Monday, November 30, 2009

Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Set

You know when you make fun of something and later down the line you end up liking/using/being the person you made fun of?

I am now that person. I have bought something from the home shopping network. Send me my old lady house slippers and 38 cats now, I am ready.

I wasn't planning on buying anything though. I was just flipping through the channels looking for something to watch when I saw Harajuku Lovers on the HSN. My friend is crazy for this stuff and gifted me a fragrance for my birthday recently. Even though it was midnight I called her up because I know she wanted this item and a good deal can never be passed up.

So after listening to the woman go on and on about how wonderful this product was I decided to order one myself. Call it a crazy compulsion because I thought I had my Christmas List already done in my head. But there I was spending 10 minutes on the phone trying to order one product (not that I am complaining. I didn't have an account yet and apparently they are required to do a lot of upselling). Dinging old bathroom here I come!


Merry Christmas to me and my friends!

I thought the lady on the phone said my item would either be shipped out on the 4th or arrive on the 4th. So imagine my surprise when there is a knock at a door today! Had I not been so busy with an online event today this post would have been up much sooner. That and my house was disaster and it needed attending too. But TADA! Here is my package in all its wonderful glory!


Online shopping for the win!

The box was a major factor when I decided to purchase this awesome item. Come on, look how cute it is. Granted I have no idea what I am going to do with it now but it is so so cute. All packaging should be done like this, in a useful and reusable way.


Rejoice at the cuteness!

I can now say "as seen on TV". And I am a dork for being excited about that. Ahh my lovely purchase, how do I love thee, let me count the ways.


Back up dancer unite!!!

If you don't know about what the Harajuku Lovers are all about read about it here. I am not really into Gwen Stefani or her music but this entire product line is incredible awesome (if not expensive). Which I think was the point, that this brand reaches people beyond those who are into Gwen Stefani. I think most young people can appreciate the cuteness of Gwen and her back up singers being all chibi sized.


Introducing Baby.

Each one of these fragrances is named after one of Gwen Stefani's back up singers and this one is named Baby. Simply pull the little figurine off the stand to reveal the sprayer. Each bottle holds .33 fl oz which makes them a little bit on the pricey side but it's well worth it!


Lil' Angel falling into place.

This back up dancer means business. Lil Angel looks like she would beat you senseless in a fight but she still is cute enough to be friends with. Or else!


Music is here to brighten up your day!

Music is super duper cute. She looks the most mature and personally I think she has the most mature smelling scent. She is bravin the cold in her cute little sweater and mittens.


Is it bananas!?

Gwen Stefani has to make an appearance in this collection since these are her back up singers. I do think she looks a little out of place in the sea of Asian girls but then again...a little diversity looks nice. And since it is her collection she should have a little chibi in her likeness!


All you need is Love.

Now it is time for my favorite one Love! Just look how cute she is with that hair style and hearts in the hair. She smells amazing and she is one of the ones I will be keeping. Welcome to my house Love.


One last picture before some of them get wrapped and put under the Christmas tree.

So there you have it mt first home shopping purchase. I am pleased with my gateway product (gateway into crazy old lady who never leaves the house). I am so happy that I was cruising through the channels when this product came on. And if you think about it it's an awesome gift idea. Even if you don't like the product you can purchase the Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies Set and gift it to five your friends. You can knock out a lot of shopping list with just one item! How much more perfect can it get?!

I hope you enjoyed a preview to Merry Christmas to me and my friends. XD I was excited and thought I would share my moment of silliness. By the time this will be posted it will be 25 days until Christmas. GET SHOPPING FOLKS!!

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Here is my contest post for the I <3 HKO [35th Anniversary Edition]! XD

I <3 HKO!


I LOVE/HEART/<3 HELLO KITTY ONLINE!!! (did I get all the variations? XD)

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 9 entire post was nearly done. I was on the last paragraph. All was grand and wonderful. Then it happened. I had a Tenchi attacked and closed the wrong window. When the computer tried to save my post I clicked away the "would you like to save" box thinking it was something else.

All was lost.

Sadness fills my heart.



Ah. Kuroko getting what she deserves. All is right with the world.


Kuroko....offended by nudity?! *checks for flying pigs*


She brings up a good point....


Saten always sees the logic.


Coma you say....


Kurokos knows everything about being a prim and proper lady.


This would be a cute Saten baby picture if it wasn't representing last year...


Okay. My phone doesn't work and I see someone getting beaten up by some thugs. I have no powers and the items in question being fought about is the Level Upper. Yes I should try to stop them AWESOME PLAN!


I laughed. Sorry.


But now it is serious business time!


All hooligans are ugly. This is a fact.


You must be trippin.


Where are their faces?! Also thanks for getting here after all the work is done!


Oh now Saten breaks out the normal friends! Thanks for ruining my theory that you were surrounded by only ability users and you were left out in the cold.


Time for Saten to make a huge mistake. :(

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Merry Thanksgiving?

On Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving by the way) most people take the time to voice what they are truly thankful for and most lists tend to be the same. Health, family members, God (or your deity of choice), a job, the lack of being dead, ect. I am thankful for my husband not being in Iraq and my friend who is in Iraq is still safe. Pretty run of the mill stuff.

I am also thankful that I didn’t have to work Black Friday.

First of all I am going to acknowledge how sad this post is (thus the MERRY Thanksgiving title and not Happy Thanksgiving). Every year it seems that Thanksgiving gets less and less attention. I know the Christmas crap starts filling the stores even before Halloween is over but I think Halloween gets a decent amount of attention. Thanksgiving does not.


Take the time to enjoy my deliciousness!

Thanksgiving is supposed to be time where the kids come home from college and families that are separated all over the country (world) come together and just enjoy being in the same house again. It’s supposed to be a time where generations of people come together and create a huge meal for everyone to enjoy. It is suppose to be a time where stories are shared and maybe a football game or two is watched. At the very least it should be a time where someone embarrasses the hell out of themselves so it will be a great story for next Thanksgiving.

That is no longer the case. Thanksgiving is just the day before Black Friday now. The once great feast has been put aside and in its place are huge sales and long lines. The meal is being pushed back earlier in the day now so shoppers can get in power naps before the big day. Who needs to spend time with the little kids when there are deals out there to be had? And now that stores are staying opened all night/opening on Thanksgiving it is a constant battle of the savings! It is not time for turkey but coffee when you are standing outside in lines two hours before the stores open!


Yeah this looks like fun...

I’m not going to lie. I went shopping on Black Friday. However I will no longer go as EARLY as I did this year. Part of the reason is because I spent most of Saturday sleeping and being zombie. But the other part is that the savings aren’t worth it to me. I don’t have kids and quite frankly I buy all year round for people.

But I do see the lure for some people. A 200 dollar discount on a 400 dollar TV is a pretty good reason to get out of bed at 3 am. And for some families Christmas is for the kids and when you are shopping for multiple kids saving every dollar is important. Still those discounts shouldn’t come at the expense at spending time with your family on a holiday.

BUT if you are going to cut Thanksgiving in half and spend most of your time getting deals do so for your family. Wait two hours in line so you can get that cool awesome toy or new gadgets. Don’t become a person who sees this occasion as a way to get rich (unless you actually work at the store which is kinda the point).


WTF are these things and why are they so popular?!

What I mean is I saw countless people stocking up on items to sell them on E-Bay. I saw one woman buy three giant ride on pony things (like I said I don’t have kids so I am unsure of the right name). Personally I thought the toy was ugly as sin but it was on sale for $99 and it retails for $299. But some people are going out and buying them all to sell them on E-Bay for $100-$200 profit. Now…nothing is illegal about this and perhaps they have a smart idea but it leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. It’s Christmas. People should be braving the elements for presents for their families not to turn a profit on E-Bay. Let someone else who waited just as long in line get a chance at the deals. It just seems really selfish to me.

So besides this crazy buying out the store so I can make $$$$ people need to start following the rules! Line cutting was low this year due to the fact that everyone was trying to get somewhere else as fast as possible so no one, not even granny, was going to line jump. But since everyone was in a hurry the other rules didn’t apply. People were stealing other people’s carts because they wanted to rush in the store without on and grab the door buster stuff before the slow cart people. Cups of coffee were left abandoned everywhere because finding a trashcan would take 5 whole seconds! People at Wal-Mart (and probably at a lot of other stores) were pushing around staff to get the deals. They were cutting open pallets that were meant for 5 o clock sales at 2. The stores can only have so many people guarding the items and 2 against 50 aren’t very great odds. And don’t get me started on the parking situation.

And all the people who dragged out their babies (like 2 and under) to stand in line at ToysRUs at 10 pm til 2 am….you suck. Nothing is worth putting your kids through Black Friday. Black Friday is for crazy adults and their able bodied teenage offspring.

The people who complain about lines amuse. I was slightly ticked off at them first but now I find the entire “MOG THE LINE IS SO LONG” thing really, really funny.

So what I guess I am trying to say is that Thanksgiving deserves its own special day. It shouldn’t just be a stepping stone for the next holiday. It shouldn’t be spent at Old Navy or Big Lots or McDonalds. People should take that day to think about what is important in their life and be with those said important people. It shouldn’t be spent in line waiting for stores to open or spent sleeping because they have to get to work at 2 am.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving despite all the craziness put on the day after it. Maybe one day when the economy is better and people aren’t thinking with their wallets Thanksgiving will once again be that day where people come together and eat turkey and get annoyed at each other. Until then bring a snack, a jacket, and possibly a taser because Black Friday is going to be a bumpy ride.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kobato Episode 7


Hello left field!

Let the WTFness begin!!!!

This week’s episode….was interesting. I am about to break my little promise about not mixing manga spoilers with current anime episodes. It is a TINY little issue so it’s not totally breaking my rule. It’s slightly bent almost to the point of shattering…but not broken.


32 seconds into the episode and we get a WTF?! Already?!

What issue would I be talking about? The whole Fujimoto in college thing. In the manga he has dropped out of school to help out Sayaka out at the nursery. Fujimoto is avoiding Takashi because he is trying to get Fujimoto to come back to school. It’s an issue that makes Sayaka feel sad and guilty.

So when this entire episode was a bit X_X for me since it wasn’t truly anime original but let’s go against the manga completely. I think it made the situation much more serious and depressing to have Fujimoto not attend school. It makes him seem like less of an asshole I guess? That he has put his future on hold over a mistake someone else made and he is working himself silly trying to pay off the loan sharks. But now that he has a glimmer of hope in the anime he has lost a bit of his AWWWW poor him factor.

But it is what it is. Fujimoto is in college so onward to college Kobato goes.


As Fujimoto sounds like an old man. GET OFF MY LAWN!

The events leading up to the college trip were cute if not typical. Kobato arrives at the nursery and falls flat on her face. Clearly this girl is blessed by something. Most people would think she is cursed but I consider her very lucky that she hasn’t broken any bones yet after all the spills and tumbles that she takes. But she falls and fails to help out Fujimoto when he is painting some chairs. It truly is the end of the world and Kobato should be stoned for making such a mistake.

Oh but what does Fujimoto do? He leaves behind his very important school report. Without it he will flunk out of school and never becomes a lawyer and will be out on the streets!!! Okay it’s not that bad buy AHA Fujimoto! How does it feel not to be perfect all the time? So Kobato decides that she is going to take him his report so she can prove to Fujimoto she is not a failure. Now if this had been me I would have been going to show Fujimoto that he is lame and makes mistakes to but Kobato is a better person than me. Or something.


School is stressful even if you just walk on the campus!

Kobato gets to the college and everything is scary and Fujimoto is nowhere in sight. Curse him not having a giant arrow on his head pointing out his general direction. There was another WTF moment for me as Kobato didn’t know what a college was. She seems to understand what it is in the manga and understands what a divorce is too. So….it was a WTF moment but I shall move on from it.

After wandering around campus like a sad kitten Kobato locates Fujimoto yelling at Takashi. Kobato runs to catch up to Fujimoto but he is already gone by the time she trips her way to the building. Takashi and Kobato meet each other and do the awkward introduction thing. It’s time to find those dragon ba….I mean it is time to look for Fujimoto.


Because trying is hard!

This little journey is really just a walk to show Kobato that Takashi is the best thing EVER. Two students need help with a paper no problem. A student needs Takashi to talk to a teacher BAM it happens. Takashi needs defending from Kobato’s “rant” KABOOM there it is. A kitten is almost run over by an out of control bus and Takashi saves them all!!! Takashi is the most awesomest awesome person EVER.


Because no one else knows that Takashi is nice. For real!

Takashi turns out to be the friend of the week and his heart needs healing. This is where I do a bit of eye rolling and REALLYS?! See apparently Taskahi was worried about what people thought of him. He first says he has a problem saying no and that being Fujimoto was better (even though he said something completely different earlier). Ioryogi later says (after Kobato has earned her Takashi candy) that he was worried about what people thought of him. YET the reason this whole entire conversation started was because Kobato told Takashi he was the most awesome person ever.



Clearly Takashi is thrilled that someone thinks he is awesome. Look at how thrilled he is!

At the end of the day this is me rolling my eyes. I understand that Takashi wants people to like him thus he says yes to their every request. What I don’t get is how he doesn’t know people like him? Isn’t it obvious? It’s not like Kobato thought Takashi was a nice guy because he is a nice guy. She just thought he was a nice guy because he was doing things for other people. She was being just like everyone else! Liking him because of what he did not because of who he was.


Am I reading too much into this? Probably as usual.

So yeah. Not sure how Kobato healed his heart. But what I did find interesting was how she was really taking to heart this issue about being liked. Almost like she is afraid about being hated. Now I am not sure if she was talking about Fujimoto hating her or if she was talking about someone else hating her. Like from her OLD place. Maybe it was nothing but that is what I got out of it.


Okay I would have said the exact same thing! Congratulations me I am Fujimoto!

By the way, I am sorta on team Fujimoto in regards to helping out other students. Granted he could have worded things slightly different but that is beside the point. If everyone is so afraid of Fujimoto (as seen by the students cowering at the mere mention of his name) why should he help any of those tacos heads out? And even if he liked these people he is much too busy with his 19 jobs and ruining Kobato’s life. AND if he wasn’t too busy….sometimes it would be better if people did things on their own and didn’t rely on other people so much. So even if I called Fujimoto an asshole earlier I think he had a valid point even he didn’t know he was making a point.

At the end of the day Takashi should be help people because he wants to and not because he is concerned about being liked and Fujimoto shouldn’t be such a jerk because he would make more sense and come out a winner. And Kobato should just be Kobato because that is who she is.

A little bit of headway is made in regards of the Kobato and Fujimoto relationship. YAY SHIPPING. I would go on more about how I feel about Takashi’s issue but I need to get to bed soon so I can watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. It’s almost turkey time ya’ll! So I shall end on….this episode was interesting. See ya next week!

Oh…and Chitose comes over to visit with Sayaka. There I mentioned it. XD

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun Episode 8

Pay not attention to the fact that I hit the publish button when in fact I was still writing this blog entry. It was just a figment of your imagination. Your Personal Reality if you will. XD


But I could never fail as epically as Kuroko.

But on a serious note this episode was really awesome. I think we are finally getting into the meat of this series which makes me happy. So watch this episode and be happy with me. Or you can just spoil the episode for yourself and read my post right now. XD

Two weeks in a row and we get a good episode? Pick me off the floor! But seriously YAY! I shouldn’t be complaining when I get what I want right?


Sorry, just trying to teach you something important here that will apply to this episode. Go back to daydreaming now.

The episode starts off with a teacher going on about something but we are more drawn to Saten being bored. Anytime a teacher is going on and on about a boring subject that topic will be important. Very important. Our heroines should start listening during class so they can solve crimes a lot faster. Or maybe the teacher should go HELLO THIS IS IMPORTANT! Silly teachers, expecting students to pay attention.


Or not my little friend...

Saten wasn’t really understanding what the teacher was talking about and I don’t blame her. I do find it funny that later in the episode Uiharu attempted to explain the same subject and Saten appeared to get it. The reason it is funny is because I think Uiharu did a crappier job of explaining what Personal Reality is. Or maybe Saten just understands stupid.

I for one do not. Either the concept of Personal Reality is really simple or really complicated. I mean, is it one of those terms that doesn’t need defining? Everything I experience is my Personal Reality right? If someone says something I can interpret it one way when they really meant it another way and that is my Personal Reality right? If so….wow. A class on teaching that?

But if it’s something else, that something else being really complicated, then I have no idea what is going on and will just roll with it. It’s not like an AIM field or anything. Unless they mean Personal Reality means that you can imagine what kind of power you want and you get it? Seriously I think I am confusing myself so it is time to roll.


Kuroko...not understanding something? SAY IT AIN'T SO!

So while Saten is saved by the bell Misaka and Kuroko are walking home from school. Kuroko is bothered by the mass plushie murderer or better known as the graviton case. He actually has a name but he sucks and I hate learning new names. Anyway Kuroko says that he is only listed as a level 2 even though he power was clearly at a level 4. That means it is time to put on our confused faces and wonder what is going on!


Clearly they are having sex Kuroko. Clearly.

Kuroko and Misaka stop for snacks so Misaka can say something slightly important about feeling colors and Kuroko can do something stupid like act all jealous when Saten shows up and indirect kisses occur. But in terms of Kuroko stupidity this was almost funny. It wasn’t anything really perverted and she kept all her clothes on. So I shall enjoy her suffering and laugh in her general direction. Also these girls eat a lot of treats and are really underweight. This anime is clearly fiction.

So while Kuroko is having a crazy attack Saten talks about how Uiharu is sick and since they are in an anime show she is obligated to go over to her house and fawn all over her. This happens every single time anyone is sick in any anime show. Let’s go over the day someone gets sick and visit them. How about no? If I was sick I would want people to leave me alone so I can rest. Chances are I haven’t made it to the bathroom at all that day so I am not very presentable. Leave me alone and give me time to rest!


Um didn't invite them over. It's not your fault. For once.

But Saten, Kuroko, and Misaka do not take my advice and they go visit Ms. Sicky anyway. After Saten is done perving on her (Saten will never be as bad as Kuroko!) it is time to drink tea and get down to business. That means talking about the graviton case again. Kuroko tells the group that a lot of “baddies” lately have been listed having a lower ability than they actually posses. Or appear to posses. The group then decides to remember when Saten was talking about urban legends once and that she mentioned the Level Upper. Looks like Saten is a lot more important than everyone thought she would be. She doesn’t need an ability to be an asset to the team…although it would be nice if she had one.


Saten! You have information! Do not be afraid to share it!

Uiharu locates a website that talks about Level Uppers and where they meet. Because all baddies have their information clearly on the web where anyone could find them in ten seconds. Yay bad guys! Misaka and Kuroko run off to save the day and leave Saten behind. Because they suck. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Saten. She knows she is left behind because she has no power and that makes her sad. Everyone feel bad for Saten.


Me thinks they should test the kids before giving them false hope but that's just me.

I wish this episode wouldn’t have been so obvious what Saten is going to do in the next episode. Or maybe it has been clear from the start of the series. Either way we all know that Saten knows about the Level Upper because she wants to use it on herself. And I don’t blame her! What is the point of being in that city if you don’t have an ability?! I would be devastated if I went to that city only to be told I have a zero ability. Of course I would have gone home after that but that is beside the point. The point is I support Saten cheating and doing drugs to get an ability. WOOT FOR ME!


Very unMisaka like.

Misaka and Kuroko go to the restaurant where the Upper Level people are hanging out. Misaka is sent in to talk to the men because Kuroko is a known Judgment member.
Apparently no one knows who Misaka is. I mean they know there is a Level 5 awesome girl but they don’t know what she looks like or who she is. Because they are just that awesome. So she is able to go in there and charm the pants off the high school kids. Because high school teenagers (or even older teenagers) are attracted to junior high girls. Okay I feel dirty writing that last line. But then I think about how sad Kuroko was the entire time and suddenly I feel better. XD


Misaka needs to stop putting herself in dangerous situations...

Misaka ends up in a dark alley to talk to the guys about the Upper Level. But then it turns out they are hooligans OH NO! It takes Misaka about 5 seconds to deal with them all. She was slightly worried that it would turn out like the plushie murderer and she would be screwed without Touma around but these hooligans were really losers. Nothing to see here folks.

Well then their boss comes around and makes them apologize to Misaka. These hooligans seem to be scared of this chick because they say their sorries and take off. The leader looks a little bit like Naked Lady but she lacks the dark circles under her eyes and appears to be a bit younger. But she does look a lot like her so I am just throwing it out there that it might be her. So when it does turn out to be her I can go AHA I am right!!! XD


Best power ever. Only not.

Even though the girl just made her men apologize she is bent on fighting Misaka. She says “payback”. Now does she mean payback for beating her men or for some other random reason that will be explained in the next episode? I hope it is the second choice because it would be stupid for her to have that much hatred for Misaka over beating up her men.

The girl talks a big game but her battle doesn’t last much longer than her lackey’s battle. Her ability is to control asphalt which to date is one of the lamest abilities thus far. Hope she doesn’t get attacked at the beach or in a forest or INSIDE! But Misaka takes it easy on her and the girl still loses. There is a bit of fail when Kuroko and Misaka don’t apprehend girl which makes me sad. Yes Misaka took out all the power in the city and the blackout lasted til the next day. That is a pretty big oppies.

However….home girl didn’t even try to run away. She was still standing there being all sad that she lost! So why didn’t they go back and get her? It wasn’t going to help the power situation by running away. BLEH BLEH BLEH!

But they don’t and talk about the fact that they suck the next day. Kuroko then takes Misaka to the hospital where graviton boy has passed out. In fact all the “baddies” who Kuroko suspects used the Level Upper are passed out now and nothing seems to wake them up. Not sure why Kuroko is there and why she took Misaka but they are. The doctor tells these two 13 year olds all that he knows and introduces them to the best brain person doctor the city has. And it happens to be Naked Lady.


Could she be Asphalt Lady? I wonder......

So is the Naked Lady really Asphalt lady but has a split personality? That could explain the dark circles under her eyes. Her other personality stays up all night and she can never get any sleep. Whatever the case may be we know she is into something shady. The opening theme song tells us that. XD It’s just a matter of how important she really is to all this mess that we don’t know.

Next week also promises to be interesting which has me dancing inside. Well not the whole Saten might get hurt thing (you know, with all the other Level Uppers passing out) but still woot! Don’t take a Thanksgiving break subbers! You don’t need any Black Friday sales anyway. XD So I shall see you next week hopefully.

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