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To Aru Majutsu No Index episode 12

Greetings all!! XD Funny how To Aru Majutsu no Index is like my favorite anime of the season and I am further behind blogging it than anything other series. Or maybe I am saving it for last to keep my sanity.

I know that Starry Sky is up and subbed but since I am so far behind I decided to open up the new year with that anime. Yeah that must be it…but yes people. I am going to blog that series. Do not give up on me people.


Save that energy for battle boys!!!

With that said time for episode 12. Spoilers for more boys in gym shorts and lots of talking.

Also look at my new banners! XD Ms. Jamie is so nice and lovely to me! Thank you!!!


This scene remembers of Sailor Moon verses Jadeite for some reason.

Episode Summary (condense version this week as I need to get some cleaning done): Touma goes to follow Motoharu when he realizes that Oriana has been randomly walking around the city even before they were chasing her. Eventually Motoharu and Touma realize she is going to use light to activate the Super Cross and it is constellations that will power it. Elsewhere Oriana is starting to feel bad about hurting two innocent people but her partner is crime assures her they will do everything right from now on so all the world will be happy. Touma is going to look for areas that might work for the Super Cross Lighting Ceremony when Index comes by. She is hurt that Touma is going to any events but he promises to go to the next one. Stiyl has to escape el Elf Teacher before he can help out. Seiri has magically recovered and declared everyone in the city insane. Orsola calls and eventually tells the boys that the Super Awesome Light Ceremony can take place despite the placement and time of year being wrong. While the boys looks for a place with an open clearing Misaka and her mom are almost molested by Kuroko. Thankfully everyone lives. The boys finally realize that the Ceremony of Death will take place at the airport. Motoharu uses his connections to get to the airport safely but is quickly taken out by a magic fence. Touma and Stiyl battle Oriana but she is still kicking ass. She isn’t even taken back by Touma’s epic speech and continues to smash them into the cement. THE END!

Well folks. I think we have it. Finally. My least favorite episode of To Aru Majutsu no Index season two. It had to happen eventually. Thankfully it didn’t hurt that much but i doubt it will call me in the morning.

But yes. This was my least favorite episode. And I say that and it was still enjoyable. So this series sucks at making bad episodes? Funny if you ask me.


Okay! We get it. SHINE ON STARS!

What I didn’t like about this episode is the repeating. Like okay we get it. The object has to be used in regards to the constellations. But the characters kept repeating stuff we already knew. And since I only understand half of what is being said that means twice as much was confusing. And it turns into a very confusing math problem in my head so let’s end that now.


Well except the part where they CALL more security to the area...

However I am impressed that everyone is so super smart. Even though it feels like two months this arc is really only a few hours old and they have already figured out some pretty important details. I wish my phone could download information like that. But since I am too busy buying purses I don’t get to have a nice shiny phone. But yeah it is kinda scary how informed these people and what connects they have. Not Touma obviously but everyone else.

That being said…airport. That really made sense people. This City is covered in tall buildings and massive sky scrappers. The only decent view of the sky would be an airport. And since these people are amazing they should have thought of that a lot sooner. Shame on them for not being super awesome amazing.


Taken out by a fence. Lame.

Of course Motoharu is pretty hardcore. Maybe that is why he was repeating himself. He has gotten so beat up in this episode he barely knows what his name is at this point. Sadness that he got taken out by the fence right when they found Oriana. But I am sure he will get up and help save the day in the next episode.


You mean the girl in the hospital? BAD LIAR! XD

Touma promising to Index that he would at least go to that event was nice. It was a big fat lie but it was nice that he was worried about her having a good time and protecting her from all this craziness. And despite the fact that Touma was trying to SAVE everyone…it was nice he took time to talk about the stupid school festival. Touma is too nice. Sometimes anyway.


And Kuroko keeps on giving me reasons to hate her.

Misaka and her mom and Kuroko were…fail. XD But in a fun way. I do wish that Misaka had more to do with the saving of the city as she was there when Seiri was nearly killed. I thought she was sense the serious moment and help Touma in his time of need. But now she is apart of Kuroko incest love triangle or something. I don’t know.


That was a rather fast recovery...

Speaking of Seiri…she seems to be okay to me. So that was too dramatic for words and nothing really bad happened to her. Thought maybe she could share a room with Aisa or something. Sadness.


Um can Stiyl heal that dude's head or something?

But Stiyl is still awesome what with him finding his heart or something. Aw caring for teacher and what not. And trying to protect the boys from the blood bath. I just called them boys and Stiyl is the youngest one. But yes it is clear now that Stiyl really cares about people and hates them getting hurt. He is just trying to put that aside for the mission and what not.


How can you not love Touma's epic speeches?! XO

I am not sure I want to give Oriana any sympathy though. When we finally found what she is really after we will go…oh. So she wasn’t REALLY a bad guy and she had good intentions. But she is done blowing people and slashing them to pieces. Hard to feel sympathy for her.


That would look lovely in my living room.

But the weapon/cross of many words is pretty awesome. XD

So next week (well days..) will this arc finally end? It has been going on for quite a while. Touma needs to hurry up and kick some ass so he can at least watch the fireworks with Index (and Misaka).

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Psychic Detective Yakumo episode 12

I am on a ROLL people. Look at me catching up on my blogging. I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that the game I am all addicted to now…I am pretty far into now and the missions are sparse. X_X No no, it has nothing to do with that at all.


Hi. We are just calling to let you know we still fail.

That being said….the Fall 2010 anime season has not impressed me at all. We got the fail boys in CrazyTown and we have the Psychic Failure that is Yakumo. Maybe that is why I haven’t been that eager to blog, everything has been boring me.

But since I have stuck it out this far I might as well go the distance. Spoilers for Yakumo stating the obvious and no surprised at all.


Organ donor?! I AM SHOCKED XO

Episode Summary: The first part of the episode had to recap last week’s episode. Because there is not enough material to make an entire episode or something. But after receiving the contact lens Yakumo talks about how his Uncle is an organ donor. He has yet to give his consent since he can’t see his Uncle’s ghost yet. They then see the random ghost hanging out in the hospital and follow it to a room. It is the little girl that Isshin was talking to last time. The lady doctor comes by and Yakumo explains how sometimes people can separate their spirit when the desire is story enough. The doctor tries to describe her condition but accidentally lets some information slip. On the way to the parking garage Yakumo stops…and then leaves Haruka all alone. Ms. Misft has escaped from her ambulance ride to crazy town and kills the cops who are following her. Haruka sits down with Gotou to talk about Yakumo’s sad, sad past. Basically Yakumo as an aloof asshole. Shocking I know. After this amazing news Ishii runs in with the news that Ms. Misfit is on the loose. Gotou also gets a call from his wife who has decided to take Nao to the hospital to see her brain dead father. They run into the reporter lady and they all see Yakumo at the hospital.


Please spell it out for us doctor. I don't think the 5 year olds have figured it out yet.

Yakumo has confronted the creepy doctor from last week. SURPRISE he is the murderer. That is his daughter who is slowly dying. He is the one who stabbed Uncle because he is a match for his kid and hey Uncle was dying anyway right? Yakumo is not impressed with the doctor denying everything but with all the evidence against him the doctor finally incriminates himself. He says that Yakumo’s Daddy gave him the idea to do it..and then he runs away. But the doctor runs into every character in the anime and has to run to the roof. Yakumo follows him and the doctor says some crap about his Uncle should have died anyway. He tries to kill Yakumo with a scalp but Yakumo makes quick work of him. Ghost Daddy appears and Yakumo has a glare off with him. All the characters show up to the roof as Yakumo’s father talks about how he has fallen into darkness because he is upset his Uncle is dying. Then Ms. Misfit comes and shoots someone on the roof. THE END!!!


It is good to know if my family member, my LAST direct relative, was lying brain dead in the hospital I don’t get a day to be pissed off at the world. IT IS GOOD TO KNOW PEOPLE!

Seriously it is pissing me off. Haruka and Gotou are all worried that Yakumo will go back to the dark side? First of all what dark side? Gotou and his LONG DRAWN OUT STORY don’t mention anything evil or dark about Yakumo. Just a gloomy emo kid who needed to write some poems or something. And Yakumo right now just lost his Uncle. So yeah people I think Yakumo has the right to be mad.


Yakumo just needs to bounce back. Gosh it's been 12 hours!!

The more I think about it the more upset I get. 24 hours ago his Uncle gets shanked and people are all he has CHANGED. How about this Haruka. I will go stab your mom and in 24 hours if you are still sobbing I will question why you are not the happy, bubbly girl you are usually. HOW ABOUT THAT?! Really folks this is getting ridiculous. I am 100 percent on team Yakumo.


So...Haruka has a red eye too? And everyone else in the hospital? Okay then.

But then I am not on team Yakumo. Because this series about him and his special red eye seeing ghosts isn’t very special when everyone else can see the ghosts. First Daddy dearest and now this random hospital girl. JUST AS I THOUGHT DAD indeed. Just very, very lame.

The other AHA you done it moment, I sensed coming. If Ms. Misfit was in an ambulance she can’t be running around stabbing Uncles. And since we already knew Daddy was a ghost (not sure why Gotou was so shocked as he said such last week…) someone had to wield the weapon. And the doctor was just OH SO SMOOTH with the whole “and the patient is his…NEVER MIND” comment. Very smooth indeed. So yeah the doctor being the “murderer” wasn’t really a shock.


Really? Just speculation? HMMMM!

And the reason behind the doctor’s actions were pretty cut and dry too. Not really buying that if someone has strong enough feelings they can fly their souls out of their body crap but meh. Crazy dad, crazy daughter. Surely it would have been easier to kill someone already in the hospital than find a walking around, still alive victim.


Best weapon choice since Black Butler.

I guess it wasn’t supposed to be all dramatic, the reveal. Or if it was supposed to be it failed spectacularly. So I will focus more on Yakumo’s emotions. I think Yakumo did a good job of having rage build up inside of him. Sorta like when your mom is mad at you but she won’t yell. You know you are in for a world of hurt. Yakumo was calming stating the facts but doing so in such a way that the doctor was fearing for his life. So if that is darkness I like it. The best reaction Yakumo could have at the time.


Garbage I tell you!!!!

The entire conversation with Haruka and Gotou was garbage. Gotou said he had a long story and he didn’t. Haruka wanted to better understand Yakumo but I doubt she does. Nothing of value was gained and all they did was talk about Yakumo falling into darkness. You all suck.


Oh humans get pissed off when someone is stabbed. Clearly that makes humans evil...

The scene on the roof was pretty dumb too. Why are they allowing the kid to be up there? Why can everyone see ghost Daddy? Why is Ms. Misfit taking 100 percent Line so she can jump tall buildings and generally be superman? Oh and why is ghost Daddy so bent on making Yakumo just like him? Just…weird.


You are one crazy psycho.

Is next week the last episode? I really hope so. I am ready to move on from this disappointment. Oh and I guess we will find out who got shoot too. That might be important. I am going to guess Gotou though.

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XXXholic chapters 209-211


Watanuki hates clothes now or something.

Well the title is a bit of a lie. Recently my computer had to be reset so I don’t have chapter 209 still on my computer. And to be honest….it was probably boring so I don’t want to download it again. I think I just set the mood for this post didn’t I?

Spoilers for a lot of talking and no mention of Yuko at all.

So I think in chapter 209 Domeki went to Watanuki to help his professor out. Some sort of box or something. And the object inside the box turns into a human. Because everything in the XXXholic that is an inanimate object can take on the shape of a human. So now I have to be on high alert anytime someone comes on the screen. Because they might not be a someone but a something.


My name is Tenchi so I get ten guess yes?

Chapter 210 starts off with the object turned human sort of taunting Watanuki. Because that is everyone’s favorite pastime yes? Watanuki has to guess what the object and he is given 4 guesses due to his name. Because it makes sense people.


Watanuki is pushing his luck!

However the little object is kind. I would answer yes or no if someone was trying to guess something. Like clue. But the little object gave Watanuki lots of information and hints. You are nicely dressed human/object.


Guess now fool!!!

After all the questions Watanuki guesses that the object is a heigushi. CLAMP. I love you. I really do. But what is with all these things I don’t know about? Gosh it’s like CLAMP is writing about Japanese culture for a Japanese audience or something. HOW DARE THEY! What is wrong with them? Honestly.

But a heigushi is a talisman typed object that is placed in a building. It is used after the building is completed and blesses the family and protects them from harm. It has to go on a beam or somewhere that light does not shine. And it is pretty cute actually.


Well it's pretty anyway.

After being told all that Domeki asks what shall be done with the heigushi. Watanuki says it should remain a heigushi thus placed in a family building. Domeki suggests a friend’s temple and Watanuki agrees. The price of course is sake. WOOHOO.


This is Watanuki's way of saying he loves Domeki?

The only thing of interest in this chapter is Watanuki asking Domeki if reconstruction is happening at his temple. When he says no Watanuki acts all weird (like Yuko). And I don’t think that Watanuki was asking just so he could make a heigushi for Domeki. I think it was something more. Or at this point I want it to be something more.


Wait are you human?

Chapter 211 starts off with Watanuki talking to the plants outside. Or maybe they are not plants. Can’t be too careful with this manga you know. But off in the distance he sees a young woman crying under an umbrella. Watanuki tells Domeki about this as Domeki is his dedicated husband who just came home from work.


And how was your day at work dear?

Watanuki continues to update Domeki on the situation as he actually talks to the umbrella lady. She was crying in the rain but still asks Watanuki what he sells. When she learns it is wishes she tells Watanuki that she is waiting for someone under the umbrella but that he hasn’t shown up. Watanuki probably feels bad for her as he too is waiting for someone.


Yay for really dead and old love.

On their third meeting Watanuki learns that the umbrella was a gift from this man and he said that with this umbrella the public would not see them. Once Watanuki understands the correct wording he notices a charm on the umbrella. It has been placed wrong on the umbrella and once it is placed right the lover appears and they both poof, leaving the umbrella behind.


Inheriting the shop means inheriting her personality obviously.

Watanuki tells his husband Domeki about why the charm was placed wrong and what kind of relationship the two might have had. Perhaps that of an important figure head and his mistress. Or maybe one was a goat and one was a tree. Who knows with this manga. But they were waiting forever to see each other and Watanuki has reunited them. And the chapter closes out with Watanuki striking a Yuko pose with his new umbrella.

So…yeah. Getting bored people. Are we never going to see Ms. Ruin yaoi relationships? Do we not care about Yuko anymore? WHAT ABOUT THE DAMN EGG PEOPLE?!?! I want to know more about the plot and not all this…this. Like woohoo yay Watanuki you have learned a lot in the past ten years. NOW WHY HASN’T DOMEKI MADE YOU HIS YET?!

Take it up a notch please. Pretty please?

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New manga series!!! Gate 7 chapter 1


Once again beautiful artwork. So exciting.

Well the plan was to catch up on CLAMP manga posts today but I was kidnapped. My mom likes to kidnap me often. But since my brother left for boot camp today ( XD XD XD) I decided I would allow myself to be kidnapped and spend money that I don’t have. Shopping heals all wounds.

But anyway let me see if I can continue to my catch bloggingness. Of course it I hard to blog to the constant sounds of gun fire and my husband cussing at the computer. Yay for Christmas presents.

Next on the list is the new manga from CLAMP Gate 7. Because apparently we can’t be making people happy by finishing X/1999 and Legal Drug.

I would like to first start off with the fact that CLAMP likes to gender confuse everyone. Like we got Kohaku who may or may not be a boy and we got some girlish looking dudes running all over the place. Like step aside Watanuki because Takamoto has taken over for small main dude in a manga series. I was like aw what a cute hair cut on that girl but NO. No folks.


Yes. Totally a boy people. How could I have been so confused?!

Of course we could always find out that Takamoto is a girl because that is how CLAMP rolls. But the name and one of the dudes saying he doesn’t have a girlfriend…He is just a really feminine looking dude that buys his clothes from the junior section. Oh and has a purse. But it isn’t confusing at all.

So our story starts off with our HERO Takamoto being excited about his first trip to Kyoto. Which surprises me as every anime shows middle school/high school kids going either to Kyoko or Hokkaido. Obviously I have been LIED TO since this native Japanese person has never gone. LIED TO.


I am going to Kyoto too Takamoto! We can be excited together!!!

Anyway so Takamoto is happy to look at old stuff in Kyoto because apparently there are no temples and shrines in Tokyo. He is super excited and wants to go to Kyoto for college. He has fun taking pictures of stuff. In a way he reminds me of me as I love taking pictures, especially of old stuff. But I wear girl jackets and have a purse and I am a chick.


Can I visit this place too?

So after talking some big words about how excited he Takamoto decides it is time to pray to the scholarship gods. But before that can happen he steps into a lake and doesn’t drown. Like oh hi I am on a lake. Something magical, in my CLAMP? I am shocked people. Shocked.


Let's not be stabbing me okay?

Takamoto is then surrounded by three people. It is deducted later there are two men and a girl. They argue about why Takamoto was able to get in…wherever they are and how someone must be slacking. The small girl then starts attacking weird monster like things that are near Takamoto. Takamoto freaks out because it looks like she is trying to attack him.


Time for fighting ya'll.

CLAMP is big on their fighting and spell pages so that goes on for quite a while. One of the men makes weapons out of nothing and the girl really does most of the butt kicking. Takamoto generally stands around and acts confused. Which is how the readers feel too. Takamoto finally passes out. Me I probably would have passed out the minute I was standing on the lake.


A boy people. A BOY!

Takamoto wakes up looking even more girly with the young lady all sleeping on him. Takamoto continues to freak out as the men invite him to eat and everyone is just chillin. Because this is totally normal behavior. Did I mention that Takamoto looks like a girl despite CLAMP’s attempt to make his adam’s apple as obvious as possible?


I understand this all.

And then the terms start getting all confusing. Thanks for X/1999 I know what Kekkai means. SHIELD ya’ll. But I had to look up Hanamchi. Which means something about theater. The men later say that Takamoto is confusing the characters so I am sure it will be explained what it really is later. Another term used is Shichiken. Okay I lied. So none of this makes sense. But I am sure it will later. For now the men and little girl are talking to Takamoto and he is super confused. Which is how the reader feels too. XD

Throughout the conversation Takamoto is like um yeah and acting scared of the little girl. Who was acting creepy. One of them, the one with short looking hair, quickly interagates Takamoto and realizes he is not a threat. The long hair dude restrains Takamoto and they proceed to erase Takamoto’s memories. I probably would have done that outside so Takamoto could wake up outside and go along with life.


Um yes. I am understanding this...

Only the erasing of the memories doesn’t take. Upon seeing that the little girl runs outside with Takamoto. She introduces herself as Hana and gets all glowly. And a very confused Takamoto gets a kiss from someone who looks about 10. He then passes out as Hana says something and Takamoto leaves us with the words three months later. Nooooooooo!


CLAMP? Confusing? Never!!

X_X Well that was slightly confusing. I am sure the second chapter will make a lot more sense. That is how manga/anime goes. Got to get the viewer interested and hooked so they will come back find out the answers.

Since this is CLAMP I automatically love it. But if we are putting that aside it was a very interesting story. Hopefully not too much like XXXholic because I can only take so much talking and learning. But we shall see how Takamoto and his special attire handles this situation. It might be refreshing to see some spazzing since Watanuki has mellowed out.

So CLAMP fans…YAY for us. X_X But does that mean Kobato will be released even later now? XO

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Kobato Drop 22 D

XO Well Merry Christmas to us CLAMP fans indeed. We got three new chapters this week, including the new series Gate 7. Does this mean that CLAMP didn’t have a break for Christmas EVE?! Whatever the case may be…yay for us. XD

I think I will start with Kobato as I think this chapter (well really part of a chapter…) actually was pretty decent. I have given Kobato a hard time before so I figure I give credit where credit is due. Plus Gate 7 has to earn my love and XXXholic drives me crazy.

Spoilers for Kobato still not getting it and Fujimoto acting human. XO Shocking I know.


Well he has 5 life times to become perfect...

The chapter starts off with Kohaku talking to Shuichiro. She uses a word that makes no sense at the time but later in the chapter she is referring to the ability to read people’s hearts. She is sad that while she can read people’s hearts she no longer has wings. I guess I would be sad too because wings make an angel an angel right? But Shuichiro is a real gentleman and is like you are my angel no matter what. Everyone go AWWWW. I do wonder why Kohaku no longer has her wings as her punishment was just to be in Chibi form for 100 years. But Kohaku wraps up their segment with praying for both Kobato forms and what not.


But can she FLY?!?!

Back at the park Ioryogi is like um Kobato has wings coming out of her back, is anyone else seeing that?! But apparently not. Ioryogi realizes that his angel is coming through and using Kobato. Or maybe Kobato is using her. Either way it probably hurts Ioryogi knowing he has caused this. Poor Ioryogi.


Stop looking into my soul!!!!

The wings aren’t the only thing angel like about Kobato. She starts doing the thing that Kohaku was talking about earlier, reading people’s hearts. And she decides to do so on Okiura. She basically says everything everyone already knows. That Okiura is hurting someone intentionally to push them away. That he still cares about this person but is keeping them away so they will be protected. Things like that. I wonder WHO Kobato is talking about.


What a poker face...

Dude Okiura was not appreciating this heart reading. I like how he kept denying what Kobato was saying but his facial expressions were like SHUT UP. You are super cool covering up your true emotions. Tough guy indeed.


Or you could become Fujimoto's important person instead?

Okiura doesn’t allow Kobato to say who she is talking about because it is a secret ya’ll. He grabs her arm and demands to know why she cares so much about him. Kobato says that if she helps Okiura that will help Sayaka which will make Fujimoto happy. And if Fujimoto is happy Kobato is happy. Because CLAMP is all about people being happy even if that person doesn’t love them back. Not sure I could be happy if my husband was happy and I wasn’t involved but you know. I am not a CLAMP heroine.


Err don't be disappearing Kobato!

But Kobato really surprised me. When Okiura is trying to get Kobato to back off by mentioning Fujimoto she showed real insight. Like um no Fujimoto treats me like crap why would he care about me? It surprised me because Kobato is usually lala happy girl. But no she really does notice that Fujimoto treats her poorly and it does hurt her feelings. Kobato needs a hug!


Surely I will prove how much I don't care!!! Surely.

Of course once Kobato says Fujimoto hates her he comes running up to protect her. Because that is how it works in manga land. He tries to look a little intimating and Okiura is smirking up a storm. He says he will be at the nursery tomorrow to be an asshole. Fujimoto lets him leave because he was probably worried about winning a fight or something.


Behold the anger!!!

Then Fujimoto’s attention turns to Kobato. He has many things to yell at her about. First is actually going to see Okiura in the first place. Which I think Kobato deserves to be yelled at. Okiura is a pretty scary dude and Kobato doesn’t know what he is capable of. And technically it isn’t Kobato’s fight to be involved in so yeah Fujimoto had a right to be angry.

Oh and Fujimoto likes Kobato so he is worried she might be killed or something. AWWW.


Um why do I think you hate me.....well it could be you are yelling while asking that question?

So then Fujimoto wants to know why Kobato would say he doesn’t like her and BAM Kobato breaks out the honesty. I am really impressed with how straight forward she is. Well I guess she is always like that but in this chapter it felt more powerful. She was saying things that weren’t kind to hear but being honest. And really Fujimoto…all you do is yell at her. Why would she think you even liked her enough to save her from drowning? So Fujimoto is mad at himself for treating Kobato poorly and her thinking that. Or at least that is why he should be mad.


See Kobato. All that yelling was just foreplay. XD

And then the chapter ends with Fujimoto hugging Kobato so his feelings would actually shine through. And all I can say is AWWW! Aww because it is cute and AW because I have to wait another month to see Kobato’s reaction.

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