Monday, May 31, 2010

May Movie Reviews

It's time for another edition of "Movies Tenchi Watched in 1 Month". XO And shocker there are going to be some recent movies on this list this time. I even went to the movie theater! I know, pretty shocking. Prepare to be amazed...or bored out of your mind.

Also due to the fact that LOST has taken over my life my Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru post shall be up tomorrow. I was going to take a break but things got really X_X and I was unable to break away. Sorry Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru. :( Tomorrow. I promise.

Included in this post are the following movies:

Flu Bird Horror

Mongolian Death Worm

How to Train Your Dragon

House of the Devil

Nightmare on Elm Street


Dance of the Dead

Night Living Dead

Resident Evil: Degeneration

Flu Bird Horror

I know I watched bits and pieces of this movie before but I was lucky (?) enough to watch the entire thing in one sitting. Even though it was hard getting past the really dumb name. Flu Bird? Not Bird Flu? Really now? Is Bird Flu a copy righted phrase or something? Craziness. Also you’re fired.

The demon birds were laughable. It reminds me of the infected in Quarantine (which played like 68737 times this month awesome). Like okay you have a disease. So now you look like a troll? No I don’t think so. These birds were already Sci-Fi enough by being some sort of ancient dinosaur/Dark Crystal birds. I totally knew these birds looked familiar and it just came to me just now. I am so excited! But yeah. You can’t be Dark Crystal birds and have an infectious disease. Also I just realized that the movie Dark Crystal is like 27 years old. I feel old.

The stereotypical characters were awesome. We don’t even have any “good” guys to root for as these are all “bad kids”. Of course we are supposed to cheer for girl who had a perfectly good reason for burning down a house but for the most part we are supposed to hate these teenagers , more than the normal pack of clueless teenagers in sci-fi movies. I mean at the first sign of trouble these kids are ready to gut you and use you as bait. Could they make these characters any less likeable?

Although…I do like their kill the infected before they kill us mentality. I am always scream that during zombie movies (especially Quarantine) that they need to stop trying to help people who are obviously going to die and get the heck out of dodge. Of course I talk a big game but I probably would be a sobbing mess at the thought of leaving someone behind to be bird bait. But knowing me I would be bird bait so I guess I don’t have any hard decisions to make.

Mongolian Death Worm

This movie looks like it is going to be the Sci-Fi movie of the month (although it won’t top Mega Piranha). And given the fact that the next two Saturdays are going to suck on Sci-Fi (really, the premier of Underworld?) I might as well enjoy the wonderful hot mess this movie was.

I think we should start with the fact that most of the brown people in this movie were Mexicans. Or Hispanic. Not Chinese or Mongolian. Pretty much epic fail on hiring the actors of this movie.

I did enjoy that we had different little subplots going on at the same time. We have a white guy drillin oil and….something else. I think smuggling drugs or something. I have no idea. Then we have a white dude in charge of some brown people who are after another white dude who is looking for buried treasure. Then we have a bunch of white doctors trying to save a village of natives who have been infected by giant worm goo. Awesome. Only it took away from the giant worms with all these different white people running around being crazy.

But these are some magical worms people. They live underground and were woken up by the naughty drilling. It is really not a desperate situation to kill ALL the worms as they die in a week. That is a pretty awesome way to cut time out of the plot. You don’t have to run around and find a way to stop all the wormies as they are going to be toast anyway. We just have to focus on the ones trying to eat our faces right now.

I like that the worms had huge suction tongues for no reason. It was magical. Tremors was a little more realistic with its three headed tongues but whatever. XD

And don’t get forget about the tank tops. All sci-fi movies need tank tops in them, even if the movie takes place in Alaska. I like how she is so edgy and hard core, dissing a man who is driving her several hours across a barren wasteland. Yeah lady, the magical gas fairy fills up his tank.

I think this Sci-Fi movie would have been “better” if there were fewer subplots and more worms. Bring on the killer worms please!

How To Train Your Dragon

What? I actually went to see a movie in the movie theater?! How amazing is that?! The movie did come out like 6 weeks ago but that is beside the point. Besides I like going to the movies when the theater is nearly empty. Go me.

This movie had some really weird names. I am not talking about typical weird names for kids books or movies. What kind of hero name is Hiccup? Of course his friends are named Tuffnut, Ruffnut, Fishlegs, and Snotlout so maybe Hiccup isn’t so bad? But why couldn’t they pick some Viking names? I guess they were trying to stay faithful to the book but dude. X_X I almost couldn’t stop rolling my eyes at the names.

But the movie was a lot cuter than I thought it was going to be. I thought Toothless was going to be smaller but I realize that is my fault for being dumb. But Toothless should have been toothless. X_X Putting that aside I really like that Toothless and Hiccup weren’t instant best friends. It was refreshing to see a more realistic view of gaining trust. Or as realistic as a dragon movie can be. But yes I did enjoy that Toothless wasn’t all instant cute puppy on Hiccup and it took time for their relationship to blossom. Dead fish really bring people/dragons together.

I do think Hiccup’s dad was way over the top. I know the point of these movies is to show that kids are much more willing to listen to new ideas and that adults really don’t understand them but come on. :( He was way too harsh. Especially when Hiccup “destroyed” the town. Like dude, most of the town was on fire already. Had Hiccup not been chased by that giant dragon and caused the pole to roll downhill the big dragon was going to cause damage elsewhere. Blaming Hiccup was too much.

Toothless reminded me a lot of my baby cat. The big silly eyes, the in your face way of communicating. But I am happy she can’t fly around and catch me on fire.

I wasn’t expecting Hiccup to end up losing a leg. I was getting scared near the end that Toothless wasn’t going to make it so I rather Hiccup lose a leg than have a dead Toothless. Now Hiccup and Toothless really do complete each other now. I do think the village being overrun by dragons is a bit much now but happy endings are nice. Yay for dragons!

House of the Devil

“This nail biting horror film concerns a college student who takes a babysitting job from Mr. Ulman but when she arrives at his house she learns that she has to care for his mother-in-law.”

That is the summary my TV gives me for this movie. There have been times when the summary has been a bit snarky about the show or exaggerated the awesomeness of the movie/episode. But this takes the cake. Not only does it LIE about the nail biting horror movie part….but it tells you that it LIED about the nail biting horror part. Oh hi, this is a scary movie about BABYSITTING! But when you watch the movie you realize why they were hush hush on the scary details.

Because for 90 percent of the show nothing was scary. For the first hour NOTHING happened at all. Unless you count watching a girl in mom jeans not eat pizza and hang out with her drunk friends action. Which I don’t. Also mom jeans? This movie is set in 1983. Not the year of mom jeans. At least not people who are 20 years old anyway. I mean I guess it was scary seeing how big walkmans use to be (yes walkmans people) but yeah. Nothing scary to see here.

I guess the part where mom jean’s friend got shot in the head was supposed to be scary. Maybe. There was no build up but it was better than the 75 minutes of mom jeans walking around a house doing NOTHING. Calling drunk friend 10 times, eating bad pizza (seriously what was that?! I thought there was blood in the pizza and it turns out to be nothing?! What the hell was that?!!?!?!?), and freaking out at nothing. We the audience know (or hope) that danger is coming soon but babysitting girl was….in lala land.

And I wanted her to die. Just throwing that out there. Who the hell asks for 100 dollars an hour to not watch an old lady? You greedy ass pig. And this is 1983! 400 dollars mog!!! X_X It boggles the mind. I would have been dancing at 100 dollars. Even now! But….wow. There are no words.

The scary parts of the movie might have been scary. But by the time they happened I really didn’t care anymore. I just wanted this nightmare to be over. Really I wanted the nightmare to begin an hour ago but the people making this horror movie got lost. Really lost. What we ended up with is three old people and some random dude chasing around mom jeans and a lot of blood being splattered everywhere. Why? Because mom jeans is now carrying the devil’s baby.

Doesn’t it all make sense?!

The only thing worse than this movie is the fact that people actually rated this movie awesome on Rotten Tomatoes. Whatever crack they are smoking I demand some. I would accept the two hours of my life back but if that is not possible crack would be a nice gesture.

Nightmare on Elm Street

….:( I was expecting more. I am happy they didn’t go the Halloween remake route. I didn’t want a sob story about how this child abuser/kill/sexual predator was really abused himself as a child and BOO HOO feel bad for him too. We almost got that in the form of ON SHAP Freddie didn’t really do it. But haha surprise Freddie really did molest kids. So that is a bit of a relief, that the remake didn’t make Freddie more “relate able”.

But that is where it ends with the goodness. I don’t even remember the original that well but I know it was better than…this. Good job Hollywood hiring 25 year olds to play 17/18 year olds. No one everyone thinks I look 16! -_-

Whoever hired this cast needs to be shot in the face. With the exception of the kid who played Quentin I really didn’t care about any of these misfits. I’m glad Dean died first. I counted down the minutes until Freddie finally killed him. Thank you Freddie, that truly was a mercy killing. I liked Chris better when her name was Tricia and her hair wasn’t so nasty. Jesse was completely miscast as he is clearly some whiny emo kid and not a bully/tough guy. And Nancy….just bleh. Was she even awake?! Did she even care about the movie or was she too busy painting her lame ass pictures to bother to bring personality to the set?

I think the biggest mistake of the entire movie was the pacing. Or really the focus. We jump from character to character in terms of caring and plot. I thought the movie was going to be about Nancy but for the first 25 minutes it was all about Chris and her remembering the past and dealing with Dean’s death. Oh but then she dies. So then the focus is on Jesse and how his dumbass self deserves to die because he just up and left his dead girlfriend. He is running around causing drama and OH then he dies. So now all we have left is Nancy and some random friend Quentin. Like who the hell are you Quentin?! It was a little too late for us to start caring about these fools.

But even though the movie was really…not like the original I do think that Nancy and Quentin help their own against the adults and Freddie. Quentin was going off on his dad and Nancy was pretty gangsta with that lighter. Actually I am glad that Quentin was there for Nancy because otherwise it would have been mighty boring.

I think the most disappointing aspect of this new remake was the new Freddie. I get that he wasn’t supposed to be funny but that’s not the problem. The problem is he looked like a 50 year old mentally handicap man who is 4’8”. I could probably have beat his ass and I am pretty darn weak. He wasn’t scary. He face was pretty gross but other than that it wasn’t…..scary. If something was going to kill me in a gruesome way I wouldn’t be impressed with that hot mess.

I will never understand Freddie. Why does he torture the kids and not the parents….
This movie is worth the time but not the money. Like I would snark it on Saturday night but no run out to the theaters to watch it. Maybe people should stop making remakes if they can’t bring the series to the next level.


I was actually going to see this movie in theaters. I am not sure what happened with my plans but we never got around to seeing it. So I waited until my honey “found” me a free version of the movie that wasn’t dark and grainy. I am sad to say that I am disappointed.

I think the most disappointing part of this movie is…it made no sense. The entire premise of this movie was let the baby be born and mankind will be saved. But….the baby was born and mankind was still in danger. The zombie people that were near the dinner stopped being zombies but not the ones in other parts of the world. In the future Jeep and Charlie are traveling around with baby all Terminator like. So….the future is still bleak and awful?! Then what was the purpose of the movie?!?!?! Michael said he gave God what he wanted which was to show humanity deserved a second change….so….why are we still in danger?

Putting aside the fact that the entire movie was a lie….DUDE! There were tons of really unnecessary deaths. I am not talking about sad deaths or tragic deaths. I mean deaths that served no purpose and could have been avoided. Percy dies to save Sandra who shouldn’t have gone outside in the first place. Kyle dies to protect a kid who wasn’t savable anyway. Audrey dies so Jeep can kill Gabriel but Gabriel doesn’t die. Same goes with Bob but Bob might have been almost dead anyway. That is a whole lot of dying for no reason. Makes me sad.

Who the hell names their kid Jeep?! X_X And why is it at the first sign of a crazy lady running on the ceiling you pull a gun on the next car that comes around?! I could see if after the 3rd or 4th zombie person not to let any more people into the diner but the first? They need to be more appreciative of help next time.

So….anyone else who has seen this movie….you saw the near kiss scene between Gabriel and Michael right? It’s not just me and my overactive yaoi imagination right? That really happened for all to see right? It was hot….really hot. Like seriously hot. They want to jump each other so hard they have to resort to bashing each other into the ground. Hot people hot.

Angels have razor wings guys! And humans who are possessed by angels look like demons and enjoy raw meat. Also in the face of real danger everyone needs to be hating on the black guy who saves your ass with a gun. Way to stay on topic people!

The trailers lead me to believe that there were going to be a lot more battle scenes. But all we got was Michael beating on Gabriel and people getting snipped on the roof. I thought a lot more angels were going to come and kick butt. Disappointed. All we got was Charlie smoking and being a bad Mother of the World.

Did I mention that Gabriel and Michael had some serious sexual tension going on?!

Dance of the Dead

No. Seriously just no.

I am actually still watching this movie while writing the review. That is how bored I am. If I make it through the entire time I will be shocked and amazed. But since nothing is on TV right now I might stick it out.

The only reason I watched this hot mess was because it was free on Demand. Now I know why. Only one person has been turned into a zombie thus far. All the others have already been turned off screen or were dead before hand. Not the things of scary dreams.

There were way too many characters in this movie. That sometimes works in zombie movies because eventually they get taken out zombies. But NO we need all of the kids alive or something like that. So way too much time was focused on stupid high school drama and not enough on....zombies.

The two zombie teenagers making out very touchy. Beyond touching. I almost shed a tear there.

I really think this was supposed to be a gag movie, like Epic Movie or Scary Movie. Please tell me they only spent 10 dollars making this crap....

Also rock and roll saves the day. The end.

Night Living Dead

Okay I know I said that Dance of the Dead was bad but now there is another contender for Worse Movie for the month of May. That is saying a lot.

This was apparently supposed to be a remake of the movie Night of the Living Dead. Not sure if they meant the 1968 or the 1990 one. The only thing that reminded me of either of those movies was the fact that the ACTUAL 1968 movies was playing and the fact that the main character was heading towards a graveyard at the beginning of the movie. Other than that…no. Remakes should have some resemblance of the movie they are…remaking.

It’s good to know in the year 2008 we can’t make zombies look any better than the orange face zombies in the original The Return of the Living Dead in 1983. 1983 people. I guess when movies only have a budget of $100 it is hard to expect awesome stuff. Or anything at all. The zombies were laughable.

I am not sure what was responsible for making the zombies. I know crazy man who runs the morgue made MORE but why did the first one come into being? Or does that require actual thinking which is a no no in these movies? But yes, I totally believe that Mr. Crazy man gave his father his blood for two years and never got infected at all. AMAZING!

I did like the synopsis saying this was an updated version of the movie WITH BOOBIES! Totally made my day. Forget the tank tops we got a girl running around TOTALLY naked.

Most people in zombie movies are dumb. These people don’t want to call for help (which lets be honest probably wouldn’t make it or would make matters worse) because of weed. Weed people. Do you know how much weed you can smoke if you are dead? ZERO! So how about we call the cops, get in a little bit of trouble, and live to smoke weed another day.

This movie really had no redeemable characters except the dude who SOLD DRUGS! I know, he sells pot. That means he is totally unworthy of saving your life and you should make him feel bad. But everyone dies and the people rejoice. The end.

Resident Evil: Degeneration

Reading is hard. When I saw this on FearNet (free is my friend) I was like SCORE someone decided to cash in on the Resident Evil name and made a crappy version f the movie woohoo! But then I realized the entire movie was in CG and I was a little sad because I wanted to see crappy acting and stupid looking zombies.

Claire sucked. I wanted her off my screen. Be gone useless woman. Take the annoying kid with the really annoying voice with you. X_X

This movie might have been better if there were more…zombies. It felt as if the movie went on forever with all the talking and plot and blah blah. Plot isn’t bad but if there are only two action scenes I will pass out and forget about the movie. Just mog these people are bad WAIT these people are bad OH no he was the bad guy all along but it doesn’t matter because at the end of the movie there is a new bad guy. I kinda like the movies now only focusing on one company. Easier to hate that way.

Leon is hot. Seriously Resident Evil movies is there a reason we have left this hottie on the cutting room floor? Although I do hear he is going to be in the 4th movie. But yum yum yum. I am ignoring the fact that he is super human and way cooler than Alice without having to suffer the T-virus side effects because he is hot. That is how I roll.

It is kinda hard to think about the rest of the movie because Leon is hot. But there is plot and I am sure people who play the games would have a better view on how “good” the movie was. More zombies next time.

Also people LISTEN! When someone who has battled these creatures before says shoot them in the head DO NOT SHOOT THEM IN THE KNEES! Do not waste an entire clip by shooting them in the chest. THE HEAD PEOPLE!

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sailor Moon Manga Vs. Anime


One of the very first pieces of manga art that I fell in love with.

Back in February I decided to watch the entire series of Sailor Moon. I thought at the time my goal would be a more year round goal and didn’t think I would reach that goal in a month. Go me putting my mind to something! XD Now if I had that kind of motivation with other parts of my life….

While watching the anime I kept thinking how some parts were so different from the anime and why the anime was better than the manga/vice versa. Before February I hadn’t seen the anime Sailor Moon in a long time. I had read the manga much more recent than that but it had still been years. So I figured since I relived the major reason I got into anime I might as well go one step further and reread the series that started it all for me.

I have to say even though it has been a few years since I have read my beloved Sailor Moon manga the first few volumes are the most worn mangas I have. Back in the day when my mangas only took up two shelves on my one bookcase (one bookcase HAHAHAHA!) I would reread Sailor Moon all the time. I didn’t have series upon series to read on back in the day. The book stores hadn’t even started carrying mangas yet and if they did the store was still 15 miles in the snow away! But yeah, even though I don’t read my Sailor Moon mangas yearly they have received the most love.

So with that said it is time to compare the manga vs. the anime. I have reread all the mangas and I am ready to talk about the difference between the two and what version I think comes out on top. Now that both versions are fresh in my mind it is shocking how different the two really but how fans love and support each version. On with the show!

Edit: WOW! This is a lot longer than I meant it to be. Um...beware of paragraphs?

This only applies to the American manga obviously but I wish there were less American references. I know that they were sorta breaking new grounds in regards to bringing mangas over the U.S. but meh. They could have left the manga more intact. In that regard it was almost like the anime in that they would add in something that made no sense and didn’t really contribute to the mood going on. And big sad face at the American names. :(

Rei isn’t a major jerk face to Usagi all the time. In the anime every scene has her poking fun at Usagi..or saving her. It doesn’t seem to be any middle ground with Rei’s feelings towards Usagi. But it got a little old with her constant teasing of Usagi. In the manga Rei tones that back (that and Usagi isn’t…as annoying? Silly?) and focuses more on being the cool, elegant soldier. Either way it is more enjoyable to watch. Actually Rei’s whole personality is much more likeable. So yay manga!

The manga is a no fillery friend of the week/bad guys die during the first or second battle kinda pace. Sometimes that was a good thing and sometimes it was X_X. Like give me time to adjust to the plot. I want to see the girls pretending to have a normal life in between battles. But it was nice not having a new friend of the week to pretend to care about and next week they are forgotten on the side of the road. The manga got to the point of the story while the anime allowed for more characterization. But the manga is better at making the baddies not look so incompetent as they fail each week. XD

The nickname V-babe got on my ever loving nerves. I am not sure if this is a nickname that the American translators gave Minako or something that was actually written in the Japanese version but MOG! Hate it! Kill it with fire. X_X So stupid. So very, very stupid. But since the American version lost the honorifics I guess they had to come up with something? I just know I am not a fan of that nickname. Brb going to the unfun corner.

Motoki knows who the Sailor Soldiers are in the manga. Now the soldiers weren’t that great keeping their identity a secret in later seasons in the anime (not counting Naru because she didn’t actually catch them in the act, she just figures it out) but I think it’s just odd that Motoki knows. His role is different in the anime though as Usagi spends much more time having a crush on him and he is actually Mamoru’s best friend. So it’s neither a good thing nor bad thing that Motoki knows in the manga. It’s just different.


Yay for not being such jerks this time! XD

The manga has many more attacks than that anime. At first I thought maybe that was because the animators were lazy. But in the manga they fight a lot less mini bosses (really limiting down friends of the week to barely nothing) so it is easier to make a new attack in the span of half a page. The anime would have to have many more attacks than in the manga to be equal to the number of bosses verses attacks. So while it makes it seem like the anime soldiers are weaker as their attacks don’t change as often it makes sense in some weird way.

Another big difference between the anime and the manga is Mamoru’s age. I think it was a safer choice to make Mamoru a high student (17ish at the start of the manga) than a college student at the start of the anime. Most Japanese students start college at 19 and we don’t know what year Mamoru was in. So at the very least Mamoru was 19 and Usagi was 14. None of this REALLY matters since the age of consent is ridiculously low in Japan but for me those few years make a difference. 14 and 17 is much closer than 14 and 19. Like seriously anime Mamoru what were you thinking?! X_X


Everyone dies. Even you two.

No one is saved. There is no Usagi saving souls or finding the good in people. If you are a baddie you are going to DIE! DIE SUCKER DIE! This goes along again with the fast nature of the manga. There is no time to hash out that the 4 sisters really have good hearts and the Amazon Trio surely have no redeeming factors. You do something bad and you are going to get squished. I am not sure how I feel about that. On one hand I think anime Usagi was a bit too forgiving with baddies who learns seconds before uncertain death that MOG they understand about love and junk. But….sometimes things aren’t as black and white and saving baddies is a grey area. So while the anime saved too many people the manga didn’t save….anyone.

I might get stoned for this (or cheered) but I think the Sailor Moon S anime was better than the manga. Even with the fillery parts. I think the manga made things too complicated in regards to the baddie. The anime simplified things. I mean, were they trying to turn the planet into a different kind of planet? Just weirdness. I also thought it took away from the plot to have Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto to already have the talisman. The sense of urgency was lost knowing they already HAD the talisman. I think that Michuri and Haruka were more conflicted with their feelings about duty and friendship in the mangas though. The anime they were hard core and going to kill anyone who got in their way. But I still liked the anime more. XD

Mamoru is actually tolerable in the manga. Perhaps that is because he is closer to her age and not a total perv but meh. He doesn’t get on my nerves. Sailor Moon needs rescuing from time to time but he doesn’t act like he is the one who pulls her through the hard times. He is SLIGHTLY more useful during the main fights but it’s more than that. He seems to love her more and doesn’t focus on her faults as much. Sometimes he can be a jerk but I don’t want him to dieinafire. XD



Speaking of Mamoru I really enjoyed the romance between him and Usagi a lot more in the manga than in the anime. Mamoru treated Usagi like a child who needed to be watched along with Chibi-Usa. In the manga he truly shows that he loves her more with words and actions. In the anime Mamoru is rarely seen touching Usagi probably because of the age factor. Manga Mamoru is much more romantic and treats Usagi like an equal. Also WOOHOO premarital sex for all.


They are doing a great job pretending to be boys.

The Stars chapters were totally different than the anime series. Almost unrecognizable kind of different. I do like the Star Lights and am glad they got a lot of focus in the anime but making them the main characters really changed the direction of the anime from the manga. I really would have liked to see a lot more of the Sailor Soldiers that were slightly featured in the manga. And the ending would have been a lot more epic and would have brought the series together had the bad guy really been the same all 5 seasons. So I have mixed feelings on this…

But Super S was so much more tolerable in the manga version. Everyone knew up front that Pegasus was talking to Chibi-Usa and that he probably was a good guy. None of this oh yeah sometimes a flying pony appears but we won’t talk about it for like 15 episodes. The mangas do a better job of making all the girls look compete actually. But I do like that the Amazon Quartet were actually made into Sailor Soldiers instead of bad guys who stumbled on redemption.

In the end Usagi was stronger and better liked in the manga. In the anime at the end of every season she “got it” but she resorted back to her childish antics at the beginning of the next season. She only showed her super powers during the final baddies and usually got her butt handed to her every other episode. But in the manga she was a lot more mature and stronger in her resolve to save everyone. Sure she had her moments when she got jealous of Chibi-Usa but she had her attacks and moved on. Yay for mature Usagi with a side dose of silly.


I wish Luna could stay human forever.

In conclusion I think the manga was stronger as a whole. The anime did a better job in hashing out the story lines a little clearer but the manga cut to the chase and didn’t have 1000 pages of friends/monsters of the week. Most of the characters came across better in the manga but I did like how the anime didn’t reuse words 14 times to explain issues (this is the Blah System in the Blah Universe with Blah as leader. Really imaginative).

Either way though I love Sailor Moon. Both versions have strengths and weaknesses. But I am sure true die-hard fans enjoy both versions and are still fans after all is said and done. It was fun reliving my past and hope that future generations will remember Sailor Moon and enjoy the series half as much as I do. Thanks for reading! XD

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

10 years ago….

This is going to be a pain to type. Not content wise but I am actually using a computer keyboard and not my laptop. My laptop has nice flat keys that I have got spoiled by in the last two years. This has normal spring keys that pop up. It feels weird to touch and they are loud. X_X So loud. But my husband downloaded a movie to this computer so I have to sit here and MOG THE ANGEL IS SEWING UP HIS OWN BACK!!!!!! So yeah. This post might take forever to type.

But I shall because I like to do two things at once. Makes my mind happy and stuff. It’s amazing how use to something you can become in a short amount of time. I shall remember how to type on a normal keyboard.

This post came to mind because I started to feel old. XD A few co-workers are graduating high school soon and that makes me go DUDE it was 9 years ago since I graduated high school. GET OFF MY LAWN! So really this post should either say “9 years ago…” or I should have waited to post this next year. But I am impatient and I rather blog about when I was 16 rather than 17. Also a flash back to the year 2000 sounds slightly cooler than 2001 right? Sorry I really should have more 2001 pride.

I would say something cliche about the year 2000, like grab your so and so and hang on for a massive dose of SO SO…but what really defines the year 2000? Maybe the next few decades will better define what it was but for now here is what that year meant to me.

The Backstreet Boys and N Sync were waging a war on the radio. This was back when they actually could be called boys and when Nick carter’s brother was tiny and cute. Looking back a lot of their songs were pretty…inappropriate for the age group that was the most in love with them (11-12 year olds). But compared to the music now I guess their lyrics were kinda tame. Bubblegum pop and false personas for all. Like most girls I had to pick from the dreamy Justin and the just as gorgeous Nick. Both groups managed to last a pretty decent amount of time and one is still going pretty strong with his solo career. Ah the days of when my room was covered wall to wall with Tiger Beat posters.

I was just starting to drive and despite the movies and shows depicting excited teenagers eager to drive I was scared out of my mind. It really didn’t help that I was a junior stuck in Drivers Ed class with a bunch of freshmen and sophomores and they were a bunch of clowns. It also didn’t help that our Driver’s Ed teacher was a jerk and would constantly hit the side of the car screaming TURKEY. But I think what killed my magical experience into new driver land was my mother. For a year straight all I heard was mailbox mailbox MAILBOX. Even on roads where there were no mailboxes she would scream it. So ten years ago I was not one of those happy kids begging to take the car out. I was a jumpy kid who freaked out every time I changed lanes. Thanks mom.

10 years ago I got my very first TV. In my room even! XO Very exciting times for me and my brothers. I got to watch TV whenever I wanted to. Buffy was on but my parents were too busy watching the news? Then it was time to retreat to my own little den and watch whatever I wanted. This also marked the beginning of my brothers coming in and bugging me to watch TV or to hook up or Super Nintendo. Good times good times.

10 years ago I watched the Lifetime Channel. Surely I was insane. One can only watch so many movies about men obviously being evil scumbags before one questions the real motive of this channel. Is it to empower women or to scare them away from men? I have moved on from such shows and watch tons of reality TV. Better right?

10 years ago I was a bit ashamed to admit that I liked Pokémon. It was for little kids not for high schoolers. Now I completely embrace my love of Pokémon and anime. XD Strange how many people become ashamed of their hobbies as they get older yet I gradually stopped caring what people thought.

When I was 16 I went to the movies ALL THE TIME. Even if I wasn’t particularly into the movie we were going to see I went anyway. That sucked a lot of my allowance out the window but it was a way to bond with friends. I hope that I didn’t annoy anyone with my annoying teenage ways but I know I wasn’t like THOSE kids nowadays. Going to the movies is not a every week occurrence anymore. Bills and such. But I do miss the bonding with friends bit.

10 years ago my cat was a pain in the butt. He still is but his sister still loves him.

10 years ago I lived in Florida (still do). For the 2000 election. Florida. Yeah. Jokes about that wonderful election still exist. I didn't do it!

Y2K did not destroy the world. New Years Eve/Day was spent at my local church playing board games and such.

Survivors very first season started. I didn't see every single episode. I got into the series when I went to my friend's house and I noticed her dad was watching a show about people eating bugs. I was like...this seems dumb. But next week I watched it anyway. And the following week. And the following ten years. Still hate Richard though. XD

My favorite Christmas movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas came out! I went to see it with my soon to be boyfriend/husband and his sister. My brother was nearly run over in the mall parking lot due to jerks shopping for Christmas. Good times were had by all.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Angel Beats Episode 9


Exactly. That is exactly what I needed.
Today really sucked. My favorite part was when I asked to go home after 10 hours and 15 minutes my boss told me maybe. My brain might be a little soupy.

But then I came home and it was Angel Beats! time. XO And this episode seems to be a very serious business kind of episode. So while there is still a deep anger inside my heart for my place o business I am happy that Angel Beats! exists if only to brighten up my day.

I will be nice though and let Angel Beats! brighten everyone’s day though XD I am just that giving.

Today’s episode is brought to you by LOST. LOST. The show that has been confusing people since 2004.


I'm super glad Otonashi didn't blame Yuri.

Episode Summary: Yuri and Otonashi watch over Tenshi as she sleeps. They know the chances of her walking up as the good Tenshi are really slim. Yuri feels very guilty about what has happened but Otonashi tries to convince her that her plan of action was correct at the time. Yuri relays the information to the other SSS members while Otonashi watches over Tenshi. She sends a few people over to try to rewrite Tenshi’s program to buy themselves some time. Then WHOOSH we are back to the day when Otonashi was in a train crash. He survives and he manages to save quite a few people with the help of a new friend despite being critically injuried himself. He tries to find a way out but both ways are blocked. He becomes the leader of their tiny group and tries to take care of them best he can (even though he loses one due to injuries sustained during the crash).


In the face of utter despair Otonashi does a brave and noble thing.

But their food and water eventually run out and by day 7 everyone is laying on the ground waiting to die. Otonashi is feeling a bit hopeless so he pulls out his ID card and fills out the part where declares him an organ donor. Inspired the rest of the survivors do so too and are ready to die with peace. Just as the wall crumbles (rescue time!) it appears Otonashi has already died. Otonashi then wakes up and sees Tenshi is okay…and is the good Tenshi. She beat the odds. Otonashi explains his feelings and realize that MOG Tenshi was just trying to make me content with my past life so I could move on and be happy. She is really a good guy????!?!?! XO After being special Otonashi realizes he is still here in this world so he can help Tenshi help the others move on. He has a plan to do so but she must pretend to be the “bad” Tenshi so he can research how the others died. He wants them all to move on but is worried about what will happen after the fact and if Yuri will be able to at all. THE END!

XO The first half of this show was amazing. Otonashi’s plan is pretty…special. And Tenshi being okay was okay. But seriously, I really enjoyed the first half of the episode. Even if it destroyed my theory.


I predict they will be goobery when they are reincarnated too....

I was really trying to hold out hope that these kids weren’t dead. But chances are they are massively splat cakes somewhere. That makes me sad. I wanted them to be somewhere safe, in a hospital until the day where Otonashi’s powers in this world made them all wake up. So I will focus on a new happy ending since that theory probably won’t happen. Otonashi will make everyone find peace with themselves and then they will be reborn close together and become friends that way.

HOWEVER….there is still a slight chance that Otonashi didn’t die and everyone is alive in a hospital somewhere! I mean…Otonashi didn’t have to be dead in that tunnel. He could have been on the brink of death or maybe they were able to resuscitate him or something. It could happen. I WANT TO BELIEVE!!!!



However……going with the train of thought that Otonashi is dead…-_- Seriously. It wasn’t enough that he lost his sister and died in a train accident. Now we have to make him suffer from serious infected wound for 7 days while he waits to be rescued? -_- Rather had him die painlessly in his sleep.


Always saving people, like a doctor.

Of course had he died in the train we wouldn’t have had such an excellent episode. And we wouldn’t have gotten to see the true worth of his character. Otonashi truly is/was a caring person. He didn’t die and suddenly become someone who needed to take care of people. He had changed before he died. The reason he ended up in the place they are now is because he is too nice of a guy. Thus that is why Otonashi is in that place so he can help guide everyone home. He was never really suppose to be there XD


Otonashi is always very sensitive to the suffering of others.

Otonashi was very impressing during the moments after the train crash. Since I have been on a LOST marathon I had a bit of a moment where I thought all the SSS members were on the train and Otonashi was saving them. Yes I know they all look different now but the past was different and this is how Otonashi saw the world and what not. I blame this on LOST.


Instant trust.

I do like that no matter what Otonashi has a…special pal to back him up. Granted this was kind of an instant friend but I did enjoy the short interactions that Otonashi had with Igarashi. That is why Otonashi is effective as a “leader”. He has someone to back him up, whether it be Hinata or Igarashi. I think if Otonashi had tried to convince the group that Tenshi was an awesome person without the backing of Hinata things might have gone differently. Otonashi needs a wing man.


Okay I really like this kid.

I do think it is sad that Otonashi didn’t think enough of his actions in the tunnel as enough to be satisfied with life. Of course…he probably died not knowing he saved the group so it might be understandable why he died feeling like his life meant nothing. But he tried so hard. A senior in high school was able to pull it together and help out all those people and kept them alive for 7 days. That is a big accomplishment but…if you die in the train or 7 days later I guess that is not much to be happy about. But he did give everyone hope before they “almost” died. Dying with a purpose can put people at ease.



Tenshi wakes up and it’s the good Tenshi. MOG I am shocked at this magical happening. No one saw that coming. Well except everyone. But yay. Yay for Tenshi being good.


Such innocents...

But MOG for Otonashi being that stupid. Why yes my dead smart boy. Tenshi was trying to send you to a HAPPY place all this time. She wasn’t trying to erase you but send you off to somewhere peaceful/whatever land. She wasn’t trying to make you suffer; she was trying to give you a good high school experience. Silly people not being honest with each other. Of course…it is kinda hard to confirm her side of the story since no one can interview the “disappears” after the fact…


Poor lonely Tenshi...

Otonashi’s plan after the fact was pretty awesome too. It might cause him some problems later, what with everyone getting mad at him but they probably won’t mind too much. I do feel a bit sad for our heroes who actually wanted Tenshi to wake and be their friend. That shows what good people they are too.


I'm worried too....

Thoughts on the future: Otonashi will spend the next episode finding out how everyone died. In the last episode Otonashi will plan this super fun day for everyone and they will either disappear at once/one by one until Yuri is left all alone. Otonashi will point out how she helped everyone all this time and what a good person she is and they deserve a second chance. Then Otonashi will take Yuri’s hand and POOF we are in a different high school where our heroes have been reincarnated. Welcome to the wonderful world of Tenchi!

Despite my ramblings and missing of major points (you know, about people trying to stop Tenshi’s program) I hope my post was enjoyable. Because the episode really was pretty great. I wish the series would last longer though :( That is the only part that makes me sad. But I shall enjoy the time we have left with each other. See ya next week!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nendoroid 55a Miyuki Takara (Comptiq Ver.)! Welcome to my collection!


Behold the blurriness!

Finally the time has arrived! I have been waiting a long time for this day (well....a few months anyway). On our wedding anniversary my husband finally decided it was time to gift me with the cutest of the Lucky Star girls. No longer does she have to wait in the closet. Welcome my little Miyuki!

Of course this does mean that Kagami is now the odd man out in the closet and my birthday is months away....

PSHT! Now is the time for happiness. Miyuki and her happy sheep self are here to brighten up my day!


Slightly used but I still love her.

Miyuki has a lot of parts. So many in fact that some of the extra pieces were in a little baggie behind the plastic. She comes with a random chair but I haven't mastered the art of getting her to sit in it. But hi random chair.


Welcome to my house!

I think my favorite part of Miyuki is her hair. I like how it sorta surrounds her and gives the illusion that she is actually moving around. She looks like she is in motion and not merely a doll stuck in space. I don't think I appreciated her hair that much on Lucky Star but now I really think it's her best feature.

But I do like her glasses too. Obviously.


While you can have too much pink this makes me smile.

Miyuki's glasses are actually stuck to the front part of her hair. So when you change out the heads she will always be wearing her glasses and there is no chance of them falling off or being all crazy. So tiny and cute!


Money can't buy you happiness. But it can buy you nendoroids and flowers. XD


Um guys...there is a cute limit to the pictures....


Eff you I'm on a dinosaur!

I love Miyuki's "huh?" face. It so cute. By far my favorite out of the three. Just love the little oval for eyes and her looking so confused.


Onward to adventure!


Hello Welcoming Party!

Tsukasa has decides to stop on by to welcome her friend Miyuki. She knows the basic layout of the land so she will help Miyuki navigate the scary world of yaoi mangas and the overwhelming presence of HK that threatens to take over my house.


Oh so pretty!!!


It's tough work being this cute.

There you have it. My happy new nendoroid Miyuki needs to take a nap after all that posing. I am thrilled to have this expensive piece of plastic in my life. I shall love her always. Thanks for looking at my pictures!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

K-On!! Season Two Episode 8


What do you mean I have to be a mature adult one day?!

My fingers are burnt, I had to stay an extra hour at work, and I am about 50 episodes behind on LOST. Not really feeling very joyous today. Go Wednesdays indeed.

However K-On!! delivered a really good episode and really improved my mood. Although since it is K-On!! I doubt it could have made my mood worse. Even a bad episode of K-On!! would brighten up my day. XD Yui and her band of misfits have that effect on me.

I am going to blog this episode while watching LOST season 4. Let’s see how long it takes me to get this done. And how much I have forgotten about this crazy show called LOST. Which I am going to assume is a lot.

This episode is brought to you by Hulu. Hulu. The website that will catch me up on LOST. Thanks Hulu.


But what about the turtle?!

Episode Summary: The episode starts off with a flashback to baby Yui and her love of turtles. And eating dirt as she trips. Back in the now Nodoka freaks out because she learns Yui has not turned in her form about her plans for the future. Nodoka calls Yui a future NEET and Yui finally starts worrying. She questions her friends about their choices and for each answer she agrees that is what she wants to do. But Nodoka admonishes at every turn. Yui and Ritsu rejoice in their inability to decide when they are called into the office by Sawako. Nodoka goes to tell embarrassing Yui stories but Mugi makes the group head towards the club room so they can include Azusa and cake. Nodoka talks about the good old days when Yui was eating crayons and being a freak (or was that yesterday…). Everyone really enjoys these stories while Sawako tries to scare some sense into Yui and Ritsu. It doesn’t work.


Being 24 and single=death in Japan.

Ritsu and Yui rejoin the group and there are a few more Yui stories. Yui tries to talk about the future but somehow the subject changes to baby Mio stories. She used to be shyer than she is now if you can believe it. Ritsu teased her but eventually helped Mio become slightly braver. Back on topic Yui tries to think of what she could be when she grows up. The girls help by suggesting ideas but then other girls explain why Yui would fail at every job. Ritsu and Yui seriously try to turn in their papers under “musicians” but they are laughed at. Yui tries to go around her school asking what her classmates plan on doing but that just confuses her even more. Eventually she puts down “For now I will do the best I can”. It is almost a magical moment….until Sawako says now. All is well in the world. The end!

Ah the future. I like how this episode was meant to make the girls focus on the future and instead they spent half of it talking about the past. Somehow I saw that happening and I am quite pleased with that. XD


Begone fun killer!

Although I do roll my eyes at the thought of Nodoka being a MATURE 4 year old. Of course not all 4 year olds are as special as Yui and her crayon eating self. But I don’t think tiny kids have the ability to be mature. Unless they are indigo kids or something. I am happy that Nodoka hasn’t gotten her own episode yet, she proves me right again. Boring.


Red dye 40 alert!

But tiny baby Yui was awesome. I knew she was going to eat that crayon. Or at least try. I do think those kids were pretty mean to laugh at her sweet and innocent dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher. RUDE LITTLE KIDS! Yui forgetting ingredients is funny and I blame her group. Really, leaving the most important ingredient to someone you know is a flake…they are the special ones.



Baby Mio flashbacks were a happy surprise. XO What a spaz that kid was. Asking a simple question made her almost have a meltdown. She is kinda lucky that Ritsu took pity on her silly self. XD But at least Mio has been consistent in her freak outs. I guess some kids are just nervous and when people ask questions about books they lose their minds.

Photobucket is funnier than underwear.

Ritsu came out looking like a star in the Mio flashback. Sure she might have teased Mio a bit much there….but I probably would have too if Mio was going to be a baby about simple questions. But Ritsu really stepped up to the plate when Mio really needed her. She proved that she could be a caring friend and helped get Mio to come out of her shell….sorta anyway. Yay for pineapples.

WHY DIDN’T WE GET BABY MUGI FLASHBACKS?! I feel as if K-On!! hates Mugi sometimes. Haters! :( She would have been so cute. I guess she was left out since she didn’t have a buddy to reminisce with about the good old days. Still…sadness fills my soul.


Who needs English when you have...friends who can translate for you? XD

I can really relate to Yui and Ritsu’s apprehension towards the future. Heck I am 26 years old and I really don’t know what I want to do with my life. I am kinda just drifting along and delivering pizzas while doing so. So I can see how at 17/18 the idea of deciding your future is really scary. Oh let me write down one sentence that will determine the rest of my life OKAY! Scary stuff man.

If you hadn't laughed at her then she wouldn't be in danger of being a NEET now.

I know that there is some pressure here in America to decide your future in high school. For me it was go to college or…well you better go to college. But I am sure the pressure is much worse in Japan where if you do not decide to automatically go to college/seek work you are destined to be a NEET. And being a NEET is horrible people. The worse thing ever. So instead of glaring at Nodoka for pressuring Yui I guess I will thank her. In the context of their culture I shall not stab Nodoka.


How can you mess up being a florist?!

I think my favorite part of the show was when people were suggesting to Yui what she should be and immediately someone else would think of a reason on why that would be fail. Poor Yui. People tell her to think of her future and in the next breath they tell her she is good at nothing. Good times good times. What was my favorite almost career scene? Well I do think that Yui would make a good florist but her almost puking on the bus was pretty funny too.


Yui...being mature?! XO

When Yui turned her paper in to Sawako saying “going to try my best” I went wow. That is really the correct answer. Yui was told to fill out the paper about what she wants to do with her future. Trying her best is what she can do for her future. She really has no idea what she wants to do and saying anything else would be a lie.



But then the AW moment is smashed to the ground and broken into a million pieces and pooped on by a giant elephant. It was awesome. Sawako was like NO you fail try again. Perfect. So perfect beyond words. I laugh at Yui’s pain. Maybe laughing is cruel….but expecting Sawako to see beauty in Yui’s answer is like expecting my cat to love me. Never going to happen so might as well laugh at Yui’s sad little expression.

In the end Ritsu and Yui have no idea what to do with their lives. Which is fine to me but probably bad considering their culture. But either way I am sure it will work out. They can go to college and play around until something sticks. XD Of course it is better not to play around in college since it costs money but if they are being forced to go they can do a variety of things until something holds their attention. I have the faith in them. Because as seen in last episode, once you graduate from high school you get a new wardrobe and brand new mature attitude! So rejoice Yui and Ritsu, all is not lost woohoo!

This episode was pretty awesome. This blog post might not be as I am busy having my mind explode over LOST. I have forgotten so much and now they are throwing new confusing stuff at me. That and Miles is really hot. I hope he doesn’t die too soon. But yes confusing LOST and awesome K-On!! episode. Next week hopefully I will be less confused and be lucky enough to have another great K-On!! episode. See ya then.

Total blogging time: 2 hours and 27 minutes. YAY FOR LOST!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan episode 5-6


This looks totally safe to drink.

What is this? Tenchi catching up on a series in almost a timely manner?! Say it ain’t so!!!!

But yes. Some people have been commenting on my blog that I gave up a little bit too early on Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan and that it would get less confusing. Or in any event it would talk about the oni issue and less on things that made my brain explode. So in between not doing anything and trying to do chores I decided to watch a few episodes. I was going to fully catch up but that would be asking too much of me. XD

So here we go. Spoilers for episodes 5 and 6. And if you like Keisuke…well I’m sorry. I don’t. XD And it shows. Proceed with caution.


This scene was SO interesting let me tell you.

Episode 5 Summary: The Shinsengumi return home after the fight in episode 4. In a flashback it is shown that Chizuru tried to find information on her father but failed. But since coming home the Shinsengumi have wanted to increase their ranks and have decided to ask someone that Keisuke and Heisuke look up to, Itou. Toshizo gets a little evil eye going on at the mention of Itou but he doesn’t have any objections. Heisuke has to leave to go to Edo but he doesn’t take Chizuru with him because that would make sense. He is leaving to get new troops but promises he will search with Chizuru’s dad. There is a really lame scene concerning vegetables and salt. Later Souji goes to visit Resident Emo character Keisuke who is messing around with THAT medicine. He promises to kill Keisuke if things go wrong. Itou arrives but most people aren’t thrilled with his ties with other factions, his arrogant attitude, and his lame attempt to sexually harass Chizuru. But what really pisses everyone off is when he puts down Keisuke who was only voicing his concerns about NOT taking over a temple in a violent manner.


It's really nice watching everyone come together and bitch about people they hate. Tugs at my heart strings.

Later that day the talk centers on about what an ass Itou is and what an ass Keisuke is becoming due to his injuries. Everyone wishes that Keisuke would return back to his former self. That night Chizuru remembers a conversation that happened A YEAR (WTF?!) ago and gets up in search of medicine for Keisuke’s arm. Well she finds him about ready to take the medicine. But she gets really worried once he explains that her father is the one who made the medicine and the side effects turn people into crazy monsters. But Keisuke takes the medicine anyway (because you know how good you will be with two working arms and no mind…)…and turns into a crazy person! Is it time for a Chizuru snack as Keisuke goes insane?


Yep. Taking glowing red medicine is a bad idea. Who would have thought that?!

Episode 6 Summary: Chizuru refuses to kill crazy Keisuke despite the fact he is trying to nom her face. He momentarily comes to his senses and begs her to kill him. She starts screaming which causes all the other main character people to come running to her rescue. Most people are put on guard to make sure the non important characters don’t find out about this. Souji volunteers to watch Keisuke (and take him out if he is uncontrollable). Toshizo has to take Chizuru to her room because she has fainted. But she wakes up and Toshizo greets her in the usual fashion “we will not hesitate to kill you”. Awesome. Basically he is worried that Chizuru is a liability since Chizuru knows the truth about the Shinsengumi now. But he does explain to her in between threats her father was forced to use them as guinea pigs and the medicine (which causes rapid healing) was left incomplete since he disappeared. The group has to lie to Itou the next morning on what happened but Toshizo realizes that Itou will figure out that something has happened to Keisuke.


Such romantic words from Toshizo.

Keisuke ends up “beating” the medicine (for now anyway). But it is not time to celebrate. He decides for the safety of all it is best if everyone thinks he is dead. Not understanding that logic but now they know the medicine is at least a bit safer. The Shinsengumi end up having to take over that temple by force (to become their new headquarters) so they can better hide Keisuke. Chizuru notices that Keisuke isn’t in complete control but keeps that to herself. Heisuke returns from training the new troops but doesn’t have any new information on Chizuru’s dad. While on patrol Souji starts coughing a bit but covers it up and saves a random girl from being sexual assaulted. Souji muses that Chizuru looks just like her and life moves on. The Shogun is going to come to town and the Shinsengumi have been selected to help guard his way into the city. This is a big deal apparently. Toshizo tells Souji he can’t help because he is sic. Heisuke also confesses he hasn’t been feeling well either. Then Toshizo tells Chizuru she can help out because apparently he is on crack. While on patrol Chizuru runs into the 3 people who were causing problems in episode 4 (Shiranui, the one dressed like a girl and prefers a gun, Chikage, and that red headed guy Amagiri). They taunt Chizuru for a little bit until they finally reveal that Chizuru is an oni just like them and TADA they are here to kidnap her. THE END!


I wish to have wonderful friends like that too!

MOG. So maybe I got a little too frustrated with this show and almost gave up. But in my defense I really did have no idea what was going on and all the history was confusing me. Someone tried to educate me on the time period and while I am still confused I do have a better idea of what is going on. But it really helped that the history/different factions weren’t as prevalent in these two episodes and we got to the plot (or at least the reason why I was watching this show).



I think I will start with Keisuke because I hate him and he sucks. We get it. Your life is over because your arm is all hurt and you can’t be any use AT ALL if you aren’t on the battlefield chopping people into tiny bits. You couldn’t possibly be the brains of the operation or help train new members or speak your mind on issues that seem iffy to you. We get it you think you are useless. STOP WHINING!


Way to slide that in there.

I am confused on why he thought taking the medicine was going to help. Well I guess he thought that he was going to take the medicine, his arm was going to be healed, and he would show no signs of being an oni. He is an oni so that slightly sucks. But only slightly since no one else (besides our main characters) knows. So I am not sure why he has to live in the shadows and act like he is dead. No one knows he is going to lose control soon so I am unsure why he thinks it is better if he “died” to prove the medicine works. I think this is a man issue because I am not seeing why he couldn’t go TADA my arm is better and go on like usual. He must really like his emo role.


Itou made friends really fast.

Itou sorta sucks too. He reminds me of a gay man dressing up as a woman but everyone knows he is a man. Creepy. Apparently his skills must be awesome because he is not getting any brownie points in the personality department. I am not sure Souji didn’t say anything about Itou being a creeper to Chizuru but then again I don’t get why everyone has to be so formal and not speak their mind.


See how romantic he can be?!

Saito is my favorite guy. Just throwing that out there. Wish he had more screen time but he is pretty hot. I wish to know more about him. I also want to go on record that instead of trying to pair him in my usual yaoi fangirl way I actually think he would be good with Chizuru. I might have a fever or something.


You are not allowed to be a oni!

Souji having a cough worries me. Then Heisuke started coughing and I got really scared. These two men/boys were injuried by the baddies early on. The baddies that are onis. Apparently it has been a long time since that incident but it is throwing up red flags that out of everyone they are the ones who are sick. :( They always seem to be missing out on things but at least they are not being emo about the situation. Just don’t get turned into onis too please. :(


I often threaten people to get them on my side. Works all the time.

Chizuru being an oni is slightly surprising. I thought that maybe her father did a little bit of experimenting on her or that she was the original source of his research. But maybe she is not a full oni, just someone who can heal themselves. But it does surprise me the baddies want to kidnap her since she is so useless. XD I am sure more on that will be explained later.


MOG! Do they really look alike?! How can this be!! XD

I sorta spoiled myself on Kaoru because I suck. Oh well. Either way I don’t want Souji with Kaoru because Heisuke is a better match. XD But I loved Kaoru’s outfit.

I am still in awe that 4.5 episodes covered an entire year. That must be a new record or something. But also that makes Chizuru look kinda dumb for not finding any clues on her father and not asking about the oni/medicine beforehand.


YAY! The emo keeps on rollin!

So….I guess I will continue on with this series. XD I do feel better now that we are in fact dealing with the oni issue because the historical aspect was beating me down. I feel less confused now and am happy that we are covering material that caught my eye in the series synopsis. I would have blogged more episodes today but the Biggest Loser finale has sucked me in. But I am sure to fully catch up with this series soon. Hopefully. Maybe.


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