Monday, December 23, 2013

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Merry Christmas Disney Trip Part Three

Hello again!!! It's everyone's favorite Disney Bear Duffy! And if I am not your favorite...I guess Winnie the Pooh is pretty cute too. But these post are all about me, not him. Even though mom has a few Winnie the Poohs in the house.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013158_zps73c01be1.jpg
This poor Duffy needs some clothes!
As you can see we are posting up a storm in regards to our recent Disney trip. Pictures pictures everywhere. Ready for some more in part three? Of course you are, click the read more thingy button!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013161_zps6f0d9f51.jpg
Hi there merchandise. You are in the way of my pictures.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013166_zpsdbe7f4f8.jpg
Holidays around the World, just like my pin.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013167_zps27c5c3a4.jpg
Lets ride the boats back to the big golf ball.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013171_zpscc18e8e0.jpg
None of our trees have ribbons mom!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013173_zps0d0ba64c.jpg
I am sitting on gold!!! Or lots of chocolate shaped like a gold bar. Either way a good day!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013176_zps9400dcf1.jpg
The American Pavilion had the largest tree. Well besides the giant one out front. The line to see Santa was long. :( And the line to see the new Frozen Princesses.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013177_zps98fbb161.jpg
But there are still lots of nice decorations to see even if we don't get to meet Santa....and tell him what I want for Christmas.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013179_zps03b3f89e.jpg
They even had yummy treats! Dad got us a gingerbread cookie. He is a cyclops and tasty.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013200_zpsbb209187.jpg
This tree looks like a monster from Monster's University.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013203_zps24215372.jpg
Tiny tree has no ornaments.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013208_zpsd56a6102.jpg
This Holiday display is so lovely, let's take it home.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013211_zps2a9d2dd2.jpg
These trees look natural....need more ornaments.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013213_zps45d58954.jpg
I spy you reindeer.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013216_zps775f0166.jpg
It was getting dark fast. Mom said we had to go somewhere for the night, somewhere super cool. Bye Epcot, it is time to see this super cool thing.
 photo ChristmasDisney2013243_zps3619ce70.jpg
What.....what is this amazingness?! So many many Christmas lights! This IS cool mom!
 photo ChristmasDisney2013259_zpsa6ab61f1.jpg
After mom and dad bought super festive hats we spent about an hour looking and taking pictures of all these lights. We were at Hollywood Studios and this was called Osborne Festival of Lights. This is what 5 million Christmas lights looks like. It is all along the fake roads near the Lightening McQueen show is. Isn't it pretty? So many lights and Christmas songs. We spent a lot of time here and then went around the rest of the park to look at more decorations. So much walking today though. Let's go back to our hotel and rest.


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