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Nagi no Asukara episode 11

Post two on this Christmas Eve. It is already Christmas in Japan but it looks like my sister in law has to work and my bro is a bad sad. I know it must be hard to be away from people you want to be around for the holidays. My heart goes out to all those who want to be somewhere else during this holiday season. Find comfort in the ones you do have around. Make a Friend Christmas! Find a way to celebrate this season and embrace it as a new tradition.
 photo nagiepisode1114_zpsf5297ea4.jpg
Hikari is asking for a Christmas miracle to not bear Uroko's ass.
As Christmas inches closure to us...I need to post more neglected anime posts! Go me. Up now is Nagi no Asukara episode 11. Spoilers for Hikari trying to save everyone from their assholeness.
 photo nagiepisode1110_zps92eb013c.jpg
Go away so you can live!
Episode Summary: Chisaki is clearly shocked by this confession as is her parents. Kaname explains that he doesn't really want a response, he just wanted to say it out loud before it was too late. As they walk to school Kaname has no idea why Chisaki is acting so differently. A cryptic Hikari voice over says at the time he and Manaka had no idea that something was happening to Kaname and Chisaki as other things were changing at a rapid pace. As they walk to school they see people boarding up their houses and gradually looking sleepy as their ena has begun to thicken. At another MAN meeting it is discussed that with the way things are going their ena will be thick enough for hibernation around the 21st, the day the festival was supposed to take place. After some jokes it seems to have set in that the surface people aren't going to be there when they wake up. On the surface Akari is all lalaing that things will be fine and hands Boyfriend the marriage license she has filled out. They go through some silliness about being too formal with each other and laugh. But Akari brings the serious back, saying that it probably won't be worth having a ceremony since her dad won't come. Boyfriend doesn't want Akari to do anything she doesn't want (including staying on the surface) but he still wants Dad's blessing. At school the teacher is talking about the seasonal weather when a little alarm tells him the sea kids have to go soak since their ena is getting so thick. They march off but Hikari is mad about the whole situation. Hikari is worried about them not waking up at the same time together and what not. So when Tsumugu comes outside to ask if they want lunch Hikari is like I am eating! Manaka runs after Hikari and says she is eating too which touches Hikari. Not too much that he would HUG her again. The other kids talk about how Manaka is “leaving them behind” in regards to her view of the world despite just following Hikari. At work Akari finds Saya and Miuna leaving mean messages for her again in an attempt to get her to go back to the sea and not die. Akari is touched. Akari is then approached by some young men who want to talk to Hikari.
 photo nagiepisode1112_zpsc56cc6a5.jpg
Say what?!
A meeting is held between said young men and their fathers, the ones who yelled at the last festival meeting. Everyone has had a change of heart in light of the impending doom and are bowing their heads to Hikari for help. Akari bows her head too as these are her people now. Hikari is pumped up and will make this happen with everyone's help. He goes to tell Uroko the good news and Uroko is like...no matter what you do nothing will change. The world will freeze. Hikari yells at Uroko for giving him false hope and Uroko pretends he isn't an asshole. Instead of punching Uroko in the head Akari bows his head and asks for help, knowing all the people he will disappoint if he can't help. Uroko still says he can't do anything and neither can Hikari. Hikari goes to Akari and says how he can't let people down, that they are talking about him. He has his moment and Akari decides she knows what to do. Everyone involved with the ceremony (new members and old) stand around and listen to Akari as she asks to combine the ceremony and her wedding. That she will act as the sea maiden and will get married to the “sea god” AKA Boyfriend in an attempt to appease the sea god. Miuna starts crying, that she wants Akari to go into the sea and live. Akari says she is going to live with Miuna so she must try and help out where she can. Manaka then is all look at me I support Akari too. This leads to cheers and Hikari striking a dramatic pose on the boat. You watch out sea god, we will make the best ceremony ever. The number of people working on the festival grows and it starts to really come together. Everyone is doing their best. After seeing Akari, Manaka, and Kaname stand up and confess their feelings Chisaki decides she must do the same with Hikari. THE END!
 photo nagiepisode1115_zps0fb097ba.jpg
This isn't about me again?
Hmmmmm. While this episode wasn't as creepy or emotional stunted as the last episode it was still...special in it's own way. There might be a light at the end of the tunnel and we can turn all those frowns upside down. You know get everyone back on track of having love triangles/squares/pentagons. But for now...still doom and gloom.
 photo nagiepisode115_zpsc51d48b0.jpg
I think I would already be taking a nap but that's just me.
This ena stuff is pretty magical. I mean these people aren't eating at all and are still moving around and doing things. Usually when animals hibernate they bulk up on food, not starve. Of course ena is a super magical force that needs salt water to maintain so....lots is still unknown. Hikari and the others did have dizzy spells and what have you but after a quick dip all was well. Look they even have a specific day to sleep how lovely. Magical ena. Makes you wonder why there are land people to begin with. If the sea people people emerged from the sea to live on land fine. But I am sure before there were rules they could go back whenever they wanted to. Take a dip and keep on going. Wonder how there got to be so many enaless people.
 photo nagiepisode117_zpscbb8cbbd.jpg
OH so they are finally getting it?!
Most of the sea people don't care about the upcoming issue still. Instead they are taping up houses and wrapping dishes. I am telling you that the land people are going to be so pissed when shit does down they are going to bomb you and maybe they deserve it. Yes the festival should go on and yes the land people should over fish. But allowing all of them to die? No do not think so. They should have told the land people. Oh no it was for their own good? Bull. You just didn't want to look people in the eye that are going to watch the world freeze. No no we will just put out heads in the sand and bolt down the expensive china. What happens to them happens to them. I hate that mentality. People always telling me to mind my own business. Well one day I will need help and I hope people are there for me.
 photo nagiepisode113_zps630567ad.jpg
Why couldn't Hikari confess to me boo hoo!
Oh I almost forgot about Chisaki. That last episode ended in Kaname confessing to her. Well....that's about it. The parents were all blushy, Chisaki was blushy, and Kaname went on to school like nothing happened. He was even wondering why Chisaki was acting all weird. Like um you just confessed that's why she is blushy face. I wonder if Chisaki is embarrassed because she knows Kaname knows she likes Hikari. She must realize it because now she is going to confess to Hikari even though she knows he likes Manaka. Chisaki really didn't do much about Kaname. Just was a little shy but that's to be expected. Kaname was acting normal. Like he just wanted to get it off his chest because he knew it wasn't going to end well for him. Maybe once Hikari rejects Chisaki she will focus on Kaname being there for her but for now she is operation Hikari.
 photo nagiepisode114_zpsdb0636d7.jpg
Hikari started to scare me folks. I thought he was pulling a Saki on me, talking about how I didn't notice at the time that Chisaki and Kaname were acting weird. Soon it will be if Chisaki wasn't born at all we would be still alive. But I don't think that is where it's heading. Just thought it was odd Hikari was mentioning it. Perhaps the biggest drama to come is this love shape and not the world ending. Because no one is reciprocating anyone's love and Tsumugu has no idea he is even involved. Maybe there will be a shoot out over Hikari's love!! That is why he is talking about it in a sad way.
 photo nagiepisode1111_zps3459f8ce.jpg
We believe you now!
Still put that aside for now. We got a festival to put on. You know all those happy land people who don't care about what's to come? No so happy anymore. Maybe they didn't believe Hikari was telling the truth. Or that since it didn't affect them why get so upset? Maybe the world will be totally frozen in 50/100 years but it's a process, slowly over those years. So it might affect them bit by bit. Plus it is kinda demoralizing that you know things will end. Like why bother having kids then? So it looks like some young men talked to their dads about their asshole ways and TADA now we care. It's getting colder and we are having problems getting fish. So maybe we should apologize for our boorish ways. Now....clearly these men aren't thinking straight because they really need to speak to an adult. Several adults. Important adults. Not Hikari. What can he do? Oh wait he was leading the change to put on the festival before all this nonsense. Bow those heads then. You guys have some praying to do.
 photo nagiepisode1113_zps2f249d53.jpg
And then you killed Uroko?
It was nice seeing everyone come together for a common goal. Even if they should have been doing that all along and not when some major disaster is going to happen. Like weeee we will all work together and put on the best festival. There is just one problem. Uroko is like...oh this won't work. No matter what you do the surface is screwed. Just because I gave you a few words of encouragement doesn't mean you should take it that way. I was just talking out loud. There is no way you can save everyone psht. I am surprised Hikari didn't smash Uroko's face in. I think his dad was surprised. Maturity folks.
 photo nagiepisode1117_zpse2641b06.jpg
Cue the happy music!
Still Hikari didn't give up. He was told it wasn't going to work but he is going through with it anyway. Partly because he has told everyone it would work. You can't let all those people down. Because if (because it probably will work but you know) this fails that disappointment won't be as great as knowing the truth now. False hope is fun weeee. Plus everyone IS working together. And wasn't that the point all along? To get the surface people and sea people to work together. We can't just give up now. Stupid adults, they don't know anything. Bring on the anime magic and everyone working as hard as possible. Cue the upbeat music.
 photo nagiepisode118_zps73f661c2.jpg
Accept me for as long as the world lasts.
While Hikari is working to make the surface safe Akari was content on whatever happening. Boyfriend seemed okay with it but he did throw it out there that Akari should consider things. Miuna on the other hand was sobbing and sobbing. Go back to the ocean fake mom!!! Sorry too late for that, she loves you goober. I wish we could have seen Akari get a little more upset. Getting kicked out of the sea is one thing, never (maybe) seeing your family and friends again is another. Oh and the whole Miuna and her future offspring suffering might be a cause for alarm. But no Akari was like what will be will be. This is my family now, I will stick it out here until the comet comes and kills us and Nicholas Cage.
 photo nagiepisode1116_zps93d4d0d7.jpg
I want to help. Even if it is at the 11th hour.
Eventually Akari stopped being lala herself and got it together. Probably for Miuna. Which is a little sad. You would think she would want to see her brother and Dad again in her lifetime. But she seems to have taken this living for me thing a bit far. Perhaps that is me taking it too far as well. Maybe deep down she was upset too and keeping it in. For she didn't want Miuna and Boyfriend to feel guilty. Do it for the world Akari. So in loo of doing nothing Akari decided to be the doll on the boat. You know the one that got destroyed and built twice? Yeah that one. Akari will fling herself into the ocean and then marry Boyfriend in place of the sea god and everything will be better. So many impressive things should surely make the sea god change his mind.
 photo nagiepisode11_zpsee4fbae4.jpg
I guess this is the real point, not letting things go unsaid. Just....Chisaki strikes me as odd and almost selfish. I don't know.
I guess that is about it for the episode. There was Chisaki vowing to tell Hikari how she feels but that will lead no where. I am getting a bit tired of Manaka “supporting” people in such a dramatic way. Others manage to lead people their support without going all big and loud. I guess Manaka's heart is in the right place but she isn't the initial one being brave, it is the other person. Yet Manaka makes it about her. If Akari wants to....make a stand in a way that will probably not cause her damage but it is the idea of danger....so be it. Step back Manaka and stop making it so dramatic. Because...it already is. Akari has stepped in at the 11th hour to make some grand stand and appease to the sea god in a way that doesn't matter. Now if Akari was going to DIE to save everyone that would be different. But since it is all for show...well I guess we will have to wait until next time to see how things go down. I am predicting either very well or super bad. X___X The ocean could eat Akari...or it will all be about Chisaki being rejected by Akari. We shall see next time yes?

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