I have been interested in Japan for a long time, even before I started to watch anime. Before I get called a weeaboo yes I am well aware that Japan is not some magical place where nothing bad happens and everything is superior in Japan. I’m not delusional and think that Japan is MOG just like how it is portrayed in animes.

But despite the downfalls that Japan has (which all cultures/places have) it is still a cool place to be. Or visit. And I have been saying for years that I want go, that one day I will go to Japan. Many times when people have big dreams planned people just brush them aside and think it’s just talk. But I am going to Japan. Let the countdown begin!


Too bad we can't travel in this. Might make the 19 hour plane ride go by faster...

T-minus 36X days until Tenchi and her husband are in Japan.

Okay my countdown could be slightly more specific. But due to my husband’s job April of 2011 is about as specific as we are going to get at this point. It was supposed to be March 2011 but again due to my husband’s job that went out the window. I did draw the line when a certain husband suggested that we move the trip to March 2012. I am not postponing a trip to see some flowers that might be dead by the time we get there!

But yes, this is my countdown. Actually saying it out loud makes it seem much more real. Like look at me I have plans and this will be a reality one day! But it is also a little bit scary with the HOLY CRAP are we going to have enough money by then and researching the subway systems is making my head explode thoughts. Real is fun but X_X at the same time.


My husband is thrilled THRILLED I tell you.

It’s fun planning though. There are certain places that we are going to go to no matter what. Puroland is at the top of my list despite the fact it is aimed at 6 year old girls. Don’t care if I am the oldest crazy person there. Akihabara is also a no brainer for our must see list. I think those two places will be a big drain on my spending money. Perhaps I should research post offices so I can transport my lovelies home.

But we are still looking at where to actually stay. I am leaning towards Western style hotels whereas my husband wants to experience a few nights in something more traditional. Either way I am sure spending 3 weeks in or near Tokyo will be expensive. When we are closer to the actual trip date I am sure hotels will be top on our list. For now it is a let’s check here and there to budget enough money kinda thing.

Restaurants is something that we have yet to look into. Mostly because I really don’t care. I am a picky eater in general so I am sure being thrown into an entire culture of new food will be fun to navigate. Basically I think the situation will suck for me. XD So I really have no preference one way or another. I am sure there will be gorgeous places with fabulous food but I will let my husband deal with that. I will follow along and eat my teriyaki chicken and steamed rice for three weeks.


I usually hate going outside but I can make exceptions.

Temples and parks are also on our must list. However planning these activities will depend on where we are in the city and what day of the week it is. Is the weather rainy where a day inside would be better? Is it cool outside so a walk would be nice? Or is it warm outside so lets go to a temple that has shade for us to hide under. So while I have several temples and parks down on my list of must sees I don’t want to set anything in stone so I don’t get my hopes up.

Even though many things are still up in the air (including the actual dates for the trip) we are going to Japan! Money has been set aside and budgeted for the trip. Countless hours have been spent reading about other people’s trips and making mental notes to do that activity too. We are excited about our 2011 trip. XD Hopefully around January of next year I will have more to say about the subject but I am happy just to have a countdown. Life is way more fun when you have something to look forward to!

Also planning this trip helps me deal with work and the whole not killing customers aspect of my job. XD Yay for goals.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

K-On!! Season Two Episode 3


Why do we only get K-On!! once a week?!

I am still having fun with my new Final Fantasy IV game. But since K-On!! is not boring I shall take the time to blog about it. And eat Cheesecake Factory cake. Overpriced piece of nom XD

While this episode might not have a lot to talk about it was still fun. Very K-On!! like which…you know. That’s what the show should be like. Some might wish there was “plot” but other than getting new club members I am not sure what plot K-On!! is going to get. Which is fine with me.

Spoilers! Cute baby turtles! And Yui acting special.


My Mugi is always special.

Episode Summary: Yui is spending a lot of time looking at the new club member Turtle-san. Azusa tries to bring Yui does to Earth with silly things like responsibility and feedings and such. But the Light Music club has bigger problems to deal with. Ritsu is in a slump. She replays video of the concerts they have put on and in all of them Ritsu is in the background and the dark, a forgotten piece of toast. Ritsu wants to stand out and has decided to stop playing the drums. Yui is happy to help Ritsu and lends her the precious guitar. But after Yui and Azusa spend a little while teaching Ritsu she gives up, deeming it way too hard. There is slight bento talk and how Sawako is looking younger (although by the end of the episode she goes far in the quest for youth…at the age of 24….).


Say cake!

Soon Ritsu decides to try out the keyboard and Mugi is on board for helping. Apparently Ritsu can make the keyboard speak. Mio is scared that Ritsu will soon want to be the bassist and everyone AWS over Mio being cute and moe or something. Yui spends a lot of time trying to think of ways to make Ritsu shine in the spotlight but none of them seem to stick. Yui seems a little bummed because she wants Ritsu to be happy. Ritsu is trying to do her homework but keeps thinking about her drums and how she started the club because of her passion for drums. She informs the others the next day she wants to continue playing the drums, to watch them from behind and hear their music. Yui is happy and Mugi is off writing another song inspired by Ritsu. Also there is cake. The end!



Short episode summary is short. I guess I could have gone into more detail about Sawako and her shiny youth but meh. I think it is a bit humorous that they put so much emphasis on her being young when she is only 24. I am older than her X_X. But this show is based on/written by people from Japan. And in Japan by the age of 25 if a woman is not married well…tis bad. Youth really does mean teenagers over there so meh. MEH! It’s okay Sawako, you’re not old. If anything to make myself feel better! XD


I want to shine!!!

While I think Ritsu is a silly person I do understand her thinking in this episode. The club exists because of Ritsu. She had to convince Mio that this Light Music club was worthwhile. Even if Ritsu’s main reason for doing this all was so she could playing in a huge famous stadium it was still her idea. Now her place in the group is behind everyone else and in the darkness? That would make me sad too.


I want to shine...but this is too much work.

Granted Ritsu decides at the end of the episode that she is okay being in the back supporting everyone I would have understood if she really did want to stand out more. I thought Yui’s idea of switching positions wasn’t that bad. At least taking turns every once in a while is a bit fair and might take a little pressure off Mio and her inability to handle the tiniest bit of stress. I am tired of bands that the guitarist gets all the glory while the drummer is left out in the cold.


Ritsu shall be the corner. XD

But Ritsu has decided to be okay to be in the back. She has decided that she doesn’t have to be the star. It is good that she is accepting these things because I doubt things can change now. XD But I wouldn’t think ill of Ritsu if she didn’t come to that realization, if in the back of her mind she really did want to shine. The show had to go this way so all the viewers can think that Ritsu is such a noble and awesome character. Don’t worry Ritsu; I would have supported you either way. XD


Don't turn around!!!!

Yui is special. But no matter how crazy her antics she is really a good friend. Some of her ideas might be out there and she doesn’t think things through but her intentions are good. Someone like that in real life might be annoying but in anime it works. Yay for Yui and her cute smiles and happy ways.


I heart turtles too Yui. XD

Turtles! That is all.

I am glad this episode had no talk about new club members. But it could have used more Mugi. :(


I can't eat something so pretty. :(

I thought the class picture was cute. XD Since these seniors are all AW memories when thinking about their freshmen year I am sure these pictures will be lovely when they are old and grey and 24. The bento boxes were meh. Meh I say. I love looking at awesome cakes but then I realize all that hard work will be gone in a matter of moments. So when I see these bentos I do think they are cute but it makes me sad because they are moments away from being nommed.


Yui is such an awesome friend....

I think I have covered the major points. This episode was enjoyable. Went by way too fast for me. XD I enjoyed my little Wednesday anime. Here’s hoping my happy mood will last all week until I get my boost from Angel Beats. Thanks for reading!

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