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Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 9

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Panties for everyone weee.
X__X I don't think I watched any Christmas specials today. I love watching certain movies over and over again. I did watch quite a few Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. But today it was all reality tv shows, zombies, and hobbits. X__X I did wear a Christmas hat the entire time, does that count? Probably not. But here is post 6 of 6 tonight. GO ME! Anime weekend has been a success unless you are a little show about humanoid ships wee. Machine Doll wa Kizutsukanai episode 9 is up now. Spoilers for Raishin being super predictable always.
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It's a young Mr. Peanut!
Episode Summary: Rewind a few minutes from the last episode and we see Mr. Headmaster Edward standing in front of the clock tower in front of many people. It is the 100th anniversary and it's time to hear speeches. Suddenly Charlotte and her Dark Saber outfit appear to use Sigmund to blow up said clock tower. Then she magically poofs away as no one has a robot to follow her. What is going on? Well Raishin has magically made it back to the clinic where he is thinking about suicide Charlotte. Frey comes to visit Raishin because clearly he is more important than her brother. He asks about this Charlotte look alike and it turns out to be her younger sister Henri who just transferred here. Magical. She apparently has tried to commit suicide 6 times yet is always saved. There are also rumors that Charlotte is missing. Oh and that Charlotte is behind the clock tower attack. Raishin is all XO I must save the womenz. He decides to look for Henri as she might know where Charlotte is. Outside a girl was listening to this because she can hear through walls. She leaves and reports to a young man (not mentioned by name). He refers to her by some name but it doesn't matter. The girl talks about what Raishin is doing. The boy tells her she has less than 40 hours to complete her mission and not to let Raishin interfere. He flicks his hand and poof it is Charlotte Saber. Off she runs. Despite Doctor's orders Raishin and Frey go to look for Henri. They start at the girl's down where Yaya accuses Raishin of being in love with everyone. Frey returns with panties and news that Henri isn't there. Yaya accuses Raishin of being the pantie pervert while Frey uses the underwear and her dog to track Henri. She was busy trying to hang herself when the dogs try to maul her. She fights them off despite being suicidal. Raishin and company appear and he begins to ask her tons of questions. She appears to be afraid of men so Yaya and Frey begin to ask her stupid questions. Raishin tries to be serious and tells Henri to answer his questions or he will sic the dogs on her. This leads all three girls assuming Raishin is into bestiality. While Raishin is getting yelled at Henri escapes. They continue the search and Charlotte Saber appears in front of Raishin. He is glad she is alive and asks what she is doing. Charlotte tells Raishin to mind his own business and stay out of this. She leaves crying which makes Raishin want to save her more.
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How are people finding Henri when she tries to off herself.
Charlotte flies off towards Henri while having a flashback. She was sitting around listening to Sigmund accuse her of being in love with Raishin. Suddenly Henri appears at the door and it's a family reunion. The sisters haven't seen each other in years. Well at least in Henri's point of view according to Sigmund. Interesting. Henri answers none of Charlotte's questions and says she has been sent here to hurt Charlotte. Back in the present (you know, since this flashback was yesterday) Charlotte goes to Henri to make sure she is okay. Henri is very concerned but Charlotte promises she will take care of this and then their family will be fine. Raishin has decided to go see Kimberly since she is all knowing as a member of Nectar. Raishin has decided Charlotte is acting out of character thus being forced to do these things. Kimberly makes Raishin play Blue's Clues to figure out who could have a motive. Felix's family. Guess they haven't reacted well since the whole our son kills people scandal. So they are forcing Charlotte to kill Headmaster Edward to further push Charlotte's family into the abyss and prove she was actually Cannibal Candy. Raishin doesn't think this will work. Kimberly explains that the boy attacked by Charlotte's family robot dog was the Prince so they are really in deep shit. They would need proof to help Charlotte. Once again Kimberly tells Raishin not to get involved but he doesn't listen. Yaya starts to get a little jealous but Raishin says he would do this for any of his friends, not just Charlotte and that he is not in love with the girl. At the Evening Party Frey and number 87 don't show up so that's a bust. The next day Raishin decides he is going to find one of the girls and make it right. He realizes protecting Edward is a big deal as he is the target for revenge. Edward is busy looking through the wreckage from the tower when Henri runs near Raishin and POOF Charlotte Saber charges up. Despite Charlotte not killing anyone earlier she lets loose a blast that affects the whole area, including Raishin and Henri. THE END!
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Great news indeed.
Great news. There aren't 10 Charlottes running around. Or one having a split personality. It all makes sense. Shows over. XO Maybe I am a goober after all. That's what I get for following so behind on anime....
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This be real magic?
The way the episode was progressing I thought someone was portraying Charlotte as a cry baby suicide freak and a Saber killer. Especially since that other girl was lurking around. Just basically a twin sister and Charlotte wearing a disguise because after you blow up clock towers you really can't go walking around in public. Silliness. So momentarily confused but it has passed. Was that magic that Charlotte or the young boy used? I thought the magic in this world was limited to robots. Like yes we have magic but we can only use it in robots and not everyone can use it. That looked like actual real magic on Charlotte. If magic was real. I doubt it will get explained because it doesn't seem that important to the plot. Oh well.
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She is so convincing....
So yes Charlotte was indeed blowing up towers and dressing like a video game character. Moreso than Frey. Be jealous. Like some dragon quest action. Ride the dragon, destroy a village type deal. Then as quickly as she appears she poofs. This school really sucks when it comes to security. I guess that was made obvious when Cannibal Candy killed a bunch of students. Still you would think since security people or other students would have some flying robots and could have tracked her. Because Mr. young and proper looks like he is obvious with his plans. I wouldn't be surprised if he was Felix's brother. Like oh your brother killed a bunch of people but can stay at the school. Yeah maybe not. Maybe he is just some noble in with Felix's family. Either way he and his unexplained magic are making Charlotte do this. XO But why?!
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More hugging, the bad news can wait at least 5 more seconds.
Charlotte is being blackmailed. Said blackmail would be her sister Henri. Because that name is awesome for a girl. Henri is the one who was trying to kill herself earlier. I am sure it is going to end up being that Henri is trying to kill herself because she doesn't want Charlotte to do bad things for her. Well I am sure there will always be something to use against Charlotte. It's not like she is completely out of people she cares about. So this sister has been somewhere else for a long time. Or not so long time according to Sigmund. What's up with that? Odd yes? Maybe Charlotte knew where her sister was and saw her? Not according to her story of woe with Raishin. Anyway I am not sure if that is important so I will file that away for later. Behold here is your sister, do our bidding now. Or else. Or else...something. Because Charlotte's life needs more sadness. This reunion could have been slightly more dramatic....
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Don't even waste your breath doctor. There are womenz to save.
Raishin's quest for the truth was long and filled with insanity. Poor Raishin indeed. Once again he is out of bed before he is supposed to be. Although I did notice that he took longer to recover from the Bronson attack than the Loki one even though the Loki one almost killed him. Maybe it is just the combination of being super injured every single day for an entire week that lead him to his “long” stay in the clinic. Still not sure how this Evening Party works, I thought a new opponent was every night. Maybe it's two. Either way Raishin was at least out for a week it seems.
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Duh don't you know her? Where have you been, in the clinic for a week?
But there are womenz to save so Raishin must take up his mat and walk. I like how Frey was all like oh that's Henri, Charlotte's sister. Like hommie had been here for a while. It looks like the girl just got here. Anyone can transfer anytime ya'll no questions asked. Buy Henri's few days on campus have already been busy. Killing or attempting to kill herself 6 times and being saved each time. Yeah she seems special. A bullet to the brain is hard to mess up. Lots of shiny objects on campus to stab yourself with. Must not be too serious. Come Frey, lead us to this Henri person.
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That is exactly what Raishin said for sure.
Nothing can go easy with Yaya in tow. Gotta make things extra special when she is around. I guess for the past two years when Raishin was trying to train to be a puppeteer he was in the middle of nowhere and there were no girls to look at. Now Yaya the crazy is well.....crazy. First it was just the fact he wanted to help Charlotte and Henri whom he didn't even know he met. Then it was the panties. You know, because Frey bringing out the panties is Raishin's fault. She couldn't have pocked up a sock guys. Then when they did locate Ms. Suicide instead of focusing on the fact she tried to hang herself or help Raishin get answers out of the girl it was bestiality talk. I mean if I was Raishin at this point I would just stop talking and helping people. Everything is taken to some level of crazy. But I guess that is the point of this show right? I was warned so I can't have a fit right? Just...Yaya is so annoying even though Raishin tells her straight up no. No. It's not even a robot issue. Just no. Raishin treats everyone equally so I will change his name to Manaka and Yaya's to crazy pants.
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I think that might be a little hard given the level of crazy involved.
After Henri ran away and Charlotte did a drive by cry Raishin tried to locate the only person in this school that has emotional stability and doesn't want to have sex with him. Too bad Kimberly is so Kimberlyey...she knows a lot but does little with it. Like I will just watch you get your ass kicked and wait to help at the last second. Maybe that is due to the fact she is part of a super duper secret organization and she has to do things by the magic book. Raishin didn't really need to see Kimberly anyway since he had already figured out most of it. She should instead sit down and explain to me the major points of magic and Evening Party since I am still in lalaland.
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Okay maybe there are people dumb enough to believe this...
The whole reasoning behind Charlotte killing towers and maiming people is simple. Felix is from a good family. So was Charlotte until a robot dog attacked the Prince. Then it was shun shun shun. I am sure it will be revealed that it was really Felix's family that messed with the dog and Charlotte will get all her family robot hearts back and her family's good name. But for now Felix's family is pissed that he got kicked out of school and Evening Party over the tiny issue of killing students. Clearly this is unfair. So why not follow the exact same formula and blame Charlotte for more shit. Only this time make sure everyone knows it is her. Go after the meanie Headmaster Edward while we're at it. Hopefully he will die, Charlotte will be sent away, and enough people will be stupid enough to think this means Charlotte was Cannibal Candy too. This is so brilliant, how can it not work? I mean, it's not like Felix's robot was the likeness of the dead student right? No no, we can explain this all away. It makes sense, it does.
 photo machinedollepisode9_zpscd8fb88a.jpg
But there are more girls to save, it can't end here.
So that is how the episode ends folks. Oh and number 87 never showed up to fight Raishin. I am not sure what that means, unless the young kid blackmailing Charlotte is 87. Could be but that would mean he is disqualified for not showing up since the rules are super important. Raishin has other things to do anyway. Like rescue Headmaster Edward. I guess I can't fault the old dude for walking around. It's not like he KNEW he was the target. But he is now. Saber Charlotte has locked on to his position. She wasn't shooting to kill before but she might now. Too bad Raishin and Henri are right there at the scene. Sigmund has such strong attacks. X___X. Maybe everyone is okay....just buried under ground. Charlotte is going to have some 'splainin to do because Kimberly ain't doing anything without evidence weee. Until next time.

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Just a stumbler/lurker here and went through a few of your blog posts. I'm just wondering, what made you pick this anime to blog about as opposed to other better anime this season? I mean, this anime is very...shounen-y with ecchi. I did not expect a woman to blog this show. Btw, your blog posts are hilarious. That or its the captions. Probably both. You blogged the recent episodes of LB: Refrain with some hilarity or sarcasm while I was tearing up due to emotions haha

Oh yes, and I had to say this. Your husband is one LUCKY dude! Apparently, you are like some sort of super wife who can do chores, dishes, household stuff, work, and at the same time play games like Pokemon and watch anime and other shows. Wow. I'd be thankful if I can find a lady like that lol