Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Peace Out 2013!

Happy Almost New Year!! 2013 is out the door and 2014 is around the corner. Everyone is one year older. Maybe some are one year wiser. Perhaps this was a good year for you. Maybe....it's good a new year is coming finally. Some babies were born, some people died. A lot of celebrities did stupid things. Politicians quarreled. Jobs were frustrating. Yet for one night almost the entire world comes together to celebrate the eve of a new year. Put aside those troubles, grab yourself a party hat, and find someone to kiss. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
 photo 2013_zps1949ef7a.jpg
It was great getting to know you.
2013 was full of ups and down for me. For everyone I'm sure. One thing that didn't happen this year was obtaining a new member of our little family. Our little Kiki passed away January 3rd 2012 and I thought we were going to give Kira a brother or sister this year. For some reason it didn't happen. Maybe this is the year we will add another fur baby into our household. I don't want Kira to be lonely but then again I don't want her to be resentful. She might be slightly spoiled. Decisions decisions. 

The biggest thing that happened to me was being fired from Mike's Pizzeria. You can read all about it here. Cliffnote version: Convicted felon co-workers scream at me, I leave out of fear, and Momager and Boss fire me over job abandonment. Woe was me. Not because Mike's Pizzeria was a good job. On no no no. It was more like...security. I worked there for about 5 years. I knew the customers. I knew the deliveries. I knew how stupid my co-workers were and how to deal with them. I knew what days would be bad. So despite it ending very badly for me and the job sucking most of the time (who needs AC?!) it was still very...upsetting? Like a part of my life was over. A chapter really. Being “top dog” (on top of my game) to being out of work/starting over was hard. 

3 weeks later my friend got me a job at a dry cleaners. And despite it all I am very grateful for work, that she put herself out there for me. At first this job SEEMED to be cupcakes and unicorn feathers. Yeah not. I traded one momager with questionable morals despite being the Jesus police for another slightly older crazy lady who hates anyone not white and Christian. Also momager worked hard (and complained no one helped her....) whereas new coworker is beyond lazy. I need a nickname for her....Anyway yeah she is 3928 kinds of horrible. How I have put up with her for 6 months is beyond me. Maybe this is a trial.....With no other co-workers around and management far, far away and unable to see just how awful this woman really is...I drift alone in an ocean of crazy. 

The other parts of my new job that don't include awful co-work...er are...well normal I guess. I have some nice customers, some rude ones, and the job itself isn't hard. It is the working by myself in the busy afternoons that drives me nuts. Especially when I get accused of not working hard enough pot-black-kettle situation. I don't have to deliver pizzas in the rain or cold anymore though. No more night time searches for mail box numbers and worrying about dogs attacking me. Also I get to be amused by what I find in people's pockets. One day I found a condom in one pocket and a bullet in the other. Another added bonus is I don't come home from work smelling awful anymore and Duffy can come with me as everything isn't covered in gross. Maybe if I had a different co-worker I be a much happier person. 

Since there is no more Mike's Pizzeria there has been no more Momager. That was the nail in the coffin. At least for now. She had done one too many things to me both at the job and in our personal lives. She was negative energy in my life. So I haven't spoken to her since. Actually this year has been very light on family interactions. I deleted almost all of my husband's family and a few others from Facebook because of the hateful things they were saying. I mean...I guess they have a different version of the Bible. One that says being a good Christian means calling our President a porch monkey. I am getting to be more and more like my husband. He lets these things roll off his back. Family is important yes. I keep hearing that from “well meaning” customers. But at some point you can only forgive so much. Can only hear so much. Can only excuse too much. Family is what you make it. So in the year 2013 I focused on the family that does matter. I do wish my youngest brother would come around more but I am doing my best to keep in contact with my other brother and sister in law in Japan. Miss them very much. Hopefully will see them in the year 2014. 

In case you haven't been keeping up with my blog I did sorta add a new family member. Really a new, expensive toy. XD Duffy the Disney Bear. Almost had him an entire year. Again hopefully I can add another one to the collect when I go to Japan next year, Shellie May! But for now I am having fun dressing a cute bear and taking lots of pictures. The husband is such a good sport about it and I think he likes it too. I just need to work on one more friend to make the Duffy circle complete. She might be a loss cause though. I hope everyone enjoyed my Duffy posts but if not...there are others. XD I know it is not everyone's thing, despite all his many, many cute clothes and adventures. Oh Duffy, so expensive...so fun. 

Obviously this year was full of Disney adventures for me. The husband surprised me with annual passes to Disney World for our anniversary. I was very touched. Tons of fun was had. Birthday trips, special days put on by Disney, and getting into this thing called Disneybounding. Much fun and picture taking took place. Lots of drives to hotels and spending of way too much money. Can I get a bit of an endorsement deal if I talk about my year full of memories Disney? Also can I blame Disney/the husband on why I got so behind on anime? No? Okay. XD But I had tons of fun. XD 

2013 was the year of minor but annoying health issues. I am not saying I got majorly sick or anything is super wrong with me. Just really tiny but annoying/painful issues that drove me mad. Like how can something so tiny be so hurtful?! Just rarw. How did this all happen? I was sick a few times this year, the most recent event being a couple weeks ago. Clearly getting sick on the job is silly and I need to tough it out. Perhaps 2014 I will get a break. Everything will work properly, not hurt, and...I will drink more water? Because eating healthy is for chumps.

I don't think the year 2013 was that amazing for anime. There were some here and there that spiked my interest. But as a whole it was just okay. Not amazing but not terrible. Sometimes I think that is why I got a bit behind on blogging anime too. That there wasn't enough AMAZING shows for me to get home and type away. A lot of shows to watch and smile about and say a few words but not enough to leave a long lasting impression or to rewatch all the time. I know animes are hit and miss and that I am slightly picky. Maybe 2014 will have stronger shows? Maybe some that don't have queerats and X__X plot twists. My car did not explode in the year 2013. It is slowly falling apart, bit by bit but no actual exploding. Cars don't last forever but I will miss it when it finally breaks down on the side of the road. We have been putting off getting much fixed knowing she is probably on her last legs. Her? Now my car is a girl? Anyway we probably do need to do some maintenance on it when the game plan is new car for Tenchi in the year 2015. Poor car. Hold out a bit longer. Let me get some gum and tape. It will all be okay. 

Um what else what else? Apparently half the people on my Facebook page had babies this year. Sonogram pictures are so scary nowadays. X__X For some reason I had to deal with way more crazy drivers. Probably because I have to deal with rush hour traffic. Our super loud and annoying neighbors moved. Our super quiet neighbors moved though and were replaced with people who like to live on their porch to smoke and talk on their phone loud. Yay me. Kira was adorable all year round. I think the husband and I grew as a couple as we learned how to communicate in more efficient and gentle ways. We saw some movies, both at the theater and on TV. 2013, the year of Sharknado folks. 

I am sure there are many other things that happened this year but now I got to finish cleaning my house, getting ready for work, and coming home from work to have a little party with my friends. Well minus one since she is busy being Patient Zero. Oh and I probably have to work at work.....I hope you all have a great New Year. Have a Designated Driver, watch the ball drop, and count your blessings, either the ones you already have or the ones coming your way. Goodbye 2013. Thanks for the memories. But now it is time for 2014. Olympics and Japan trips here I come!

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 11

Post 4 for the day. Even though it is late I think I am going to reward myself with a gingerbread cookie. I am not sure how many anime posts I can get up before New Year's Day. Cleaning is scheduled for tomorrow and Tuesday is party day for me and my friends. Perhaps I can start off the New Year with lots of posts since I have Wednesday off. You know, when I eventually roll out of bed. XD Here's hoping.
 photo machinedollepisode11_zps59599576.jpg
One hell of a robot?
While it is still 2013 have another anime post. Up now is Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 11. Spoilers for everyone being lame but Raishin. Except when he is unconscious. Which is a lot.
 photo machinedollepisode1110_zps5c320ddb.jpg
I am sure Raishin didn't think of that THANKS!
Episode Summary: Raishin runs off with Henri who is kicking and screaming. Raishin says he is going to rescue her and Charlotte and Frey and anyone else who has boobies and maybe their brothers too. Henri tells Raishin to kill her, that Charlotte could probably run away without her and be safer. That she is just a burden. Given that this is Raishin he is like no, I can save everyone, watch the show. Before Henri can get her wish (or maybe this is her wish being fulfilled) Shin comes. He is like thanks for kidnapping our bait, time to serve my master your head on a silver platter. Raishin and Yaya go to work trying to beat this one hell of a butler. Raishin notes again that there is no puppeteer nearby and how can this be happening. Raishin asks why Shin's master is doing this to the sisters and while Shin never gives out any information he acts...at bit odd about everything. Raishin isn't doing so great, what with his laundry list of injuries and having to protect Henri at the same time. Loki comes out of nowhere and wants to put his two cents into this battle. Shin doesn't really have that much of a problem fighting off those two but when Frey shows up Shin takes his sarcastic self out of the fight. Raishin of course then passes out and is rushed to the clinic while Loki yells at Frey for getting involved in fights that don't concern her. Frey thanks Loki for protecting Raishin but Loki insists he was doing it because of Kimberly. Shin returns to Cedric a failure. Cedric doesn't seem to care as he has messed with Charlotte a bit. Cedric starts to talk about their plan cryptically and how that they have accidentally uncovered something amazing. But making people suffer is cool in his mind too.
 photo machinedollepisode1115_zpsb2c5201e.jpg
Life is just so sad for Charlotte.
At the clinic Raishin has woken up and Henri is all boo hoo crying over him. She explains some of her sad past, about how she was the one who let the dog loose that attacked the Prince and blah blah kill me so Charlotte can live. Henri tries to lie and says she hates Charlotte but all she wants is Raishin to save her sister. Raishin is magically better enough to get up and tell Yaya he is sorry for always getting her ass kicked. Yaya tries to apologize too but it is decided they need to go find Charlotte. After telling Frey there will be no human x dog action she lends him one of her pups. As Raishin walks outside he sees Shouko who tells him to go back inside. When he refuses she tells Yaya to come back to her. When Yaya refuses it is clear Shouko is done with Raishin and slaps him. Yaya seems to think that Shouko slapped him out of love. Elsewhere Charlotte is sitting on a roof top looking sad. Sigmund tries to point out that Cedric and company might not even keep their promises and she will kill someone for no reason. Then Sigmund starts to bring up Raishin. That Charlotte used to be all alone in the world and now she has someone that understands her. Is she willing to give that all up without trying other options? Charlotte is like too late for that now SMILE let's go kill the Headmaster. Raishin shows up and seems to think Charlotte can just stop this plan and all will be forgiven. Charlotte tells Raishin to get out of her way because she doesn't want to kill him. Sigmund gets in on the action, turning all big and dragon like to yell at him about not understanding. Raishin explains that he is Raishin, saver of woman despite the disadvantages he has during a fight. Yaya and Sigmund bounce around, fighting and what not. Raishin tries to tell Charlotte who the real enemy is so she can fire at the arena forcefield. Eventually Raishin gets through to Charlotte and the battle stops. She is still crying about this affecting Raishin when Shin appears, asking why Charlotte isn't off killing Headmasters. Shin starts to work attacking Raishin and Charlotte with his kicks. Yaya and Sigmund try fighting but he just bounces around. Charlotte starts to question how Shin can do be doing this without a puppeteer nearby. Shin gets all dramatic and announces he is...a machine doll. THE END!
 photo machinedollepisode1117_zpsf6e633d4.jpg
Believe in Raishin and forgive me. XD
One must forgive me. Or really a lot of people need to forgive me. XD My mind is a bit fuzzy on some of the details of a few anime episodes. I would watch an episode, thinking I was feeling better last week...and then I didn't. Let me search my mind and try to remember things. As best I can anyway. Oh and apparently since I watched episodes 10 and 11 back to back I added the episode 10 ending to the episode 11 beginning. Yay confusion.
 photo machinedollepisode115_zpsdbe38a1b.jpg
At least someone is grateful...
Henri wasn't too happy about Raishin rescuing her. Don't touch me you man. But then she further explained her suicidal tendencies. She seems to think if she was dead Charlotte's life would be better. Now...me and my little brain are like why doesn't Charlotte take Henri NOW and run away? Pick up mom too. Get all those robot hearts and run away. Won't that help solve the problem? I would think so but let's do this the more complicated way. FOR HONOR! Raishin wants to be hero and be all dramatic. Charlotte wants to kill an innocent person instead of coming up with a different plan maybe including her friends. And Henri wants to kill herself. Everyone has a great idea oh how to make things worse.
 photo machinedollepisode1118_zpsd8994623.jpg
Hands behind the back each time and only kicking...something is up yes?
Just as Raishin planned Shin came chasing after him. Woohoo! Shin seems to like a pretty cool robot. I am getting the feeling that given the choice Shin would not be Cedric's robot. With Sigmund and Yaya they want to help Raishin and Charlotte. Maybe help too much. Shin has a different attitude. I guess we still don't know much about these robots and how they move so to speculate on their personalities would be pointless. So...yeah Shin seems like fond of Cedric's ways. Or maybe he really is crazy in a different way. He seems to want to spill Cedric's secrets. Like well I was told to do this. I wasn't told to keep secrets. Smirk smirk face. He just looks like...a person. Seems the most people like. Like maybe he has the most free will. Maybe he can be “saved” but I doubt it with how things are going.
 photo machinedollepisode113_zps2201b2f8.jpg
Even though Loki and his special self came to help Raishin still got super hurt. Again.
Despite each battle lasting shorter and shorter Raishin keeps getting more and more injured. Of course I will just chalk that up to Raishin not healing properly from the main attack, Loki and his barely missing lung. The battle with Shin verses Yaya and Loki didn't go on for very long yet Raishin has to take a visit to the clinic. He should have his own personal bed in there. All the robots In this show have a special deal. Even if Yaya being a ban is a super secret. Raishin was able to figure out the secret rather fast last time but he will need another episode to figure out why Shin is able to move without his puppeteer nearby. On a separate note I wish Raishin would get new attacks. So boring.
 photo machinedollepisode116_zpsecf156ea.jpg
I see that Cedric is super stable. Yay little kids.
Despite failing Shin returned to Cedric in a chipper mood. Like yep I failed. There was a giant robot that turned into a giant sword. Plus this human kid won't die no matter how many times he is stabbed. I don't think Cedric was that broken up about the failure either. Because maybe he knows that Charlotte isn't thinking straight about the whole let me go to Raishin and get my sister/run act. No Cedric seems to think all is going according to his plan so he is spending his time cackling in the corner. Like I love making people sad and miserable. He should work on his insane face though. It could have been better. SUFFER THE PEOPLE! Oh and we don't know who this kid is really, just that he is claiming to be Felix's cousin and Charlotte is claiming otherwise. And that Cedric knows if this fails Felix's family will blame it on his family. WHERE ARE THE ADULTS?!
 photo machinedollepisode119_zps4a3ee2ab.jpg
Woe is everyone! But especially Henri.
Raishin eventually wakes up. Rather fast too given he is Raishin and amazing. There to greet him is Henri who is still feeling guilty about everything. She hates herself and pretends to hate Charlotte. I can understand that. Like I feel like crap and let me pretend to hate someone I love because the situation is so bad. It is easy to say you hate someone when you are trying to separate yourself from the situation. We will never see each other again type of mentality. Of course she doesn't mean it and of course Raishin will make her explain herself. Like I am the man in this situation and I will not let you talk about your sister that way. Confess your real feelings to me as I need heart felt tears to power up my superness. Also Henri is responsible for the dog going out of control? Don't believe it. Probably just too young to control the puppet and people should have chilled out instead of assuming the worse.
 photo machinedollepisode1112_zpsb2904e19.jpg
Yaya forgives Raishin forever.
Before Raishin could go out and save Charlotte he had to check in with his two other ladies. Yaya was feeling down in the dumps because Raishin keeps saying she is the best doll ever and he keeps getting hurt. Probably because he isn't strong enough to have 6 dolls of his own and has to use his own body? Just a thought there Yaya, don't blame yourself. After calming her down Raishin asked Frey for help. But just a dog mind you. No no, we have to have Raishin save Charlotte himself. Lets not ask Frey for actual help. After the bestiality talk it was on to the rescue.
 photo machinedollepisode1113_zpsaf1bbf02.jpg
How dare you not listen to me!
Well not before Shouko arrived with her two cents. She is not happy with Raishin running around saving people. Well maybe if there were adults around helping these teenagers Raishin wouldn't have to do it all. Shouko seems more than capable of helping yet she seems to do nothing. All the adults don't want to get involved while all this crap is going on. So what is someone with a strong conviction supposed to do? Apparently follow Shouko's plan. Emotions are for chumps. Granted Shouko probably just wants to protect Raishin for harm but I would think keeping the Headmaster alive would be important to whatever Shouko's master plan is. Have a slap and go away.
 photo machinedollepisode1114_zps7694e42f.jpg
The friendship of 2 weeks is solid and soul saving!
Charlotte was having a cry on the roof top. Because no one was really looking for her. Sigmund was trying to bring Charlotte up. I think he could have tried harder with the lets think of another plan tactic. Because really this will only lead to sorrow if Charlotte goes through this. I mean how will Henri be able to live in society with the stigma of her sister being a killer? Also these people might be LIARS shock. When this didn't work Sigmund went to tactic of....Raishin. What of Raishin. I mean you have known him for two weeks, someone understands you. How can you throw such a lifelong friendship away. WOE IS YOUR HEART! So yeah...that almost worked but then Charlotte went back to all is sad and I have to do this, peace out Headmaster.
 photo machinedollepisode1116_zps4c561d4b.jpg
I am the one here to save Charlotte, get that through your head.
Raishin appears because of some super Frey smelling dog and tried to talk Charlotte out of this stupid plan. Really he probably was thinking let me save you and sit back and watch me be amazing. Maybe that is why Charlotte got mad. Sigmund got pretty pissed even though he was saying some of the same things Raishin was. You don't understand her feelings! NOT THE FEELINGS! Since this show is about battling Charlotte and Raishin had to fight it out. Don't save me, let me save you FIGHT YAYA AND SIGMUND! Eventually Raishin repeated himself enough that Charlotte gave up and let Raishin agree to help. Or save her. Either way.
 photo machinedollepisode112_zps2f6bd754.jpg
A machine doll?! Say it ain't so!
This tiny victory didn't last long as Shin appeared to attack our heroes. Good thing Charlotte and Raishin didn't hurt each other too bad when they were working out their differences. The battle ended the episode. While fighting Charlotte too realizes that Shin must be special, running around with no puppeteer. How can he be possible? Easy folks. Shin explains that he is a....doll machine. Um aren't they all? What is the big deal? The series even has doll machine in the title. Clearly I am missing something because Shin said this so dramatically. I mean...what is going on here folks? Guess I will have to find out next time because now I am confused. Until next time “machine doll”.

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Little Busters Refrain episode 13 FINAL EPISODE

Hello there lovely readers. Post number 3 is here for you. I just spent the last two hours as part of my chores wrapping presents. Yes Christmas presents for NEXT year. Most people go crazy shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Chumps. XD Unless you do that. Then you can be slightly crazy and hopefully a defensive driver. No no, my shopping day of the year after Christmas. I do have many trees to ornament. But I don't only think of myself. I must think of all my friends and family...they have Christmas trees that need love too. Merry Christmas to all, I am almost done with everyone on my list with 360 days to go!
 photo littlebustersepisode13_zpsf19cc39a.jpg
At least it wasn't Endless 8 up in here.
In terms of anime what we have up now is Little Busters Refrain episode 13. Yes the final episode is here. Spoilers for....Riki floating around in what is probably embryonic fluid and gasoline.
 photo littlebustersepisode135_zps65790a7e.jpg
Riki is so amazing he had thoughts before he was even born.
Episode Summary: Riki is floating around in the nothingness. He knows he is falling asleep because things have gotten really bad. He is trying to fight this but every since he can remember this is how he has been. When bad things happen he goes to sleep. Ever since his family died. They were out for the day having fun and on the way home their car was run off the road, similar to the bus. Riki's mom protected him and when he woke up he saw his dead parents. It was so awful he put himself back to sleep. That is how Riki's life has been when anything bad happens. His friends were always there for him during these episodes. These friends that are currently in the bus. Riki has to push through this pain, this reality. But what is life like? Riki then goes back to before he was born. While he was waiting to exist he realized that life was about losing things and why bother going through that process if you are just going to lose everything? He sees images of his friends and realizes that all the hardships are worth it to meet them. So poof Riki will exist. He wakes up to Rin hugging him, having woken up from her dream world. They hold hands and walk to the bus because they are going to save everyone. They walk on the bus and see everyone thrown around. They get slightly upset but start to work on taking out Komari. They are going to take everyone from the bus and then move them to the hill before the bus explodes. When they walk back to the bus they see Kyousuke leading against said bus. The gas leak has been plugged by Kyousuke's back. With a heavy heart Riki goes to rescue the other people from the bus as Kyousuke wouldn't want them to save him and let the others die. They get everyone out of the bus and up the hill with a lot of work. They go back to Kyousuke who has woken up. He is so proud of how these two kids have grown up and smiles. They spent a few minutes talking and finally they decide to start rescuing Kyousuke. The bus finally blows up and they go flying. Rin is then heard singing a song about cats as Riki slowly wakes up. She smiles at him as this was just a normal wake up, not a I fell asleep because life sucks sleep. The rest of the girls run in with great news. Masato and Kengo have been finally released from the hospital. With that everyone is back at school and recovered from the bus trip 3 months ago. Everyone is happy and smiles. Well except for Kyousuke who is still in a coma. Riki has taken over for Kyousuke as the leader of the Little Busters but he is waiting for Kyousuke to come back. Life is okay at school but not the same without Kyousuke. Then without warning Kyousuke returns all better, nothing wrong with him. He smiles and is ready to take all his friends on an epic adventure to the beach. Onward to fun. It is all smiles and cupcakes as they take pictures and have a good time. Everyone has lived and onward they go to have so much more fun in the future, this time for real. THE END!
 photo littlebustersepisode133_zps87415050.jpg
Wai look at how happy baby Riki was. :(
And so ends the story of the Little Busters. Was the adventure fun while it lasted? Have you dried your tears yet? Are you too overwhelmed to even talk? Well before we tuck away this show in the done section of our folders lets talk about this last episode.
 photo littlebustersepisode132_zps43a099ba.jpg
It's like a Christmas Carol X__X
Again not sure how long this post is going to be (even though I say that every time) as it went by pretty fast and not much was covered. Or at least from my point of view. I think there might be cultural differences at play in regards to how the last few episodes were handled. To me it looked like they ran out of material for these last 13 episodes. That everything was dragged out. Way too much it terms of floating around in your own subconscious and not enough meat behind the situation. But perhaps that is just me. I like my horror films full of slash and death while other genres of horror focus more on the suspense. So maybe this really worked in Japan. Me not so much.
 photo littlebustersepisode134_zpsad03eecf.jpg
I would fall asleep a lot at work....
The first part of the episode Riki was doing just that, floating around and passing out. We got slightly more info on his situation with narcolepsy. Well maybe. Riki might just be putting himself to sleep. Like nope things are getting way too real and I can't handle it. It all started when his parents died. To be honest if that happened to me when I was that age I would close my eyes and pretend the entire thing wasn't happening too. A bit odd that Riki might have been able to control this but sometimes people are not able to handle real world pressures. I think I already said this but I know a few people like that. Can be frustrating but if no one challenged Riki on it when he was growing up of course he is going to be like that as a teenager, near adult. Block out the awful things and try to pretend it is all cupcakes and rainbows.
 photo littlebustersepisode136_zpsbe0f4154.jpg
Thanks for deciding on that Riki...
Due to Kyousuke repeating events over and over again Riki has become stronger. Which is odd since he has forgotten most of what he has learned yes since it repeats without him knowing? Well anyway enough of it has stuck and remained with him. Again all the memories of his previous encounters come rushing back to him. This episode was high with cheese and whimsy when Riki went all the way back to before he was born. Before he was born he knew that life was going to be suffering. I see. But since he has such lovely friends, new and old, he is willing to be born and meet them.
 photo littlebustersepisode137_zps36343ba8.jpg
We are the Little Busters. We don't leave anyone behind.
Riki and Rin finally are able to break free of their own personal worlds of sorrow or left over Kyousuke world. All they have is each other. They need to put aside their fears and childish hold backs to face the truth. No more fantasy land time. Hold my hand and we will....enter the world of reality where two small kids thrown out of a moving bus have the energy to move every single kid on said broken out to safety!
 photo littlebustersepisode1310_zpsb6930427.jpg
We can save everyone because we believe!
The miracle in this series was not going back in time to stop the bus crash or to give Riki and Rin some sort of super powers (despite Rin powering up all Super Sayian last episode). No the miracle was that the kids on the bus were able to create a world that made Rin and Riki stronger mentally. Oh and I guess the other miracle would be that no one died in the crash. Everyone just rolled down hill and were in varying degrees of hurt. So I was slightly wrong on that aspect, that everyone was dead. They were just...super close to death and that experience allowed their subconscious to merge and create that world. That was the miracle. Because Rin and Riki nearly killed themselves rescuing all those kids. I was surprised they were able to get Masato and Kengo out of the bus, let alone up the hill. People really do get rushes of energy is desperate situations.
 photo littlebustersepisode139_zps02028d25.jpg
Yep...still very sad and disturbing.
They were able to do this because yes Kyousuke really was blocking the gas leak with his body. He was just on the opposite side of the bus last time and I couldn't see him. But he really was crawling away from the bus last time. I suppose to make sure he lasted long enough to support the world. He looked too hurt to properly save anyone anyway. Riki and Rin found him pretty early on but decided to leave him near the gas leak to save the others. Because that is what Kyousuke would have wanted. Must have been a hard decision, to leave the most important person for last. Rin and Riki are all grown up and saving people.
 photo littlebustersepisode1311_zpsf19ed40a.jpg
How to love. Be free my yaoi thoughts.
With a lot of extra fluff going on (memories of everyone again and what not) Riki and Rin were able to drag everyone to safety. Glad to see the bus was full of other people despite the Little Busters. Makes it more realistic. After everyone was to safety it was time for Kyousuke. I know this show is full of feelings and what not but maybe next time Rin and Riki can do a little less talking and a bit more saving when it comes to buses that are about to explode. I mean it could have been the last time Riki and Rin could have had to talk to Kyousuke, given how injured he was but still. SAVING! Kyousuke was super proud of Riki and Rin, that they were able to go through all that sadness and come out as strong people. Thank you....and goodbye Mr. Bus.
 photo littlebustersepisode1313_zps6ea4a767.jpg
Slowly but surely all the Little Busters are getting out of the hospital to join the rest of the group.
The next thing you know, Rin is singing and Riki is sleeping on his desk. Has this all been a dream? Did they save no one and they were still stuck in their happy world? Is this all one big troll show?! Wake up Riki! Well he did...and this show does have a happy ending. Riki was just taking a nap. Saving people is hard work, even 3 months later. Everyone lived. There were injuries of course. Masato and Kengo got the most of them it seems as they were protecting people. All is well. Things are going to be okay. Riki is the new leader of the Little Busters, everyone is alive, and they can continue to have fun everyday.
 photo littlebustersepisode1314_zpsec483dea.jpg
Let the good times roll.
But where is Kyousuke? Did he make it? Yes. Of course happy anime show. He was just in a coma as he was hiding in the bottom of the bus and got the most injured. Plus he was running another world for who knows how long and that was very taxing. I am sure being covered in gasoline isn't great for you and the bus sorta did explode on him. Around him. So for the past three months Kyousuke has been in a coma. The Little Busters have continued on and Riki is guiding the way. But he is still waiting for Kyousuke, the person he looks up to in every aspect of his life.
 photo littlebustersepisode1315_zps89d0127d.jpg
Coma? What coma?!
Due to happiness and rainbows Kyousuke appears at the end of the episode, completely better. I wish there would have been more...reality to the situation. You know, in a world where there are people making worlds and kids rescuing like 20 people from one bus. I would assume being in a coma for 3 months is very draining on the body and Kyousuke would be low on muscle mass. None of this running around and doing tricks. But...we got to end on a high note. Everyone is better. Kyousuke can't be in a wheelchair. Why he has to be full of life, a life that Riki gave him. TO THE BUS!!
 photo littlebustersepisode1317_zps20badd2b.jpg
We are all alive weee!
Yes that is how this series ended folks. A trip on a bus. I tried not to make the X___x face a bit much. I guess Kyousuke didn't want to have any regrets in this new life of his. They were going to get on that bus and face their fears. Onward to fun and snapping pictures. They all have a fresh start on life. They have spent enough time in the hospital, now it is time to play up to their character silliness and end this series on a high note. No one ever gave up....well maybe a little but they got right back up and here they all are now. Happiness!
 photo littlebustersepisode1316_zps6a1a7aff.jpg
Everyone say awwww!
Overall I guess the series was okay. I think it got a bit much in the end, with all the self reflections and floating around. And while I am glad everyone lived (through just the tiniest bit of magic) I think the seriousness of the situation was underplayed. Like I thought maybe Masato was going to lose an eye. Maybe Kyousuke will be in a wheelchair for a while. Things can be happy and fun with lasting effects, reminders of what could have been. Just way too over the top cheerfulness you know? But maybe that is me just being no fun. I am glad that Rin and Riki were able to conquer their inner demons but I don't think some of the other characters got enough screen time. About what their real issues in the real world were all about. Overall it was a nice fluffy anime that is worth watching but maybe not repeat visits. Well as fluffy as a show that had almost all the main characters die. Thanks for the memories Little Busters. I am officially scared of buses woohoo!

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Nagi no Asukara episode 13

Post number 2 for today! In my mind I was going to get 6 posts done but that might have been a lofty goal. I did have an Alien marathon to help me out. Kept me on track. Like oh crap this movie is almost done, I need to focus on this post. The only thing that was a distraction was the new Lake Placid movie. XO Had to watch that and do chores at the same time. That and I sorta ran out of episodes. I should have downloaded more when I was sick....
 photo naginoepisode13_zpsf184fc17.jpg
Have you not been paying attention this whole time Tsumugu?
But anyway here is post number 2. Nagi no Asukara episode 13. Spoilers for the ceremony actually taking place and taking an interesting turn.
 photo naginoepisode136_zps894ca5f0.jpg
If the kids aren't back at a certain time will they not fall asleep? Why are they all so worried? Uroko is staying awake right? Oh goodness how lonely is that....
Episode Summary: Manaka looks surprised as Tsumugu once again has caught her in a net. He lowers her into the ship and offers her some food. The act of kindness makes her cry. Not understanding girls Tsumugu asks what is wrong. Manaka says the sun is making her cry. She explains when she was younger she couldn't go to the surface alone. All she could see was the sun shining down and how she wanted to be part of that world. Cue the music. Something Manaka couldn't reach. So bright and beautiful. And now Tsumugu reminds Manaka of the sun. He sorta sits there with his soup nodding. In the ocean Hikari is sitting outside his house, talking to himself how quiet it is. Then he has a walk down memory lane, about how his life has been in turmoil since the school closed down and he went to the surface. How he cares for Manaka but she went to Tsumugu and eventually everything turned into one big love triangle/square/octagon. He compares everyone's life to being on the rough ocean, being tossed to and fro because of love differences and feelings not being returned. Everybody hurts and everybody needs somebody sometime kinda deal. He decides that he is going to find Manaka and talk to her about...a lot of things. Manaka has just returned from her Tsumugu trip and is surprised to see Hikari. They walk off and have a very loud and echoy conversation. They both go to talk at once but Manaka lets Hikari go first. He decides to confess properly to Manaka, that he really does love her. But he goes on to list that he cares for a great number of people and that he just wants to protect the ones who matter to him. No matter what Manaka decides he will always consider her special. He then asks Manaka what she wanted to say. She says she will tell him after the boat ceremony and to wave that flag proudly.
 photo naginoepisode139_zpsa61888f3.jpg
Hikari needs a fashion intervention!
The next morning the kids start to gather to go up to the surface. Hikari wakes up to an empty house, ready to face the day. Manaka's parents were passed out so she bid them goodbye. Chisaki's parents weren't the happiest but told her to be careful and back before it got too late. Chisaki meets up with Kaname whose parents were very not happy. Yet there he is, being the supportive member of the group if only to spend more time with Chisaki. He points out that in all the excitement Chisaki might have forgotten that he confessed to her too. Chisaki gets all blushy and says she hasn't forgotten, she is just thinking. Kaname says no matter what happens he will love her. Manaka is the last to arrive and of course the three other kids tease her. They go to see Uroko and Hikari's Dad. They want their approval of the situation and Uroko is like...maybe you guys can pull this off...Dad tells Hikari to tell Akari to have a good life. Off to the surface they go. Some of their classmates kidnap Hikari so he can get the land's version of a sea uniform. Manaka catches Miuna in the hallway practicing saying Mom. Manaka thinks it will be a lovely gesture. They go in the room and Akari is a pretty bride which makes the boyfriend worry that the sea god will really marry her. He runs out crying and Miuna chases him, promising to tell Akari the important thing later.
 photo naginoepisode1311_zps17624f0e.jpg
Also no one told me how lovely I looked!
Everyone finishes getting Akari dressed and the ships get into place. The entire thing looks lovely and there is a great turn out. Hikari and his new outfit lead the way as all the ships go out to sea. Akari is dressed as the sacrifice as the other ships flank her. Hikari waves his little flag as a guide. Under the sea Uroko turns out all the sacred fire (which might put people to sleep) and gathers it in one place, lighting the way to where Hikari and Akari need to go. Everyone is touched by this gesture and off they keep going. Everyone has their own personal thoughts going on in their heads, about how they hope the sea god sees and hears this and lets everyone live together. The ceremony seems to be going fine and lovely until these giant....whirlpools form in the water. At first everyone is like the sea god hears us this is great. But then things start to get dangerous. Akari and Tsumugu are knocked from their boats. Manaka and Hikari go after Akari as Chisaki and later Kaname go after Tsumugu. Tsumugu is unable to rescue himself and seems okay with dying as he got to see the underwater city. Chisaki and Kaname get him to the surface and back on the boat. Kaname pauses before he boards the boat as he sees Chisaki cradling Tsumugu's head. The waves cause part of the bridge to collapse and when the boat tries to escape Kaname is thrown back into the ocean. Hikari's Dad wants to help but Uroko makes him pass out and does something else unseen or unknown. Manaka reaches Akari first and tries to get her to safety. At first Manaka begs the sea god to stop, that Akari has so many people that love and care about her. Then Manaka decides to give herself up instead. She pushes Akari out of the way and gets sucked in instead. Hikari arrives too late to save Manaka and tries to help Akari. Everyone on the surface is watching and waiting except Chisaki who is already upset about Kaname. In the end Akari is the only one who surfaces. What will happen next?! THE END!
 photo naginoepisode1314_zps86fcf853.jpg
I got to see the city under the sea before I died...
X___X Well then. That did not go the way I was expecting it to. I thought it was going to be rainbows and unicorn feathers and sprinkles on cupcakes. Instead we might have a disaster on our hands here folks. I have faith that it will still work out but for now things are doom and gloom.
 photo naginoepisode132_zps59539fab.jpg
You are out of my reach...so I will aim for Hikari instead.
The episode didn't start out that way though. At the beginning of the episode we had to...focus on other things that might be doom and gloom, on a mini level though. Manaka had just been caught up in a fishing net. Again. By Tsumugu. Again. Just as she was going to find Hikari and maybe confess her feelings to him. Not that she should have, given how confused she is now. If her resolve was to confess to Hikari she got swayed back to Tsumugu pretty fast. So.....if she had confessed that would have hurt Hikari in the long run. Nope now she has to listen to Tsumugu's side of the story. Really he said nothing. He just sat there with his soup and listened to Manaka talk about the sun and compare him to it. It makes sense, being the Little Mermaid and wanted to be closer to the sun. The sun representing a place she was not allowed to just yet. And for some reason Manaka has decided that Tsumugu is like the sun. Given that Tsumugu isn't a moron I wonder if he picked up on what Manaka was saying. Hello I love you?
 photo naginoepisode134_zpsd557f5d5.jpg
Hikari is all grown up and not overreacting anymore sniff sniff.
On the flip side Hikari was chill in the ocean listening to the quietness. It was kinda creepy how still everything was. Like the worse is coming folks. Almost like a peaceful town in New England, covered in snow before a giant monster comes and destroys the town. Only this is the ocean so it is covered in sea salt and the sea god is...taking a nap, not destroying anyone (yet). Still when it is quiet like that a lot of thinking takes place. Thinking thinking. About how Kaname opened his mouth and started things in snowball effect. But since Hikari has matured quite a bit he knows this really started before Kaname went BAM with the truth. It started when the school was closed down and to the surface they went. I thought this entire episode was going to be an entire recap but nope. Just Hikari thinking of Tsumugu and everyone on the surface getting mixed up in this craziness. Everyone is drifting alone on the ocean, looking for love.
 photo naginoepisode135_zpsd84ab923.jpg
I love you so much I will let you go and fly away.
Hikari and his mature self have decided to take his act on the road and find Manaka. Good thing she came back from Tsumugu's or that might have hurt his little feelings. Now I don't know what Manaka was going to say. Probably something like I love you Hikari. Because she seems to think Tsumugu is unattainable and that picking Hikari will make him happy. In her mind that is the best solution despite it being hurtful to Hikari. But Manaka never had a chance to talk. Hikari took over and was really....nice about it. Almost like a Hallmark commercial. Everyone needs someone. Everyone loves someone. People care about each other despite feelings not being romantically returned. But despite all this mess Hikari cares for everyone. And while he confesses to Manaka properly he tells her that no matter what he will care for her. Almost giving her the freedom to be turn him down. That takes a lot of love to say that. I don't know if I could be that mature. Like love me and no one else. But Hikari had graduated to I am happy if the other person is happy. So Manaka...you are precious to me.
 photo naginoepisode137_zpsc4ca03aa.jpg
Oh also Kaname wants his feelings recognized. In case none of this works out.
Manaka has decided to tell Hikari how she feels after the ceremony. Because Hikari doesn't have enough on his mind with this coming up. Cue the morning and the day of everything. Manaka's parents are passed out so she doesn't have to hurt them by leaving. Chisaki's parents aren't too happy but are willing to let Chisaki go. Just don't stay out too late dear. I mean...do any of the adults care about the surface people at all? No well then....Kaname's parents weren't too happy with this news. Like it was a surprise to them? The kids have been working on this project almost since the minute they got to the surface. Why not blame Uroko and his ability to pick the worst day ever to have this ceremony? Oh it is easier to blame your kids because they are trying to do the right thing? Carry on then...
 photo naginoepisode138_zps6e2de79c.jpg
That's not what you were saying the other day!
Uroko and Hikari's Dad were on hand for maybe some words of encouragement. I thought they were being a little cryptic with the follow through with the ceremony no matter what. But then Dad followed it up with the whole tell Akari to be happy bit so I thought nothing of it. Clearly I was wrong. I like how Uroko was singing a different tune. Before it was like nothing that you can do will change this. Now it is all well I can't do anything but maybe you can. Either don't hand out the false hope or be quiet. Wait that might be the same thing. Uroko you confuse me.
 photo naginoepisode1310_zps16959457.jpg
I ready to save the day AND get married.
On to the surface, the day of the ceremony. Lots of people were nervous. Chisaki was probably thinking about her love troubles because that is how she rolls. Hikari was leading the entire thing and didn't think to dress up. I kinda support his new school friends making him look part of the team. Miuna was...well being nervous. I like how she was acting. I am not sure how Boyfriend will feel about the word mom though. Hopefully it was discussed beforehand because that is a big step. Manaka of course had to add her two cents into the conversation. Yes Miuna that is a great idea. Boyfriend was rather special though with his I can't look at Akari, what if the sea god really marries her. Turns out he was RIGHT but at the time he seemed silly. Like some comic relief during this X__X time.
 photo naginoepisode1313_zps98b98d4c.jpg
I love you too Dad. *tears*
Finally everything was ready to go. And despite me complaining that it was taking forever to put on...it came together rather nicely. Probably because everyone came together like they were supposed to. Stupid adults making things difficult. There was no way that the kids would have been able to put that on by themselves. Given how things turned out it is good that no one was watching from the pier but that seemed like the best place to watch. In any event it looked really nice. Yay traditions.
 photo naginoepisode1312_zps4821147e.jpg
Please let us all live in the same time period oh great sea god.
A lot of the ceremony was focused on what people's inner thoughts were at the time. Probably because there wasn't going to be much to the ceremony. An elaborate yet simple affair. I wonder if Akari was really going to be thrown into the ocean. But yes everyone was saying prayers to the sea god, please let this work. We are sorry for being losers all this time, don't kill us please. Even Uroko started to help out (I think) making Akari think that things were going to be alright. The prayers reached him. Santa has enough cheer to fly the ship yay!!!
 photo naginoepisode1315_zps73dcc709.jpg
....X__X What the heck was this?!
Then things went instantly bad. Turns out the whirlpools were not the sea gods way of saying good job. Or maybe it was. Perhaps in years past the ceremony was less and less pleasing to the sea god and nothing happened. Only when something horrible like this happens have the prayers been heard. Akari and Tsumugu were thrown overboard. I am not sure why Akari was knocked unconscious as Tsumugu was not. Akari can swim and lives in the ocean so....Tsumugu was rescued though at a dramatic price. I mean Kaname must have jumped in after Chisaki and just got to the group later. Tsumugu seemed okay with the dying process since he got to be in the ocean like he always wanted to be. However....what the hell happened to Kaname? Tsumugu nearly died so of course Chisaki was boo hooing on him. It was a scary situation. Plus she did treat the kid like crap so maybe she was feeling guilty. But Kaname took it as Chisaki now loves Tsumugu and if Hikari ends up with Manaka there is no one for him. So he hesitated and back into the water he goes. Or crushed under the pier legs. Whatever. More crying.
 photo naginoepisode1316_zpscbb47f90.jpg
How will that make anything better?!
When Akari went into the water Hikari and Manaka went dramatically after her. I think Dad would have helped too had Uroko not interfered. We probably won't find out right away what he was doing but I am sure he didn't mean to hurt anyone. That if this is what the kids wanted he was going to help. Just one of them had to die for everyone else to be okay. Perhaps that bit of truth could have been told beforehand but then it wouldn't be as sad. Manaka got to Akari first and did her little let us all live in peace. This sea god is a tough cookie. Unless he is a softie and everyone is okay, things just got out of control for a minute. But then Manaka decided that Akari should be the one to live because she has people waiting for her. Um so do you Manaka.........
 photo naginoepisode1317_zpsa93b8937.jpg
I see one sea kid....where are the others?
In the end though...Manaka was the one sucked to the bottom of the ocean. When we last saw Hikari he was reaching for Manaka but was near Akari. Akari made it to the surface but no Hikari. Kaname was thrown into the ocean but might have been crushed by the pillar. And something happened. The sea god responded in some way, blowing away the sea salt it seems. Prayers answered? At the fate of Manaka? HMMMMM what will happen next? Is Chisaki the only sea kid left? Oh lord what a scary thought. Run Tsumugu run! I kid I kid....no not really. Is everyone going to be okay? I hope so. X__x Until next time...

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nagi no Asukara episode 12

Hello there my lovely readers! Hopefully you are having a good Sunday. Or did as it is rather late. Saturday was a day of movies and shopping for me so that meant I needed to dedicate today to chores and blogging.
 photo nagiepisode1210_zpsdffd6edb.jpg
So how will this thing end......
So how did I do? 4 back to back anime posts REJOICE! XD Up first in my silly attempt to catch up before the New Year (hahaha....need another day) is Nagi no Asukara episode 12. Spoilers for Kaname actually having lines.
 photo nagiepisode1212_zpsbd765c9f.jpg
Is Chisaki FINALLY getting it?
Episode Summary: Saya and Miuna are picking flowers for Akari's wedding. More like weeds though. Miuna still has second thoughts about helping Akari get married and that leads to both of the girls crying over Kaname/Hikari going away and how they are selfish. Hikari's Dad shows up and Saya mistakes him for a pervert. After attacking him and apologizing Miuna asks Dad to tell Hikari and Akari to go to sleep in the ocean. Dad explains no one knows what is going to happen in the future and maybe his kids will be happier on the surface. The kids run off, but not before making Dad blush over the word Gramps. School lets out and Hikari tells Kaname he sent Chisaki and Manaka with Tsumugu to the city to find a kimono for Akari. Kaname is all HMMMMMM about this separation. The trio reach the city and go to a thrift store since their budget is not so great. Chisaki is acting weird around Tsumugu because she was so rude to him before. The sales lady shows off a cool kimono that reacts to ena and the kids are excited. Well the girls are. Tsumugu asks the girls to wait for him as he has an awkward conversation with his mom. She wants to talk and he doesn't want to be there with her. Back at the town Akari and Dad are at the cafe, not drinking some coffee. Dad starts to talk about how he understands Akari while Akari tries to not be hurt that Dad will miss her wedding and ceremony. She talks about how Dad was when Mom first died and that she wants to give that kind of love to her new family now. She bows her head, apologizing for being so difficult. Hikari and company have made it to the docks where the fishermen's kids have appeared with flags. They say it is to help get everything where it needs to be. Hikari is touched by that sentiment and tries to hold a flag despite it being way too heavy. On the train back home Manaka sleeps so Chisaki and Tsumugu talk. Tsumugu talks about how the sea kids are slowly losing strength because of their ena putting them to sleep and Chisaki wants to talk about the mom situation. Tsumugu still doesn't really want to talk about it and Chisaki realizes that the world doesn't revolve around her and her problems. They get back to town and Manaka is still sleepy face. But she perks up when she sees Hikari waving the flag as he has become a man apparently.
 photo nagiepisode1216_zps0c8fcd65.jpg
Trying to bring the funny in sad situations.
The sea kids return home from a great day at working at things and waving flags. They see what looks like a funeral precession for little kids but it really is just them sleeping. Hikari's dad explains that since they are younger it is more likely they were able to fall asleep first. It is implied that our main characters are next. The kids then decide to go to their own school for old time sake. They find markings on the wall for their height and Kaname and Manaka run off to find a pen to write their new ones. Chisaki wants to talk to Hikari, about what he has decided to do about Manaka and how she needs to confess but Kaname interrupts them accidentally. They do the new heights and they go inside their room where Hikari acts like their old teacher. Everything is fun and games until Kaname raises his hand and asks how Hikari feels about Manaka. X___X Hikari says he is in love with Manaka but doesn't expect her to do anything about it since she loves Tsumugu. Manaka runs off upset, Hikari runs after her, Chisaki runs after him after calling Kaname mean, and Kaname lays his head on the desk, saying he is just doing his part. Chisaki begs Hikari not to run after Manaka and falls in the snow. Hikari is torn but goes back to make sure Chisaki didn't hurt herself. She didn't and says she is sad she couldn't confess because Hikari did to Manaka. Hikari gets her meaning and Chisaki tells Hikari to go after Manaka. Hikari sits with Manaka and basically understands the moment of everyone loving everyone and no one liking the person in return. He says he doesn't think all this confessing will hurt any of their friendships and it will be okay. Manaka then wishes she could be more like Hikari. Manaka cries all the way home that she doesn't understand and finds her mom sleeping on the table. She freaks out but sleepy mom wakes up, wanting to keep packing dishes. The reality of the situation hits Manaka again as she runs off, saying she forgot something at school. Only she doesn't know what direction to run in? As she has memories of Hikari she is swimming to the surface. She decides on Hikari but at that moment Tsumugu accidentally catches her in a net as he was off doing a favor for his grandfather. THE END!
 photo nagiepisode1218_zps56b020e8.jpg
Errr.....poor Kaname or bad Kaname! I can't tell....
X___X Is this festival ever going to happen folks? I think each and every episode this tradition has been mentioned. It needs to hurry up and get here. Like okay the major danger is over, time to put back this love octagon that has been so lovingly prepared by Kaname. Thanks Kaname. I know the festival is important but lets speed it up folks. Gotta boat, buy a dress, throw Akari overboard. It isn't like you are starting this baby from scratch every year. Then I remember these are kids with some adults helping and I feel bad. I guess they are doing their best.
 photo nagiepisode126_zps61ab1afa.jpg
So this could still end badly for everyone?
With that said...is this ceremony happening now? Miuna and Saya might be picking flowers a bit early. They might need to widen their search if they want flowers that aren't technically weeds. I kinda like that Saya and Miuna keep crying about the whole end of the world issue. Because...you know...bad things are going to happen, even if it's not in their timeline. And a bunch of people they know are going to sleep and never see them again. The tears should never stop flowing. Cry children cry for it awful and you will lose your way too old for your crushes. But remember to always be alert. Because a hairy man pervert might sneak up on you and ask you questions. Beware the Dad. I mean Grandpa. X__X That face was hilarious.
 photo nagiepisode127_zps572bee69.jpg
I see you trying to bargain there Tsumugu.
In the spirit of not facing one's problems Hikari has sent Manaka and Chisaki to the city with Tsumugu to find his sister a dress. Wouldn't want the bride to be to actually get something normal right? Also I am sure Kaname was happy with this arrangement. Thanks bro, didn't want to be around the girl I love anyway. Not that Hikari knows given his cryptic message voiceover. For the record I thought the girls did pick out a really nice dress. And by pick out I mean the one the lady handed to them, showed them, and gave them a discount on it. XD That Tsumugu is a little spit fire, saying it looked boring. Please boy you are on a budget, don't be so picky. Rudo face.
 photo nagiepisode128_zpscf7089ea.jpg
X__X I don't think he is listening....
Tsumugu's parents live in the city. One day he just up and left. No word why. I am sure it has something to do with his love of the sea. But after this episode clearly there is more going on than that. He used the girls as an excuse to not spend time with his mother. The little time he did see her I thought I could see more sea snow flake things but that was just Tsumugu's icy voice. For someone who gentle and good natured with everyone else it was weird to see that. People have multiple sides to them? Odd. So clearly something is going on there and Tsumugu might actually get some air time himself to explain it later. Not now though because Tsumugu took the time to ask about Chisaki and her problems of woe. Sorry Tsumugu, we will get to your mommy issues later. I wonder if the city people have any idea what is coming...
 photo nagiepisode129_zps2dc7f35e.jpg
Trying to put on a happy face.
On the flip side of the coin Akari has decided to talk to her dad. Well not really I guess he did come to the surface to talk to Akari. Still there was talking folks. Her dad has recovered enough from the Grandpa talk to listen. Which is what the Boyfriend wants to happen yet I never see him doing any talking. While bowing might be too much (or not enough...) I do think Boyfriend needs to get his butt to talking to Dad when he is on land. People fall in love and it's not his fault but he can still say a few words, make sure Akari has no regrets. Dad has never been really harsh with his kids, just not super supportive. Still I think Akari and Dad needed to be shedding some tears because if Hikari fails it is byebye family. Instead Akari talks about being a selfish daughter and sorries and what not. I think parents should want their kids to be happy even if their choices aren't the ones they would make. You know within reason. But the whole being magical sea people has put a damper on this what with the separation and all. While not much was sad I think them just being together was enough. Plus it made the bartender tear up so clearly it was moving.
 photo nagiepisode1213_zps3a3f1df5.jpg
Everything is going to be okay!
Hikari wasn't standing idling by while all this feeling was going on. He was busy getting things moving himself. Well I guess he has been leading the way the entire time but you know. I like how Hikari is focusing on the task at hand, the bigger picture and not just his personal issues. Now that Hikari has the support of the fishing people things are really coming together. Sad that this couldn't happen earlier. I guess it is also weird. Shouldn't most of this stuff be on hand? Every other year the land people put it on, you would think they had the basics somewhere. Just need a new doll and offerings right? A boat should be ready and everything. Whatever. The point was Hikari's new helpers have gotten him lots of flags. Lots of heavy flags to be used in the ceremony. These symbolize where the boat needs to go and who doesn't like a flag. It was a moment for Manaka, to see Hikari there waving the flag. When did he get to be a man indeed. Trying to hold that flag up, waving it as a symbol of where to go.....yeah it was necessary. Not over the top but just a simple moment that meant a lot. For a moment..everything was going to be okay. Everything was going to work out. All thanks to Hikari.
 photo nagiepisode1214_zps54295bb8.jpg
Thanks for scaring us adults. Again.
Not going to lie...I thought those kids were dead folks. Like MOG this anime is trolling us. Everyone is on the surface happily waving flags and everything is going to be okay and BAM the sea is not safe either. Like hello you aren't eating, obviously you are going to die. But no, they were just sleeping. I thought the whole this is the day we are all going to fall asleep together was a bit odd, especially given how everyone is convinced they are not going to wake up at the same time. Tiny kids first, then our main characters it seems. I am sure this was all necessary to drive home the point that this is going to happen and nothing will stop it. Wouldn't it be creepy if Hikari stopped it and the kids still slept for like 100 years?! Way to go Hikari. But in this anime the parents aren't worried so I guess it will be okay. After seeing such a sight the kids went to their old school to create new memories and remember old since you know...the time is near!!!
 photo nagiepisode1217_zps3a9d79e2.jpg
Where did that come from?!
Kaname Kaname Kaname. You have been off in the shadows, forgotten because other characters are louder than you or cry more than you or hate themselves more than you. You gained a little courage last episode grasshopper but now...now you are blowing things up. It is like you became the viewer and went BAM lets get this all out there. I guess Kaname thought he was helping but I can see how a lot of other people might think he is a dick. Just because he felt okay in confessing his feelings doesn't mean everyone else is. Yes they are possibly going to sleep for a long time and might not see each other ever again (which I think is super worse case scenario but everyone is being dramatic for dramatic purposes so you know) but that doesn't mean everyone wants to slip their deep, dark secrets. Some people are okay with loving others from afar. In Kaname's mind he was helping though. He thinks (and is right) that not saying anything is hurting everyone else and it is better to get it out there in the open. No regrets, everything is free.
 photo nagiepisode1219_zps2d0d5686.jpg
Who do I help?!
However this was really not Kaname's place to say. Hikari might have feelings for Manaka and he has gotten them hurt....but he was doing what he wanted to do. He did a little confession in his head and hello if a hug got him that much rejection he was probably done with the real confession. He was going to do this ceremony and save everyone. It started out as doing the ceremony to make Manaka and Tsumugu happy and now I think Hikari is doing this to get Manaka and Tsumugu together. Despite the fact that Tsumugu has no idea Manaka likes him. Being the nice guy he is he probably won't do anything since Chisaki told Tsumugu that Hikari likes Manaka. MOG this is a soap opera and I am getting myself confused. But yes Hikari was focused on the saving the land people and not losing his sister part of this disaster. Way to bring down Hikari bring up the mood Kaname.
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You will all be uncomfortable around each other for now on?
I sorta have to laugh though. Like each week it is one giant pity party for Chisaki. I mean I know it is wrong of me to laugh (or is it...this isn't real) but the whole world is in danger and yet Chisaki is focused on herself. I guess you could say Manaka is like that too but Chisaki takes it to another level. So when Chisaki decided to confess to Hikari hers was blown away and made almost useless by Kaname making Hikari confess to Manaka to somehow make Chisaki feel better about confessing to Hikari. I mean if you think about it...it is slightly ridiculous how none of these kids like the other person who likes them, even if Manaka has probably loved Hikari all this time anyway. I just was like is this real (anime) life when Chisaki was chasing after Hikari and then told him to keep on going. Like yes you is crazy. But I guess even though she wasn't hurtfully neglected she did get it off her chest and Hikari didn't throw her away like oh Manaka did to him. And Hikari has decided it is going to be okay, all their friendships despite this marathon confessing that will have to be dealt with because the world is not freezing. I just think it is funny Hikari is looked at as being the brave one when in fact Kaname is the one who started this confessing train.
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I chose you!
Since Hikari didn't run after Manaka (who runs derpy half the time so I am sure he still could have caught up) she makes home and nearly has a meltdown to see passed out mom. I would pass out too if I wasn't eating! It appears the realness of the situation is upon Manaka again so she needs to run off and cry. The problem with Manaka is that she doesn't know where to cry off to. Should she go to Hikari, the one who has ALWAYS been there for her and is putting his own happiness aside for her or Tsumugu...the kid she just met and thinks sea people IN GENERAL are sparkly. I think Manaka was going to pick Hikari despite the fact she was swimming UP but now...we will never know. Tsumugu has once again caught Manaka in a net, like a fateful encounter of the second kind. What did Manaka whisper to that slug? To help her make a decision? Well it looks like it got answered for her. Sadness for everyone, especially if Tsumugu makes this a complete circle of sad and confesses to Kaname weeee!

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