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Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 6

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Clearly this won't end well.........
Post three go me!!!!! Kira has grown jealous of the computer again. When I was all blah in bed Kira the silly cat was all weee time for snuggles and love. Now that I am up in the mobile world everything sucks again. She has never had attention ever folks. Woe is Kira. Well keep on woeing, I got lots to do this week. Up now is Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova episode 6. Spoilers for Makie finally getting rescued after like a month of not knowing her fate. XD
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Remember who the real enemy is Katniss.
Episode Summary: Daddy Osakabe is dying. For real now. He looks on at monitors that are all locked on to Makie and what she does in the mansion. He thinks back to when he thought of her as just a tool and when it changed to daughter like feelings. Now he just wants Makie to be happy and maybe she can find that happiness in an unlikely place....a friendship or two with humanity's greatest enemy, Fog. And maybe that friendship will be what changes history, not a weapon. Then Daddy Osakabe dies. Upstairs Haruna and Kirishima were both awake, thinking about their next move. Kirishima was all about getting Makie to Fog because of the intel in her brain. Haruna looked at Makie and was falling more and more in like with this friendship. Before they can reach a consensus on what to do the power is cut off from the building and they realize they are surrounded. The man who has been leading Gunzou and his team this whole time (Kamikage) has ordered Makie be destroyed as she has been compromised by Fog. Kirishima comes to that conclusion rather fast but leaves it to Haruna on what the plan should be. Haruna gives Kirishima directions to protect Makie as Haruna will handle the soldiers. The soldiers had just arrived outside the bedroom door when Haruna emerges. The soldiers tell Haruna they are not after her or Kirishima. That all they want is Makie and the Fog mental models will be okay if they just give up Makie. This makes Haruna mad and she powers up. The soldiers take this as a threat and start to fire. Haruna uses her shields to stop the bullets and goes to fire them back at the men when Makie emerges from the room, shocked that Haruna is from Fog. Haruna feels the rejected and immediately hurt. Still she protects Makie from the soldiers without killing any of them. Kirishima is still on take Makie to Fog and Haruna agrees this should be the plan. She tells Kirishima to get Makie off the compound while she is the ultimate distraction. She uses most of her remaining nanomaterial to create a false Makie and carries her around.
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Oh okay then. It's not like our two groups are at war or something....
With most of the soldiers on her Haruna “hides” Makie and starts attacking, never killing. She is upset as Makie has rejected her and a friendship was never possible to begin with. Kirishima and her teddy bear body self is “guarding” Makie as she is carried around. Makie is rather quiet as Kirishima tries to talk to Haruna. Since there are other Fog ships near the shore why not call on them to blast the crap out of everyone. Haruna says that will kill the soldiers and Makie doesn't want that. As Haruna fights she slowly starts to lose energy and the ability to control the nanomaterial Makie. That disappears and the soldiers spread out to look for the real Makie. Makie overhears that Haruna is fighting and hasn't actually left the area. Makie ran off from Haruna to protect her as she knows the soldiers are after her (Makie) not Haruna. Makie did it to protect Haruna. She is sad that she and Haruna can't be friends because...she made the bomb that was meant to hurt Fog. Makie doesn't think Haruna could forgive her for making a weapon that hurt her friends/people. It is all sad and boo hoo. But now that she has heard that Haruna was fighting to maybe protect her it is a game changer. She has to help Haruna too. The soldiers locate Makie and Kirishima tries to fight back but can't do much in her teddy body. Makie is more impressed that Kirishima can talk and takes control of the situation by trying to find Haruna. Haruna is not doing so great taking on all the new soldiers and her toys. She was almost in despair over the whole Makie thing when Makie arrives to “help”. Haruna expends most of her energy trying to protect Makie and Kirishima but her shields won't hold for long. Haruna wants to protect Makie because it's Makie not because of the information in her head. Haruna gets desperate, asking anyone for help that is out there. Suddenly Iona appears and starts destroying all the weapons. The soldiers start to run away as Kamikage contacts Gunzou to find out what he is doing. Gunzou is like you want us to take a weapon to the United States and we are. So anything else we do doesn't concern you. Kamikage warns that Gunzou is making enemies and needs to watch out. Gunzou and his team continue helping Iona to kick ass and soon Haruna, Makie, and stuffed teddy Kirishima are rescued. Haruna asks why Iona helped and Iona says when she arrived on the scene Haruna answered she wanted to protect a of course she helped. Also Haruna asked for help so....All three ladies are taken on board Iona as Kirishima pretends they had it all under control. Haruna seems to be at a loss for words and Makie is like smile smile am I forgiven? Gunzou explains they are on their way to their stronghold. At said stronghold Takao wakes up to a strange robot talking to her. THE END!!!
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So much time has passed since I saw tea...time?
It seems like forever since I blogged this anime. I guess it has been, over a month. I have a bunch of days off from work around Christmas. XD Maybe I can marathon things next week. And you know catch up on blog comments. Oh and do Christmas things too. X__X Okay maybe I have a lot to do. XD But yes here is more talking and walking alien ship girls weee!
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I faked my death too well.
Poor Daddy Osakabe. He is kinda special though. He faked his own death which really caused his death not too long afterwards. He needed to think of a better way to protect Makie. Because had Haruna and Kirishima not been blasted out of the sky who would have been around to protect Makie? Yeah not a very good long term plan. So Daddy Osakabe went on, probably to be haunted by all the other Makie prototypes that he helped create. I mean I guess deep down he just wanted the best for humanity and if you make a human it could be considered a weapon. But that really messes with your perception of what is a real person and who is just a weapon. When does life begin? Daddy Osakabe might have redeemed himself at the end and maybe he can rest in peace. Sad that he actually died and no one was there for him as Makie thought he was already dead.
 photo bluesteelepisode64_zps638a3690.jpg
Friend? I mean valuable source of intel for Fog! Yes that is what I meant.
If the soldiers had not attacked I don't know what would have happened. Given the context of this show Kirishima had the correct way of thinking. We are programmed to fight humans. This human child made the weapon to take us out. Capture said human and take her to the boss. We still don't know Fog's motive but at this point I think it is clear they are going to be the used ones. That there is a bigger enemy out there and they (Fog) were not be feared. Once given the ability to learn and grow from humans they developed their own society and want to be free from being controlled and being weapons. For now that is not how Kirishima is thinking. Haruna might have lied to not be viewed a traitor like other Fog ships but deep down I think she would have questioned this all. Plus I don't think Makie would have appreciated being kidnapped in that way. Yes somewhat free but not really. Oh and the whole they would probably kill Makie would be a damper on the future friendship.
 photo bluesteelepisode65_zpsbd5a22f7.jpg
And then the house was defenseless. 3294 security cameras and nothing else.
Fortunately for all none of that happened. Kamikage is pulling the strings and has realized that there are mental models of Fog hanging around Makie. So Daddy Osakabe can do all the drastic measures he wants, they were always being watched and were never out of danger. I wonder how they can tell a mental model from a normal human being. Doesn't matter as everyone who wasn't taken out by Haruna and Kirishima the first time around storm the mansion. That has no defense mechanisms. I mean maybe there were defenses but not any that worked after the power was cut. Go Daddy Osakabe. You have all the cameras in the world but no weapons wee. And the maids were not super power maids that could kick ass. Woe is me.
 photo bluesteelepisode614_zps41841a52.jpg
How can this be?!
Since Kirishima is a teddy bear Haruna has the task of actually protecting Makie. I thought Haruna did a great job. Obviously the soldiers were going to kidnap Haruna and Kirishima and do horrible things to them. Buying their lies would have been stupid. And hello the soldiers were firing at her. I would have used their weapons against them too. Even if it was a bit of a cliche. But apparently having the arms of a teddy bear made it hard to hold Makie back so Makie found out the truth about Haruna. Even if it was obvious.
 photo bluesteelepisode610_zps92005e4a.jpg
Behold my growth!
This lead to the girls having their own moments throughout the rest of the episode. Kirishima had the shortest but I guess it was there. She might have started to see Makie was a person instead of a well of information. She and her little teddy bear body fought off the soldiers. And even though Haruna was making really bad choices from a Fog point of view she wasn't going her own way. She didn't call upon Kongou for help (who....should have realized what was going on anyway and put her own pony in that fight). Perhaps that was more of a sign of her friendship with Haruna than Makie growing on her but still. Growth. Doing her own thing. Not directly following orders. That is Kirishima's journey.
 photo bluesteelepisode66_zps54a0a1f6.jpg
Haruna is FEELING!
Despite Makie “running out” on her Haruna never gave up fighting. Not one minute. Not even when it would have cost her her “life”. She took pieces of herself to make a false Makie and bring on the attention to herself. She even stopped trying to kill the soldiers because of Makie's reaction. Even though Makie wouldn't really know if Haruna killed those people or not. Haruna never really had a connection outside of Fog. It was do this, this, and this. We are weapons. So when Makie used the word friend Haruna had to analyze this new concept. What is a friend? Do I want a friend? Do I deserve a friend because I lied? Haruna could have taken the easy way out but she didn't. Even if I would have. Like hello I am trying to protect you and they are shooting at me. I am going to fight back at 100 percent instead of dodging and using shields that might cost me my life after expending that much energy.
 photo bluesteelepisode611_zpsc82800e3.jpg
:( Haruna must hate me!!!!
Makie perhaps made the most sense. And she could have gone either way with her feelings and it would have felt natural. Makie has every reason in the world to be scared of Fog. Every right. Fog came down and destroyed a lot of the world. People live in constant fear of these foes. So maybe Makie was okay with making this weapon and killing Fog. Like yeah that is what you get. Instead the show went the other route and Makie was all :( Haruna must hate me for making a weapon to hurt her. Because even in war individuals are still...well individuals. It is hard to hate a whole group of people without knowing their backstory and what their reasoning is. Even if this seems obvious, Earth is in danger. But getting to know Haruna perhaps changed Makie's feelings. Or that she never had those feelings anyway. It looks like she just wanted to make the weapon to impress her father, not really cause damage. Makie is only a little girl and this seems like her first real friendship. :( So many feelings.
 photo bluesteelepisode69_zps19191e03.jpg
I don't even know of Iona really sees but maybe this is about her growing too.
In the end Haruna and Makie (plus teddy Kirishima) are reunited but are probably going to die together. I am sure Haruna was touched that Makie was worried about her but hello all this hard work in protecting her went out the drain. But if they were going to die at least they could express their real feelings and not die with misunderstandings yes? But never fear. When Iona “hurt” Kirishima and Haruna she could feel their thoughts and voices. Maybe. And Haruna was at her lowest point. She was no longer the mighty Fog weapon. She was at the mercy of others. Something she was probably not used to. She called out for help and POOF Iona arrived.
 photo bluesteelepisode68_zps2a06fffe.jpg
He is even making my brother's HAHA face!
I think that was a little special since I thought team Gunzou was on their way out of the area to somewhere else. Somewhere with ammo. But Iona came and since Haruna gave the right answer to her question she helped out. I think some of the mental models are more human like that Iona. Given her limited screen time Iona still seems confused about these concepts, being friends and all. Gunzou took a huge risk doing this saving Makie and Haruna business as now his benefactor is pissed. Gunzou reminded me a bit of my brother in that scene. Well our agreement was this, you didn't say anything about this even though it was implied!!!
 photo bluesteelepisode67_zps084316ab.jpg
Because that is what boys in animes do. They save girls. Duh.
So that is where the episode ends. Haruna, Kirishima, and Makie are all on ship Gunzou which means they have seen the light. Maybe humans aren't all bad. I am sure this will make Kongou so happy. But adding these two Fog girls to the crew does nothing to help Gunzou out as they have no ships. Still it is the idea that more and more Fog ships are embracing humanity. You were right Daddy Osakabe, this might change the course of history. Of course we can't forget the first Fog ship that jumped to the human side (because Iona might have been forced to side with humans, which would make her loyalty questionable) Takao. How is she doing? Well it looks like she could be doing better. She is awake but now there is a crazy robot thing talking to her? Hopefully Gunzou and company make it there in time to rescue her. Since Gunzou is collecting Fog girls now. XD Until next time!

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