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Nagi no Asukara episode 12

Hello there my lovely readers! Hopefully you are having a good Sunday. Or did as it is rather late. Saturday was a day of movies and shopping for me so that meant I needed to dedicate today to chores and blogging.
 photo nagiepisode1210_zpsdffd6edb.jpg
So how will this thing end......
So how did I do? 4 back to back anime posts REJOICE! XD Up first in my silly attempt to catch up before the New Year (hahaha....need another day) is Nagi no Asukara episode 12. Spoilers for Kaname actually having lines.
 photo nagiepisode1212_zpsbd765c9f.jpg
Is Chisaki FINALLY getting it?
Episode Summary: Saya and Miuna are picking flowers for Akari's wedding. More like weeds though. Miuna still has second thoughts about helping Akari get married and that leads to both of the girls crying over Kaname/Hikari going away and how they are selfish. Hikari's Dad shows up and Saya mistakes him for a pervert. After attacking him and apologizing Miuna asks Dad to tell Hikari and Akari to go to sleep in the ocean. Dad explains no one knows what is going to happen in the future and maybe his kids will be happier on the surface. The kids run off, but not before making Dad blush over the word Gramps. School lets out and Hikari tells Kaname he sent Chisaki and Manaka with Tsumugu to the city to find a kimono for Akari. Kaname is all HMMMMMM about this separation. The trio reach the city and go to a thrift store since their budget is not so great. Chisaki is acting weird around Tsumugu because she was so rude to him before. The sales lady shows off a cool kimono that reacts to ena and the kids are excited. Well the girls are. Tsumugu asks the girls to wait for him as he has an awkward conversation with his mom. She wants to talk and he doesn't want to be there with her. Back at the town Akari and Dad are at the cafe, not drinking some coffee. Dad starts to talk about how he understands Akari while Akari tries to not be hurt that Dad will miss her wedding and ceremony. She talks about how Dad was when Mom first died and that she wants to give that kind of love to her new family now. She bows her head, apologizing for being so difficult. Hikari and company have made it to the docks where the fishermen's kids have appeared with flags. They say it is to help get everything where it needs to be. Hikari is touched by that sentiment and tries to hold a flag despite it being way too heavy. On the train back home Manaka sleeps so Chisaki and Tsumugu talk. Tsumugu talks about how the sea kids are slowly losing strength because of their ena putting them to sleep and Chisaki wants to talk about the mom situation. Tsumugu still doesn't really want to talk about it and Chisaki realizes that the world doesn't revolve around her and her problems. They get back to town and Manaka is still sleepy face. But she perks up when she sees Hikari waving the flag as he has become a man apparently.
 photo nagiepisode1216_zps0c8fcd65.jpg
Trying to bring the funny in sad situations.
The sea kids return home from a great day at working at things and waving flags. They see what looks like a funeral precession for little kids but it really is just them sleeping. Hikari's dad explains that since they are younger it is more likely they were able to fall asleep first. It is implied that our main characters are next. The kids then decide to go to their own school for old time sake. They find markings on the wall for their height and Kaname and Manaka run off to find a pen to write their new ones. Chisaki wants to talk to Hikari, about what he has decided to do about Manaka and how she needs to confess but Kaname interrupts them accidentally. They do the new heights and they go inside their room where Hikari acts like their old teacher. Everything is fun and games until Kaname raises his hand and asks how Hikari feels about Manaka. X___X Hikari says he is in love with Manaka but doesn't expect her to do anything about it since she loves Tsumugu. Manaka runs off upset, Hikari runs after her, Chisaki runs after him after calling Kaname mean, and Kaname lays his head on the desk, saying he is just doing his part. Chisaki begs Hikari not to run after Manaka and falls in the snow. Hikari is torn but goes back to make sure Chisaki didn't hurt herself. She didn't and says she is sad she couldn't confess because Hikari did to Manaka. Hikari gets her meaning and Chisaki tells Hikari to go after Manaka. Hikari sits with Manaka and basically understands the moment of everyone loving everyone and no one liking the person in return. He says he doesn't think all this confessing will hurt any of their friendships and it will be okay. Manaka then wishes she could be more like Hikari. Manaka cries all the way home that she doesn't understand and finds her mom sleeping on the table. She freaks out but sleepy mom wakes up, wanting to keep packing dishes. The reality of the situation hits Manaka again as she runs off, saying she forgot something at school. Only she doesn't know what direction to run in? As she has memories of Hikari she is swimming to the surface. She decides on Hikari but at that moment Tsumugu accidentally catches her in a net as he was off doing a favor for his grandfather. THE END!
 photo nagiepisode1218_zps56b020e8.jpg
Errr.....poor Kaname or bad Kaname! I can't tell....
X___X Is this festival ever going to happen folks? I think each and every episode this tradition has been mentioned. It needs to hurry up and get here. Like okay the major danger is over, time to put back this love octagon that has been so lovingly prepared by Kaname. Thanks Kaname. I know the festival is important but lets speed it up folks. Gotta boat, buy a dress, throw Akari overboard. It isn't like you are starting this baby from scratch every year. Then I remember these are kids with some adults helping and I feel bad. I guess they are doing their best.
 photo nagiepisode126_zps61ab1afa.jpg
So this could still end badly for everyone?
With that this ceremony happening now? Miuna and Saya might be picking flowers a bit early. They might need to widen their search if they want flowers that aren't technically weeds. I kinda like that Saya and Miuna keep crying about the whole end of the world issue. know...bad things are going to happen, even if it's not in their timeline. And a bunch of people they know are going to sleep and never see them again. The tears should never stop flowing. Cry children cry for it awful and you will lose your way too old for your crushes. But remember to always be alert. Because a hairy man pervert might sneak up on you and ask you questions. Beware the Dad. I mean Grandpa. X__X That face was hilarious.
 photo nagiepisode127_zps572bee69.jpg
I see you trying to bargain there Tsumugu.
In the spirit of not facing one's problems Hikari has sent Manaka and Chisaki to the city with Tsumugu to find his sister a dress. Wouldn't want the bride to be to actually get something normal right? Also I am sure Kaname was happy with this arrangement. Thanks bro, didn't want to be around the girl I love anyway. Not that Hikari knows given his cryptic message voiceover. For the record I thought the girls did pick out a really nice dress. And by pick out I mean the one the lady handed to them, showed them, and gave them a discount on it. XD That Tsumugu is a little spit fire, saying it looked boring. Please boy you are on a budget, don't be so picky. Rudo face.
 photo nagiepisode128_zpscf7089ea.jpg
X__X I don't think he is listening....
Tsumugu's parents live in the city. One day he just up and left. No word why. I am sure it has something to do with his love of the sea. But after this episode clearly there is more going on than that. He used the girls as an excuse to not spend time with his mother. The little time he did see her I thought I could see more sea snow flake things but that was just Tsumugu's icy voice. For someone who gentle and good natured with everyone else it was weird to see that. People have multiple sides to them? Odd. So clearly something is going on there and Tsumugu might actually get some air time himself to explain it later. Not now though because Tsumugu took the time to ask about Chisaki and her problems of woe. Sorry Tsumugu, we will get to your mommy issues later. I wonder if the city people have any idea what is coming...
 photo nagiepisode129_zps2dc7f35e.jpg
Trying to put on a happy face.
On the flip side of the coin Akari has decided to talk to her dad. Well not really I guess he did come to the surface to talk to Akari. Still there was talking folks. Her dad has recovered enough from the Grandpa talk to listen. Which is what the Boyfriend wants to happen yet I never see him doing any talking. While bowing might be too much (or not enough...) I do think Boyfriend needs to get his butt to talking to Dad when he is on land. People fall in love and it's not his fault but he can still say a few words, make sure Akari has no regrets. Dad has never been really harsh with his kids, just not super supportive. Still I think Akari and Dad needed to be shedding some tears because if Hikari fails it is byebye family. Instead Akari talks about being a selfish daughter and sorries and what not. I think parents should want their kids to be happy even if their choices aren't the ones they would make. You know within reason. But the whole being magical sea people has put a damper on this what with the separation and all. While not much was sad I think them just being together was enough. Plus it made the bartender tear up so clearly it was moving.
 photo nagiepisode1213_zps3a3f1df5.jpg
Everything is going to be okay!
Hikari wasn't standing idling by while all this feeling was going on. He was busy getting things moving himself. Well I guess he has been leading the way the entire time but you know. I like how Hikari is focusing on the task at hand, the bigger picture and not just his personal issues. Now that Hikari has the support of the fishing people things are really coming together. Sad that this couldn't happen earlier. I guess it is also weird. Shouldn't most of this stuff be on hand? Every other year the land people put it on, you would think they had the basics somewhere. Just need a new doll and offerings right? A boat should be ready and everything. Whatever. The point was Hikari's new helpers have gotten him lots of flags. Lots of heavy flags to be used in the ceremony. These symbolize where the boat needs to go and who doesn't like a flag. It was a moment for Manaka, to see Hikari there waving the flag. When did he get to be a man indeed. Trying to hold that flag up, waving it as a symbol of where to go.....yeah it was necessary. Not over the top but just a simple moment that meant a lot. For a moment..everything was going to be okay. Everything was going to work out. All thanks to Hikari.
 photo nagiepisode1214_zps54295bb8.jpg
Thanks for scaring us adults. Again.
Not going to lie...I thought those kids were dead folks. Like MOG this anime is trolling us. Everyone is on the surface happily waving flags and everything is going to be okay and BAM the sea is not safe either. Like hello you aren't eating, obviously you are going to die. But no, they were just sleeping. I thought the whole this is the day we are all going to fall asleep together was a bit odd, especially given how everyone is convinced they are not going to wake up at the same time. Tiny kids first, then our main characters it seems. I am sure this was all necessary to drive home the point that this is going to happen and nothing will stop it. Wouldn't it be creepy if Hikari stopped it and the kids still slept for like 100 years?! Way to go Hikari. But in this anime the parents aren't worried so I guess it will be okay. After seeing such a sight the kids went to their old school to create new memories and remember old since you know...the time is near!!!
 photo nagiepisode1217_zps3a9d79e2.jpg
Where did that come from?!
Kaname Kaname Kaname. You have been off in the shadows, forgotten because other characters are louder than you or cry more than you or hate themselves more than you. You gained a little courage last episode grasshopper but you are blowing things up. It is like you became the viewer and went BAM lets get this all out there. I guess Kaname thought he was helping but I can see how a lot of other people might think he is a dick. Just because he felt okay in confessing his feelings doesn't mean everyone else is. Yes they are possibly going to sleep for a long time and might not see each other ever again (which I think is super worse case scenario but everyone is being dramatic for dramatic purposes so you know) but that doesn't mean everyone wants to slip their deep, dark secrets. Some people are okay with loving others from afar. In Kaname's mind he was helping though. He thinks (and is right) that not saying anything is hurting everyone else and it is better to get it out there in the open. No regrets, everything is free.
 photo nagiepisode1219_zps2d0d5686.jpg
Who do I help?!
However this was really not Kaname's place to say. Hikari might have feelings for Manaka and he has gotten them hurt....but he was doing what he wanted to do. He did a little confession in his head and hello if a hug got him that much rejection he was probably done with the real confession. He was going to do this ceremony and save everyone. It started out as doing the ceremony to make Manaka and Tsumugu happy and now I think Hikari is doing this to get Manaka and Tsumugu together. Despite the fact that Tsumugu has no idea Manaka likes him. Being the nice guy he is he probably won't do anything since Chisaki told Tsumugu that Hikari likes Manaka. MOG this is a soap opera and I am getting myself confused. But yes Hikari was focused on the saving the land people and not losing his sister part of this disaster. Way to bring down Hikari bring up the mood Kaname.
 photo nagiepisode12_zps9d8f7498.jpg
You will all be uncomfortable around each other for now on?
I sorta have to laugh though. Like each week it is one giant pity party for Chisaki. I mean I know it is wrong of me to laugh (or is it...this isn't real) but the whole world is in danger and yet Chisaki is focused on herself. I guess you could say Manaka is like that too but Chisaki takes it to another level. So when Chisaki decided to confess to Hikari hers was blown away and made almost useless by Kaname making Hikari confess to Manaka to somehow make Chisaki feel better about confessing to Hikari. I mean if you think about is slightly ridiculous how none of these kids like the other person who likes them, even if Manaka has probably loved Hikari all this time anyway. I just was like is this real (anime) life when Chisaki was chasing after Hikari and then told him to keep on going. Like yes you is crazy. But I guess even though she wasn't hurtfully neglected she did get it off her chest and Hikari didn't throw her away like oh Manaka did to him. And Hikari has decided it is going to be okay, all their friendships despite this marathon confessing that will have to be dealt with because the world is not freezing. I just think it is funny Hikari is looked at as being the brave one when in fact Kaname is the one who started this confessing train.
 photo nagiepisode122_zps51b9d5a2.jpg
I chose you!
Since Hikari didn't run after Manaka (who runs derpy half the time so I am sure he still could have caught up) she makes home and nearly has a meltdown to see passed out mom. I would pass out too if I wasn't eating! It appears the realness of the situation is upon Manaka again so she needs to run off and cry. The problem with Manaka is that she doesn't know where to cry off to. Should she go to Hikari, the one who has ALWAYS been there for her and is putting his own happiness aside for her or Tsumugu...the kid she just met and thinks sea people IN GENERAL are sparkly. I think Manaka was going to pick Hikari despite the fact she was swimming UP but now...we will never know. Tsumugu has once again caught Manaka in a net, like a fateful encounter of the second kind. What did Manaka whisper to that slug? To help her make a decision? Well it looks like it got answered for her. Sadness for everyone, especially if Tsumugu makes this a complete circle of sad and confesses to Kaname weeee!


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