Thursday, May 20, 2010

XXXholic Rou Oneshot Special: The Tsubasa Crossover that wasn't


Bring on the tears and the booze!

Today is my anniversary. I have been married for 4 years now (although it seems like much longer....). But instead of posting about my day and how lovely my husband is I will talk about Tsubasa and XXXholic. Because I have my priorities straight. or I am insane.

Seriously I did have a great day today and truly I love my husband. But he will forgive me because this involves Fai. My husband knows not to get in the middle of my fangirling over Fai. Dangerous things could happen.

Spoilers for the XXXholic Rou Oneshot Special. Also beware of random yelling!


My signature looks like....scribbles. :( I'm boring.

Watanuki and Mokona are discussing something super duper serious. Or something really simple that has been blown up into something super duper serious because this is the CLAMP universe. Watanuki has to create his signature now...even though he has been the shop owner for 4 years now. I am not sure how the timeline goes in these specials but one would think Watanuki would have already gotten that important/simple task down by now. But it is a time for Watanuki to be sad about Yuuko so I would be that mean to him.


The best guests EVER!

Mokona explains to Watanuki he needs to think long and hard how to make his signature unique. Watanuki goes outside in the rain to think of something and suddenly someone says the bird. Who could it be?! Syaoran of course. And he brought along Fai and Kurogane and Mokona too!!!!

Fai is lovely. I would have enjoyed their entrance more if Fai and Kurogane were closer. Not trying to go crazy shipper on you but I think that those two truly have grown closer in Tsubasa and I would like the physical distance between them to represent that too.


Aw a brotherly reunion....

Watanuki is very happy to see Syaoran and company. Apparently this is the first time since the end of Tsubasa that Syaoran and gang has made it to Watanuki's world which surprises me. Wasn't White Mokona able to take the Tsubasa boys back to worlds they had the most memories of AKA Clow Country and Watanuki's shop? I guess often is a relative term considering how many worlds are out there. I was just expecting the visits to be much more frequent and sooner.


How much more proof do you people need!?!?!?

The Mokonas are beyond happy to be together again. Which is fine but me being the special yaoi fangirl I am have picked up on the very tiny details. Notice the white Mokona and black Mokona snuggling. Fai and Kurogane look on and are happy the two creatures can be together. Like them. White Fai and Black Kurogane. This is not lost upon me people. Do we see those smiles?! They know they are lucky to travel together and around each other all the time. BECAUSE THEY ARE IN LOVE.

Putting that all aside...I think this scene is very cute and important. Proof too. But Kurogane needs to smile more, I enjoy seeing a happy Kurogane.


These people need to hug more. Seriously.

While Kurogane and Fai have a moment Watanuki and Syaoran are outside having their own. Syaoran states that Watanuki has gotten stronger and truly is the owner of the shop. Watanuki thinks that Syaoran is just being nice but smiles anyway. Syaoran is a bit down because he hasn't seen Sakura since they left Clow Country but he hopes her universe is up soon.


STAY LONGER! Also...why was there no talk about how their mission is going.....

AND THEN THEY GO HOME! Seriously I hate that. The HI we are here and the next minute BYE we are leaving. I want to see the stuff in between! I wanted to see more of Fai. This is a very disappointing crossover that I wasn't expecting people! It's my anniversary, I deserve more Fai action! Just...rarw.


Always helping and giving this crowd.

But they are leaving. Everything is sad but people promise to meet again and they all pretend it is rainbow and kisses time. Watanuki starts to glow and says that he thinks that he has enough power now to help send the gang to where Sakura is. Watanuki says the price has already been paid so it is traveling time. NOOOOOOO!!!


Ah memories.

Watanuki explains to his Mokona that the price was paid when Syaoran helped him decide how his signature should go. Everyone say AWWWW! He has decided on birds, moreso the wings of a bird (Tsubasa HAHAHAHA) and all is well. He strikes a Yuuko pose and wishes them well on their journey. The end.


No thank YOU! XD

....Yeah there could have been more Fai. But since this is XXXholic it might be better if Watanuki is the main focal point. I can still dream though. Dream of a day when Fai and Kurogane are without a doubt a couple in black and white so everyone knows. But I know so that's all that matters. Happy anniversary to me!!!!

Well there was also more happiness as Kobato 21b was also translated but that confusing/happy mess deserves its own post. For now I am happy with any Fai I can get. Celebrate all!


Melody said...


i love kurofay <3! jaja

i have tried to found this one shot, but i can't ! the links are broken, please please... if you maybe can share me a link for download, i will be thankful!

sorry for my english, is the need jaja

Christina said...

Melody- The person who originally did all the Tsubasa scans lost their minds and deleted everything from the internets. I have tried numerous times to find other links and haven't. I read your post when you first posted but I still haven''t seen found any good sites that have ALL the Tsubasa manga chapters. No sense in posting some sites that just have a few here and there. :( Sorry.