Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Pre Christmas Festivities!

 photo DecemberRandom2013005_zps9325480c.jpg
We Duffys have stolen the remote and want to watch Christmas specials! Please?
XO It's almost Christmas! It's practically here. Good thing people like to celebrate Christmas for the whole month of Decembers. Stores like to celebrate it for about 6 months though. Before the big day let's see what adventures I the loveable Duffy the Disney bear had. Every day is fun but it being Christmas time makes it extra fun. Err.....I think Dad did something to the camera when we were taking pictures of the lights because now all my pictures are super big...enjoy?
 photo DecemberRandom2013004_zpsdd5c41a3.jpg
Where are you Christmas?!?!?
 photo DecemberRandom2013006_zps83392b4f.jpg
Play monkey play!
 photo DecemberRandom2013007_zpse0843e97.jpg
Don't steal all the food!
 photo DecemberRandom2013009_zps6f3d8ea2.jpg
We love the Grinch!
 photo DecemberRandom2013010_zpsde4b5bfd.jpg
If we are going to have lots of adventures I better eat up.
 photo DecemberRandom2013012_zps872a9cdf.jpg
Hanging out at the Discount Disney Store.
 photo DecemberRandom2013014_zps85c47b63.jpg
Their real tree is almost like a real Christmas Tree!
 photo DecemberRandom2013015_zps31d002f2.jpg
Take me away to see the lights!
 photo DecemberRandom2013016_zpse7eee963.jpg
ARGY Tree.
 photo DecemberRandom2013017_zpse7fe1775.jpg
I will take one of each please.
 photo DecemberRandom2013020_zps7d5b3f56.jpg
How does that work?!
 photo DecemberRandom2013021_zpsf39a981d.jpg
This tree was trying to hide from me!
 photo DecemberRandom2013024_zpsf6a5b2eb.jpg
I see lights and it isn't even night time yet!
 photo DecemberRandom2013029_zps05c2114d.jpg
Can you spot the hidden Duffy in this picture?
 photo DecemberRandom2013033_zpsb71126b8.jpg
Take me around the city please!
 photo DecemberRandom2013036_zpsf75be665.jpg
Look at all the pretty lights!
 photo DecemberRandom2013045_zpsd406ffb5.jpg
The main Christmas tree at St. Augustine.
 photo DecemberRandom2013067_zps7e12ceab.jpg
I think they set this up just for me!
 photo DecemberRandom2013001_zps771e51ad.jpg
I am going to be a good little Elf and help with all the trees this year. Mom is sorta big on Christmas trees. She has 9 of them. Here is the Precious Moments one.
 photo DecemberRandom2013002_zps85ff7443.jpg
The reason for the season.
 photo DecemberRandom2013003_zpsa32cf3d5.jpg
The main tree is Disney themed this year. Isn't it pretty?
 photo DecemberRandom20130042_zps4d4b6216.jpg
Close up of some of the ornaments.
 photo DecemberRandom20130052_zps68be8c8e.jpg
Mom has 9 trees...one tree skirt.
 photo DecemberRandom20130062_zpsdd2c4cf0.jpg
Hello there Hello Kitty tree.
 photo DecemberRandom2013008_zps5e101b87.jpg
Kira the cat would like to say Merry Christmas too.
 photo DecemberRandom20130092_zps5a522a0a.jpg
Penguins for everyone!
 photo DecemberRandom20130102_zpsbafbf895.jpg
Tiny little things made out of dough.
 photo DecemberRandom2013013_zpsc8e9f977.jpg
Behold it be a Mexican tree.
 photo DecemberRandom20130122_zpsb77411bf.jpg
So many snowmans!
 photo DecemberRandom20130142_zps00f4eee3.jpg
The rustic looking tree.
 photo DecemberRandom20130152_zpsddded2c2.jpg
Last tree is kinda random.
 photo DecemberRandom20130012_zpsefbbd465.jpg
Meet the newest member of the Duffy family Cuffy. He came all the way from California!
 photo DecemberRandom20130053_zps5f488058.jpg
Cuffy does not look good in my pants...
 photo DecemberRandom20130063_zpsb640e525.jpg
Let's make Christmas cookies. This big mixer will do.
 photo DecemberRandom20130073_zps93e40a64.jpg
Get my little spatula to help.
 photo DecemberRandom20130082_zps2ac6c78b.jpg
Hurry up oven I'm hungry.
 photo DecemberRandom20130093_zps8f45b3b5.jpg
Cookies are done wee!! Time to decorate.
 photo DecemberRandom20130113_zps1c76b4b0.jpg
Still a ways to go.
 photo DecemberRandom20130132_zps5d038567.jpg
TADA! All finished!
 photo DecemberRandom20130153_zps68fec702.jpg
Mom says if I leave milk and cookies for Santa I will get presents. Is that a bribe?
 photo DecemberRandom20130162_zpsdf8e7d3b.jpg
I hope Santa enjoys his milk and cookies.

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